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Jamie is going over his bills and admitting to Babe that they are having serious financial problems. She tells him she is willing to work as many hours as she can in order to help them get out of their “rough patch”. But he tells her it’s more than just a rough patch. Right at that moment, before they can continue their grim discussion, Amanda enters and surprises them with what Babe can only see as a heroic deed. She has Little Adam with her and has brought him to visit with his mom, while JR is unaware.

Meanwhile, JR is in Di’s hospital room, refusing to leave her side and appearing very protective and sensitive toward her. This is so unlike JR. Tad notices and cannot figure out why this mean-spirited jerk is so kind to this woman he barely knows. He assumes it’s because she is Dixie. When she awakens, she sees Tad standing over her bed. She asks why he is there and supposedly does not remember being taken to the hospital. She asks where JR is. Tad tells her he is around somewhere and probably ready to visit her. She asks about the baby. He tells her the baby is fine and asks her why it is that everybody seems to be concerned about her. He tells her it’s odd that she happens to have only one kidney and a heart condition, just like his deceased wife. He calls her Dixie. She tells him she wishes he’d leave her alone and stop calling her by his wife’s name. David comes by and asks Anita how she is. JR is there and tells him to get lost, inquiring why he’d care about her. JR tells Anita that he’d like for Di to have a specialty suite and the best care possible. Hearing that, Anita gets a bit defensive, telling JR she will give Diana the best care possible. And if JR is not satisfied with how she is doing her job, he must take that up with those higher in authority than herself. JR leaves and David urges Anita to tell him what has happened to the woman who takes care of his grandson. He urges her to remember that JR set him up and took her keys not long ago. She appears equally defensive to David and asks him to get out of her way while she does her job.

Maria tells her kids that she is concerned about their use of the Internet. She tells Maddie that many people use Internet chat rooms to seduce and manipulate kids. Sam hears that and makes sarcastic comments to his mother about how it would be better of Maddie goes away and never sees her mother again. Lily comes to see Sam. Immediately his attitude turns positive and is really happy to see her.

While Amanda and Little Adam are with Jamie and Babe, Jamie warns Amanda that if JR ever found out that she took the baby to see them, she could be in big trouble. She informs them that JR is in the hospital, visiting the nanny and very preoccupied with her. So he will probably never know that she and the baby are gone. She makes it sound to them that she is willing to make sacrifices and put her own interests aside in order to help her friends be with their child. And she tells them how it creeps her out that JR is now the center of this little boy’s universe. Hearing that, they cannot argue with her.

Tad tells Di that he met a good friend of hers in Germany and her name just happened to be Diana Cole. He says that Diana worked through Brice Wellington for a family and he knows she must have used that same Diana’s identity on her resume in order to lie to JR. Di doesn’t know what to tell him. He asks her if she’s ready to tell the truth and asks her who she really is.

Observing Jamie holding Little Adam, Babe tells Amanda how she knows that Jamie has really grown attached to that little boy, remembering he has not been allowed to even see him since the court order came down. Amanda admits so has she, since she’s been living at JR’s and gotten to know their baby. Jamie tells Amanda he wishes she’d get out of JR’s home. Amanda, again, sounds gracious and gives them no reason to believe she is anything but their friend. Babe tells them she must leave to visit her mother and tells her son that his nana gets lonely where she is. She gets up to leave and tells Amanda she cannot thank her enough. Amanda seems to know that this is the perfect time to get Jamie alone. They play with Little Adam and his toy truck.

Lily tells Sam that after her father’s and Erica’s wedding, they had a honeymoon and a party. She also reveals to him that she does not believe Zach Slater is a bad man anymore. Hearing that, Sam is shocked to learn that Zach went to her dad’s wedding. Lily explains that he did not join the ceremony, but she reveals to Sam that she does not see Zach as the enemy. Maria enters and Sam tells his mother that he is so tired of Zach. Now he’s messing with Lily. He asks her when this will stop. He storms out and Maria asks Lily if she is ok. Lily tells her she’s afraid she’s lost another boyfriend.

Tad asks Di why it is that the supposed Diana Cole who has apparently falsified someone’s identity has records that reveal that she had an accident and was reported missing the same time his wife disappeared. He tells her that the Dixie he knows and whom he was in love with would have never done what he believes she has done. She would never hurt him or her son by having them believing she was dead. He kind of sounds like he believes she actually is Dixie who has changed and betrayed him. And a part of him sounds like he knows she is an imposter who will not fool him. At that moment, JR enters and demands that Tad leaves her alone.

Babe visits Krystal in jail and tells her all about her son making faces while eating something he didn’t like. Krystal laughs and tells her daughter that she remembers her doing that same thing when she was a baby. She also can tell that Babe is unhappy about something. Babe tells her mother that she is very worried about what Jamie has given up for her. Krystal assures her that if Jamie did not love her, he would have chosen his aunt’s pile of cash. That’s proof enough. She also asks her daughter if she’d be with a man who would choose money over her. She tells Babe that she must believe that she has found the right man and not feel guilty about anything.

Jamie tells Amanda that as long as he is with Babe, he believes that they can handle everything together. She sounds friendly but all the while, she is planning to seduce him.

Alone with Maria, Lily tells her that she’s worried that she is not a good girlfriend to Sam. Maria assures her that she is a great girlfriend. She tells Lily that her son is having a hard time with many things. Lily tells Maria that Sam said that every word out of Zach’s mouth is a lie. But she says she knows differently since her dad told her that you can always trust family. Hearing that, Maria tells Lily that Zach is not family to her. Lily informs Maria for the first time that since her dad married Erica and Zach has married Kendall, Zach is now her brother-in-law.

Outside Di’s hospital room, David looks at her chart and comes across some startling medical history.

JR demands that Tad tells him why he is harassing Di. Hearing that, Tad asks Di if she will tell JR the answer to that or if he should. JR tells Tad that he’d like an explanation for Tad’s very strange behaviors and preoccupation with his nanny. Hearing that, Tad tells JR that maybe he’d better sit down before hearing what Tad is about to tell him.

Di explains to JR that Tad is only interfering and asking questions out of love. He tells her that he does not believe that Tad has any justification for his behaviors. She tells JR that Tad has the same interests that she has. They are both concerned about him and don’t want to see him get hurt. At that moment, Anita comes in to do some tests and Di tells Tad she’d like to talk to JR alone. Hearing that, Tad tells JR that she is at least right about that one thing she said; he does care about JR and doesn’t want to let anything or anybody hurt him. When he’s alone with Di, JR tells her that he knows Little Adam loves her and he cried himself to sleep last night when she was gone. He tells her that the house is not the same without her. She tells him she is really happy that he feels that way. But, he asks her what this “secret” is that she apparently has with Tad.

Krystal asks Babe what she’s observed about the baby’s new nanny. Babe says she doesn’t really know much about that. She tells her mother about her new friend, Amanda. She tells Krytatl that Amanda risked getting herself into trouble by bringing Little Adam to visit her and Jamie and she really appreciates that and wants to help her with her problems.

Jamie tells Amanda that he’s very concerned about her living in the same house with JR. Amanda tells him, again, that she doesn’t want to see him get so worked up about this. She then asks Jamie what would happen if she gave him exactly what he wants and also gave JR just what he deserves. Hearing that, Jamie says she may bring it on.

Tad sneaks into the hospital lab to attempt to take a blood sample. His father catches him and asks if he will have to watch over him and lock all medical cabinets to prevent him from stealing that woman’s blood. Tad tells his father that he cannot rest until he finds out if she is really Dixie. Joe tells his son that if he wants to find out whether she is Dixie, he needs to get a court order to obtain the DNA. Tad reveals to his father that he is worried that if she really is Dixie, that it will devastate JR. So that’s why he wants to find out and then keep it a secret of she is in fact JR’s mother and his long-lost wife.

JR tells Di that he has not been getting along with Tad for a while. They used to be close but Tad has crossed the line with him. And he asks her if she and Tad have had some sort of past together. She replies yes, they have.

Dr. Joe tells Tad that he needs to tell JR about his beliefs that that woman is Dixie. And he says there must be some way to ease the blow to JR for finding out that his mother lied about being dead. Joe tells his son that they need to know whom that woman is when the baby is in her care. And he needs to find a way to tell JR if she is his mother. At that moment, Sam enters and tells Tad that he wants to live with him and has no intention of going back to Wildwind and living with that woman (Maria). Joe has no clue what Sam is talking about and apparently does not know that Sam is Tad’s nephew.

After informing Maria for the first time that Zach married Kendall, Lily remarks to Maria that she can tell that her mouth is turned down and she looks upset about something. Maria reveals to Lily that Zach has made a lot of mistakes in his life. But she tells Lily that she is correct in seeing Zach as a good man. She affirms to Lily that she knows that Zach is a very good man. From outside the door, Maddie hears their conversation and does not seem content to know that her mother defends Zach.

JR tells Di that he wants to know about her history with Tad Martin. She tells him she wishes he would not push it. She needs him to give her some time and she will explain everything in time. At that point, Anita enters and tells JR he must wrap it up because Ms. Cole needs her rest.

Hearing that Sam has discovered that he is a Martin, Dr. Joe tells him that he can go somewhere and talk to him. Sam seems to know that neither Tad nor his father want him and all he wants for them is to help him get out of living with Maria. He goes away and JR enters. After failing to get the answer he wanted out of Di, JR asks Tad if he’s going to jerk him around also and refuse to tell him what his secret with Di is all about. Hearing that, Tad tells JR that he will not keep the secret any more. He believes it’s time for JR to know the truth.

Amanda tells Jamie that the “plan” she has in mind, which he may partake in, is to break up with Babe and hook up with her.

Meanwhile, Babe is telling Krystal how she so appreciates Amanda’s “friendship” and how the best part is, Amanda can tell her every latest detail about her son because she lives with him.

Di wakes up and sees David standing over her hospital bed. He does not look happy.

JR demands that Tad tells him who Di is to him. Tad tells him the truth. He believes she is Dixie.

David tells Di that all along, he thought he could trust her and that she was going to help him with his plan. But she was so clever in hiding from him whom she really is. He asks her if she really is Dixie. She does not answer.

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