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Amanda goes to see Jamie at is home and tells him she is so, so sorry. He asks her about what. She does not answer but tells him she will take care of it. Babe enters, not knowing that is going on and asks if Amanda cares to share. It sounds like she’s talking about her recent altercation with JR where he demanded she never lets Jamie near his home or his son.

Lily has arranged for Sam to hide from his mother in Greenlee’s penthouse. She returns with a basket of food for him while he’s on the phone. He is telling Maddie that he does not care what Brooke has said. He refuses to live with their mom and he’ll keep in touch with her. He asks Lily if she is sure that nobody saw her. She tells him that she was unseen and nobody will think to look for him in Greenlee’s penthouse

Jack tells Erica that he is worried about Sam Gray being missing in action and that his daughter, Lily might know where he is. She tells him they must not worry about Sam. He tells her that Sam intends to leave the country. She tells him that is not the issue now. They must talk about the two of them. He tells her she must talk to Kendall and to Greenlee because they seem to be the two people who get to decide of there is an “us”.

At the restaurant, Greenlee tells Kendall she could care less if Jack and Erica get married or not and she must return home to Ryan. But Kendall tells her that she must not go away until she agrees to help her make sure that Jack and Erica do not call off their wedding. She tells Greenlee she will lock her in another tower before she’ll let her do that again.

Ethan goes to see JR to talk about Kendall. JR tells Ethan that he assumes the reason Ethan is there is to reconsider his previous decision to fire him and that he realizes that’s the biggest mistake of his life. Ethan tells JR he has not reconsidered that. JR tells Ethan then he must be there, instead to get JR to stay away from Kendall, in which case he’s wasting his time. He smirks and tells Ethan he thinks he’s in love.

Kendall and Greenlee argue about which one of them is responsible for Jack and Erica reconsidering getting married. Kendall tells Greenlee it’s her fault because the last time she saw them, they were arguing about her. Greenlee tells Kendall no, it is she who has jeopardized their wedding plans because Erica has used getting married to Jack as a bargaining chip to prevent Kendall from marrying Zach Slater. But Kendall insists that Greenlee’s marriage to Ryan is the problem.

Jack asks Erica if she is having second thoughts about getting married. She tells him that she is merely trying to prevent Kendall from making the biggest mistake of her life. But when he asks her point blank if she is having second thoughts, for the first time, she admits that she is.

Lily offers Sam some carrots telling him he will need his strength in order to be on the run. She suggests he goes to New Zealand. He asks her why. She tells him her mom used to read to her about New Zealand. He tells her it’s a million miles away. She says that from what she’s heard of New Zealand, there’s beautiful land, wild life and open space with no crowds, no people and no noise. She tells him that the open space might make him feel a lot better. He asks her if she will visit him if he goes to New Zealand. She says she’d like that. He asks her what happened to her mom. She tells him she was killed just like his dad.

Hearing Erica’s startling revelation, Jack tells her that he’s glad he’s gotten her to admit that. He tells her that if he hadn’t demanded she talks about that, he’d only hear her concerns about Kendall and Zach Slater and would not have discovered her second thought until they were halfway down the aisle. But she tells him that is not true. She tells him she’d like to get past this and asks him to sit with her so they can talk. Right at that moment, Reggie comes in and interrupts them.

Erica tells Reggie he must leave her and Jack alone. Jack tells Reggie he will give him some money to go off with his friends or take Danielle somewhere. But Reggie tells them he wants to spend some time with them before they become Mr. and Mrs. Ball and Chain.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she completely blames her father for the problems she’s having with Ryan. She admits to Kendall that she actually thinks better of her father’s little “bride-zilla” than she does of him. She says at least Erica does not want to prevent Kendall from being with somebody she actually loves. She says she believes that Jack wants to ruin her marriage with Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee that Erica and Jack are both parents and wouldn’t be parents if they did not interfere and that Greenlee cannot blame Jack for everything.

JR gloats to Ethan about how he slept with Kendall and tells Ethan he has only himself to blame for losing Kendall because he put his hate toward is father before her. Ethan tells JR he does not know him and cannot judge him. JR tells Ethan that if he does anything to hurt Kendall, he will answer to him. Ethan tells JR he shouldn’t get the idea he will be any permanent fixture in Kendall’s life. JR tells Ethan he knows how to take good care of Kendall.

After Babe and Amanda meet, they talk about JR and Amanda’s and Jamie’s friendship as kids. They reminisce about 4th grade. Amanda tells Jamie that she is really happy to see both Jamie and JR but is a little shocked that they are now fighting. He tells her there’s more to it than just fighting. Amanda admits that she was concerned about JR’s tantrum when he found out that Jamie was on his premises. They all agree that JR is not a nice person anymore.

JR tells Ethan that he knows it must be tough for him to hear about his involvement with Kendall. He gloats that he gave Kendall more than “comfort” when he was with her most recently. But Ethan tells him that it will take more than that to break him and Kendall up. He tells JR that he must have simply been “convenient” to Kendall when she was upset the other night and he tells JR that he loves her and still intends to marry her.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to wait until the end of the wedding to punish Jack. She tells Greenlee that she loves her mother in spite of the problems they’ve had and she knows that Greenlee loves her father and must forgive him for behaviors she might not like. She says those two love each other and must not be prevented from getting married. Greenlee says that is not her problem. But Kendall says it is both of their problems.

Reggie talks to Jack and Erica about wedding cake and makes small talk. But noticing they are not speaking or responding to him, he can tell that they are still angry and arguing. He tells them he wishes they would get past it and tells them he will be in his room. When they are alone, Erica says she wants to talk. But Jack tells her he is sick of talking.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she must stop fighting with Jack so he can marry Erica. Greenlee tells Kendall that Jack and Erica are responsible for their own problems. Kendall tells Greenlee that she doesn’t want to be the “center of attention” for Erica especially now that Bianca is gone. She reveals that if Erica does not marry Jack, she will be a big annoying burden to the only daughter she has nearby. She then has a “fantasy” about being made a spectacle of by Erica. In the dream, Erica drags Kendall onto the set of her new talk show, New Beginnings. She fusses over Kendall’s hair and when the camera shoots them over national television, she introduces everybody to her daughter. She informs the audience that Kendall will live with her, give up her own job to be her little sidekick and they will now have a mother and daughter bikini wax. It looks like the way Erica will behave if she has no husband and no life. And Kendall freaks. With that fear in her mind, she tells Greenlee that it is not in her best interest to have Jack unmarried with nothing to do except focus all his time and attention on his children, especially his eldest. She tells Greenlee that if she thinks Jack is interfering now, wait until he calls off his wedding. Greenlee then has a “fantasy” about herself, Reggie and Lily all dressed like the children from The Sound of Music. And Jack is the widowed captain father, lining them up like soldiers, revealing how he could behave if he has no wife and no life. At that point, Greenlee suddenly agrees that Kendall is right. They have an urgent need to make certain that Jack and Erica get married.

Amanda is shocked to find out that Babe gets only three hours with her son and JR wants to take that from her. Babe admits that JR will stop at nothing to make her life miserable. Amanda asks why he would turn into such and unreasonable person. Babe tells her she’s made some mistakes. But Amanda tells Babe she realizes that everybody screws up sometimes. She knows her mom made tons of mistakes and she got taken from her mother because of that. She says she missed her mom so much and knows Babe must miss her son. She encourages Babe to realize that regardless of her mistakes, no mother should ever be kept from her child.

JR tells Ethan that the night when he was with Kendall, she did not seem like she was hurting anymore and she seemed to have forgotten Ethan as soon as she hit the sheets. But Ethan tells JR he has not given up on Kendall, knows that all men have their price and tells JR he believes he knows him pretty well.

Lily tells Sam that she is really close to her dad although she was adopted. He tells her that he was really close to his dad too although he, too was adopted. At that moment, she gets a call from Reggie asking her to come home. Immediately she tells Sam she must go to be with her family.

Jack tells Erica that he’s very worried about Sam being estranged from his mother. At that moment, Lily enters. Jack asks her if she might know where Sam is because his mother is very worried about him. Lily tells them that she knows where Sam is but cannot tell them because Sam is her “client” and must be protected from the “bad guys”, meaning his mother and Zach Slater. Alone, Jack tells Erica that it’s not ok for Sam to be running away from Maria. But Erica tells him it might not be such a terrible thing. Sam is merely grieving the loss of his father and angry at his mother. He lashes out at her telling her that she seems not only to know what is right for Greenlee, but also what is right for Maria’s kids. She protests that she may have had more experience with older children than he has. He gets angry at her, telling her she thinks she knows everything. At that moment, Opal, Myrtle, Palmer, Livia, Danielle, Kendall and Greenlee enter and interrupt them with a surprise wedding shower. They give them gifts. Jack and Erica appear to be happy. But Lily escapes out the door to be with Sam. She brings him a cake and a picture of her deceased mom. She tells him that when she had it right by her bed it made her feel better. She suggests that Sam keeps the picture of his deceased dad by his bed so he can look at him every night before he goes to sleep and every morning when he wakes up.

Babe tells Amanda about all the experiences she’s had with Jamie. Amanda tells Babe it’s very obvious to see that Jamie really loves her. Babe tells Amanda that everything she’s learned, she’s learned from her mom. She tells Amanda that her mother has always been there for her. Amanda tells Babe her mom sounds awesome and she’d like to meet her. But Babe reveals to Amanda that it might not be that simple. Her mom is in prison. Amanda tells Babe that’s no big deal. She’d like to go and visit her. Babe warns Amanda that it’s a real prison. But Amanda assures Babe that her own mom made mistakes and went to prison also. They laugh and talk about boy bands.

Ethan gives JR a contract to have all the rights to Chandler Enterprises. He reminds him that he can have his father’s company and his son’s birthright. JR asks him, however, what the catch is. Ethan tells JR he can have it all if he leaves Kendall alone. Hearing that, JR tears up the contract.

At the unexpected party, Myrtle tells Erica she can tell that there is a problem. At that moment, Greenlee calls for attention and announces that she and Kendall have something to say to the bride and groom. Kendall says she’d like to make a toast, a special sparkling cider toast and tells Greenlee she can talk first. Greenlee awkwardly says “to Jack and Erica.” She admits that she knows she and Erica have had their differences. But she knows how much her father loves Erica and knows she can make Jack truly happy. Greenlee then trips over her words, having difficulty saying that in time she will grow to love her new stepmother. She tells her father that although they’ve recently had their problems, she realizes he is only trying to protect her and she loves him. Kendall tells Jack that she knows she has caused her own sort of tension between him and her mother and for that, she is truly sorry. She knows that he and her mother are amazing and are able to show everybody there what love is all about; unconditional and with trust. She tells him she knows her mother loves him and he must believe that. She tells him that the Kane women sometimes have difficulty expressing what they want and whom they love because they worry that they do not deserve it. She tells them that they, Reggie, Lily, herself and Greenlee are one big happy family. At that point, everybody smiles. But at that point, Kendall asks to hear a few words from the happy couple. Hearing that, Jack and Erica express that they feel awkward.

Sam tells Lily that when he found out that he was adopted, it was ok because he loved Edmund. She asks him if now that his father is gone, does he want a new one? He tells her he does not want Zach Slater. She asks if he wants her to use her investigative skills to find his biological father. He tells her no. She asks if he believes she is not smart enough to do that. He tells her she is the smartest girl he’s ever known. He then reaches out and is ready to touch her. But she backs away and says no touching.

After Babe and Amanda are bonding and enjoying being together, Babe remembers that since she’s been there, she’s only had one close girlfriend who is now gone. They discuss going shopping together. And it looks like Amanda might be able to help Babe work on JR.

After noticing JR tearing up the contract to have Chandler Enterprises in order to keep Kendall, Ethan tells JR he made a bad move. JR tells him he only did that because he knows that Chandler Enterprises is a bad investment deal. Ethan tells JR that he will regret holding onto Kendall and giving up Chandler to do so.

At Jack and Erica’s party, Myrtle says she’d like to say some words. But Erica tells her that is ok and that she has something to say. She says the wedding is off. And she walks out the door.

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