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Jamie and Babe are at Tad's house awaiting the reading of Phoebe's will.

JR arrives and informs them he's there for the reading. Babe tells Jamie that JR was fired from Chandler Enterprises and is hoping to get something out of Phoebe.

Sam arrives home at Wildwind and Maddie is there to see him come in. She is upset that he has come back home and tells him he shouldn't be there. Sam tells her that Aidan busted him and sent him home. Maria walks in and hugs her son and tells him he's not doing this ever again. She says she's so angry at him she could strangle him. Sam says dad's dead and there's nothing she can do to him now. Maria asks her kids to sit down and talk. She says she has found a counselor who is on her way over. Maddie tells Maria she hates her, hates living in this house and hates her life. She walks out. As Anita enters, Sam asks Maria to tell him who his real parents are.

Kendall reacts angrily toward Ryan when she learns what kind of doctor Dr. Cooper is. She says she called Dr. Cooper and talked to his nurse, posing as Ryan's wife. She says Greenlee won't be happy when she learns that Cooper plans to do permanent birth control procedure on Ryan.

Ryan tells Kendall she won't tell Greenlee a thing. He tells Kendall to stay out of his life. Kendall says it's Greenlee's life too. Kendall says this involves Greenlee's future and he's not giving her a vote. Ryan says he has to do everything he can to make sure no child of his is born.

Jack arrives home with a bag of food and finds Greenlee there. Greenlee tells him she's there to beg him to marry Erica. Greenlee says she knows she's partly to blame for his problems with Erica because of her marriage to Ryan. Jack says he doesn't want to talk about this, causing Greenlee to wonder why he's willing to talk when it involves her marriage but not his own. Jack says he thought Greenlee would be doing cartwheels because she's never been a fan of Erica. Greenlee says she realizes that Erica is right for him, just like Ryan is right for her. Jack says he's out of ideas as to what Erica wants. If Greenlee has any, she's welcome to tell him.

Erica goes to Zach's residence and tells him she has an offer he can't refuse. She says she realizes he is viewing a marriage with Kendall as a business arrangement because he needs a wife to take over his gambling licenses and get Cambias back. Erica tells him to leave Kendall alone and marry her. Zach asks if she's joking, but Erica says she's not laughing. Zach says her proposal is impossible for him to imagine. Erica says she's here to make it more possible. She says she won't allow her daughter to be used by him to gain revenge on his son. Erica says their relationship would not be a love match and they would have separate households, preferably in separate states. Zach asks her how her current fiancé feels about this.

Brooke and Tad arrive for the will reading with Phoebe's attorney. Brooke sees JR outside the house and wonders why he is there. The attorney, Mr. Belden, says JR has was invited because Phoebe had some unusual ideas for life in Pine Valley after she left it. Inside the house, Jamie is fuming about JR and threatens to tell him about Tad's suspicions about Dixie. Babe convinces Jamie to say nothing, saying it would be worse than what they did when they told JR his child was dead.

Greenlee tells Jack that Erica called off the wedding to make a point. She's waiting for an apology. Jack says Erica is the one who decided to use their lives as a bargaining chip. Greenlee tells him he needs to do something spectacular to sweep Erica off her feet. Jack asks why. Greenlee says it's because he loves her. He needs to go after her. Lily arrives and tells Jack that Greenlee is right. He has to marry Erica. She says Erica gave her some good advice about boys and butterflies. She says today a boy kissed her and the butterflies came back. She tells Jack and Greenlee that it was Sam and he knows what he's doing and said he would teach her. She says she needs Erica as her mother. Greenlee leaves, amused at hearing about Lily and Sam. Lily asks Jack if he gets butterflies when he looks at Erica. He says he does. Lily says Erica does too. Jack say she doesn't think she does anymore, but Lily insists that Erica as told her as much.

Lily asks him that since they're not getting married, will they not be having sex. Jack says he guesses not. Lily tells Jack that she's learning in life skills class that you can say you're sorry to people. She asks why he doesn't find Erica and say he's sorry. Jack says he wishes it were that simple. Lily gets angry, asking why it's not that simple. She gets up and walks out of the room. Jack looks as if he's just realized something.

Erica tells Zach that Jack's feelings are irrelevant because she has called the wedding off. Zach asks what Jack did but Erica squashes discussion of her relationship with Jack. She asks him if they have a deal. She says she's saving him and Kendall from making the biggest mistakes of their lives. Erica says Kendall deserves more than a cold, calculated loveless marriage. She asks him if he's up to the challenge. Zach thanks Erica for making a selfless offer but declines. He says it's Kendall or no one. Zach asks Erica why she would throw it all away with Jack. Erica says she would do anything for her daughter. She tells Zach that he will not marry her daughter. Zach says he'll wait to hear from Kendall on that. Erica says she'll make sure he does hear that. She tells him she's a dangerous woman and he's about to find that out. Erica leaves.

Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee has dreamed of having his children. Ryan says Greenlee doesn't know what a child would do to them. He says he won't pass what's inside of him to someone else. Kendall says she's not Richard Fields and he's not Patrick Lavery. Ryan tells Kendall she saw him shoot his brother. Kendall says he did it to save lives. Ryan says no one knows what was in his heart when he pulled the trigger. He says Jonathan was forcing him to take his dad's way out and in that moment he was his father. He wanted his brother dead. Ryan says that is the day his life changed. He now realizes what he is capable of. He fears if he had a child he could beat that child. He says he's afraid he could lose it and hurt Greenlee. Kendall says he could never hurt Greenlee or any child. She says she knows him better than he knows himself. Ryan asks if she knows how close he is now to breaking her jaw. Kendall says she's done things to him that would try the patience of a saint and he's never hit her. Ryan says he's different now. Kendall urges him to talk to Greenlee, but Ryan says if he tells her she'll try to stop him.

Maria tells Sam that she's his mother in every way that matters. Sam says if she doesn't tell him who his real dad is he's done with her. He starts to leave but Maria stops him. Anita nods to Maria and Maria tells Sam that his natural father is his Uncle Bobby. Sam looks at Anita and wonders if she's his mother. Anita tells him that he was conceived before she met Bobby. Maria tells Sam that his mother is Kelsy Jefferson. She is the granddaughter of Joe Martin, meaning he is related to Joe and to Tad. Anita says Bobby was too selfish and immature to be a decent dad and felt Edmund and Maria would be good parents. Sam says he wonders what his Uncle Bobby would think of his parents now. Maria tells him they need to talk to the counselor about this.

The attorney starts to read the will, leaving messages for those in the room. To Tad, Phoebe leaves a message to not be a cad if he looks for love again. She tells Brooke that she filled her life with more laughter than tears. Phoebe says she knew Brooke is financially secure because she took Adam to the cleaners when they divorced. She says Brooke is welcome to help herself to a sentimental piece of jewelry of her's. To Jamie, she is leaving the bulk of her estate so he can pursue his dream of being a doctor. Everyone in the room is surprised he wants to be a doctor. Jamie says he told Aunt Phoebe but never mentioned it otherwise because he didn't see it happening. JR cracks that Jamie shouldn't be allowed to treat sick people when he can't even fix a motorcycle. JR wonders why he's even there and stands up to leave. The attorney tells JR that Phoebe has something in the will for him too and continues the reading. Phoebe tells Jamie that he'll get her estate on one condition.

A black-gloved hand knocks on Erica's door. She opens the door but sees no one. She calls out to see if anyone is there.

Suddenly a masked man appears and puts a blanket over her head. Erica starts screaming and the man carries her away.

The family counselor arrives and Maria notices that Sam is missing. Maddie tells her that he ran away again. Sam arrives at Tad's house. Tad takes him out to the patio and asks him why he's on the loose again. Sam tells Tad that he knows who he really is. He's a Martin and wants to live here with him.

Phoebe's will tells Jamie that he'll get her estate only if he rids himself of a poison the trash baby napping tramp, Babe. The will says if he marries the "strumpet" he'll forfeit all claims to the will.

JR is obviously gleeful to hear this and chuckles as he looks skyward, mouthing "thank you."

Ryan asks Kendall to help him but she says she doesn't feel like helping him. Ryan tells her he and Greenlee won't stay together if she tells Greenlee about this. He asks her not to tell Greenlee. Just then, Greenlee opens the door and walks in.

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