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Tad asks Aiden what he knows about their investigation. He tells them that their lead is the only one they have. Aiden says he believes it’s a lead that will go nowhere. Tad sounds irritated. Aiden tells him he must calm down. Tad apologizes but tells Aiden that he really wonders what the deal is with Diana Cole, not knowing if she is the same one who is JR’s nanny or if the nanny might be Dixie.

While JR is harassing Babe as she bartends at SOS, Di comes by and sits down. When he makes a comment about their son being at risk around his mom, Babe approaches Di and asks her who is taking care of her son while she (Di) is out cruising the bars.

Amanda is still at Jamie’s ingratiating herself and talking about how she cannot trust JR, when in reality she’s really working with him.

On their cruise, Jack and Erica talk about how great their wedding was and how all of their kids looked so happy. At that moment, she hears a bump and asks if he’s heard it. He tells her it’s the beating of his heart. He proposes a toast to them and their marriage. She says it’s also to their children.

Maria comes by to see Ryan. She asks if it’s too late to save their friendship or if that has been destroyed also.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she’s sick of hearing Greenlee’s advice and opinions. She tells Greenlee she is married to Zach and plans to stay married and Greenlee must deal with it.

Ethan privately confronts his father asking him how far he plans to go. But he tells Zach that he may keep Kendall; Ethan no longer cares about Kendall. He just wants Cambias. But Zach again tells his son that he wants him to take what he is offering, knowing that Ethan deep down really wants Kendall. At that point, Ethan punches Zach.

Greenlee remembers Kendall’s slip-of-the–tongue about Ryan and asks her what she knows. Kendall tells Greenlee there is nothing to know and she wants to be left alone. But Greenlee reminds Kendall she remembers coming home and seeing her having a private conversation with Ryan, which he did not share with her (Greenlee). She also knows that in more than one occasion, Kendall has implied things about Ryan having secrets. She asks if Ryan has stopped going to therapy and seeing his doctor. Kendall does not answer. But they both go outside to notice Zach and Ethan fighting and ready to kill each other.

Another “Diana Cole” comes to visit Tad and Aiden. She is not the same one who is JR’s nanny. They ask her some questions about the Jane Doe. She admits remembering the unnamed woman who escaped from the accident in Switzerland. She describes her as looking similar to Dixie and with a southern accent.

Babe asks Di what she’s doing at SOS. Di tells Babe that this is her night out. Babe asks her why her vacation time is spent in a roadhouse dive. JR interrupts her and tells her she is a bar wench who is supposed to serve drinks and not bother the customers. When Babe leaves, JR asks Di why she’d choose to hang out in the dive where his ex works.

After Jack and Erica keep hearing a noise, they go to find out what it is. Jack seems to know that it’s coming from the chest by the window. He opens it up and discovers Lily. She says; “surprise.” She comes out and explains to them how she found a way to get on board the ship without being seen. Erica tells her all that matters is that she is ok. But Jack asks her why she snuck on board. She tells them she wanted to offer them some wedding cake.

Greenlee and Kendall come to intervene in Ethan’s altercation with Zach. He has Zach sitting in a chair and is holding a knife to his throat. Greenlee says she will go and call security. Kendall protests to Ethan that he must not do this. She tells him she knows his anger is for her.

Tad asks the other “Diana Cole” what she remembers their “Jane Doe” speaking of. They ask if she talked about Tad, or possibly the Chandlers or Palmer Cortlandt or David Hayward. Diana says she did not remember her talking about that. However she remembers the woman talking about how she loved children but could not have one. They ask if she might know the reason the woman could not have children. She says she remembers hearing it had something to do with heart or kidney problems. Tad concludes that the pieces fit. The Jane Doe fits the description of the woman he is looking for. They ask Diana whether or not their Jane Doe returned to the states. Diana says she does not really know but remembers the woman identifying herself as “Di” which is short for her own name, Diana. She leaves and Tad asks Aiden what he believes about this. Aiden says he has no simple answers. Tad asks why, if Dixie were alive and working as JR’s nanny, would she hide herself from him? Aiden says he does not know. Tad tells Aiden he believes Dixie would never do that and it makes no sense that JR’s nanny would be Dixie.

At SOS, Di tells JR that she can tell that he has some real anger issues that might harm his son. He actually listens to her and does not argue, for once. She makes an expression about not throwing the baby out with the backwater. After hearing that, he remembers his mother using that very same expression. She tells him she can take care of business. He seems to believe what she is telling him and leaves without having a problem. Babe comes by to serve Di some food and asks her what her angle is.

Amanda tells Jamie that she heard about him thumbing his nose at inheriting a big fortune. She tells him that she realizes that money is not everything but it does matter for something.

Ryan assures Maria that he and everybody forgive and understand what happened at the award ceremony. She tells him that her behavior is not unlike that of his brother and that she feels partly responsible for what happened to Greenlee and the others. But he assures her that she is not guilty of doing anything like what Jonathan did. They talk about Greenlee and Ryan tells Maria that he’s come to the conclusion that Greenlee is the only family that he will ever want or need. At that moment, Greenlee calls him. He seems happy to hear from her but she wants to ask him about his doctor’s appointment and he refuses to answer.

Kendall tells Ethan that he forgave her when she slept with JR. That was big. That was huge. But this thing with Zach was nothing more than a few words in front of a judge. She assures him that she does not love Zach. It’s just a contract on a piece of paper. He tells her it’s a legally binding contract. She protests that she realized she did it out of anger toward him and it was a very stupid thing to do. But if he’d just signed over his share of Cambias, this would have never happened and they’d still be together. He asks her if she believes this is his fault. She says it’s both of their faults and they can make this right together. She admits that she was a fool for marrying Zach and she was wrong. She tells him she knows they still love each other and must have a chance and he needs to just say the word. He tells her she’s not a victim. She knew exactly what she was doing. He says she took marriage vows with Zach Slater. She says she did not mean any of that. He tells her if that is true, then she is the liar. He tells her she did it out of revenge. And he concludes that it is now his move. And what he now plans to do is nothing. She can stay married to Zach and he is out of her life. At that point, Zach enters. He tells his son he’s very foolish to refuse to forgive Kendall. Ethan leaves and Zach tells Kendall that it’s really unfortunate that she’s had no luck in getting Ethan back.

Babe tells Di that she is very concerned about JR setting her up and attempting to get her to lose the lousy 3 hours a week she has with her son. And she asks Di if she’s helping JR hurt her. Di assures her that she would not do anything like that.

Amanda talks to Jamie about the decision he’s made to put Babe before anything else.

Erica gets some food for Lily. After she’s been eating, Lily asks Erica what she knows about aphrodisiacs. Erica asks Lily where she’s heard about that. Lily says she’s read about certain foods causing certain feelings and she wonders if she can enhance her relationship with her boyfriend. Jack comes in and announces that he has another surprise. Reggie is there. He tells them he wanted to join them and snuck on with Lily. But at that point, it looks like he is having motion sickness and is ready to throw up.

Maria tells Ryan that she has washed her hands of having a future with Zach since he’s asked to marry Kendall.

Kendall returns to her room after her unsuccessful attempt to get Ethan back. Greenlee asks her how it went. She is upset and asks Greenlee to get out of her room because she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Erica gives Reggie some seasickness pills and tells him he will hopefully feel better. Lily tells him for maximum effectiveness, he should have taken them before boarding. Reggie tells Lily that they maybe should make themselves scarce and let Jack and Erica enjoy their honeymoon alone.

Ryan tells Maria that he wants to put all of his past issues behind him and focus on Greenlee and on his future. And he tells her that ‘s what she needs to do also. He encourages her never to give up. She tells him she really appreciates his help and is happy that things are working out with him and Greenlee.

Kendall asks Greenlee what happened when she talked to Ryan, knowing that there is still a problem. Greenlee obviously does not want to admit she has problems, so she focuses on Kendall’s problems, telling her she can see pain and anger and hurt in her eyes. She goes on about how messed up Kendall must be to marry her fiancé’s father. She suggests that Kendall starts seeing a shrink. After she goes on more, Kendall demands she shuts up or she will hurt her.

Babe tells Di that she has had enough of all of JR’s spiteful behaviors. Di tells her she empathizes but doesn’t know how to help her and she tells Babe she cannot make her her enemy.

When Tad is ready to go off and looking like he’s obsessed about finding Dixie, Aiden warns him that he looks like he just wants it to be Dixie and may be devastated to get his hopes up for nothing. Tad tells Aiden he is so close to an answer he can feel it.

Right at that moment, David Hayward is listening and knowing what is going on. And he’s smiling. He meets with the “Diana” who just went and talked to Tad and Aiden. He tells her she was great and said all the right things. She asks him why he’s asking her to do this. He tells her it’s an act of kindness where she reunites a mother with her child.

Di tells Babe that all she wants is peace and happiness for that little boy and she will not let Babe do anything to screw it up. Babe asks her why she’d say something like that because she is his momma. Di tells Babe that if she wants her help in regard to JR and visitation with her son, she is the only friend Babe has.

Amanda is still back at Jamie and Babe’s home. He seems to trust her and tells her that whenever she wants to talk or needs anything, the door is always open. She thanks him.

When Jack and Erica are alone, she dims the lights. She tells him it’s better for seducing her husband. He tells her that no matter what they must go through, they will have a lifetime of romantic moments. She says she promise to treasure every minute of it.

Maria departs from talking to Ryan. She gives him a hug and leaves. But right when he gets back inside, he sees Jonathan. Jonathan tells Ryan he put on a “good show” But he must know it was only words and they both know what is really going on with Ryan.

Kendall demands Greenlee leaves her alone. But Greenlee tells Kendall she (Kendall) must see a shrink. She keeps going on about how the “shrink” has supposedly helped Ryan and could also help Kendall if she sees him. Hearing that, Kendall finally blurts out that Greenlee knows nothing about Ryan’s “shrink”. He’s not seeing a shrink at all. That doctor is a surgeon. And he’s not going to do anything for Ryan or for her except to make sure that they can never have a baby.

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