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Greenlee, who is home with Ryan, thinks he is joking when he says he wants a divorce. She tells him she wants a different surprise. Ryan tells her he is dead serious. Greenlee can't believe what she's hearing, and tells Ryan there's no way she'll give him a divorce. There is a knock at the door. It is Jack. Ryan immediately walks over to him and asks him to make their divorce happen as soon as possible. Jack says it's about time.

At the Valley Inn, Kendall doesn't believe Erica when she says she has doubts about marrying Jack. Erica says it's not a joke. She might have to call the wedding off. Erica says she loves Jack but he's completely unreasonable and uncooperative. She says he won't admit that he's wrong about Ryan and Greenlee and Kendall and ... Erica is interrupted by the arrival of Ethan, who tells Kendall that he needs to talk to her in private.

Sam sees Lily hiding in a tree in the woods. She tells him that she got nervous after hearing Erica and her dad yelling, so she came here to get calm. She tells Sam that his mouth looks like Erica's and her dad's. Is he upset? Sam tells her he and his sister want to get away from their mother. He says he has to find Maddie so they can run away. Lily asks him why he wants to run away. Sam says it's complicated. Lily says maybe his mom can explain things to him. Sam doesn't want that, saying his mom has an answer for everything. He says he and Maddie were fine without their mom when they thought she was dead and they'll be fine now. He says he'll hide here for now. Lily says it gets too cold at night in the woods and he can't stay here. Sam says he needs a plan. Lily says she can help him get a plan.

Maddie is at the police station with Maria. Tad is there and Zach is in handcuffs. Maddie tells her mother that Zach would not let go of her. She shows her a red mark on her arm and says Zach hurt her. Maria tells Maddie that Zach did not attack her. Maddie asks if she thinks she's lying. Tad informs Maria that airport officials report that Zach stopped the kids from boarding a plane to Paris. Maria tells Lt. Perry to remove the handcuffs from Slater. Perry says they had no evidence against him anyway. A belligerent Maddie tells Maria that now she can be with her boyfriend. Maria says she knows Sam and Maddie ran away. Maddie says that's why they ran and they'll do it again.

Jamie is not happy to see that Adam is visiting his mother. He tells Adam to get out, but Adam says he's not leaving until his mom asks her to leave. Jamie tells Brooke to go upstairs so he can take care of this. Brooke tells Jamie that she's been handling Adam since before he was born. She asks Adam to join her outside. They go onto the patio and Brooke says she's not sure that Jamie is wrong about him. Adam thanks Brooke for saving his life. He says he saw a doctor as she asked and learned he has high blood pressure. The doctor gave him a diet and exercise plan and he'll be around for a long time. Brooke says he has a yet bigger threat to his life.

Ethan tells Kendall that things are different. He made an effort to get through to Zach. He offered him a truce but Zach turned him down. Kendall asks if he offered his share of Cambias Industries. Zach says a truce is 50-50 and he's not willing to give up what's his. Erica urges Kendall not to marry Ethan or Zach but to hold out for someone fabulous. Erica goes and gets a security officer to escort Ethan out.

Before he leaves, Ethan warns Kendall against marrying Zach. Then she tells her mother to stay out of her decision to marry Zach.

Greenlee angrily asks Jack since when does he decide her future. She says Ryan's brothers are dead, he's hurting and she won't bail. She says she thought Roger sucked as a father, but at least he wasn't in her business all the time. She tells Jack she wants him to leave and asks Ryan to forget whatever plans he made with Jack. Jack tells Greenlee he wants to make sure she doesn't get hurt. She says she can take care of herself and tells him again to get out. After Jack leaves, Greenlee asks Ryan what Jack said to him.

Ryan says this was his decision. Greenlee says she knows Ryan loves her. She heard him tell Kendall at the bar. She realizes Ryan knew she was there. Ryan says he thinks Greenlee put Kendall up to that to test his love.

Zach asks if he can talk to Maddie in private. Maria agrees and Zach takes Maddie into a conference room.

Tad tells Maria she must trust Zach and she says she does. Zach tells Maddie that she can hate him all she wants but he wants her to give her mother a break. He says there's a lot of things she doesn't know. Her mother never betrayed them. Maddie sarcastically says that she and her mother just talked when they were together. Zach says he loved her mother and tried to convince her they should be together but Maria said no because of her family. Zach walks out and Maria thanks him for helping her find Maddie. He asks about Sam, and she says she might have to check with Lily.

Lily is collecting information from Sam, writing notes in a notebook. She tells Sam he's going to need money. When Sam says he has an ATM card and a credit card, Lily says he can't use those because they could be traced. She tells him he can't go to the airport because that's where police will be looking. Sam asks her how she got so good at this. Lily says plans and maps are a no-brainer for her. She plans to start her own detective agency when she gets out of college. Sam says he wants to hire her now, and takes out his wallet. A photo of Edmund and Maria falls out of the wallet. Lily looks at the picture and says their mouths are turned up, like someone just told them a joke. She tells Sam that he doesn't have to run away. Sam just rips the photo in two. Sam asks Lily if she's sure about wanting to help him. It's great of her. Lily says they have to make their next move – his escape plan.

Adam tells Brooke he's survived so much all ready that he thinks he can survive anything. Brooke calls him on his obsession for revenge against Babe, Krystal, David, Tad and Jamie. She says if he keeps up that steady diet of hate, his days are numbered. She suggests he give up on his revenge and enjoy life. Adam responds by saying, why not? Brooke asks him if he's agreeing just like that. Adam tells her she's very convincing. Brooke tells him not to play her. He says maybe he will try it her way.

Jamie goes to Chandler mansion to look for JR. He sees a young woman he doesn't recognize and asks for JR. Amanda calls Jamie by his name, leaving Jamie confused as to who this is. She brings up a childhood memory and Jamie now knows she is Amanda. He tells her it's great to have her back.

Amanda suggests they go out and celebrate with JR. Jamie explains he and JR can't be in the same room together anymore without one of them trying to pin a motorcycle on the other. Amanda can't believe that since they used to be best friends. Jamie says that's not the case anymore. Amanda suggests just the two of them go out, but Jamie informs her that he's engaged. Amanda asks about his future wife and Jamie mentions Babe was once married to JR.

Jack returns to the Valley Inn and tells Erica and Kendall that they don't have to worry about Greenlee anymore. He says she and Ryan are getting divorced. Erica asks him if he's out of his mind. She asks him why he can't stay out of Greenlee's marriage. Jack and Erica once again argue over the situation and Kendall, trying to get them to stop, feigns choking. She intentionally falls on the floor but Jack and Erica don't pay any attention to her. When Kendall asks for some consideration, Erica notices her and asks her why she's on the floor. Kendall says she could have died 10 times over. Erica and Jack resume their bickering until Kendall shouts them down, saying that she and Greenlee will screw up if they continue this. She says everyone will be happy when they marry because they'll see that true love really exists. Erica tells Kendall that as long as she's hellbent on marrying Zach, no one will be happy. Kendall says this is her decision and they'll have to accept it. Erica turns to Jack and tells him he'll have to accept Greenlee's decision as well. That leads to another argument and Kendall yells at them to stop, saying no one's relationship will be ending today.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he's never loved anyone like her, but he can't make her happy. What about a baby? Greenlee says they don't have to talk about that. She just wants him to spend time with her. She wants things they way they used to be. Ryan says that's impossible, but Greenlee insists they can get through this together. Ryan says he's screwed up and is afraid he could hurt her. Greenlee says he's buried under guilt and grief and can't see the truth. Ryan says he knows rage has always been inside of him. Greenlee begs him to let her help him, but he says there's nothing she can do. Greenlee says he's such a gentle man, but Ryan says he has attacked people, even her father. It will be safer for her if she's not with him. Greenlee says if by some minuscule chance he hurts her she'll slap him with a divorce. Ryan says he doesn't want to lose her but he doesn't know how not to. Greenlee hugs him and says they'll figure it out. She tells him she loves him and he says he loves her. They kiss.

Tad tells Maria that he'll call her when he gets a lead on Sam. Maddie tells Tad to get a clue – Sam doesn't want to be found.

Zach arrives at the Valley Inn and walks in on Erica, Jack and Kendall. Kendall tells them to butt out but Erica pleads with her to let Jack and her deal with Zach. Zach says he can't wait to be part of this family. Kendall approaches Zach and suggests they go talk about their wedding.

Erica tells Kendall to stop, promising that if she doesn't marry Zach she'll go through with marrying Jack. Jack turns and glares at Erica.

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