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By Lori
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Amanda is shocked that JR wants her to sleep with Jamie. She's in her bed in her room and asks why she would want to since he's right here. JR says he wants her to turn Jamie into a lying, cheating son of a bitch. JR says Jamie is too understanding about Babe. He says he's lost a brother over that tramp and if he has to make Jamie cheat to see the truth he'll do it. He says he wants his brother back. Amanda doesn't believe him, thinking that he wants revenge and wants to make his brother as miserable as possible. JR asks what's wrong with that. Amanda is surprised that Jamie turned down his aunt's money for Babe. JR says Jamie thinks he'll be happy with Babe and he doesn't want either of them to be happy. Amanda says she thinks it kills JR to think that Jamie can make Babe happy when he could not. JR says they can bag his idea but he'll have to explain to the police how she took the money from the safe. Amanda stands on the bed and drops her robe. She tells JR that if he wants to have sex with her why wouldn't Jamie want it too. She says before she commits to this plan she wants to know what she gets out of it. JR asks her what more she wants. He's already allowing her to avoid arrest. Amanda says this is worth more than that. She says Babe won't let Jamie get away without a fight. This will take careful, sexy planning. She wants room and board, paid tuition plus a grand a week. And, if she pulls it off, she wants a night with JR. JR says they'll discuss the bonus later.

Jamie is relaxing with Babe at their apartment. She's sitting on his lap when she notices some water dripping on her from above. They dive out of the way just before a piece of the ceiling falls to the floor. Jamie gets a ladder and some tools and works to fix the plumbing problem. As he bangs on the pipe with his tools, debris showers down. He continues working and asks Babe if she knows where the shut-off valve is. Suddenly water sprays down on them both and Jamie gets frustrated. Babe tells him this is no the kind of life his aunt wanted for him. He says this may not be their dream house but as long as they're together it's where he wants to be. They kiss and start to make love.

Simone goes to Ryan's apartment. He wonders why she's there and tells her Greenlee's out of town. Simone says that's why she's here. Simone comments on the necklace Ryan gave Greenlee for their anniversary and suggests it was extravagant, considering the first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper. She wonders if Ryan is feeling guilty about something. She says she is concerned and knows that tragedy can make someone do something out of the norm. She says she hopes he doesn't do anything crazy he can't take back. Ryan asks her if she's been talking to Kendall. Simone says she has not and is just there for support. She says Greenlee is a good friend but it can't be easy to be married to her. She knows Greenlee is bossy and demanding. Ryan responds that Greenlee is perfect the way she is. Simone says she's glad to hear that. She asks when there's going to be a baby. She says she thought he and Greenlee were on the baby track. Ryan says not anymore and they're fine. Simone thanks him for his reassurance and leaves.

At the Boca Raton resort, Greenlee won't let Kendall by her to go into the towel room. Erica and Lily arrive on the scene and Erica wonders what Greenlee is up to. Greenlee reluctantly steps aside to let Erica to the room, but Erica finds the door is locked. Kendall asks Greenlee why she doesn't want them to go inside. They hear a voice from inside asking to be let out. A hotel employee arrives to unlock the door. The employee says he's sorry if the parrot startled them. Greenlee looks around the room and is dumbstruck as to why Zach isn't there. Kendall asks Greenlee if she's looking for something, or someone. Greenlee says she's looking for a float for Lily. Kendall points one out in plain view. Later, Greenlee knocks on Zach's hotel door but a maid answers and says Zach has checked out.

Reggie goes into Jack's room and Jack tells him he's working on version six of their wedding vows. Reggie says it's time for them to have a talk man-to-man. Jack assumes Reggie is talking about responsible sex and says he has a book for him, but Reggie says that's not what he's talking about. Reggie says he wants to give his father the 411 on staying married to Erica. Reggie says the most important thing if for Jack to know Erica is always right. Jack says that will never happen. He says no one is always right or always wrong. Reggie sees that his father expects more bumps along the road. Jack admits that those bumps are what keeps a marriage strong. He says it will build the foundation that will last the rest of their lives. Greenlee, who has just arrived, tells Jack she couldn't agree with him more. She says that's the best description of marriage she's ever heard. Reggie leaves, and Jack tells Greenlee that Erica has convinced him to stay out of her marriage to Ryan.

Bianca and Kendall are lounging by the pool. Bianca tells her sister that she doesn't think all hope for her and Ethan is lost. Kendall make it clear she doesn't want to talk about Ethan. Bianca tells Kendall that Ethan loves her and everything got so screwed up. Kendall says that's because Ethan screwed up. Bianca wants to apologize because she knows that Kendall was right and Ethan was dead wrong when he said no to her demand. But she wonders how this translates into Kendall marrying Ethan's father. Kendall says it's just for business. Bianca says this may hurt her chance to find real love. Kendall asks what's to prevent her from having some love on the side. Bianca says love is still out there for her. Kendall says she has love from Bianca, their mother, Jack and Miranda. She says their mother is about to marry the one. Bianca tells Kendall she can have that too.

It's girl's day at the spa and Erica, Greenlee, Kendall and Bianca are enjoying some pampering with massages, hot tubs, fruit and baths with rose petals as the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" plays in the background.

Later, Greenlee, Reggie and Lily are dressed in their finest for the wedding and Jack admires them and tells them how happy he is to have them there when he finally marries Erica.

In Erica's room, Bianca brings Miranda into see Kendall and the two women notice their mother has entered the room. Erica is about to cry but Kendall tells her they won't have any makeup repairs today. Erica tells them the three of them look so beautiful. Bianca points out a full-length mirror in the room and they walk over to it to fulfill a legacy Mona started. They all look in the mirror with pride and Erica takes Miranda in her arms. Erica declares that they are all Kane women.

Ryan sits alone in his apartment looking at the plans for his procedure. He recalls his conversations with Greenlee, Kendall and Simone.

Jack and Erica see each other in a courtyard area of the resort. They walk toward each other and each are joined by their respective children. The group walks elegantly into the courtyard for the big event.

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