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By Jenn
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In loving memory
Ruth Warrick
6-29-1915 - 1-15-2005
(Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford Matthews Wallingford)

Brooke has a memory of her aunt Phoebe laying down the law to her and lecturing her about the rules of being under Phoebe’s roof when Brooke was young. Brooke turns around and notices Benny. He kisses her.

Jamie and Babe are getting ready to go to Phoebe’s funeral. At that moment, JR enters their home and tells Jamie he’s used his aunt Phoebe in order to screw JR from the grave. Jamie does not seem to know what JR is talking about. JR hands him an envelope.

Brooke and Benny reminisce about all their memories of Phoebe. She remembers how Phoebe never surrendered or retreated and always loved a good fight. She remembers Phoebe telling Mona Kane that she must not divorce her husband.

Jack, Reggie and Lily are talking. Jack inquires to Lily if she might know something about Sam. She still says she does not. Reggie tells his father that maybe he’s interfering in people’s lives like with Sam and Maria and with Greenlee and Ryan. And that could be why Erica cannot deal with him and is calling off the wedding.

Kendall appears on Ryan’s doorstep. He is surprised to see her and asks what she wants to talk about. She says she does not wish to talk. She just wants him to take her to bed. She tells him that the reason she is there is to urge him to know that he and Greenlee need to be happy so that everybody else can be happy.

He tells her he cannot help her and is not responsible for the happiness of others. But she tells him that his and Greenlee’s problems are affecting Jack and Erica and herself and Reggie and Lily.

Aiden goes to Jack’s. Jack leaves to go to the funeral. Inside Reggie tells Lily that Erica has just called off the wedding and something has to be done so that Jack and Erica get married because he doesn’t want to lose anybody else in his life.

Jamie tells JR that he may accompany him and Babe to aunt Phoebe’s funeral and tells him he cannot wait to find out that she left JR a pair of gardening gloves and a pile of manure.

Erica talks to Brooke before the funeral about her memories of Phoebe. Brooke tells Erica she heard that Erica must have ruined her engagement to Jack. But Erica reminds Brooke that maybe today is not the day to gloat and pass judgment. Just then, Brooke remembers herself as a young woman, hearing Phoebe tell her that she has her own problems and cannot judge Erica Kane as the only young woman who’s made mistakes. Brooke then apologizes to Erica.

JR arrives at the funeral with Jamie and Babe. Jamie goes off to talk to his mom. Tad comes and remarks that it looks odd that the three of them have traveled together. Livia and Tom greet Brooke and tell her they know what a great mother Phoebe was to Brooke. Erica and Jack arrive. Opal and Palmer greet them and Opal happily tells them that she knows that they will get married and get over their case of cold feet. Myrtle offers her condolences to Link. Myrtle has a flashback of her memories of Phoebe. She remembers telling Phoebe that she is a better mother to Phoebe’s son than Phoebe has been. Link tells Myrtle that with his mother gone, she will have to be the new eyes and ears of Pine Valley. Benny makes an announcement on behalf of Phoebe.

Adam enters and does not look happy to see Brooke looking comfortable with Benny. He hugs Brooke and tells her he’s with her all the way. He reminds Benny that he is Phoebe’s ex-chauffeur. Tad gloats to Adam that Brooke might be more interested in Benny than she is in him. The pastor enters and tells them that he remembers Phoebe Wallingford as a passionate woman who gave tirelessly to the community. But then, Benny interrupts announces that he must cut in and announces that he has a surprise. Brooke says; “aunt Phoebe, what have you done, now?”

Lily is going out the door with a big shopping bag of food for Sam. She runs into Danielle who remarks that she looks like an angel of mercy. Lily tells Danielle that she is a private detective. When Lily enters Greenlee’s penthouse and sees Sam, Aiden is outside and notices them. He gets on the phone and informs Maria that he knows where her son is. Lily brings Sam a map and tells him about the travel arrangements he will have to go to California and then to New Zealand. He tells her he wishes he could stay there with her. She says she’d like that too but he must stick to the plan. He makes it clear to her that he likes her and admits that he wants to kiss her.

Ryan asks Kendall what is with this “best girlfriends” thing she and Greenlee have going on right now. She tells him they are friends and she believes he and Greenlee need to talk some things out. He tells her she can lecture and give him advice on many things but not his marriage. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee lost Leo and got right back on her feet. She tells him that Greenlee loves and trusts him and he must love and trust her. He tells her that he and Greenlee are not getting a divorce and everything is cool. She tells him it is not cool when he is denying Greenlee the one thing she wants more than anything. He tells her that he refuses to consider having a baby. She tells him she promises that he and Greenlee will not conceive a three-headed Lavery monster. And she asks him if he hates her and Miranda because their biological fathers. He admits he loves Miranda and although he has problems with her, he remembers once loving her enough to help her get through the horror of knowing whom her father was. But he tells her this is not about her. It’s about him. And he tells her that if Greenlee has a baby, it will not be with him.

Lily admits to Sam that she wouldn’t mind kissing him. She tries it and admits that she liked it and would do it again if he did not have to leave town.

Benny tells the funeral crowd all about the Duchess and asks Phoebe’s son, Link to speak. Link stands up and reads letters written to Phoebe as Dear Aggie and the advice she gave to people in their marriages and with their kids. Palmer has a memory of telling her he would ruin her in the community for putting her nose into his private affairs, and Phoebe’s pleas that he not take away from her what she loves when she only wants to help people.

Reggie is playing video games. Danielle asks what is going on with Jackson and Erica. He tells her that they are very foolish adults to take everything they had and throw it in the trash. She wants to talk but he seems to want to sleep with her and is losing patience waiting for the time when she will be ready.

At Phoebe’s funeral, Kelly has a flashback of her wedding and Phoebe’s publicly insulting her. Then she reads the anonymous letter she wrote to “Dear Aggie” and Phoebe’s anonymous response.

Benny has a flashback of being in the hospital after being assaulted and Phoebe’s telling him he must make sure the people who hurt him pay and his telling her he has to let it go. Brooke remembers young Edmund Gray, known as Eduardo, looking like a gigolo and revealing that he was Phoebe’s “toy boy”.

Hearing Ryan saying that Greenlee will not have a baby with him, she asks if he plans on seeing someone. He tells her he already has. But she seems to get the mistaken impression that he has problems conceiving and wants to solve that. Right then, so conveniently, Ryan gets a call from the doctor. Kendall goes outside the door. Little does she know that he has had a vasectomy. She stands outside the door and hears their conversation and tells Ryan that he cannot kill his little swimmers behind Greenlee’s back.

Aiden finds Sam and demands he goes home to his mother. Although he’s been found out and preventing from running away, Sam reveals that he is happy that he does not have to leave Lily.

At Phoebe’s funeral, everybody puts their flowers on her casket. The camera plays flashbacks of Phoebe and all of her history on the show. Everybody raises their glasses and toasts to Phoebe.

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