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JR catches Amanda on the beach after watching her with aiden. He reveals that he is very angry and feels betrayed by her.

Tad goes to talk to Aiden and makes it clear that it would be very inconsiderate of Dixie to have her husband and son believing she is dead when in fact, she has been alive the whole while

Babe and Jamie seem to be having problems. She snaps at him for leaving his motorcycle parts on their kitchen table. It seems like she has something else on her mind.

Erica pounds on Maria’s door, demanding she opens up and tells her it is her fault that Kendall has made the tragic mistake of marrying Zach. Maria appears and asks Erica what her problem is and why she is responsible for Kendall and Zach’s bad decision. Erica tells her that she needs to go to Zach and let him know that she loves him and wants to marry him so that he will divorce Kendall.

Kendall again questions why Zach would want to marry her. She asks him what his ulterior motive is. He tells her there is nothing secretive. He tells her she talks too much and he doesn’t want to discuss it. She tells him she’s been called worse and wants him to spit it out. What is the reason why he chooses to stay married to her? He does not answer but tells her she may divorce him if she wants him. She keeps asking him what his angle is for refusing to divorce her. He avoids the question and tells her she needs a chick flick instead of a husband. Kendall asks him if the reason is so that he can avoid Maria and the reality that he is in love with her.

Maria tells Erica that she cannot go after Zach when he is married to Erica’s daughter. Erica tells Maria that she needs to go after her man. Maria tells Erica that if she wants to pry Zach away from Kendall she may do that herself. She tells Erica she wants no part of that. Erica tells Maria that she is the reason why, in the first place, Zach came to town and into her life. She lured him with her amnesia. Maria asks Erica to leave her alone and get out of her home. But Erica remains persistent in telling Maria she needs to face her feelings for Zach and the feelings he has for her so that he may leave Kendall alone.

Meanwhile, Kendall keeps asking Zach what his motives are and he keeps avoiding the question.

After hearing JR’s anger about her flirtation with Aiden, Amanda tells him that he needs to chill and realize that she hasn’t done anything wrong and she has everything under control and knows what she is doing.

Jamie asks Babe if the reason she is angry at him is because of Tad’s investigation to find Dixie. Babe says she is not really concerned about that but believes it makes no sense that Dixie would abandon her husband and son for three years. Knowing that Tad’s mistaken belief that Dixie is still alive has driven him away from Krystal, Babe tells Jamie she really regrets telling Krystal about Dixie. She says that she doesn’t like the thought that her momma is eating Dixie’s dust and the woman hasn’t even been found yet. She indicates that she blames Jamie’s father for abandoning her mother. But Jamie protests that he believes that his dad is making efforts to protect her mom.

Tad goes to Aiden’s and seems to be discontented about the possibility of Dixie being alive and what it would mean. He tells him that if she is, in fact, alive, and has had everyone believing she’s been dead and is now spying on them, he doesn’t want to think about why she’d do anything so inconsiderate. Aiden suggests to Tad that maybe it would make him more upset to believe she is alive; only to find out, again that she is dead.

Jamie tells Babe that whatever future his dad and her mom have is a long way off, Dixie or not. Krystal is in prison for 9 years. She asks him if his father devalues her mother so much that he’d forget all about her. He reminds her that her mother asked his father to forget all about her. She protests that her mother is beautiful and smart and kind and Tad should appreciate her and not throw her away for the mistaken belief that Dixie came back to life. He tells her she must stop. He wants his father to forget about Dixie and be committed to Krystal but he has no control over that and he wishes she would not blame him for that.

Tad goes through some old relics of when he was married to Dixie. He shows Aiden an old Valentine’s Day card of himself, Dixie, JR and Jamie. He also sees a letter she wrote him from Europe informing him that she was pregnant and remembers getting on the next plane to be with her.

Jamie tells Babe that he understands that she is hurting and that she loves her mom. But he asks her to realize what this would mean to the rest of them. He tells her that Dixie was pregnant with his father’s child when she supposedly died. And that would mean that he has a sister out there somewhere. And JR has not been the same ever since Dixie died. The behaviors he’s inflicted upon them, in regard to Little Adam and everything else is due to his loss of his mother. He would have never been so cold if she were still alive. Babe protests that she does not believe that Dixie or anybody else could change JR. He tells her that Dixie was just like a second mother to him. She was a wonderful wife for his father and the perfect mother to JR. Babe angrily tells him that he doesn’t seem to understand that she has a wonderful mother also. And she tells him that he and his family can do whatever they want and that she does not believe that they love her or her mother. And she walks away.

Maria protests to Erica that it’s odd to hear her mention the word love in regard to Zach. She reminds Erica that she remembers Erica calling her a slut. Erica protests to Maria that she is certain that Zach does love her and Maria needs to let him know that she loves him back.

Kendall asks Zach if he has any other loves in his life besides Maria. He admits that there really hasn’t been anybody else. Hearing that, she tells him that she has always lost at love. And she is trying to understand how he could abandon the one love of his life. Isn’t Maria still in his dreams when he sleeps? He tells her he no longer has any dreams. She asks him if he doesn’t still have fantasies about her? Doesn’t he still want to be with her? He seems like he does not want to discuss that.

While Tad is at Aiden’s going over the old memories of Dixie, Babe appears and tells him that her momma loves him more than anything. And she asks him if he still loves Krystal.

JR departs from Amanda on the beach and tells her he will not wait up for her. When he leaves she gets on her cell phone and calls Jamie. He’s all alone after Babe has walked out on him. She tells him she is afraid of JR and needs Jamie to “rescue” her. Jamie plays right into her hands, demands she stays right where she is and away from JR and that he is on his way.

Babe tells Tad that she informed her mother about his search for Dixie but she did not believe, in a million years, that he’d ever find her. He tells Babe that Krystal asked him to forget about her. But Babe tells Tad that she knows her mother too well. She says she wishes Tad well and encourages him to find Dixie but she knows what is really in Krystal’s heart. She is in love with Tad and devastated that he’s forgotten her in order to chase after his dead wife. Tad asks Babe if she is not concerned about what it would mean to Jamie if Dixie were alive.

At that moment, Jamie goes to meet Amanda at that beach. But, she surprises him by appearing happy and not afraid of JR or anything else.

Maria tells Erica that Kendall is an adult and must be left to make her own decisions. Erica reminds Maria that she needs to know that the problems she is having with her own children should not prevent her from being with the man she loves. She tells Maria that she remembers Bianca setting fire to her dolls and the house when she noticed her mother cheating on her father with Jack. But as it turned out, Jack is the man Erica loves. Bianca obviously got over it and everything is ok. Maria tells Erica that she does not see her as a role model. She tells her thank you for stopping by and please don’t be encouraged to come again any time soon. Before going out the door, Erica protests to Maria that she is alone right now and asks her if she wants to keep shutting people out and be alone for the rest of her life.

Zach tells Kendall some of his cryptic secrets.

Erica goes to Kendall’s and knocks on her door. JR appears and informs her that Kendall is not home. She tells him that she is upset about her daughter marrying Zach. JR informs Erica that he is upset about that also. He tells her that now that Zach no longer has control over Cambias, Kendall can no longer look out for Bianca and Miranda’s best interests, which is the reason why she said she intended to marry Zach in the first place. Erica informs JR she had no idea and understands his concerns about that. He also tells Erica that he is crazy about her daughter. She asks him just how crazy.

Amanda asks Jamie if she made a boo-boo. And she comes on to him. He asks her if she has been drinking because her behavior is very strange and unlike herself. First she appears afraid and vulnerable. Now she’s very sure of herself and coming on to him. She tells him she wants to help him go through medical school. And she takes off all her clothes and exposes herself to him.

Tad protests to Babe that he cares about her mother but doesn’t quite manage to tell her what she’s hoping to hear. She, then, lashes out at him, telling him that she doesn’t want him to over-exert himself caring about her mother. She will do all the caring about her mother herself.

After hearing JR mentioning that he does care about her daughter and the fact that he’s always been on such good behavior around her, Erica inquires if he really cares about Kendall. She tells him that she’s very worried about how her daughter is hurting over being betrayed by Ethan and that’s why she’s made the bad decision to marry Zach. He tells her that he really does have feelings for Kendall, unlike the Cambias men. Erica tells JR that she wants to help him with his issues of he can help her with Kendall.

Kendall goes outside her home and runs into Lily. She doesn’t know what to say and isn’t in any mood to talk. But Lily asks Kendall if sshe has had more than seven boyfriends. Kendall warns Lily that she is not the one to give anybody any advice about boyfriends. But Lily tells Kendall that she needs to talk to somebody about Sam. She enlightens Kendall to the fact that she really likes Sam, he makes her feel butterflies and she really has feelings for him. Hearing that, Kendall actually feels encouraged that there is a such thing as real love.

Erica tells JR that he should steal Kendall for himself and get her away from that sick joke of a marriage. He tells her that he’s afraid that Kendall is over him. But she tells him that Kendall is not really certain what she wants but she knows that he might be the right one for her. She tells him that she can call Bianca and she can talk some sense into Kendall. JR warns Erica that Bianca is not one of his biggest fans. Erica tells him that she wants to help him get Kendall to come around to his corner.

Lily tells Kendall that she misses Bianca. Kendall tells Lily she has a great idea. Since they both miss Bianca so much, maybe they can work on becoming better sisters to each other. Lily tells Kendall she would like that and maybe they can share their ideas about their boyfriends.

Maria is on the Internet trying to decipher what Maddie might be up to. Sam enters. She tells her son that she knows he hates her but she also knows he loves his sister and would not want her to get hurt so she needs his help. He agrees to help and discovers that she is on a site called Llannet.

Maddie goes to see Zach. He asks her why she’s come. He asks if he still wants her mother. She then, takes off her blouse and tears it to make it look like Zach attacked her and yells for help.

Jamie seems to be enjoying himself on the beach with Amanda.

Tad asks Aiden to get on the computer and identify Dixie’s fingerprints to see if they might match what he’s uncovered about “Diana Cole”’s finger prints. And right away, Tad discovers that she is Dixie.

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