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Amanda comes to visit Jamie and Babe, acting like she is their friend and giving no indication that she’s working with JR. Babe is very concerned and wants to bring to Jamie’s attention that JR was pawing Amanda when she was last at his home visiting her son. She seems to want to protect Amanda from JR.

Simone is at a table in a restaurant talking to Ethan about her recent unsuccessful history of dating and how she might consider him. At that moment, Kendall enters and does not seem happy to observe her former fiancé with Simone.

David finds Greenlee alone in the woods, while she is talking to Leo. He knows she is having problems with Ryan but she doesn’t want to tell him the specifics. He tells her he will not leave until she tells him what Ryan did to make her so miserable.

Ryan goes to find Zach Slater at the casino to discuss some sort of “business” with him. Zach asks him if he’s concerned about his brother killing people. Ryan tells Zach that he would like to make a “killing” of his own.

Greenlee tells David he knows nothing about her or about Ryan. But he tells her that the one thing they have in common is Leo and this spot in the woods so he’d like her to share with him what is going on. She tells him if after she tells him what has happened, if he goes into a “Ryan rant” then she will never speak to him again. He agrees to the terms and asks her to talk about what happened. She informs David that she went to Jack and Erica’s wedding by herself and was thinking the whole while what it would be like to have a child with her husband. She thought all about what a joy it would be for them and for their child and how their child would adore his or her daddy. And she tells David that it’s all gone now and she will never be able to have Ryan’s children.

Ryan has some drinks. Slater asks him what kind of “killing” he wants to make. Ryan tells Zach that he wants to kill him at the gambling table. Zach can sense that Ryan is upset about something, given all the hardships in his family. He pulls out a deck of cards and cuts the deck on the table. Ryan tells Zach that he knows that Zach’s family is practically dead to him also, so he will call higher stakes.

Kendall approaches Simone and Ethan at their table. Simone wants to make small talk about the ice cream. Kendall informs Ethan that Zach is dropping the lawsuit to take Cambias and will have no more money or reason for her to marry him. He seems uncaring and asks her if her lover JR knows about that.

After hearing Babe’s “concern” about JR, Amanda sounds like there is something she does not want to discuss with Babe and Jamie. Babe asks her to talk. She “reveals” to them that it’s clear that JR wants to sleep with her. Jamie, at that point, is ready to go and straighten JR out. She tells them that JR promised to pay her school tuition in exchange for getting what he wants. Both Babe and Jamie tell her all they know about JR and his obsession to get what he wants.

Tad comes to talk to Di and talk to JR. JR asks Tad why he’s there and why he is harassing his son’s nanny. Tad informs JR that he has been doing some investigating and uncovered a woman by the name of Diana Cole in Germany. But right before Tad is ready to tell them what he’s just discovered about Di, she collapses from a fever. JR demands that Tad leaves Di alone because she’s burning up with a fever.

Greenlee tells David that Ryan’s unilateral decision not to have children has ruined their future and she takes it as a betrayal. He tells her that he agrees with what she is feeling, remembering losing Leora and then finding Babe and knowing that it’s a miracle to have a child and devastating to lose one’s child. And he tells her that perhaps Ryan was concerned about what could happen to him if he was a father, given his family history. But Greenlee protests that she knows her husband is in no way like his father or brothers. She knows what a great father he would be and how profoundly he could benefit a child’s life. And it’s all gone now.

Ryan looks at Zach and tells him that Zach’s choice to marry the woman that his son loved is like holding a rifle to his head. Zach shows Ryan a CD, tells him he can have it for his family album, pops it in the DVD player and shows Ryan that Jonathan was seen on the video camera ready to commit murder. And he tells Ryan his major concern is that there is another Lavery left standing. Noticing that, Ryan is ready to smash the DVD player.

After hearing how angry and determined Jamie is to put JR in his place after she’s revealed what JR did to her, Amanda tells Jamie that maybe she should not have told him what she told him. But Babe and Jamie warn Amanda that JR is nothing to mess with, remembering how he drugged and tried to kill Babe and his death threats and attempted murder on Jamie. Hearing that, Amanda “comes around” and inquires how JR could be so dangerous and be able to walk into her bedroom whenever he wants.

JR and Tad rush Di to the hospital. JR demands the doctors treat her. Tad questions whether she’s faking it in order to avoid questioning, but JR demands Tad leaves her alone. Dr. Joe comes out and asks Tad what is going on. Tad tells his father that JR’s new nanny conveniently passed out right when he was about to ask her some very important questions. JR comes out and appears very protective of Di. Noticing that, Tad tells JR that he can see that he really cares about Di. JR looks at Tad and says Tad can bet he does.

Kendall tells Ethan and Simone that she wants to consider getting back with Ethan. But he tells her he’s done with her.

After noticing Ryan’s insistence that he stops talking about Jonathan, Zach tells Ryan that maybe they should end the card game. But Ryan says he wants to continue.

David comes up with an idea so that Greenlee’s dream is not lost. But she tells him there’s nothing he can do. She can never have children with the man she loves. But he tells her that she can still have her dream and she just needs to hear him out.

After Ethan leaves the table, Simone tells Kendall she can see that Kendall is devastated. Kendall tells Simone she should not sound so dramatic. Simone tells Kendall that she will make a “sacrifice” by telling Ethan she does not plan to have “desert” with him although she is interested in him. She tells her she will do this because she wants Kendall to have another chance with him. Kendall tells Simone that if she thought she had a chance, she’d go over there and say something. But she knows that they are done and there’s no chance. Hearing that, Simone asks if Kendall would not mind and if she has Kendall’s “blessing” if she makes an attempt to have Ethan for herself. Kendall says that’s fine with her. Simone gets up from the table and says she must take care of some things. At that moment, Ethan comes to the table and gives Kendall some cash. She tells him she is sorry she ruined his “date”. He asks her if she’s sorry that she married his father.

Ryan tells Zach that with Kendall having the choice of either him or Ethan, she must be in a “lose-lose” situation. He asks Zach with all the time and energy and hate he has in regard to his family, what did he get out of it? Zach replies that what he’s learned from that is that certain men were not meant to be fathers.

Hearing David’s “offer”, Greenlee immediately assumes that he wants to make a baby with her. But he tells her that is not what he has in mind. David informs Greenlee, for the first time, that years ago Ryan was a sperm donor and Liza went to a fertility clinic. Hearing that, Greenlee inquires whether that could mean that Ryan might already have children. But she tells him she doesn't want to go hunt down a child that might be his biological offspring and take it from it's mother.

Amanda tells Babe and Jamie about her history with her emotionally sick mother. She sounds to be playing on their sympathies and implying that her mother abused her. Jamie inquires if she would at least tell her father. She tells him that her father eventually accepted the fact that her mother was very sick and did nothing to protect Amanda from her. Babe asks if there is anything they can do for her. Right then, Amanda knows how to sound “real”, by smiling and laughing and asking them to wake her up the next time she goes on a “pity jag”. She makes light of her parents and tells them she does not want them to worry. Babe tells her that it never hurts to have good friends. It looks like both Babe and Jamie are warming up to Amanda and ready to be her friends.

After hearing Tad’s suspicions about Di, JR protests to Tad that he has no reason to suspect Diana Cole. Joe comes out and tells them that he’s gotten Di’s fever stabilized and they may visit her if they want. JR rushes to see her. Tad privately asks his father to run a DNA test on this “Diana Cole”. Joe asks his son whatever for. Tad tells his father he wants to find out if she is Dixie.

JR asks Di if there’s anything he can get for her. She tells him she’s fine and wishes she could just get out of there. He tells her he wants to make sure she is ok. She tells him she doesn’t want him to be worrying about her. He should get back to Little Adam. But he tells her that Little Adam loves her and won’t be happy until she’s back and feeling better. She tells him he doesn’t have to be “extra nice” just because she’s in the hospital. He tells her he is not. He knows that his son lit up the first moment he met her. He knows she was a godsend in his son’s life. And he tells her she’s been really great in his life also.

Tad tells Dr. Joe that he’s been doing some investigating and many things point to the possibility that JR’s nanny is Dixie. Joe tells Tad that it’s so highly unlikely and he cannot perform and illegal DNA test without her consent. Tad, then goes to look through the window at Di with JR over her bed. And he notices their very friendly interaction.

Zach tells Ryan that he’s learned that you cannot wish away the ills of a family or the sins of a family because they will always be there. You have their DNA and it will eventually come back to haunt you. Ryan asks him what if you take action in order to control your own fate? Zach tells Ryan that the best way you can do that is to simply cut yourself off. That way nobody gets hurt.

After Kendall’s given her the “go ahead”, Simone approaches Ethan and tells him she has a surprise for him. They go away happily. It looks like Kendall is not ok with that and still sees a glimmer of hope in getting him back.

Amanda departs from Babe and Jamie’s and she thanks them for the “low down” on JR. they urge her not to ignore any of JR’s behaviors nor let him lay a hand on her. She tells them they are such great friends to her and hugs them.

The doctors inform JR that Di had a kidney infection. He is ready to be there for her and help her. Tad notices a shocked expression on Joe’s face. He asks his father what the big deal is. It’s just a kidney infection. Joe says he’s found out that Di had her other kidney removed. Hearing that, Tad remembers so did Dixie.

Simone seems to be really interested in Ethan. He seems to enjoy being with her. But they can both sense that Kendall is not over him and very possible he is not over her.

Kendall returns home to her empty apartment. She has a flashback of taking a romantic bubble bath with Ethan. She cries.

Ryan and Zach continue their card game. Zach tells Ryan congratulation. He tells him it was not a “killing” but Ryan drew blood. Ryan tells Zach that he will be back as soon as Zach opens the casino. He gets up to leave and tells Zach he may enjoy his “happiness” with Kendall. Zach tells Ryan he wishes all the best for Ryan’s “family”.

After David realizes that finding a child that could be Ryan's is not what Greenlee should do, he tells her that it's entirely possible that there is a frozen specimen still in a laboratory that could be Ryan's child if she can find it.

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