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At the Florida resort, Greenlee doesn't believe Kendall's claim that Ryan is going to have surgery so he can't have children. She calls Kendall horrible. She thinks she'll say anything just to mess up their relationship. She tells Kendall she thinks she's trying to get Ryan back for herself. Greenlee says Ryan wouldn't consider a move like that without telling her. Kendall says maybe Ryan tried to tell Greenlee but couldn't or maybe she wouldn't listen. She tells Greenlee to wake up because she doesn't have the perfect marriage she thinks she has. Greenlee tells Kendall she resents her because she's happy. Kendall says she doesn't envy anything about her. She says she is her being a friend. Ryan's head is messed up. Greenlee says Ryan would not tell her about this. Kendall says she overheard Ryan talking to a Dr. Cooper and she called all the Dr. Coopers in the county. The one Ryan is seeing is a surgeon. She says she confronted Ryan and he told her the truth. She says he would not let her tell Greenlee. Greenlee is angry that Kendall has known this for days and didn't tell her. Greenlee demands to know when Ryan's appointment is.

Ryan is at home and sees Jonathan in his head. Jonathan tells Ryan that their fate is his fate. Jonathan says he's proof that Ryan is going to live and die a Lavery. Ryan tells Jonathan that he killed him and he would do it again. Jonathan tells Ryan he can't get rid of them. Ryan suddenly sees Braden and his father, Patrick. Patrick suggests they settle in and he, Jonathan and Braden sit down. Patrick says they're here to stay.

Simone and Danielle are going to a dark, mysterious building that Simone thinks is a house of prostitution. Simone says Ryan has visited here often and gets weird when he comes here. Simone says Ryan has gone astray and she needs to save him and his marriage. A woman comes to the door and tells them this is a private establishment. Danielle tells her they are Ryan's guests. The woman says she doesn't recognize that name. Simone says Ryan is here all the time and describes him. The woman says she hasn't met him. Simone tells the woman there's no need to play innocent as she knows what's going on. The woman tells Simone she knows more than her and shuts the door. Danielle can't believe Ryan would risk his marriage at a place like this. Simone says it could be something worse.

At Wildwind, Maddie is angry with Sam. She tells him if he walks out on her she'll hate him till the day she dies. Maria walks in and asks which of them is going to tell her what's going on. Maria says she wants them to work together as a family to fix their problems. Maddie tells Maria that she's lost her father and maybe now her brother because of her. Sam tells Maria she's not his real mother so he doesn't have to listen to her. Maria tells them whether they like it or not their life is with her. Maddie says she's going to drop out of school. She would die before going back to that hell hole. Maria asks her what happened. Maddie shows her a note that was on her locker that refers to her mother as a "cheap slut." Maria says it was scrawled by some idiot kid who's probably jealous. Sam answers sarcastically that all the kids want tramps for mothers. Maria asks if this is about something else. Maddie tells Sam not to tell her, but Sam does anyway. He tells Maria that a guy at school told Maddie he wants a pro like her mother to give him some free services. Maddie says Sam beat him up. Maria apologizes and says this is all her fault. She says it's because of Zach and her relationship with him is now over for good. She'll do whatever it takes to bring the family together. Sam says Slater won't be gone until someone locks him up for good. He walks out to go to bed. Maddie follows.

Zach is at the Florida resort inside the towel room. Lily walks in looking for a towel and asks Zach if he's hiding. She realizes he is the man who people thought killed the man in the wheel chair but really did not. Zach identifies himself as Zach Slater. Lily says he's the man his boyfriend hates more than anyone in the world. She tells him her boyfriend is Sam Grey. Zach says he's near the top of the list of the people who hate him. Lily asks him why he's here if he's not hiding. Zach says he's lost something. Lily says she's a good detective and could help him find it. Zach tells her he's been wrong about everything in his whole life. Lily tells him the odds of always being wrong are very small. She asks him what went wrong with Ethan. He says he did not do a good job of being a parent to Ethan. Lily asks if she can give him give him some parenting tips. Zach agrees. Lily tells him first to pretend like she's his child. She turns around and walks backward toward a wall. Zach tells her to stop before she hits the wall. Lily says if his children are adults that would be interfering. Zach says he's done nothing but interfere in Ethan's life. Zach thanks Lily for helping him.

Jonathan asks Ryan why he's afraid of having kids. Ryan says the Lavery lineage ends here and he insists he's not like them. Braden says all the Laverys are the same inside and out. Ryan turns to his father and rails him for abusing his family. He says he knew he would never be anything like him. He says none of them will take his life away. Jonathan says he thought that once but being a Lavery is like a poison and he should be feeling it. Ryan says he'd never treat his wife the way Patrick treated their mother. He tortured women and children. Patrick says Braden and Jonathan tried to break out of the family mold but it can't be done. Patrick, Braden and Jonathan talk loudly and together. Ryan covers his ears to try to block them from his mind. He says he found a way to end the Lavery line and they're powerless. Braden asks if Greenlee will be OK with this since she wants children. Ryan says Greenlee will understand and support his decision. He tells them to get the hell out of his life. Suddenly, the three of them are gone.

Greenlee calls for someone to come and get her bags as she's leaving. She tells Kendall that she's being a friend to Ryan, not her. Greenlee accuses Kendall of deliberately not telling her this so their marriage would be destroyed and she could get Ryan back. Greenlee says they're right back where they started – enemies who despise each other. She tells Kendall she better pray it's not too late.

To a musical background, Maria opens her front door and looks up toward the sky. Zach is alone staring into space. Kendall angrily tosses a suitcase and flops onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. Greenlee prepares to go home and looks at her wedding ring. Ryan is alone at home and looks blankly out the window.

The next morning, Maria tells her kids that she knows what they need. Maddie gets up to leave and says she already knows what they need. Sam tells Maria not to drag him into this. Maria suggests moving away to get a fresh start. They could leave all their problems behind. Sam tells her to leave him out of it.

Zach knocks on Kendall's door and ignores her request to be alone. He wants to tell her what he's decided to do. He tells Kendall if she wants to get out, she can get out.

Danielle and Simone are eating breakfast at the Valley Inn. Danielle tells Simone she should leave Ryan alone. Simone says Ryan and Greenlee's marriage is on the rocks and Greenlee is clueless. She says she wants to tell Greenlee that Ryan is cheating on her. Danielle says she won't let Simone wreck Greenlee's life.

At the resort, Reggie tells Lily that she should stop practice kissing Sam. He's a guy and he'll want more than that. Lily is not happy to hear Reggie's request and calls it interference.

Ryan opens his front door and Greenlee is just arriving home. She asks him where he's going, but he asks her about the wedding instead. Greenlee says she can't talk about the wedding. She says she knows what he's planning to do. Ryan tells her it's too late. It's done.

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