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After Jack and Erica have set sail, Bianca goes looking for Lily right before she’s ready to go back to Paris. Reggie informs her Lily has gone off somewhere. He hugs Bianca and tells her he’ll miss her. Greenlee tells Bianca that Ryan misses her and Bianca tells Greenlee she wishes she could see Ryan. They hug. Kendall tells her sister she wishes she could stay. Bianca tells Kendall she is just a plane ride away. And she tells Kendall she must have faith that she will find a guy who really loves her. Kendall tells a sleeping Miranda that she must recite many times a day that Auntie Kendall loves her. Bianca takes her infant daughter in her stroller and gets on the boat to leave.

While Jamie and Babe are in their home dealing with the leaking roof and all the repairs they cannot afford to pay for, JR comes in their door to taunt them. Amanda is behind him and tells him he must stop harassing them.

Zach goes to find Kendall in her room, discovers a body covered in the bed and calls out to Kendall. But to his surprise, it’s Greenlee. She pops up and tells him it’s a surprise and she will do whatever she needs to do in order to stop him from ruining Kendall’s life.

Right then, Kendall is outside and Ethan approaches her. She tells him she thought he’d left. He tells her that he wants to talk. She asks if he’s found some new and interesting thing to say nothing and change nothing and she walks away. But he urges her not to run off and tells her he was wrong.

Jamie asks JR why he’s not at work. He then tells him that now he remembers that Ethan Cambias fired him and of course he knows JR does not care about his son. JR keeps insulting him until Jamie holds a socket wrench and tells him he really wants to use it on him. Babe tells Jamie that he’s giving JR just what he wants. Amanda tells them both that she remembers growing up with them and how they were always nice to her and to each other. She tells them she’s never forgotten but wonders why they have. Jamie tells Amanda that the: “When did you become a jackass?” speech does not work on JR. JR tells Jamie that he observed a change in him when he fell in love with this worthless tramp, Babe. Jamie is ready to physically attack JR when Babe restrains him. Amanda asks JR how he can talk so abusively about his son’s mother. She urges them to see that this is not the real JR, not deep down. She says she knows he is not just a soul-eating zombie. He tells her that when she was a child, she was nothing more than a worthless pity-party. They only let her hang with them because they felt sorry for her having to live with her psycho mommy. Hearing that, Jamie demands that JR leaves.

Zach asks Greenlee why she thinks it would be so bad to be married to him. She tells him that a family of dysfunctional men is not a good situation for Kendall or for anybody. He asks her if she really believes that Ryan is the right husband for her, knowing about his sick family. She tells him that Ryan has overcome has family problems and doesn’t use them as an excuse the way Zach does.

Ethan tells Kendall he remembers her walking into the ocean once before. She was hurt and drowning over Ryan. And he saved her. She asks how many times she must say thank you. He tells her that it is now he who is drowning and needs her to save him. He tells her that he never wants to go under again. He pulls out something to show her. She says she does not care what he’s holding in his hand. But he informs her that this is his signed and notarized statement to give all of his inheritance to Zach just like she’d asked him, as a condition to marry him.

Greenlee asks Zach from what parent manual from hell he read that he should do what he did to his son and drag Kendall into it. He tells her he can see that she believes he is a monster. She tells him that stealing his son’s fiancé and asking her to marry him is really sick. He asks her if she knew that Kendall’s own mother proposed to him. He tells her maybe she should give advice for what to do with one’s children when she has children of her own. She tells him that she knows that Ryan would never do to his child what he did to Ethan or what Ryan’s father did to him.

Looking that the document Ethan gave her, Kendall asks him if it’s real. He tells her that he’s done with Zach. He will do whatever and go wherever just so that he can be the man she loves. She has trouble believing him. He informs her that he talked to her sister last night and she encouraged him to have the family that he’s always wanted with Kendall and her family instead of Zach and the Cambias’. He tells her she can be the next bride. Either here or in Pine Valley and whenever she wants. But he says he votes for right hear and right now.

JR gives Amanda money, right in front of Babe and Jamie and tells her she can leave his home and go wherever she wants as long as she never returns. She pleads with him that she has nowhere to go. He tells her she can check herself into a loony bin with her mother or into the slammer like Krystal. She slaps him and appears to Babe and Jamie like she’s crying. When JR leaves, Babe and Jamie are very concerned for her. Babe wants to help her although she doesn’t know how. Amanda tells Babe she is not affected by JR’s behavior but she is concerned by how he treats her (Babe). Babe tells Amanda she must not get herself frustrated over JR because he will never change. Amanda then concludes that although she cannot change JR, she can change this “glitch”. Babe hands her Jamie’s socket wrench and Amanda goes out the door with a plan.

Greenlee tells Zach that his plan to stick it to his son by marrying Kendall will only wreck lives and she’s not going to let him do that.

Ethan tells Kendall that he’s missed her and doesn’t want to miss her anymore. But she tells him that not long ago he was very adamant in telling her that he would never give up his birthright and she tried and failed to get through to him. She looks at him sounding like there is a real obstacle for them getting back together. He asks her what she’s trying to say. Is she trying to say that she no longer loves him? Zach appears and tells Ethan that maybe what she’s trying to tell him is that she’s already married. Kendall cries. Ethan asks if that is true. She admits to him that last night, she and Zach got married. Ethan tells her he loves her and pulls out the document to tear it apart and throw it on the ground. He says; “congratulations, Mrs. Cambias”. Noticing Kendall crying, Zach reaches out to her. She tells him he must leave her alone.

JR and Amanda lie in bed together happily congratulating each other on how they have successfully fooled Babe and Jamie.

Jamie is standing on the ladder attempting to repair the leak in the ceiling. Babe asks him to come down so she can kiss him. He tells her that JR is a punk and he realizes that many people cannot get what they have in their new home. They joke about nobody wanting to give it up. Babe tells Jamie that she’s not worried about them. They both have what they want. But she’s very concerned for Amanda not knowing what she’s getting herself into with JR.

Amanda reminds JR that he did not have to do anything difficult. He only had to prove to Babe and Jamie that he was Satan flashing his tail. But she had to sell to them that she is a nice person and on their side. He tells her that the slap and the tears were very convincing and asks her if they patted her on the head and gave her milk and cookies after he left. She laughs and tells him this will be difficult but worth it in the end. She tells him of her new plan for their “pals”, Babe and Jamie.

Greenlee goes to talk to Kendall. Kendall is surprised to find out that Greenlee believes that maybe she should have given Ethan another chance. Finding out that Kendall has married Zach, Greenlee tells her that was a really bad plan. Kendall asks Greenlee just what was up with her locking Zach into the pool house the other night. Greenlee says that maybe it was her attempt to help Kendall. Kendall tells Greenlee that even if it’s true that she should reconsider Ethan, it’s too late. She’s married to Zach. Greenlee tells her she needs to unmarry him. Kendall tells Greenlee that even if she did that, it would be too late for her and Ethan. She says she now realizes that Ethan may forgive her for sleeping with JR. But he will never forgive her for this.

Ethan goes to confront his father. Zach tells him he wants him to listen to him. Ethan asks why in the world he’d want to listen to him. Zach informs his son he would be foolish not to.

Right on cue, Amanda goes to Jamie and Babe’s home, as though she has “nowhere else to turn”. Jamie is alone there and Babe has gone to work. Amanda cries. Jamie hugs her and asks what JR has done now. She tells him that JR has now told her that if she does not do what he wants, not only will he kick her to the curb, he’ll send her to jail. She wipes her “tears” on his sofa blanket and acts so grateful to Jamie for his “kindness”. He asks her what JR got her for. She says grand theft auto. She also tells him that JR told her if she did not join the “Babe and Jamie hate-fan club” then he’ll call the cops on her for stealing the money out of the safe.

Meanwhile, Babe is working at SOS and JR comes and informs her that he talked to Amanda and she now realizes she was wrong and sees Babe as the baby-snatching skank she is. Babe concludes that Amanda is now staying at the Chandler mansion and putting up with him. He informs her that it was Phoebe’s specific instructions for him to keep an eye on Jamie and he just found out that that Mexican university she wanted him to apply to won’t take him. She looks upset but tells him that he can be as mean and spiteful as he wants and plot all the plans her wants. But nothing will break her up with Jamie.

Back at his home, Jamie tells Amanda about his childhood secrets and about JR and urges her to get out of that booby-trap JR has for her before he really ruins her life. But she tells him she has nowhere to go. Her mother is heavily medicated and up to her eyeballs with medical bills and her father will lose the house since he can no longer pay the mortgage. He tells her he never had any idea how bad things were for her. She tells him about her memory of being a happy little girl. And she holds his hand. She tells him that she might be able to feel at home somewhere. But she knows it’s not at JR’s home. He smiles and tells her where she can stay.

Zach tells Ethan that he never thought he’d do it. He never thought his son would give up all the money and power. And realizing that he may have made a mistake marrying Kendall, he tells his son he has another deal for him; Cambias for Kendall.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she realizes she made her bed although it may be a bit lumpy. Greenlee tells Kendall that she knows Jack and Erica made it work and have a real relationship. She also tells Kendall that she and Ryan made things work. She tells Kendall that trust, openness and honesty is what she and Ryan are all about. She tells Kendall that she (Kendall) and Ethan have major trust issues. She keeps on lecturing Kendall about how it won’t work when you cannot trust or be trusted in a relationship and how she has never had that problem in her marriage. Hearing that, Kendall says she’d prefer not to hear any relationship advice from Dr. Greenlee. And she’s almost ready to reveal to Greenlee the major trust issue Greenlee knows nothing about, involving Ryan’s vasectomy.

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