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By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie & Babe’s place:

The two return from grocery shopping. Babe tells Jamie that she has big plans for the night. She is going to give him some much need TLC. She has bought him his special beer and a couple of steaks. She turns on the music and asks him to dance. She also plans on giving him a full body massage. As they start to dance, things turn romantic and they decide to put the steaks on hold for a bit. After making love, Babe has one more surprise for Jamie. She hands him a plane ticket to Mexico. She explains that there is a very well accredited medical school there that doesn’t cost near as much to attend as the ones in the states. J.R. doesn’t speak enough Spanish to be able to stop him. She wants him to follow his dream of being a doctor. Jamie explains to her that his dream is ‘her’. Just seeing her every day fulfills all of his dreams. Babe is upset that she never knew that he had this dream to be a doctor. She wants to help him fulfill that. Her big dream is to have a family. Jamie tries to explain that is his dream too, but Babe still thinks he really wants to be a doctor. Jamie tells her that he doesn’t want to give up one dream in order to get another. Babe tells him that the school in Mexico is the perfect solution then. They can have all their dreams come true. Jamie finally convinces her that as long as he has her, everything else will fall into place.

The next morning, Jamie wakes to find Babe sadly looking at the place ticket. She just isn’t ready to give up on his dream of being a doctor. Jamie tells her that last night was wonderful because he got to tell the woman he loves how much he loves her. He again reiterates that as long as they have each other, after all they have been through to get where they are, all will work out for them.

Chandler Mansion:

Amanda again tells J.R. that she saw Di take the money from the safe. Adam comes in and immediately wants to call the police. J.R. isn’t so quick to jump. He asks Di if she took the money. Adam doesn’t believe her at all when she denies it. He takes off to search her room. J.R. is impressed that Di doesn’t even flinch at the thought of Adam searching her room. Di tells him that it is because she is innocent. She explains that Amanda is now showing her who the boss is because she caught Amanda wearing Dixie’s necklace earlier and made her put it back. Amanda tries to make it seem that Di is crazy, like her mother and needs help. Adam returns with 500.00 that he found under Di’s mattress. He knows it is Chandler money because he writes down the serial numbers of all the bills in the safe. J.R. still isn’t convinced and orders Adam and Amanda out of the room so that he and Di can talk. Adam returns after giving J.R. time alone with Di and is happy to see J.R. by himself in the room. He knows that J.R. was fond of Di, but …. Di walks back in the room holding baby Adam in her arms. J.R. tells his father that he hired Di and he is the only one that can fire her. Amanda comes back to the room too and starts to leave when she assumes that the discussion isn’t over. J.R. stops her and grabs her by the arm dragging her upstairs to her room. He breaks into her diary and finds the stolen money. Caught red-handed, Amanda finally admits that she took the money. J.R. angrily orders her out of the house. Amanda turns on the tears first and begs J.R. to forgive her. She sobs that she just wanted to come back to Pine Valley where she could get away from her crazy mother and a father that only cares about her mother. She just wanted to be around her good friends, him and Jamie. When the tears don’t work, she turns on the sex. She tries to seduce J.R. into sleeping with her saying that is how she will pay him back. J.R. is disgusted by her and leaves the room.

The next morning, J.R. wakes her by leaning over the bed and whispering in her ear. She thinks that J.R. is there for his pay back. She throws the sheets back and welcomes him to her bed, promising that he won’t be disappointed. J.R. puts the sheets back in place and tells her that he has another idea of how she can pay him back. He asks her just how much she really likes her good friend Jamie.


Greenlee has locked Zach in a pool supply room with no windows. She yells at him from outside the room that only one wedding will be happening, that is Jack and Erica’s wedding. She proudly takes off. Inside the room, Zach starts to look around for something that will help him get out of the room. He finds a huge bird cage with a talking bird in it. The bird tells him that he is ‘Bond, James Bond’. Zach continues to look around the room for a way out. He realizes that he hasn’t had any lunch yet and helps himself to some of the birds sunflower seeds. After eating, Zach comments that he thinks better on a full stomach and throws his left over seed back in the bird cage. The bird calls Zach a loser, to which Zach answers by covering the cage up again and telling him that he sucked in ‘Chicken Run’. The bird sings ‘I made it ma. Top of the world’.

Bianca follows a furious Kendall into her suite as Kendall blasts her for bringing Ethan with her. Bianca begs Kendall to listen to what Ethan has to say. Ethan flew all the way to Paris to talk to her. She tells Kendall that somebody had to do something to keep her from marrying Zach. Kendall isn’t impressed and tells a surprised Bianca that she had told Ethan she would marry him if he would give up the Cambias fortune. This surprises Bianca. She apologizes as there is a knock on the door. She opens the door to find Ethan standing there. She tells him that the next time he wants her help, he should give her ALL the facts first. She then storms out leaving Kendall to deal with Ethan alone. Kendall slams the door in Ethan’s face and tells him that she never wants to see his face again. Ethan begs Kendall to open the door, but she wants nothing to do with him or all his lies and B.S. She tells him to get out of the country and again tells him that she never wants to see his face again.

Jack carries a kicking and screaming Erica into their room. She is spitting mad that he took her away from Bianca and Kendall, just watching Ethan go after them. She hates this cave man act of his that he has going on. Jack stays quiet and just lets Erica vent herself out. She finally gets it all out and breaks down crying begging Jack not to let her ruin their wedding. An understanding Jack takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Jack, Erica, and Kendall return from a wonderful family meal. They all comment on how good the food was and how wonderful it was to have them all together. Kendall tells them that she is very happy for them. Erica is really happy that Kendall is there to share it with them. After they share a hug, Erica orders Kendall to get to bed so that she will be high energy the next day for the wedding. Kendall promises to put the ‘do not disturb’ sign out in case Ethan comes knocking on her door. She goes into her room. As Jack and Erica enter theirs. Greenlee bounds into the room wanting to celebrate that they are going to become sisters tomorrow when Jack and Erica get married. Kendall is in no mood for Greenlee and her happiness and quickly hurts Greenlee’s feelings enough to make her go away. Once Greenlee leaves, Kendall sneaks out for her meeting with Zach on the beach. Greenlee has followed her and happily watches Kendall pace the beach looking at her watch from the shadows.

In Jack and Erica’s room, Jack has bought a new French maid outfit for Erica. The two of them have found memories of their trip to France when she played Corrine. Erica plays along for a bit, but then tells him that she thinks they have evolved as a couple, and they don’t need any clothes at all. Jack likes that idea and the two of them make love. After they make love, Jack tells her that he likes the new ‘no clothes’ rule. Erica is happy to hear that because she has another rule. He has to leave for the night. Jack tries to talk her out of this tradition, but finally agrees to leave. Erica walks him to the door and kisses him goodnight. She then happily walks to the window and reflects on how happy she is as she looks at the moon.

Bianca finds Ethan on the beach and the two of them have a really long talk. Ethan tells her that he had to ask her help because she is the only one that can get through to Kendall. She disagrees. Kendall and Ethan are both here, Zach is not. This is his chance to talk to her. Ethan has given up. He thinks that Kendall’s condition for marriage is unreasonable. He can’t ask her to give up everything he has. Bianca tries to make him understand that he isn’t holding onto the Cambias fortune because he needs the money. He is holding onto it because he wants to still have a connection to his father. Ethan doesn’t get that at all. He is surprised that Bianca is taking this stand when it was her that insisted he hold on to the Cambias fortune for Miranda’s connection. Bianca tells him that she did that before she knew that he would make that more important than Kendall. She explains to him that Kendall had to deal with letting go of her father too. Once she learned to let go of that hate, she was able to find happiness with a real family between her and Erica. That is all Kendall was wanting Ethan to do. To completely let go of Zach and let her and Kendall be his family. Once she thinks she has said enough, Bianca leaves Ethan alone with his thoughts under a full moon and a beautiful view of the ocean.

The next morning, Erica awakes in her room and walks into the front room of the suite. There is a note from Jack that he slid under the door telling her how much he loves her. Erica reads it and smiles. When Jack knocks on the door and begs her to let him give her a good morning kiss, Erica tells him how much she loves him and then tells him to get lost. She again looks out the window at the beautiful day and realizes this is her wedding day.

Kendall and Greenlee have decided to take a morning swim. Kendall is still short with the bubbly Greenlee stating that she didn’t get much sleep last night. Greenlee isn’t going to let Kendall be a sour puss today and tells her to relax, it isn’t her wedding today. Kendall starts to go into the pool supply room (where Greenlee has locked Zach away.) to get towels. Greenlee rushes to keep her from opening the door.

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