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By Lori
Pictures by Boo

JR is holding Little Adam on his patio and Amanda is there. Amanda tells JR she was so smooth with Jamie that he suggested she move in with Myrtle. JR says Myrtle would have her pegged as trouble before she hit the front door. Di comes out to the patio and asks why he’s let the thief stay. JR tells Di he’s sorry she was put in the position of being falsely accused of theft. Amanda tells Di she’s so ashamed, but JR has forgiven her so she hopes Di can too. Di asks JR why he’s cutting Amanda so much slack and what he’s using her for. JR says Amanda is his guest and is here at his discretion, just like Di. He suggests they forget this and move on. Amanda says she’s so glad they can start fresh. JR leaves and Di tells Amanda she has the two-faced act down just right. Di says she can’t sit by and let her hurt JR. Amanda asks if she’s threatening her and walks out. Suddenly David appears from the bushes. He says he has big news. Tad has followed his breadcrumbs to Germany. He tells her she’s about to become Dixie.

Greenlee is aghast that Ryan says he had surgery so she can’t get pregnant. Greenlee says he would have never had done this without discussing it with her and asks him if it was a medical necessity or recommended by a doctor. Ryan says it was his own decision. He did it for them. Greenlee angrily accuses him of lying to her and ruining their future. Ryan says it’s not their future. He’s trying to save them from anger and pain. Greenlee says she’s experiencing anger and pain now by him going behind her back and lying to her. He says he didn’t lie. He told her he didn’t want to have kids. Greenlee tells him people don’t make life decisions when they just faced tragedy. Ryan turns the tables and says she tried to go behind his back to get pregnant by stopping birth control. Greenlee asks if this is permanent payback. Ryan says he can’t give her what she wants. Kids were never in their future. Ryan says he couldn’t leave her so he had to find a way where they could be together and didn’t create a thing. Greenlee says their child would not be an it. She asks where this came from. Ryan tells her about his dream in which Greenlee played his father’s wife and was pregnant. He says he knew that her baby would be another Jonathan. She can’t believe he based this decision on an ugly nightmare. Ryan says people have incredible lives without kids. She is all he needs. Greenlee tells him he cheated himself and a potential child. She says their child could have been their salvation. Greenlee walks out.

Danielle and Simone are at BJs disagreeing over Simone’s role in Ryan and Greenlee’s marriage when Ethan comes in. He gets friendly with Simone and suggests she pick out a car on the company tab. Simone is suspicious but Ethan says he just wants his employees to be happy.

Jack and Erica are on their honeymoon eating breakfast. Erica says she wants to call Kendall to check up, but Jack takes her phone and puts it in a glass of orange juice. She says all she wanted to do was make a polite call to touch base. Jack suggests she can use his phone, but she tells him to put it away and let her eat. She says she just wants Kendall and even Greenlee to experience the happiness they have found. Jack notices a man watching them from another table and Erica suggests it’s because she’s a celebrity. Erica approaches the man and asks if they have met. The man says no, he’s just surprised to see a celebrity here. As Erica and Jack leaves, the man continues to stare at them.

Kendall is upset that Zach is prepared to let her out of their marriage. She asks if he has a gun and when he says yes she says she wants to put a hole in his heart. She says she lost Ethan and Greenlee and now is losing a shot at billions of dollars. She says she deserves half of Cambias. Zach says if Ethan wants Cambias he’ll let him have it. Kendall says Ethan is beyond repair and he should take him for every dime he has. Reggie and Lily go to Kendall’s room at the Florida resort and Reggie is not happy to see Zach there.

Kendall admits to him that Zach is her husband. She says Jack and Erica don’t know yet. Lily says she talked to Zach last night and knows he isn’t a bad man anymore. Kendall is surprised Zach talked to Lily and wonders if that’s why he’s ready to give everything to Ethan. Reggie asks Kendall if she loves Zach and Kendall says no, it’s just a business deal. Kendall asks Reggie and Lily to leave her alone with Zach so she can take care of this. When they leave, Kendall apologizes to Zach for yelling and telling him she wanted to shoot him. She says that’s the way she gets when she’s confused. He asks if she’s still confused and she says she’s not. She says she realizes she accepted his proposal and married him to hurt Ethan, so this is her fault. Zach says they did this together. Kendall says she sucks and love and Zach says he does too. Kendall says they took vows and made a deal, which still stands. She says they’re together until divorce does them part. They shake hands.

JR arrives at BJ’s and sits down at Ethan’s table. He taunts him about Kendall and Simone tosses a piece of butter at JR, which lands on his face. JR and Ethan go outside to talk and JR says Kendall and Zach are going to rip his billion-dollar legacy out from under him. JR says he’ll get his share back before Kendall has a chance to say “that was so good,” intimating a sexual experience with her. Ethan punches JR in the stomach.

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