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By Lori
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Amanda is sunbathing at the beach in a sexy hot pink bathing suit that shows a lot of skin. She spots Aidan stretching and ogles him over the top of her sunglasses. She asks him if he would do something for her if she says please. Aidan asks if she wants him to slather her skin with SPF 30 sunscreen. Amanda asks if he'll take pictures of her for her mother. He agrees and she poses provocatively after Aidan shoots up her entire memory card. Amanda then asks if he'll join her for a soda at the beach shack. Aidan says he needs to go for a run. As he leaves, he says he thinks it's odd that her mother would want so many "Britney gone wild at the beach" photos.

Erica and Jack are back home and dining at a marina. Jack happily presents Erica with a souvenir compass from their yacht but his mood changes once he sees the stranger who he noticed watching them in Boca Raton. Jack approaches the man, grabs him by his shirt collars and orders him to leave.

Kendall is at home deep in thought when she is approached from behind by JR, who promptly plants a kiss on her lips. She tells him there is something different about his kiss. Could it be that it's because he's now kissing a married woman? JR admits it is the first time, except for Babe. He confirms that she did marry Zach and appears giddy that she'll be able to soon give him back Chandler Enterprises. Kendall tells him he hasn't heard the latest. Zach has decided to drop his claim to get Cambias Industries back. So JR will get nothing but that kiss. JR tells her she must mean a kiss-off. Growing visibly upset, JR wonders how Kendall could let Slater back her into a corner. He's backing out of this plan and Kendall is going along with it. Kendall says she's sorry but that's the breaks. JR says he burned his bridges with Ethan now he has to sit back and watch Ethan run Chandler into the ground for payback. JR says Ethan is dismantling the company, taking away everything his father built and running his son's legacy down a rathole.

Maria is at the hospital, where she spots Ryan and tells him she heard about his procedure. She reveals she had a talk with Greenlee, who is pretty upset. Maria says she tried to get Greenlee to focus on her marriage but doesn't know if she got through to her. Ryan say Maria must have because Greenlee came home and seems to believe they can be happy without a child. Ryan says their whole future depends on Greenlee understanding why he did what he did.

Greenlee is at the Madden Fertility Clinic demanding that a nurse give her some of Ryan's stored sperm and make her pregnant. Greenlee notes that this is the optimum day of her cycle to conceive. The nurse says the doctor would need medical records and signed consent forms and she cannot help. Greenlee shows her passport, driver's license and a Lacy's credit card and says this entitles her to his sperm. The nurse says there are confidentiality rules, but Greenlee flashes some money and asks how much it would take to pave over the legal roadblocks, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000? She says she's loaded. The nurse says she can't help her and tells her to go. Greenlee says she's not leaving without her fertilizer. Two women enter the room and the nurse says they're there to escort her out. The women grab Greenlee by the arms but they are stopped by Dr. Madden, who is the stranger Jack and Erica met. The doctor says he'll take it from here and asks Greenlee into his office.

Ryan looks at Ryan's test results and sees the surgery was a success. She asks him if he did this because his brother killed Edmund. Ryan says he already had rage built up inside him before Edmund died and he had to make sure it wasn't passed on. Maria says she doesn't believe evil is genetic. Ryan suggests she tell that to his brothers. He admits he feels great now that a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Maria says she admires him for seeing a threat and doing something about it. Ryan asks how Maria is doing. She says she's trying to take his advice and focus on the positive.

Jack apologizes to the stranger after he realizes he lives and works in Pine Valley. The man says no apology is necessary as paranoia is the best defense. Erica realizes the man is a fan of her's and admits her mega-stardom has its price as her life is not her own. They ask the man to join them but he says he needs to go. He leaves and Erica tells Jack that she thinks she knows this man from some place, even though the man has denied it.

Babe returns home from her prison visit and asks Jamie how his visit with Little Adam went after she left. Jamie appears upset and says his visit was fine. He promptly changes the subject and asks how Krystal is. After some brief conversation Jamie asks Babe if she's happy. Babe says of course she's happy. Jamie asks her about her dreams and wonders if she hates living above a garage. Babe says she used to have all the credit cards she wanted and a husband who hated her, so she'll take this any day.

Jack presents Erica with a new cell phone to make up for the one he destroyed when putting it in her juice. Erica prepares to leave for the television studio and Jack says he has to go to his office. Erica tells him she'll wait until Kendall gets in touch with her.

Kendall tells JR that she's had enough of payback but JR says he's not finished until he gets Chandler Enterprises back and Ethan is left hanging. Kendall tells him just don't include her or Zach in on it. JR tells her she can't bail on him. He asks her what happened to her in Boca and says she's not done until he says she's done. Zach walks in and asks JR if he has a problem with his wife. JR says his problem pertains to Cambias. Kendall tells Zach that JR is referring to his decision to drop the case against Ethan. JR tells Zach he's caving and people will know he can be squeezed. Zach asks if JR thinks he should take Cambias away from Ethan and then asks Kendall what she thinks, referring to her as honey. Kendall says she doesn't think anyone will care if Zach doesn't go after Ethan. She suggests they leave the payback to JR. Zach tells JR what Kendall says goes. JR tells them they're crazy and Ethan will grind Zach to powder. When that happens, he'll be there to grind Ethan to powder. JR walks out.

Greenlee tells Dr. Madden that she used to be selfish and self-absorbed. But Ryan changed her and she loves him more than anything. She says she aches to present Ryan with a beautiful child. Madden says he can see she wants a baby for unselfish reasons and she thanks him for understanding. She asks him if he'll help her. Madden says she's presented him with quite a challenge. He says he needs to consider the family of the children. Greenlee mentions her dad Jack, who just got married to Erica Kane and also refers to her siblings. Madden says she left out a key member. He says a husband and wife need to be part of this. If he does what she's asking he'll be subject to litigation over broken contracts. He says Ryan's action in getting his surgery speaks for itself. He says without Ryan's consent there is nothing he can do. Greenlee tells him he has no idea with whom he's dealing.

Babe tells Jamie he could do so much with his aunt's money. She shows him the doctor bag he had that she found while cleaning. She says maybe he could put it to use. Jamie suggests making an honest woman of her but she reminds him they agreed to wait six months and they're halfway there.

Amanda sees Aidan is headed her way and runs into the water. Another couple come into the picture and the man yells out that he thinks a girl is drowning. Aidan has arrived back into the scene and runs into the water and carries Amanda back to shore. He lays her down and performs mouth-to-mouth. Suddenly Amanda puts her arms around his face and kisses him.

Kendall tells Zach that she doesn't need him to protect her. The next time he thinks she needs rescuing, leave her the hell alone. Erica has just walked in and applauds Kendall's statement. She says she's so happy she finally sees Zach for the loser he is. Zach asks Erica if she brought a gift to congratulate them on their marriage. Kendall confirms to Erica that they are as married as she and Jack.

Jack goes to Ryan and Greenlee's place and asks Ryan if he's seen Greenlee. He tells Ryan that time with family in Florida appears to be just what Greenlee has needed. Ryan snaps back that he's heard enough from him about why Greenlee should not be married to a Lavery and he's taken care of it.

Greenlee goes to Fusion and finds Simone. She grabs Simone's arm and asks her for help in stealing her husband's sperm.

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