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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/24/05 



By Jenn
Pictures by Amanda

Erica’s wedding begins. Jack and Erica face each other. They both walk through the corridors. Greenlee, Reggie and Lily appear with their father. Kendall, Bianca and Miranda join Erica. They walk toward each other and join hands, while their kids follow. Bianca puts Miranda in a playpen and they all join at their wedding place, under the tree that Erica found. The pastor enters and announces that they are all together. He says if anybody knows why they should not be joined, that they may speak now. Nobody says anything. Reggie tells him that is not necessary and asks the pastor to get to the “dearly beloved”. The pastor tells Jack and Erica that when they spoke before, they talked about the ancient ban ion tree, noticing the tree grows out instead of up. And that it symbolizes their growth and their families. The pastor asks who gives this woman to this man. Kendall and Bianca reply that they do. He asks who gives this man to this woman. Reggie, Greenlee and Lily reply that they do. Reggie speaks and tells Jack that he is his father and so much more than just a guy who checks his homework. He says that Erica is his mother, the classiest lady he knows. He tells them that he comes from an environment where you cannot expect very much. And he has learned that he can expect the best from Jack and Erica. Lily talks about her best times with both Jack and Erica. She remembers her father as a little girl and recently where he’s helped her be not so different. She tells Erica her best time with her was when she got lost and saw a red light. She remembers Erica asking her to look at a purple light and Erica helped her not to be afraid. Erica tells Lily she loves purple and she loves Lily. They join hands. Greenlee tells her father that she knows they are both overachievers and have crammed a lot of getting to know each other in a short amount of time. But she tells him that under this tree all she knows and all that matters is love. She admits that she has never been friends with Erica. But she thanks Erica for loving her father and for all she’s done for him and that makes Erica the best friend she’s ever had. And she tells Erica she’d better never hurt Jack. Kendall tells her mother she loves her and it’s taken such a long time for them to get to this place. And now Kendall says she is so proud of them and she is so proud that Erica is her mother. And she tells Jack that she is so grateful that he has accepted her as his daughter. He tells her she knows he does. She says that she never imagined having a father like him to love and trust and to always be there for her. She thanks him. Bianca tells her mother she is Erica Kane, strong and amazing. She says even as a kid it blew her mind that Erica was her mother. She tells Erica she’s seen her conquer the world. She’s seen her lost in it but knows she never gave up. She says as a child, she used to fear she could never live up to Erica. But somewhere along the way she found herself, knowing that her mother never gave up until she had it all. And how she tells her mother she can see that she has the world. She tells Jack she’s always loved him as an uncle. And ever since her father died, he’s always been a father to her in every way that counts. They then turn to Miranda. She is smiling and holding her stuffed animal and ready to affirm that she loves them all.

Erica and Jack talk all about their history together. She says that they were first friends but then discovered they found their way home when they found each other. He tells her that she’s made him crazy but knew it was never wrong to love her. She tells him there have been so many years and rings and broken promises. But she knows that touching destiny is more than just a piece of paper or contract. He tells her he will comfort and protect her until the end of time. He tells her because of her he can expect and he can believe. She tells him she loves him and vows to spend the rest of her life with him. They both put the rings and vow that they are husband and wife for all eternity. The pastor then declares that Erica and Jack are now husband and wife and the Kane family and Montgomery family are all one.

They all walk through the courtyard and are greeted by reporters asking them what it’s like to be married. Jack and Erica get inside. Reggie and Lily enter with a wedding present. Erica tells them that they did not have to do that. Their being there is enough. They open a big box with a charcoal drawing of the ban ion tree. Reggie tells them he’s so proud of them but jokes about how he doesn’t like being outnumbered by so many women in the family.

Kendall returns to her room and is ready to get on the phone and possibly check for calls. Greenlee comes in and asks: “where is he?” Kendall pretends not to know what Greenlee is talking about. Greenlee demands that Kendall tells her where Zach Slater is. Kendall tells Greenlee she needs to stop talking about Zach and go off and leave her alone. But Greenlee tells Kendall that she must know that Zach is there and she’s concerned about him disrupting Jack and Erica’s wedding. Kendall makes flippant comments. But Greenlee demands Kendall stops and lets her prevent her from making a serious mistake. Kendall tells Greenlee she does not want to discuss it and they should go and join their newly wed couple and pretend that they are friends.

Jack proposes a toast to the woman he’s waited for for so long. Their kids all gather around. And Jack and Erica dance. Reggie then dances with Erica. Greenlee dances with Jack. Then, they cut the wedding cake.

They all change into their evening clothes and wait for Bianca to get Miranda ready. Jack and Erica invite them all to go on their honeymoon cruise. Erica says it will be their first family vacation. Greenlee says that is so sweet and her answer is no. Reggie says that they need to know that it’s a honeymoon. Kendall tells her mother she’s been known to be a little self-centered and does not want her to lose that. Jack tells them that he does not know what they will do on a kid-free uncluttered trip. Erica asks how they will use up their time. They are obviously joking. Jack tells Reggie he’d better take care of all of his sisters. Reggie tells his father he has it all covered and Jack needs to realize the meaning of the word honeymoon. Erica tells Kendall she must not make any rash decisions right away. Kendall promises her mother she will not and just wants her to enjoy her honeymoon. Lily hugs her father goodbye. Right before they leave, Erica announces that they have one big surprise left. She informs them that she was kidnapped and taken there with no fair warning or opportunity to bring anything. But she wanted to give Jack something for being so patient and so wonderful to her. So she says she found a little “bauble” and points to a yacht. Jack and ERica, then set sale and wave on a yacht that says At Last.

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