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Greenlee, who has arrived home to find Kendall with Ryan, asks what she has interrupted She tells Kendall she doesn't have to test Ryan anymore because he passed with flying colors. Kendall says she wasn't throwing herself at Ryan. Greenlee asks, then, what Kendall was doing. Were they talking about her? Ryan says he was telling Kendall that they don't need her help. Kendall asks Ryan if she's going to tell Greenlee the rest or should she? Ryan says he just wants to make sure no one else gets hurt. Greenlee tells Kendall to stay out of their lives. Kendall asks Greenlee if Ryan told her about his visit to the doctor's. Ryan says Greenlee knows he went to a doctor. Greenlee tells Kendall she's the one who told her about Ryan's visit. Kendall tells Greenlee her version of the story doesn't match with Ryan's. Ryan tells Greenlee that Kendall doesn't understand he's focused on his marriage. He tells Kendall that if they need a marriage counselor they'll find someone with a license. Greenlee adds they'll also find someone who's had at least one successful relationship. As she leaves, Kendall reminds Ryan that they broke up over the trust issue. She sarcastically adds that she's glad to see that's not the issue with him and Greenlee.

Maria tells Anita she thinks she knows where Sam went. Maria gets on the phone and calls Tad. Sam is at Tad's house and he asks the boy how he learned about Bobby and Kelsey being his natural parents. Sam says his mother just told him. He says now that he knows he's a Martin he wants to live with Tad. Sam says they're blood and he can't say no. Maria calls Tad and learns Sam is there. She offers to come and get him but Tad says he'll drop Sam off there. When Tad hangs up, Sam asks if that was Maria on the phone. Tad corrects him, saying it was his mother, and says they'll discuss with his mother where he's going to live.

JR gloats over the revelations in Phoebe's will about Jamie and Babe. Jamie declares this is insane. JR says he's dying to hear the last words Phoebe had for JR. The reading of the will continues, and Phoebe states that she knows JR has realized the mistake in getting involved with Babe. JR responds by saying "amen."

The will puts JR in charge of Jamie's trust. He is to monitor his brother and allow him the money only when he dumps Babe and she is banished from his life. "God bless Aunt Phoebe," JR declares. Jamie tells JR he can take the money straight to hell and say hi to Aunt Phoebe while's he's at it because after this she may be there.

Erica is carried onto a yacht by a man wearing a mask and placed on a bed. She gets up and rips the mask off the man and sees Jack. She is dumbfounded. Jack admits he was kidnapping her.

Erica demands he turn this boat around. Jack says he has spent 17 years loving her and he's not giving up on her without a fight. He tells Erica to make herself comfortable and points out the photos of their kids he has placed in the cabin. He says he's trying to make the room homey. Erica asks how dare he terrorize her. Jack says she needs to apologize to him. Erica says she's sorry he turned into an arrogant lunatic. She pounds on the door of the room and calls for help, but Jack says the crew has been instructed to leave the "lovebirds" alone. He says they're sailing down the coast and will continue until he decides to call it quits.

Jack shows Erica some food that is prepared for them, but she takes a plate and dumps it down his shirt. He picks up a plate, holds it close to her face and asks her if she wants some dessert with that. Don't you dare, she tells him, and he puts the plate down. He tells Erica she needs a husband who will snap when she barks and he didn't sign on for that and never will.

Maria tells Anita she thought Sam would understand why Kelsey and Bobby gave him up. She says she blew it. Anita tells Anita to stop blaming herself. She says she and Sam both need time. She says he won't be gone for good because he loves her too much. Maria says all she sees from Sam is hate.

Sam, who is a witness to the will reading, tells Tad he should go. Tad tells him if he wants to be a Martin he needs to stick around. JR tells Jamie it is only a matter of time before he sees Babe for the dish rag she is. He urges him to cut his losses. Brooke tells JR he doesn't give a damn about his brother.

Babe asks to talk to Jamie, but Jamie just turns his wrath on JR. He accuses JR of taking advantage of Phoebe while she was sick to get her to put this in her will. JR says he hasn't had any connection with Phoebe in years. Jamie says he's not taking this deal. Brooke asks to talk to Jamie. JR tells Jamie to stop sacrificing himself for this trash. Jamie lunges for JR in anger but Tad stops him. Tad says he'll support any decision Jamie makes. Jamie says he will not accept this pathetic excuse for a will. Babe urges Jamie not to give up the money.

Ryan is recalling his discussion with Greenlee about his divorce, his conversation with Kendall about Greenlee and his attempted assault of Jack. Greenlee interrupts his thoughts by returning to the room with a wine bottle and two glasses. She talks about her anger toward Kendall. Ryan says Kendall wasn't trying to cause trouble. He says Kendall just wanted him to be honest with her. He says he told the doctor he could not risk bringing a child into the world. Greenlee says it was selfish of her to urge him to start a family right away. She says it's great that he's seeing a doctor and she thinks everything will work out the way it's supposed to. She asks that they not talk about this anymore and he agrees.

Jamie tells the attorney he won't accept the terms of the will. The attorney says what happens to the money is then JR's decision. Jamie tells his mother that Aunt Phoebe may have controlled her life but he won't let her control his. Babe again asks to talk to Jamie. Brooke tells Jamie there are other ways around this and she's almost ready to take on JR herself. Brooke leaves Jamie and Babe alone. Jamie turns to Babe and asks her how she could tell him to take the money. Babe says he has a dream and he can't give it up for her.

Erica tells Jack that she's not asking him to sign on for anything since the wedding is off. Jack tells her she needs to admit she was wrong. Erica says he needs to own up to his own wrongs. She says she's looking for support and kidnapping is not support. She says her daughter is moving dangerously closer to marrying Zach Slater and she's been forced into desperate measures. He asks her what she has done. Erica tells him she offered to marry Zach in Kendall's place.

Kendall goes to Zach's condo and knocks on the door. She tells him that they need to head for the nearest justice of the peace because tonight is their wedding night. Kendall says she sees that love only equals anguish. She's ready to screw love. She instead wants her vows to stand for money and power. Zach says he thinks she still loves his son and maybe he could make her happy. She says she doesn't like the noble Zach and urges he bring back Zach the avenger. Zach says if she marries him she'll need to be prepared for Ethan to hate her. JR enters the scene and tells Kendall not to worry as he'll help her get through it. Zach refers to JR as junior and asks him to give them a second for the grownups to talk. Kendall tells Zach to be nice to her lover. She declares that if they get married she won't give up JR as a girl needs to satisfy her needs. She tells JR to wait for her inside her place. Zach tells Kendall that he knows she has had bad taste in men, but at least she has gone for men in the past. He says if they're going to have an open marriage that will work both ways. Kendall asks if he has someone in mind for himself. He stuns Kendall when he tells her that her mom asked to marry him. But he says he turned her down because she is the only one for him. Kendall suggests they get this done before Erica tries to marry him off to someone else. Zach urges her to consider his son and goes back into his condo. JR approaches Kendall and kisses her.

Jack asks Erica if this is a sick joke. She's offered herself to Zach? Erica says yes, in order to keep him away from Kendall. But she says he didn't take her up on it. An angry Jack says he needs to get some air and put some distance between them. He leaves, locking her in the room. After seeing she can't get out, she notices a porthole in the room.

Tad brings Sam back to Wildwind and Maria thanks him. Sam says this isn't his home. He wants to be with his real family. He says maybe Kelsey would want now to be his mom. Tad tells Sam he grew up with a great home, but Sam says he doesn't have it anymore. He wants to find Bobby or Kelsey. Tad tells Sam he never dreamed of walking away before. This isn't about being adopted. It's about being mad at his mom. Maria tells Sam she knows he's mad but she pleads with him not to give up. She says she loves him more than life.

Tad tells Sam not to cut and run because of rage. Tad tells him he is Samuel Grey and that is something to be proud of. Sam says he doesn't feel that way and leaves the room. Tad tells Maria he doesn't hate her, he's just angry and confused. Maria says he seems level-headed to her. She can see he wants to be with his own clan. Tad pledges to help Maria through this, and they embrace.

Babe tells Jamie that had she known he wanted to be a doctor she would not have let him take all those risks they took with her baby. She says he should accept Phoebe's offer because it would allow him to write his own ticket without regard to the cost. She says they've been living hand to mouth. Jamie says the money isn't free. It would cost him her. He says Phoebe might as well have asked him to rip out his heart. Babe tells him she knows how much he loves him, but she asks him to at least seriously consider the offer.

Ryan and Greenlee are lying down and Ryan tells her she is all he ever wants. He says every decision he makes is for her happiness.

Jack returns to the room the yacht and can't find Erica. He finds her shoes on the floor and sees the porthole window open.

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