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Babe is with her son at the Chandler house. Amanda comes out and appears friendly to her. She does, however, remind Babe that her visitation time has expired. Believing she can trust Amanda not to tell JR when he’s not there, Babe says she knows she’s spent more than her court-ordered time. Babe reveals to Amanda that she is somewhat suspicious of Di. She asks Amanda what her opinion of Di is. Amanda tells Babe she believes that Di is a no good bitch.

David is talking to Di, revealing to her that he is hoping to hurt Tad and JR and many others. Hearing that, she tells him he can count her out.

Jamie returns to his home and sees JR with his mother. He tells JR that he knows JR is setting him up and demands he gets out of his house.

Kendall goes to Ryan’s. She asks him what has happened, knowing that Greenlee found out about the vasectomy and must have recently returned home to confront her husband. Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee has gone off and is very angry with him. Kendall sounds like she wants to help them, and not gloat about their problems. But Ryan tells her he knows she must be very satisfied to have caused them this problem.

Greenlee is at the hospital demanding to know about the doctor who performed the procedure on her husband.

Ryan tells Kendall he knows she’s come to gloat. He tells her he seriously doubts that Greenlee had to wrestle her to the ground in order to get her to tell her about the vasectomy. He reminds Kendall that she called his doctor and violated his privacy and he knows she’d stop at nothing in order to ruin Greenlee.

Greenlee finds Ryan’s doctor and yells at him, telling him that he’s taken away her babies and her future and she wants it back or she will have his license. But at that point, Maria Gray pulls Greenlee into a room, tells her she is not thinking rationally and tells her she will help her. Hearing that, Greenlee angrily tells Maria that she does not trust her to help her. Maria is the reason she’s in this mess in the first place, she says.

Babe asks Amanda what the deal is with Di in regard to her caring for her son. Amanda admits that she notices that Di does take good care of Little Adam but tells her she keeps him to herself and behaves like she is his mother. Amanda asks Babe if JR has made a “deal” for her to have more time with her child if she ends her relationship with Jamie.

At Jamie’s, Brooke confronts JR about the spiteful behaviors he keeps inflicting upon Jamie and Babe. She tells JR that she remembers when they were the best of friends as children. They spent so much time together in the tree house. Nothing and nobody could come between the two of them when they were younger. She tells them that she still believes that behind all the anger and hurt and resentment that the two brothers are still there. Jamie tells his mother it’s over. Brooke confronts her son, telling him he is not blameless. JR makes his comments about how he cannot trust Jamie. Brooke tells JR that she knows his mother would be ashamed if she knew what he’s turned into.

After hearing Di’s misgivings about doing what he wants her to do in order to hurt Tad and JR, David asks her if she does not appreciate what he’s offered her. He tells her that Tad needs her to be Dixie. There is nothing spiteful about what he’s asking her to do. He reminds her that this is what she’s signed on for. She says nothing. He asks her what the real problem is, reminding her that he is the only one who knows the real her. She replies that she is breaking all of their hearts; Tad and JR. And she tells David that she does not want to do this.

Greenlee tells Maria that she heard about Maria’s tantrum at the banquet and how she blamed Ryan for what happened to her husband. Maria admits she was wrong and that she apologized to Ryan and that he’s forgiven her. But Greenlee tells her that Ryan believes that he is a damaged person who should never have children. She protests that Ryan would make a great father and she wanted to help him get over his family problems and understand that. And she tells Maria that thanks to her and that doctor, they will never have that opportunity. Maria reminds Greenlee that Greenlee at least has a husband and she should be grateful for that.

Kendall informs Ryan that Greenlee was going on and on about her misguided need to help Kendall. She tells him that Greenlee locked Zach in the pool house and had this idea that Kendall has such a terrible life and she has such a perfect marriage. Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee may have wanted to help her wake up and see how she ruined her life marrying Zach. Kendall reminds Ryan that before he judges her, she is not the one who had life-changing surgery behind Greenlee’s back and ruined her chances of having children. She tells Ryan if he wants to find out who ruined his marriage, he need only look in the mirror.

Di tells David that three years is a long time to be kept away from your family. He asks her what her point is. She says that when JR finds out that she is his long-lost mom, he will be very upset and feel used. David admits that that is true. But he tells her JR will get over that and realize that his mother is back again and alive and that is all that will matter. But she tells him she does not want to look into JR’s eyes and let him know that she’s been away from him for three years. She tells him she does not want to tell Tad that she lost their baby girl but did not have the courage to contact him so that they can go together to their daughter’s gravesite and cry together. She tells him that those are terrible things for anybody to hear. At that moment, David can tell that Di is running a fever.

JR tells Jamie that he would like very much for his brother to be a doctor. Jamie says he does not buy that. He says he knows JR is standing in the way of his having a quality life. JR tells Jamie that the person who is doing that is the blond bimbo he lives with. Jamie tells JR that Babe is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. JR tells Jamie that he cannot see that Babe is preventing him from going where he wants to go. He tells Jamie that Brooke can also see that and he wishes Jamie would listen and see the reality that he’s letting Babe ruin his life. Jamie tells JR that he’s tired of being polite and demands that JR leaves. But before JR leaves, he tells Jamie he’d like him to look at something. It looks like he has a doctor’s kit. He tells Jamie that he has the choice between this and fixing transmissions. He goes out the door. Jamie tells his mother that she may go with JR if she’s on his side.

Babe tells Amanda that Jamie has given up so much in his life for her. She also tells her that JR has given her so much grief and Amanda sounds like she agrees. But she encourages Babe to believe that Jamie loves her more than medical school and she should believe that. Babe says she knows that Jamie has not given up on his dream to be a doctor. It’s just on temporary hold. Amanda says she knows that’s true and this big mess with JR will blow over. She encourages Babe to see that many people go to med school later in life and Jamie will have that chance.

Maria tells Greenlee that she realizes she feels betrayed by Ryan. He kept a secret from her about the vasectomy. But she tells Greenlee that Edmund kept many secrets from her also. She tells Greenlee that the difference is that Edmund kept his secrets in order to hurt her; whereas Ryan kept his secrets from Greenlee because he loved her. Greenlee protests that Maria, at least has children. Maria tells Greenlee that she hopes she can get over her anger and understand that Ryan only did what he thought he had to do in order to make good of their marriage and realize that she can still have a future with him.

Ryan tells Kendall that he knows that she revealed to Greenlee that he had a vasectomy in order to hurt them. He tells her he knows what she is all about and he’s going to push back. He looks at her angrily and spitefully. Kendall responds to him by telling him that perhaps it’s right that he is poison and should never have a child. Hearing that, he demands that she says what she’s about to say. She tells him that she’s noticed that it used to be that when bad things happened to him, he’d just go off on his motorcycle. But now he’s changed and has problems he did not have before. He admits to her that he has changed and is not the same man who used to do good deeds and help people and be incapable of sick behaviors. She suggests that he gets some help.

Maria tells Greenlee that Ryan did not see the vasectomy the way she did to him. Greenlee asks if Maria knew about it also. Maria says no; Ryan never told her about it. But she knows that Ryan did what he did because he wanted to save his future with her. She asks Greenlee to go with her into the private room to talk. Greenlee tells Maria that unless she can help her have Ryan’s children, they have nothing more to say and Maria cannot help her.

Noticing Di’s fever, David appears concerned and tells her he wants to make certain his grandson doesn’t catch anything. She assures him she would never put Little Adam in danger. He asks her if she is still with him and ready to participate in his plan. She tells him she is.

Brooke tells Jamie that he should seriously reconsider his dream of being a doctor. He tells her that he had that dream many years ago. He remembers wanting to model his life after his grandfather and he remembers going around with a stethoscope to everybody including the dog. He tells her that when he was seeing Maggie, he noticed her similar goal to be a doctor and that encouraged him. She tells him that there’s got to be some way to make it so that Phoebe’s Will can enable him to have that opportunity. He asks her if she means that they do it with or without Babe in his life.

Amanda tells Babe that she knows that JR has this way of showing up when you least expect it. She sounds like she wants to help Babe hide from him and like she wants to be her friend. At that moment, JR calls to Amanda. She pushes Babe outside the patio and, noticing what JR is capable of doing to his ex wife, (or knowing she’s being heard by Babe and wants to “make nice” to her) she warns JR that he cannot “start in” again. Not knowing how to explain what is going on, Amanda tells JR she did not know when he’d be home. She asks if he can respect her space. But he sounds like he wants to have a “romantic” encounter with her. When he goes inside, Babe comes out of hiding, telling Amanda she does not want to leave her alone with him. Amanda assures Babe she will be fine. Babe need not worry about her and needs to go.

Brooke tells Jamie that if he just finishes school he’ll be able to go on the medical school. He reminds her that JR has prevented him from finishing college. She tells him that JR does not have infinite power to prevent him from doing everything. She suggests and out of state school. She tells him he could consider Harvard or Yale, which JR could not touch. He tells her he doesn’t want to spend that much time away from Babe. She tells him he can always be back in town on weekends. He tells her that Babe means more to him than that. Brooke tells her son that she realizes he loves Babe but maybe needs to realize that he cannot surrender his dream for love. And a love that would force him to make that choice is wrong.

Ryan demands that Kendall leaves him and Greenlee alone. She tells him that Greenlee has been approaching her and needing her help. He tells her that that was before she started putting her own selfishness and spite toward them before anything else. She tells him that he has become delusional and is taking it all out on her. He tells her that for reasons that have nothing to do with his problems, Kendall has been nothing but pain and trouble in his life. And he tells her if she ever goes near Greenlee again, he will come after her.

At that moment, Greenlee is out in the wilderness talking to Leo asking him what she is supposed to do. She tells him she does not have to tell him what her life is like. She says she thought that she and Ryan survived the worst. She tells Leo that she did not think she’d ever find love again after losing him. She asks for his help. Right at that moment, David appears.

Kendall tells Ryan he is a fool and it will serve him right if he loses Greenlee and she walks out the door. Right as she goes out into his hallway, she notices the strange woman at his door. The woman enters. Ryan tells her she should know not to come to his house. She informs him that his cell phone wasn’t on. He asks her what she wants. She informs him that two women came to the “club” asking questions about him. He tells her he doesn’t care.

Jamie is alone, taking out his medical kit and working his stethoscope. At that moment, Babe enters. He puts it away, not wanting to let her see it. He asks how her visit went with Little Adam. She talks about her son but does not appear happy. He asks her why she does not have her “Little Adam” glow. She tells him she’s very concerned for Amanda being stuck in that house with JR. She tells Jamie they must do something to help that girl.

Right when JR is with Amanda in his house, Tad enters and tells JR he wants to talk to his nanny. JR tells Tad he will not talk to her unless he says so. Tad tells him it does not matter because he knows JR might want to know what he’s about to ask her. Di appears.

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