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By Jenn
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Erica and Jack wake up while on the boat. He tells her he had a dream that they reconciled their differences and agreed to stay out of their children’s’ lives. She smiles and tells him that that is also what she wants.

At the Fusion Office, Kendall is wondering what to do at her mother’s wedding and whom she should attend with. Simone can see that Kendall is upset about something. Reggie enters and it looks like Danielle might have some problems with him and is refusing to talk to him.

Ryan is on the phone, getting very impatient to find out that he must wait in order to get an appointment for his “procedure”. Greenlee hears him on the phone and still has no clue about his plans to have a vasectomy. What they both remember is that this is their first anniversary. They exchange gifts, appear happy and make plans to be together.

Jack tells Erica that it’s time for them to leave and go back to Pine Valley. He asks her if she has anything to pack. She reminds him that she remembers that she was kidnapped but she sounds happy. They make plans for how to get from Boca Rotan, FL back to Pine Valley.

Reggie tells Danielle that they need to talk right now. But she ignores him and tells him she has work to do. He tells her he will not leave until she agrees to talk to him. But she says, in that case, she will leave and walks away. He tells her she’s being very stubborn.

Lily goes to see Sam Gray and runs into Aiden at the door. She announces to Aiden that she is there to see her boyfriend who is not him. Aiden explains to Lily that Sam is young and not supposed to be running away from his family. But Lily protests that Sam’s mother has done some bad things and he needs to get away from her. She tells Aiden that Sam kissed her so she knows he is he boyfriend. At that moment, Sam appears and confirms to Lily that he is her boyfriend.

On the deck of the yacht, Jack and Erica kiss. They stop and look at the breathtaking view. They get off the dock and walk together on land at Boca Raton. He tells her that their plane back to Pine Valley leaves in just a few hours. But she seems to want to stay. They go inside a building with beautiful architecture. She tells him there’s a reason why they are there and she knows what that is.

Reggie walks after Danielle and asks her to talk. She tells him she’s tired of his B.S. He tells her this is not about them; it’s about Jack and Erica. She tells him he must not put this on Ms. Kane and his father and avoid the issue. He tells her that he realizes that she is not ready and knows that he wants her all the time. And he tells her he is a guy and knows there is something seriously wrong with him if he does not feel this way. But he urges her to work things out with him.

Greenlee arrives at Fusion and Simone notices the necklace Ryan gave her for her anniversary. Kendall greets Ryan at the door and wishes him a happy anniversary. She asks him if he still plans to go through with what they’ve talked about that Greenlee still knows nothing about. He tells her yes and he still needs for her not to breath a word of it to Greenlee.

Noticing Sam with Lily, Aiden tells Sam they need to have a talk. But Sam and Lily seem to ignore Aiden and go away together. Anita appears and Aiden tells her that she needs to talk to her nephew. She asks if it’s about running away. He says no. It’s about his taking advantage of Lily. Anita tells Aiden there is no cause for alarm. Sam is Lily’s age. He likes her. She likes him. She is comfortable with him and Aiden needs to realize he’s a good kid. But he tells her that he’s manipulated Lily into helping him run away. Anita tells Aiden his must stop acting like Lily’s father and she reminds him that Lily would not hesitate to let Sam know she does not want to be touched if that were the case. Aiden tells Anita that he is very protective to Lily and feels responsible for hurting her feelings.

Lily tells Sam that she knows it’s confusing to see someone as her boyfriend. She knows she got it wrong with Aiden and may be getting it wrong with him. She tells him that it’s sometimes hard to make herself understood. But he tells her it’s ok. She tells him that her dad told her that Aiden was not her real boyfriend and just her friend. She discovered that Aiden is Anita’s boyfriend. She remembers talking to Erica about butterflies one feels when they are around certain people and admits that she felt butterflies just recently when she saw Aiden. He asks her exactly what it is she wants from a boyfriend. She says she’s not ready for sex but likes kissing. He tells her that he would never hurt her and would like very much to be her boyfriend. And he tells her that in French and says he can teach her some French.

Danielle tells Reggie that the timing is not right for her and it has nothing to do with him. But she assures him that nobody else even has a “ticket” so how can they get back stage. She admits to him that she loves him too. And he kisses her.

Erica asks Jack if he can see “it”. They stand underneath a tree that she sees as symbolic. He tells her the tree reminds him of their family together. And she declares that that is why they belong together. The tree is them and their kids, growing together and inseparable. This is their family. She says it’s Nirvana. He tells her that might be a lot for that tree to live up to. She says the tree can live up to it and she tells him that their wedding must be there, underneath the tree.

Ryan tells Kendall that he is doing what is best for him and Greenlee. She says she does not like being caught in the middle and keep the secret from Greenlee. He reminds her that he did not ask her to call the doctor behind his back. She tells him that Greenlee might have good reason to hate her for keeping his secret. She tells Ryan Greenlee may forgive him for keeping the secret. But she will not forgive her. And Kendall, then, concludes that she will go and tell Greenlee right now. Ryan tells her if she cares for Greenlee and if she cares for him at all, she will keep her mouth shut. Kendall, then agrees to do what Ryan asks, agreeing that she is not exactly the authority on marriage. But she tells Ryan she hopes he knows what he is doing. And she goes to join Greenlee and Simone and asks to see Greenlee’s big rock.

Jack tells Erica that having the entire ceremony underneath the tree might be difficult. All the people and camera crew and everything might not fit underneath the tree. She tells him she knows it may sound crazy but this is it for her. She asks him to stand there for a while and see the way the air moves, the scents and sounds and everything. She says she feels calm and grounded and like they’ve found the right place. He, then tells her they must now call their kids and get this party started.

Danielle asks Reggie if they are all good now. He tells her yes. It may kill him but he’s ok. He kisses her. Simone comes out and informs Reggie that Jack is on the phone and it looks like there will be a family after all. Jack talks to Kendall and tells her she needs to get there and they all really need her. He asks to put Greenlee on the phone. Greenlee asks what she can bring. Jack tells Greenlee he just needs her to get there. Jack tells his daughter that he knows they’ve had problems but he really needs her there and cannot do this without her. She asks if she may bring her husband. He tells her this will be a celebration of joy and agrees that Ryan is welcome. Reggie tells Danielle he must depart, go find Lily and let her know she has some packing to do.

Lily asks Sam if he’s ever had any girlfriends before. He tells her he’s had a few but not for a while and he only likes to have one girlfriend at a time. He tells her he’s only interested in her right now. She asks if he’s kissed his previous girlfriends. He says yes. She asks if they’ve had sex. He says it does not matter. He is ok with the fact that she does not want to have sex. They seem happy together.

Erica goes inside the building near the tree and tells the proprietor of the resort that he needs to reserve this suite for their many guests. He tells her he’s honored that she’s chosen the Boca Raton Resort and Suite. Jack enters and informs Erica that he’s called Reggie, Lily, Kendall and Greenlee. Erica tells the proprietor that Reggie and Lily will be her new son and daughter. She acknowledges that Greenlee will also be her new daughter and informs Jack that Ryan will be her new son in law because of her new husband to be. Jack does not have a problem. Erica smiles.

Lily tells Sam it’s ok if he kisses her. He tells he her wants to kiss her again, but this time a little bit longer and a little bit harder. She says it’s ok and they kiss. At that point, Reggie enters and looks very shocked and doesn’t know what to say. Lily smiles, greets her brother and tells him she is just kissing her boyfriend.

At the Fusion office, Greenlee tells Ryan that they will have a good time at Boca Raton and Jack and Erica’s wedding with all the sun and sand. But he tells her he is not going.

Jack and Erica walk around the resort, among the palm trees, the water falls, the boats and scenery. And they play the song; Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves.

Reggie informs Lily that they have to get packed and go to Florida because Jack and Erica are going to get married. Lily, then, tells Sam that she has to go but will contact him when she gets back. She goes off. Alone with Sam, Reggie tells him when he gets back he wants to have a long talk with him. Sam smiles.

Kendall finds out that Ryan refuses to accompany Greenlee to Jack and Erica’s wedding and asks if there is trouble in paradise. Greenlee asks her husband what the problem is. He tells her he does not want to ruin Erica’s wedding with all his drama. He also tells her that he has doctor’s appointments. Greenlee hugs her husband and tells him she will be counting the days until she can come back and be with him. Kendall stands near them and informs Ryan she knows it will be “one hell of a homecoming.”

Jack and Erica walk on the beach by the ocean and then they lay in a hammock.

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