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After Amanda has met Aiden on the beach and he’s saved her from her “staged” drowning, she kisses him.

JR goes to see Ethan. Although JR has entered unannounced, Ethan reveals that he was expecting seeing him. He tells JR that he knows he is not the type of man who goes away, accepts defeat and licks his wounds. JR tells Ethan that as long as they understand each other, he’d like to talk about Kendall.

Erica runs into Kendall and Zach. She hears her daughter telling Zach that she does not care for him nor trust him and gets the mistaken idea that it means that Kendall has refused to marry Zach. Kendall informs her mother that although she does not trust Zach, she is legally married to him just like Erica is legally married to Jackson. Erica asks why she would do such a foolish thing. Kendall tells her mother she knows what she is doing.

Jack goes to Ryan’s house to talk about Ryan’s marriage to Greenlee. Jack tells Ryan he wants him to divorce his daughter. Ryan lets Jack know that will not happen.

Greenlee asks Simone to help her steal Ryan’s frozen sperm cells from the sperm bank. Simone asks Greenlee if Ryan knows about her plan. Greenlee indirectly admits that he does not and if they are going to go through with their plan, they must do it tonight. After finding out that Ryan has had a vasectomy behind Greenlee’s back without telling her beforehand, Simone admits that she understands that Greenlee has good reason to be angry and feel betrayed. She asks why. Greenlee says she guesses that Ryan had this idea that he must permanently prevent having children after what happened to his brothers. Simone has a flashback of remembering seeing Ryan with his “lady friend”.

Right when Ryan is arguing with Jack at his home, his “lady friend” enters. And as soon as she knows he is not alone and she is being witnessed, she calls him “Mr. Lavery” and sounds business-like as she hands him a key. Noticing that, Jack tells Ryan that he knows what that is all about. Ryan tells Jack that his private business affairs are none of Jack’s business. But Jack tells him that as long as he is married to Jack’s daughter, situations like what he has just seen with that woman and that key are very much his business.

After kissing Amanda, Aiden tells her that he cannot go through with what she wants.

JR tells Ethan that he wants to do business with him. He admits that they have both been hosed and hung out to dry by Kendall. Ethan tells JR that Kendall no longer matters to him. JR asks Ethan if he does not plan to go after her and will just let daddy run the show and walk all over him.

After hearing about Kendall’s plans, Erica urges her daughter to see that she’s made a mistake. She tells Kendall that she so wishes she had not left her alone to go on her honeymoon. Zach departs and leaves them alone. Kendall assures her mother that everything will be fine. Erica sounds upset and asks Kendall why in the world she’d do anything like that. Kendall tells Erica that she knows Erica married a man she loved and she, herself, has married somebody she does not love. Erica says that that, right there, is a problem. Kendall tells her mother that it is for that very reason that everything will be just fine.

Ryan demands that Jack backs off. Jack asks him what he plans to do if he does not. Does he plan to show him more of the Lavery temper?

Simone asks Greenlee why she is so adamant on having a baby with Ryan and so soon without waiting. Greenlee tells Simone that she needs to convince her husband with whatever it takes that he was meant to be a father. Simone asks Greenlee if she’s ever considered that maybe Ryan has his own way of dealing with the situation. But Greenlee will not listen and tells Simone that unless she can help her make a baby, she does not want to continue this discussion.

Kendall tells Erica that she had to marry Zach. Erica asks what she could possibly get out of that. Money? She tells her daughter she must already have money and she will give her money if she needs it. Kendall tells her mother that she has had too many of the wrong men and heart-aches in her life. And the one thing she can insure with Zach is that she will never get her heart broken over him. Erica encourages her daughter to believe some day the right man will come along. Kendall tells her mother that she is done trying. Erica tells her that there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from men if she wants but there is no sense in having a false marriage with somebody she does not love. Kendall tells her mother that she believes there is no way she will ever be able to trust or love anybody. She tells Erica that she knows that both she and Zach are emotionally shut down, given her situation with Ethan and so many others, and his situation with Maria. Erica tells her daughter that this whole thing sounds too convoluted. She tells Kendall she must never settle for less than what she wants. But Kendall tells Erica that since Zach is the one man she does not want, she can finally focus all her energy upon herself. And she asks her mother if she can accept that.

Ethan tells JR that the two of them were never on the same team and he knows that the only person JR is looking out for is himself. JR asks if that is not true about everybody. Ethan tells JR that he knows that he cannot be trusted. JR asks Ethan why he’d distrust his motives. Ethan tells JR that he knows he’s come in here acting all “buddy buddy” just because he wants to prevent Ethan from shutting down Chandler enterprises. JR admits that that is true but he also asks Ethan about Kendall. Ethan tells him, again, that he no longer cares about Kendall and has washed his hands of her.

Aiden walks away from Amanda and tells her she may have fun. But she asks him to wait. She tells him she notices he does not have a wedding ring so she assumes he is not married. And she seriously doubts he’s gay since gay men do not kiss like that. She tells him she just wants to talk to him. He introduces himself to her and tells her he has to go and do some things. She asks him if he has a girlfriend or is engaged and if he is really disinterested in her. He tells her he needs to go jogging and she is welcome to join him. She tells him that jogging is not her idea of “exercise”. She uses other ways to get her heart rate up. She keeps coming on to him. He seems to know he’s being played.

JR opens a bottle of Scotch and offers Ethan some. Ethan laughs and tells JR that he can tell he really is a first-class son of a bitch. JR asks Ethan if he has really given up on Kendall, knowing that she is now his stepmother and ready to join forces with his father. He tells Ethan that they can help each other. He admits that he needs Ethan to help him get Chandler Enterprises back. And Ethan needs his help to prevent daddy and step mommy from running him into the ground. Ethan reminds JR that Chandler Enterprises is losing in the stock market and asks JR how he could possible believe he could help him.

While Erica and Kendall are having their discussion, Zach comes out. Erica asks Kendall if she may speak privately to Zach. He tells her she may lay it on him. She hauls off and smacks him.

Ryan demands that Jack gets out of his home. Jack tells Ryan that he apologizes if he’s been out of line and interfering. But he is really concerned about his daughter. He admits to Ryan that he’s blamed him for the behaviors of his dead brothers who he cannot confront. But he is still concerned about what Ryan could be capable of. Ryan admits to Jack that he has just noticed that Jack is capable of controlling his anger and he is not certain that he has that capability himself. So, he tells Jack that he has come up with a plan in regard to that.

At the Fusion office, while Simone and Greenlee are discussing their private plan, Kendall enters and tells them she can tell that she is interrupting something and she asks them what. Simone tells them they may pick this up later and lets Greenlee talk privately to Kendall. Kendall apologizes and admits to Greenlee that she knows she’s screwed things up with her and Ryan. But she urges Greenlee to see that Ryan loves her more than anything and she tells her she wishes there was something she could do. Greenlee tells Kendall she’s done enough and she now needs to do what she needs to do. But Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to accept Ryan’s decision. She tells her that she doesn’t want her to lose at love over this situation and maybe she should just let the whole baby thing go. Greenlee says nothing and walks away.

Erica demands that Zach tells her when he’s divorcing Kendall. He asks why he’d want to divorce such an amazing woman. She tells him that she knows his motives are all about dishonesty and selfishness and she tells him she wants to know what his motives are with her daughter. He tells her she will just have to sit back and find out.

Ethan tells JR that he does not trust him and believes JR would feed him to his father if he thought it would benefit him. JR admits he would not trust himself either but Ethan just needs to believe in his sincerity. He tells Ethan that he can help him by spying upon his two rivals. JR gets up to leave and then Ethan reminds JR that he needs to show him something about his “girls”, Candy and Brandy. JR pulls a slip of paper out of his pocket and walks off.

After finding out what Ryan did after identifying the problem, and deciding he must take steps, Jack admits to him that he does applaud him for what he’s just found out. And he admits that one of his major concerns about Ryan being married to his daughter was in regard to them having children. And now that that is no longer an issue, he is somewhat relieved. But he admits to Ryan that he still has concerns about Ryan’s potential rage. Ryan tells Jack that he need not worry about that because if it ever happens to him, he will leave Jack’s daughter and never come back.

Erica asks Zach what he is planning with her daughter. He tells her that some activities must remain between husband and wife. She tells him he must not believe that she will stand by and not care what he does to her daughter. He tells her he knows what he is doing. She asks if he is aware of how the situation affects his son. He says nothing. She asks him what this might mean in regard to the widow Gray. When she talks all about his adulterous affair with Maria, he tells her she better watch it and know that she’s on dangerous territory discussing that. She tells him that she’s warned him that she can be dangerous. She walks off.

Greenlee enters to find her father and her husband discussing Ryan’s decision. Jack tells his daughter that he will not give up on protecting her from whatever she needs protection from.

Kendall rejoins Zach after his discussion with Erica. She tells him she knows that her mother is very persistent in getting what she wants. Zach reveals to her that he has some very heavy-duty issues on his mind.

Right when Amanda is busy flirting and scheming with Aiden, she unexpectedly runs into JR. He makes it very clear he does not trust her and tells her she is a double-dealing two-timing bitch.

Simone goes to see Ethan and asks him to come drinking with her. At first, he tells her he is not in the mood. But she tells him that they will have fun and persuades him to come with her.

Kendall tells Zach that she knows why she wants to stay married to him. It makes sense in her own Kendall-esque way. But she does not understand why he’d want to stay married to her. She tells him she knows it’s not about money since he can have just as much money if they are divorced.

Erica goes to Maria’s, bangs on her door, demands she opens up, and tells her what has happened is all her fault.

When Ryan and Greenlee are alone and looking happy together, she discovers the key and asks about it. He tells her that it’s an old house key that he just found. She doesn’t question that. He asks her about her plans to “see a doctor”. Believing he’s under the mistaken idea that she plans to see a shrink about her “problem” and that he has no clue what she is really up to, she bluffs and says yes. He tells her that he wants to propose a toast to the happy future of their marriage.

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