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Kendall appears in Boca Raton and greets her mother and soon-to-be stepfather. Then, Greenlee, Reggie and Lily arrive. Kendall asks Erica how Bianca and Miranda will arrive. She informs her that they are arriving from Paris in a few hours. But then Erica notices Greenlee is without her husband and asks where Ryan is. Greenlee replies he is not coming.

Ryan is at SOS. He meets Simone. Babe is serving drinks and food. JR enters and goes to gloat to her that Jamie is ready to ruin his life for her. She tells him he should just drink and leave her alone. He tells her that he knows she must be worried that Jamie is going to regret throwing his future away for a skank like her. She tells him he is so mean and that she’s going to tell Jamie the truth about him. He asks her about what.

Aiden is researching the Jane Doe whom Tad suspects might be Dixie. He discovers that she has left Europe. Tad asks where she is now.

Di runs into Amanda at the Chandler house. At first she is friendly. But she, then, notices a necklace Amanda is wearing and demands she removes it.

Erica tells Kendall that she is concerned about Greenlee and Ryan’s problems. She asks Kendall if they are considering divorce, hoping they are not. Kendall assures her mother that everything is cool with Ryan and Greenlee.

Ryan is having a meal at the table with Simone. At that moment, he gets a call from Dr. Cooper’s office with good news that there’s been a sudden cancellation and they can fit him in for his procedure this afternoon.

Erica reminds Kendall that Ryan is a member of this family also and she hopes that they both realize that. Kendall says certainly. At that point, Erica returns to the plans for the wedding. She says all the ladies will have a facial and spa treatment. Lily tells Erica she thinks she will prefer just having a fruit basket.

Back at SOS, Simone tells Ryan that it must be so great to be so married. She inquires why he has chosen not to accompany Greenlee to the wedding. He tells her that Greenlee will be with her family and he ill have some time alone. Not far away in the bar, Ryan hears JR harassing Babe. JR tells Babe he knows she must have a theory about how to use Jamie and then dump him for someone who has money. He tells her he will watch over her all the time and know what she’s up to. She tells him that Jamie will not need his aunt’s money to go to school. He’ll find a way. He asks her how long their “love” will last with the loss of Phoebe’s millions eating a away ay them. For how long will JR throw away his fortune to stay at some grease pit with the town tramp? At that moment, Jamie enters and informs JR that he’s made his decision and knows what is really important.

Di informs Amanda that the necklace that she says JR told her she could have, belongs to his mother, Dixie. But Di does not seem to believe that. Amanda happily tells Di that she believes it was very generous of JR and knows of a way to repay him.

Erica informs Jack and Reggie that she will arrange for a men’s outing for them to play golf while the ladies are having their spa treatment. Reggie admits he doesn’t know much about golf except for Tiger Woods. Erica then remembers that they’ve gone off without inviting Opal and Myrtle and Palmer. Jack assures her their friends will not be upset. Lily then discovers that Erica has not just had over 7 boyfriends, she’s actually been married 9 times. She asks Erica why she’s broken her marriage vows 9 times and asks if she will break her promise to Lily’s dad also. Erica does not know what to tell Lily

Kendall goes by herself to the beach and watches the waves. She appears lost in thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Zach appears.

Aiden and Tad assume that their “Jane Doe” has returned to the states but have no clue in what state she lives. Tad admits that he’d like better information about where she might be.

Di tells Amanda that she‘s had many conversations with JR about his mother and knows that he plans to give his mother’s necklace to Little Adam’s wife, whom he knows will not be her. Amanda protests that JR just let her borrow it. Di tells her she cannot let her wear it until she hears specifically from JR that he loaned it to her. But Amanda says she will wear it anyway and asks Di what she plans to do; Body check her?

JR tells Jamie that for the rest of his life, he will wonder what he could have had. When he’s changing oil out of somebody’s sports car. When he’s doing some worthless job, whenever Babe is gone and might be with a rich man. At that point, Ryan tells JR that he needs to stop harassing them or get out. JR tells Ryan he’s a fine one to judge him for knowing about Ryan’s recent problems. He talks about what kind of family Ryan has; a rapist and a murderer. And he asks Ryan what life is like in the gutters. Ryan gets closer to JR and tells him he does not want to go there.

Amanda tells Di no offense, but maybe she should act like what she is; an employee. And as such, she should not tell JR’s guests what to do. But Di seems like she knows very well what JR would want. Amanda believes she knows very well what JR’s priorities are.

Jack and Erica tell Lily that they don’t plan to end their commitments to each other. But Lily tells Erica she must have made the same promises to all of her other husbands also. Erica approaches Lily and admits that she is right. She did break her promises to her previous husbands. Lily asks Erica if she lied. Erica says no. A broken promise is different than a lie. She explains to Lily that at the time, she meant to honor her promises but then things changed. Lily asks Erica what happened to her marriage to Bianca’s father. Erica then has a flashback of herself married to Travis and Jack wanting to prosecute her, but her knowing that she really loved Jack. Jack admits that it was not all Erica’s fault. He messed up also and broke up with her to be with other women. Erica tells Lily that they both had other loves but they never stopped loving each other. Erica tells Lily that she and Jack have known for years that they are destined to be together. Lily asks what if either of them find another love and go away. Erica assures Lily that will not happen. Their love is absolute and this marriage will last a lifetime.

On the beach, Greenlee stands on a hill with binoculars and notices Kendall with Zach.

JR tells Ryan that he must remember playing God with Chandler. And Ryan must now know what it’s like to be stomped upon like a worthless loser. Ryan, again, warns JR to take his “tough guy” act somewhere else. JR asks Ryan what he plans to do. Take him out like his little brother? At that point, Ryan grabs a hold of JR. He pushes him onto a table until the others pull them apart. Simone tells JR that everybody saw that he started it. Jamie tells JR that he will tells the cops that he attacked Ryan first. Babe thanks Ryan for stepping in and tells him the next beer is on him. Ryan, at that point, leaves.

Jack reminds Lily that he’s discussed divorce with her before when he split from her mom. But Lily tells him that that was only once, not nine times. And with Erica’s numerical track record, her statistics reveal that she is 99% likely to divorce again. But Erica tells Lily that love does not lie and will never allow her and Jack to break up. Lily again asks how they can be sure and why Erica, very recently, called off her wedding to Jack. Reggie asks the same also. She tells them both that she’s made some mistakes. And that’s what relationships are all about. You might make mistakes. You might stumble. But the love will never end. Jack tells them he’s loved this woman for so long, he is never letting go. Erica tells Reggie and Lily that they need not worry about the future or ever be afraid because they will always be together. And that is a promise she is going to keep.

Greenlee returns to Kendall and informs her she’s seen Zach Slater. Unaware that Greenlee has spied upon Zach with her, Kendall tells Greenlee that is impossible. There’s no way Zach would crash Jack and Erica’s wedding. But Greenlee inquires if Zach might be there for his “wedding” with her. Greenlee tells Kendall that she wants to know what the deal is with Zach and tells her sometimes things are better when you talk. Kendall tells Greenlee the wedding is off and there is no more Zach and no more discussion. Hearing their conversation, Erica enters and tells Kendall she is so happy to hear that there is no more Zach. At that point, Greenlee leaves Kendall and Erica alone, then goes outside, gets on the phone, identifies herself as Kendall Hart and asks if Zach Slater has checked in yet.

Tad reveals to Aiden that somebody identified a “staffer” named Diana Cole who spoke to their Jane Doe. And he tells him he knows that Diana Cole is the name of JR’s new nanny. Aiden tells him that is a common name and it may just be a coincidence. But Tad does not believe that and insists they get on the phone and find out what Diana Cole might know about Dixie.

JR returns home and talks to Di. He gets into his private “safe” and discovers a ton of money is gone. Outside the door, Amanda is listening.

Erica tells Kendall that she is so happy now that she is able to marry the man she loves and knows that Kendall will not give up on finding true love and will wait until there’s somebody right for her. But Kendall reveals that she might not be done with the two men of whom Erica disapproves. Erica asks Kendall if she might still be considering Ethan. Kendall tells her no way. She’s done with Ethan. Hearing that, Erica tells Kendall that now is the time to celebrate while the Kane women wash those Cambias men right out of their hair.

Greenlee goes to find Zach and tells him that she knows what he is up to and also what Erica and Kendall are up to. She plans to hide him and tell him about Kendall’s secret idea.

Tad gets on the phone to investigate his lead on their Jane Doe but his contact refuses to give him what he wants. He gets off the phone and tells Aiden that he’s discovered that the “Diana Cole” in question works as a nanny. Aiden says no way. That’s too coincidental.

Hearing that JR has discovered the money is gone, Amanda appears and informs him that the nanny took the money. She saw her.

Babe tells Jamie that she’s really glad that Ryan Lavery put him in his place.

Ryan goes into a strange place and meets a strange woman. She tells him they are always there for him, pulls him into the room and closes the door. Simone is outside watching what he is doing.

In Boca Raton, Bianca and Miranda appear. Everybody comes to greet them. Everybody that is, except Greenlee who is busy hiding Zach. She locks him in a room, telling him there is no way he’s going to marry Kendall. Not now or ever. So there, she says.

While Kendall is visiting with her sister, Ethan appears. It looks like Biacna is happy to see him and not surprised. But Kendall’s happiness ends and she runs off.

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