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Jamie tells Babe that she must stop urging him to give up on her and take Aunt Phoebe’s money. She tells him that he’s given up his dream for her. A dream to become a doctor, which she never new existed and she cannot expect him to give up his future for her. He tells her she is his future, she and Little Adam.

JR is kissing Kendall and following her into her condo. She keeps asking him what it is he wants.

Maria enters Zach’s home and asks to come in.

Jack returns to the room on the boat where he’s taken Erica. But he notices she is not there. He looks for her and discovers only her shoes on the floor. He notices the window right above where she took off her shoes. And it looks like she’s escaped. She comes back however and they confirm that they love each other. She asks him what they will do now. He tells her that establishing that they love each other makes the verdict quite clear; they are doomed.

Babe tells Jamie he must realize that he got kicked out of school because of her. He tells her that it’s JR’s doing. But she tells him that she is the cause of his inability to get accepted into any college, of having no money and being stuck in a low-rent apartment and working at an underpaying job. She tells him that she also blames herself for her mother being in prison. She tells him that she knows that if he refuses to take his aunt Phoebe’s money, he will one day end up resenting her. But he tells her that will not happen and he walks away.

Kendall tells JR that they had an agreement to just sleep together and enjoy being together with no strings. He asks her if she sees any strings. She tells him that he is telling her what to do. She tells him she needs space and he needs to go away. He asks her if this is rejection to the man who’s willing to give her her freedom, and the man who turned down Ethan’s offer in order to be with her.

Maria tells Zach that he’s been very kind to her. She confirms that she found Sam. He asks if everything is ok with her kids. She says they are ok but they have a lot of work ahead of them and Tad has been very supportive. She then tells him there is something he can do for them. He says he realizes that Sam and Maddie hate him so if it involves them, there might be a problem. He asks her to just cut through this and tell him what she’s come ther to say. He tells her he knows she’s come to say goodbye and it’s way past time that he gets out of her life forever. He says he knows that Sam and Maddie want him gone and will be better off with him out of their lives. But she protests that he did a good thing by them to convince them that he knows their father was a good guy. And she tells him that she had many problems with her kids and her marriage long before he came to Pine Valley and she admits that he just became a convenient scapegoat. She tells him she failed her marriage all by herself and blames him for nothing.

Hearing JR’s revelation about refusing Ethan’s offers, Kendall asks why he would refuse to take a monetary offer just to be able to see her. JR tells her that Ethan was mistaken in believing that he could buy him off and keep her away from him. She shares with him that she gave Ethan an ultimatum that he would have to give up the Cambias fortune in order to have her. JR tells Kendall that Ethan has the mistaken idea that he can just get him out of the way and that will enable him to have her.

Jack finally apologizes to Erica for running off from him. She accepts his apology. He, then, tells her the “sorry” ball is in her court. She apologizes to him for demanding he gets involved in Kendall’s business with Zach. But she tells him that he needs to realize he has still more to apologize to her for. He doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about. She tells him he owes her an apology for meddling in Greenlee and Ryan’s marriage. He tells her he refuses to apologize for caring about his daughter. She tells him it’s no different than her caring about her daughter. But at that point, they realize that both of their daughters are adults and they must stay out of their lives.

Kendall tells JR that she thought Ethan knew her. He tells her that he still plans to get Chandler back. He just didn’t want to give Ethan the satisfaction of knowing that he’d sell out. He tells her that he wants to take Chandler from Ethan and hopefully with her help. He tells her that she is an amazing woman and he might have fallen for her. But he does not say the word love. He tells her he thought that they agreed that the word love is for suckers. He tells her he knows that Ethan will forgive her for sleeping with him. But she says she knows he will not forgive her if she marries Zach. JR then asks why she is so concerned about whether Ethan will forgive her for anything.

Maria tells Zach that she knows he has a very odd code of honor but she appreciates it. And she tells him it will be difficult to say goodbye. She reminds him that she is also very baffled to have discovered he’s proposed to Kendall but she admits she doesn’t want to know the details. She tells him that she knows Kendall is a very lucky girl. And she says that whatever happens in either of their lives, she has to fight for her kids and make them more important than anything else.

After being alone for a while, Jamie informs Babe that he’s taken what she’s said into consideration and he’s now made a decision. He picks her up, holds her in his arms and kisses her. He then asks her if she’s gotten the idea. She replies yes. He tells her he could care less about the money if he cannot have her. She asks him if he is sure that this is the right thing for him. He tells her that he has no choice knowing that Aunt Phoebe gave him this ultimatum. He apologizes for the cruel things that Phoebe said about her. Babe says she wishes she could have met Phoebe and had a chance to change her opinion. Jamie admits that it was impossible for Phoebe to admit she was wrong about anything, that she was all about money and had her nose in the air. He tells her, though that Phoebe’s Will did accomplish one thing. It made him love her more than he did before. It made him realize that she loved him enough to let go of him and not deny him his inheritance.

Kendall tells JR that money is great. But it does not have a heart or a soul. She says she believes that Ethan does, however. He asks then, why she plans to marry Zach, knowing she does not trust or believe in him. She says that she still wants to put Ethan in his place. She explains to JR that Ethan loved and accepted her when she didn’t think anybody could care for her. He reminds her that Ethan was ready to just trade her in like stock. But she concedes to him that maybe she cannot just demand that everybody does everything the way she wants.

Erica admits to Jack that they cannot deny the family that they have together; Kendall, Bianca, Greenlee, Reggie and Lily. He tells her they are all adults except for two. He asks her what she plans to do with Greenlee and Ryan. That causes another argument. She tells him he is so frustrating but admits that she’s been so good to him and always there for her. And he is so strong she says, admitting he will never let her boss him around. He laughs and tells her she’s been annoying enough to him and believes not even Lily could count all the times he’s wanted to wring her neck. She asks him if there is any love in what he believes about her. He tells her she is beautiful and wonderful and she makes his life very exciting. He asks if they agree to no more interfering, at least, with their adult children. He then apologizes for everything he’s said or done that’s caused her pain. But again, they get into an argument about who is driving whom crazy.

Zach is ready to kiss Maria. But then he stops and tells her he’s sorry about everything, about how this has ended. She tells him she’s very grateful for every minute they’ve had together. She tells him that it’s meant something to her to be loved by him. She admits to him that she once loved him so deeply and completely. He tells her he knows. She turns to leave but then asks if he would mind if she kissed him goodbye.

Kendall tells JR that she has to take action about the “my way or the highway” thing. He tells her that Ethan is responsible for that by demanding that she lets him keep his war going on with Zach. He tells her he knows that it is too late in the evening for her to be making any rational decisions. And she should sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. She tells him that she sees him as the bad boy. She admits that he is irresistible but very dangerous. And she admits she is comfortable with him and feels as though she can tell him anything. He concludes from that that it may sound as though the bad boy is actually the good boy. He tells her again, that he is there for her. But they agree that he needs to leave.

Erica tells Jack that she doesn’t want to just put all their problems to bed, knowing that he’s just going to come up with something else in the morning. He carries her to the bed seeming to not want to continue talking.

Kendall and JR have obviously reconsidered departing and instead stay together in her bed.

Zach kisses Maria. She doesn’t stop him. But she gets up to leave.

Jamie tells Babe that JR will not ruin their lives. She admits that she did not have wealth growing up but had fun. She admits, however, that she did not have JR harassing her the way he does. He tells her that JR cannot change it. JR cannot buy it. His love for her is beyond anything they can do.

While in bed, Erica asks Jack what that last thing he had on his mind was, before their “distraction”. He agrees to tell her, but asks her to promise that she will not get angry. She promises and asks him to say it. He asks her to marry him.

Jamie and Babe promise to get married.

Kendall is in bed with JR but hearing both Zach and JR telling her that Ethan is using her and has done unforgivable things, and her even agreeing to that herself. But she then hears Ethan promising that they have the most perfect and wonderful life together.

Ethan goes to see some unknown person in a hotel room and tells them he needs their help; he will not lose Kendall.

Kendall, then goes to Zach’s and tells him she has an answer to his marriage proposal.

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