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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Jamie's apartment, he's asking Amanda if she's asking him to break up with Babe. She tells him not right away. Not until they get busted. She says she's willing to help him out with no strings attached and asks if he's ready to play. Jamie appears to play along and says he's ready to go for it. He draws near to Amanda and looks like he's going to kiss her then tells her to get the baby and get the hell out. He says he's seen sluts before but she is one dirty player. He says maybe this is her own little game but he's not playing. He tells her to get out and not come back. Amanda asks him if he thought she was serious and was really hitting on him. She says she meant they could pretend to be involved. She says she's suggesting this to help him get his aunt's money from the Chandlers. She says if they let JR catch them doing something, Jamie can claim that he's over Babe. JR would have to release the money to him. Jamie says in the process he would lose the most important thing to him. Amanda says Babe would be in on the whole thing. They could all be rich. Jamie says it's bribe money and he's not taking it. And he won't let anyone think for one minute that he dumped Babe. Amanda says she doesn't think Babe would mind a temporary diss if he can set them up for the rest of their lives. Amanda says Babe is working in a shady bar then comes back to this dump. Doesn't he owe it to Babe to give her the best life he can? Jamie says he and Babe already have a decent life. Amanda tells him he wins and she prepares to leave, first kissing him on the cheek. Jamie asks what that was for. She says it's because he's being so awesome. Babe is lucky she can trust him.

Krystal and Babe are talking in jail and Babe is telling her mother about her son and how his nanny seems to be working out. Krystal says it's about time Babe is getting some good luck. They look at pictures of Little Adam and Krystal says he gets bigger every time she sees him. She asks Babe if she has a picture of the nanny and Babe says she does. An interruption by a guard interrupts Babe from showing her mother the picture of Di. Babe asks her mother when Tad was last here to visit. Krystal admits it's been awhile. She says she's the one who told Tad not to come. Krystal asks Babe why she's so interested in Tad. Babe says there's no reason but Krystal urges her to spill it. Babe tells Krystal that Jamie said there's a chance Dixie may still be alive. Krystal says it would be nice for Tad if that is true. Dixie is the love of his life. Babe tells Krystal that Tad is crazy about her. Krystal says Tad feels about Dixie the same way Jamie feels about Babe. Babe says it's not fair that she can't even fight for Tad while she's in here. Krystal says she hopes Tad finds Dixie even though she may shed some tears over it. Babe leaves, giving her mother the photos.

At the hospital, Di asks David when he turned into Dr. Drama. David asks her again if she's Dixie. Di asks him if he's out of his mind. David says he lost his mind years ago over Dixie. He asks her again if she's Dixie. Di avoids the question and David confronts her on it. He asks if she set him up from the beginning. Di says he steered her in this direction. David says there are too many coincidences. She's more like Dixie than he planned. She even has only one kidney like Dixie. He asks what happened to the other kidney. Di doesn't want to answer but David continues to press her. She admits her family has kidney troubles. She had an infection when she was young and doesn't remember it. David tells her that's conveniently vague. Di says she's not Dixie and he knows it. David says at the moment he doesn't know that. Di tells him to get out because his bedside manner sucks. She admits she's seen just a breath of Dixie's life and wants it as long as she can. David apologizes and says he got carried away after seeing that Di had only one kidney. Di tells him he should worry about Tad since he knows she's not Diana Cole. She asks what she should say to Tad. Should she admit to being Dixie? David says here's what she's going to do.

JR, stunned by Tad's declaration that Di may be Dixie, asks him if he's on medication. Tad tells him Dixie is alive. Jr says his mother has been dead for three years. Tad says she's been gone for three years, but not dead. He says he hates to get his hopes up. JR insists there is no hope. Tad says a lot of things have been happening which tells him that Di is JR's mother. JR tells him if he's not on medication he should be. Tad asks JR to let him lay everything out for him then he can tell him what he thinks. JR says he'll listen then he'll get a straitjacket. Tad tells him that a Jane Doe wandered into a hospital about the same time Dixie's car crashed. The woman had extensive surgery and met a woman named Diana Cole. Tad says Jane Doe was immensely interested in Diana Cole's life. Tad shows him an ID card showing the real Diana Cole and says the woman in the hospital bed isn't Diana Cole. Tad says something led this woman to JR and he thinks she's trying to get close to him and Little Adam. Tad says there are similarities – the way she speaks, moves, stirs her tea. JR thinks back to when he heard Diana sing "You are My Sunshine." He remembers saying she reminds him of his mother. Tad says he learned that this Jane Doe had lost a child because of a heart or kidney problem and the woman in the bed only has one kidney. Tad suggests they go and confront Di together and ask her for a DNA sample. JR says he can't believe his mother would have an extreme makeover and walk back into his life and behave the way she has been. Tad agrees that Di's behavior doesn't make sense. Tad says he wouldn't put JR through this if he didn't think there was a strong chance of it being true. Tad says he wouldn't ask for a DNA test if he were making this up. JR says he wouldn't trust this hospital to take a temperature. JR's phone rings and he tells the caller he'll be right there. He leaves, telling Tad to stay away from him and Diana.

Ryan is home on the phone with Simone looking for Greenlee. He tells Simone Greenlee didn't come home last night. Just then Greenlee walks in the door and Ryan hangs up. Greenlee says he probably thought she wasn't coming back. Ryan asks her if she's back to stay. Greenlee says she's back to try to find out what happened to them. She's not sure she can stay here and not sure if they have a marriage anymore. Ryan says he's sorry he hurt her but he made the right decision. Greenlee asks if he has any regrets at all about getting his surgery. She doesn't think he realizes how she feels. Ryan says she could not have changed his mind. Greenlee says she has trouble with his dishonesty. How can he justify lying to her? Ryan says once he realized this was the only way he could make love to her he had to take this step. Greenlee asks how their marriage can survive after what he's done. Ryan says he knew he could prove to her it was the right thing and still can. Greenlee asks if he's saying it's OK not to tell the truth as long as it saves them. He says that's exactly what he's saying. She asks if he believes actions can save each other why not tell each other. He says they just have to trust the other will do the right thing. He asks if there's a shot she can get past this. Greenlee says maybe there is a way to make their marriage work. She says she needs to talk to a doctor. Ryan says he'll agree to anything to keep her in his life. Greenlee says that solves it and she's glad he feels that way. She leaves, saying this is for them

Amanda and JR meet at Chandler mansion and JR asks where his baby is. Amanda says she left the little rug rat with Winefred. JR asks her since when she takes his son out for air. She says she has to get in good with Jamie and Babe and what better way than to dangle her son in front of them. JR says his son is not to be involved in this and Babe is not to get any more time with him. Amanda questions why he has scruples about how break up their happy home. JR tells her to shut up and listen as he pushes her onto the couch. He says she's supposed to get rid of Babe and not have her gush over his son. Amanda says he's taking away one of her tools. She admits she tried with Jamie but he shot her down. He's loyal and disgustingly honest. She says she'll have to think of something that will work.

David goes to the jail to see Krystal. Krystal tells him Babe came by and brought pictures. She says Babe is getting along with the new nanny. She asks David if he's met the nanny but he says he hasn't. Krystal tells him about the revelation that Dixie may be alive. David appears stunned. He sees the picture of Di holding the baby and intentionally drops it. As he bends over to pick it up he hides it in his sleeve.

Di is wheeled out of her hospital room for some more tests. Tad goes into the room and searches her purse for a hairbrush or something with some DNA. He finds nothing and decides he'll have to do it through fingerprints. He puts an object from the purse in a plastic bag and walks out.

Greenlee goes to the fertility clinic and tells a nurse she wants her husband's sperm. She wants them to make her pregnant.

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