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After hearing Erica expressing that she will only marry him if Kendall refuses to marry Zach, Jack asks Erica why she is using their marriage as a bargaining chip. Kendall urges Jack to realize her mother did not mean that, knowing that she does not want him to be able to blame her in case she does decide to marry Zach. Zach then tells them he can settle everything.

Tad is driving with Aiden riding in the passenger seat. They are going to find the Jane Doe whom they suspect might be Dixie.

Amanda enters the patio to notice that JR is very angry. He tells her that she made a serious mistake having Jamie on the premises. He tells her this is his home and if she wants to stay there, she must never let Jamie near his home or near his son. If it happens again, she is out. He asks her if they are clear.

Babe returns home after shopping. She notices that Jamie is no longer able to make the best of their situation.

Ryan kisses Greenlee. He stops and she begs him to please stop talking about divorce. She tells him they’ve been through so much and have gotten through it together. She asks if he thinks that just because he has a tough road ahead of him, that he thinks he’s doing her a favor it he cuts her loose. He admits that he would be a fool to push her away and she is the only light in his life. She tells him she wants to fix things. She kisses him.

Zach tells Jack and Erica that as much as he wants to marry Kendall, he cannot sweep her off her feet and elope right now. Hearing that, Erica says thank God. He reveals to them that he needs to help Maria because her son is missing. Erica asks if he has a clue where Sam went. Zach tells them that perhaps Lily would know. Hearing that, Jack angrily tells Zach he must stay away from Lily and all of his family. And he must stay away from Maria because the poor woman has been through enough.

At Maria’s, Maddie tries to convince her mother that Zach hurt her by restraining her from leaving on the plane with Sam. Maria tells her daughter that she does not buy that. At that moment, Brooke is there, admitting to Maria that she realizes she may be the last person Maria wants to see, but she’s concerned about those kids. She gets up to leave, but Maria urges her to stay.

Jamie tells Babe that he cannot accept their situation any more. She only gets to see her son for three hours a week. Her mother is in jail. His aunt Phoebe has died. And JR is sitting there, laughing and having a great time while they suffer. He tells her he’d like nothing more than to take a sledgehammer and wipe that smug smile off of JR’s face.

While JR yells at Amanda, telling her she better not ever consider inviting Jamie over again, Di intervenes and asks him to stop yelling at her. He tells Di she must mind her own business and realize she is an employee. She tells him that although she is an employee, she expects to be spoken to in a civilized manner. Hearing that, he apologizes and admits to both of them that he is dealing with a very sensitive subject. Amanda then promises never to violate JR’s policy.

While driving, Tad reveals to Aiden that he is constantly thinking about Dixie and has never stopped since she died. Aiden asks Tad if he believes their Jane Doe is Dixie. Tad says he is looking into a remote possibility. Aiden informs him that their Jane Doe stayed in Germany and underwent three reconstructive surgeries on her face. Tad tells him if she was there that long, she must have revealed something about her past. Aiden informs him that she could not speak and didn’t remember much. But it was confirmed that she was American. Tad asks if she did not give a name. Aiden says he never heard of her name nor any mention of a baby.

While JR is on the patio, working on his laptop, he hears Di singing, “You are my sunshine”. He becomes distracted and calls out to her. She comes out holding Little Adam. She asks if there’s anything wrong. He asks her why she’s singing that song. She replies that the baby likes it. He asks why that song. She tells him that the music box in his room plays it and she can sing another song if he does not like that one. She notices a sullen expression on his face and asks if he is ok. He reveals to her that his mom used to sing that to him and today is the anniversary of her death.

Tad asks Aiden more questions about what he knows. They both realize that if Dixie survived the crash, it would have to be a miracle. Tad tells him that if she did survive the crash, it may have been with or without the baby. But the doctor would know if he saw her. Tad admits, however, that he cannot get his hopes up and relive her death all over again.

Jack asks Erica why she would need to have her arm twisted in order to marry him. He tells her that if she is having doubts on his account, they can call the whole thing off.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he cannot imagine his life without her but he wants her to realize that they will have many struggles ahead of them. She tells him that all she asks is when he is having one of his bad days that he does not shut her out. He reveals to her that she should leave for work by herself because he has decided to see a professional and he realizes a cure is not going to come to him. She leaves and he gets on the phone. He asks to get an appointment with Dr. Cooper and expresses that it is urgent.

Tad and Aiden run into Zach in the wilderness and asks him why he’s there. He informs them that he’s looking for Sam. Tad asks why he does not just let the police and Maria find him. Aiden asks Zach why he pretends he cares. Is it just because he’s so desperate to get back into bed with Maria that he wants to play the hero?

Brooke admits to Maria that she just gave someone a lecture about anger, so she realizes she must take her own advice. She admits to Maria that she realizes Maria did not asks for any of this; Zach Slater coming back, Edmund lying about his paralysis and disinheriting her and her kids turning on her. She admits to Maria that if something like that happened to her, she might not cope with it well. Maria tells Brooke that she knows Brooke is grieving over losing her aunt so she need not worry about Maria’s problems. Brooke asks Maria what she can do. Maria civilly asks Brooke if she can help her get her kids back. She admits she might not deserve it. But she says she wants another chance.

Jack tells Erica that he cares about her concerns of Kendall marrying Zach but just has different opinions about how to deal with it. She asks how he would feel if that creep wanted to marry his daughter. Greenlee comes to find them and yells at her father for wanting her to divorce Ryan when she does not plan to. Erica tells Jack that since he is giving her ultimatums and conditions for their marriage, she will marry him if he stays out of Greenlee and Ryanís marriage. He tells her she must not threaten him. She asks why not. He has threatened Ryan. Greenlee tells Jack that Ryan is going through one of the toughest times in his life and Jack took advantage of hat. Jack tells his daughter he is just concerned about her well being.

Erica and Kendall both add in their two cents. He asks them to leave him alone so he can speak to his daughter privately. Erica and Kendall argue amongst themselves and donít listen. The dining room attendant tells them he needs to set up for lunch. But they keep on arguing and not listening.

Babe shows Jamie some applications for colleges and offers to work some extra shifts so that he can cut back on his working hours. But he informs her that JR has prevented him from going to any of the schools that she has in mind. Hearing that, she tries to make the best of their situation by telling him that at least they have each other.

Di is noticing how depressed JR is. She asks what she can do. He tells her she should keep singing because she has a beautiful voice.

Zach asks Aiden if he thinks it’s wise to be wasting time by insulting him and tells them he will find the boy by himself. Tad asks him why he would want to when it’s obvious to see that those kids hate him. He asks what would happen if he found Sam. What would Sam do? Run to Zach, put his arms around him and say thank God he’s here? He tells Zach that if he does not let the police and people whom Sam might listen to find him, then Sam will never come back. At that moment, Aiden discovers a picture that would belong to Sam and knows he must have been where they are now.

Brooke greets Maddie and tells her that she and Sam did a very foolish thing. Maddie tells Brooke they had no choice because their mother is a total embarrassment to them. Brooke tells Maddie she needs to realize that her mother has been through hell recently and the press was very unfair to her. She tells Maddie that at her age, she was an angry young woman and sees very much of herself in Maddie. She tells Maddie that the woman who took care of her when she first came to Pine Valley was a total embarrassment to her and made her want to pack her bags and leave many times. But she later realized that that woman was the best mother she could ever have. And she tells Maddie that today she has spent most of the day making funeral arrangements for that woman. And she now believes that she was so grateful for all the times she has had with her Aunt Phoebe in her life. Maddie offers Brooke her condolences for losing Phoebe but suggests that her situation with her mom might be different. She still believes she must run and stay as far away from her mother as possible. Hearing that, Brooke tells Maddie that if she runs, Brooke will come after her and make her life a living hell.

Secretly, Ryan goes to a doctor. But the doctor doesn’t appear to be a mental health provider. He is a doctor who performs vasectomies. Ryan tells the doctor that he wants to make sure that he cannot have children. The doctor asks if he’s discussed this with his wife. Ryan admits no. He tells him he loves his wife more than anything but will not make love to her until he is absolutely certain that he cannot get her pregnant.

While Erica, Jack, Kendall and Greenlee keep arguing, the attendant tells them they need to clear out so he can serve lunch, unless they plan to stay.

Tad tells Zach that he needs to leave Maria and her kids alone because that family has enough problems, most of which he has caused himself. Zach says nothing and asks if they are through. Zach discovers a picture of Maria that Sam apparently pulled off of a family picture. He looks at it. Again, Tad and Aiden tell him he must back off.

After Brooke’s talk with Maddie, Maria notices a change in her daughter and asks Brooke what she did. Brooke says she just told Maddie the truth.

Babe tells Jamie that this mediocre life is not for him. She admits he’s lost so much because of her and she knows he probably never imagined ending up with her. He admits that is true and he never imagined meeting someone as amazing as her. He tells her he does not like what is going on right now. But they will get past it and find something better. He promises her that things will change.

Di is singing. And JR sits listening. He looks like he’s going to cry, remembering his mother.

Jack returns home and looks very frustrated. Erica follows him and tells him that’s enough and they have to talk about this.

Greenlee and Kendall stay at the restaurant discussing what will happen if Erica and Jack cancel their wedding. But surprisingly, Greenlee is not blaming Erica. She says her father would have nobody to blame but himself. Kendall surprisingly admits that her mother was out of line and does not blame Jack. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she would still like for Ryan to consider having a baby.

Meanwhile Ryan is talking to the doctor and expresses that if he can get a guarantee that he will never be able to father children, he will be very grateful.

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