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Greenlee is hiding behind the bar, unseen by Ryan as Kendall works on Ryan, sounding like she wants to hook up with him again. Kendall tells him that she’ s done with the men in her life and if he’s done with Greenlee she is all his. Babe is bartending and hearing their conversation not knowing what to say.

Brooke tells Jamie that she is not ready to miss her aunt Phoebe yet. She tells her son she must make the funeral arrangements He asks his mother when the last time was when she tried to close her eyes. She admits she has not been sleeping. He offers to make some calls while she takes a nap. But she tells him she needs to get used to the reality that Phoebe is gone. At that moment, Maria enters and demands that Brooke tells her where her kids are, accuses Brooke of taking her kids and says she wants them back.

At that moment, Sam and Maddie are at the airport ready to escape from their mother. Not far away, people are noticing the tabloids with the picture of Maria getting drunk and making a scene at Edmund’s award ceremony. Zach comes by and notices Maria’s kids.

Erica is planning her wedding. Reggie and Lily are there and know that she is uptight. The wedding planner tells her he will reschedule if Jack does not show up. At that moment, he enters. She asks if he’s going to be late for their wedding also. He asks about Kendall. She tells him that Kendall is her concern and not his. The wedding planner asks them if it’s possible that this wedding will not go down the aisle either.

Kendall tells Ryan that his sitting alone at a bar drinking at 11 in the morning is a full-blown marriage alert. And she tells him she is all his. Still hiding, Greenlee says Kendall is crossing the line if she thinks she’s going to steal Ryan. At that moment, she lets Babe know that she is there and asks Babe to stop Kendall from seducing her husband.

Babe helps hide her and tells her she should trust Kendall to do her plan and believe that Kendall’s come-ons to Ryan will eventually lead him back to his wife. Greenlee reveals that she is angry and untrusting. But Babe urges her to stay there and shut up and let Kendall help her get Ryan back.

Erica and Jack both tell the wedding planner that although they are arguing and appearing uptight, it’s just typical pre-wedding jitters. Lily informs them of the exact time and how and when she will appear as one of the bride’s maids. Reggie reforms him that as the best man, he knows how to make his entrance. Erica and the wedding planner reveal to Jack that they will have doves flocking over the ceiling when they are pronounced as husband and wife. Jack says that reminds him of an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. But Erica thinks it will be a great idea. Privately, Lily tells Reggie that she thought when people get married they should be happy. But Erica and Jack’s mouths are turned down. She asks him if she is reading them wrong. He tells her she is not.

At the airport, Zach approaches Sam. Sam tells Zach that his mother has sent him and his sister out of town for a vacation. And he tells Zach he’s seen the tabloid. Zach tells him that you cannot believe everything you see in the paper.

Hearing Maria accusing her of sending her kids away, Brooke lashes back at Maria that if Sam and Maddie are gone, it’s her own fault. She needs to take responsibility for her own problems and stop blaming Brooke for everything. Jamie joins in and tells Maria she must back off from his mother.

She has lost her aunt and cannot be harassed and disrespected. He tells Maria he’s heard all about what happened at the awards ceremony and tells her it’s going to stop right now. Tad arrives and asks Jamie and Brooke to go in the kitchen so that he can talk to Maria alone. He asks Maria what he just walked in on. She tells him her kids are missing and she thought she’d come over here. He tells her that aside from the problems with the kids and missing Edmund, she must have a monster hangover. He tells her that if it means anything, the people in Pine Valley usually have very short memories. He knows that because if they did not, then he wouldn’t have a friend in the world. She admits that she’s been an angry, self-hating, self-pity queen and she needs to get her kids back and take responsibility for letting them down. She tells him that she does not want them to suffer for any more stupid thing she does and asks him if he can find them for her.

Erica tells Jack that if she forgot to tell him about the doves, it was just a minor detail. But he tells her that it is not. They argue about whether she’s communicated to him about many things. But then she says they must not argue about these silly things. He says that maybe they should just talk about the doves. She says they are symbol of peace and tranquility. But he asks who will pay the dry-cleaning bill for what the doves may do to the clothing of the people at their wedding as they fly above them. She tells them that what is more important is their love. This will be her very last wedding. And with his help and his love, she will do whatever it takes to make this the happiest day of both of their lives. But he is still concerned about camera crews and more details.

Ryan tells Kendall that he is attracted to her, but she is really messed up. He tells her that he loves Greenlee and she owns his heart and soul and everything he has. He tells her he will give her the number of Jonathan’s therapist although he’s about as useless as she is. Greenlee, at that point, is happy.

Tad calls Derek and informs Maria that he’s going to look for the kids, but he’d like to know some clue about where they might have gone. She tells him that they probably heard about what happened at the awards ceremony and never want to see her again. He tells her that everybody deserves another chance. He says many times he’s behaved like the village idiot himself. He asks her exactly what happened the night before. She says she caused a big scene and let everybody know what to think of Maria Gray. He tells her that she must not believe she did something that terrible nor worry about the kids.

Sam and Maddie are sitting at the airport and she asks him what his plans are. He tells her that she needs to just read her boy-band magazine. She tells him he reads a lot of trash also. He wants to be in charge. But she tells him he is not her dad. He’s just her stupid brother and he’s not going to boss her around.

Zach comes by hearing their argument and asks if there is a problem. They ask him to butt out. And at that moment, it looks like their flight is leaving and he cannot finish his conversation with them. They take off and Zach gets on his cell phone.

Erica and Jack keep debating on how the wedding will be orchestrated. She tells him about her ideas and defends them. But at that moment, Jack introduces Erica to a psychologist who specializes in domestic abuse and explains that he’s asked her to talk to Greenlee about the situation she is in if she stays married to Ryan. Hearing that, Erica asks them why they want to brainwash Greenlee against her husband.

At the bar, Greenlee lashes out at Kendall for trying to seduce her Ryan. Kendall defends herself as just trying to persuade Ryan to admit that he loves Greenlee. But Greenlee tells Kendall that she does not believe that. And knowing that Ryan was drunk, she wonders what Kendall would have done if he’d taken her up on her proposition. Kendall tells Greenlee that she’s been proposed to by Ethan, and by Zach and has been seeing JR. She has all the men in her life she can handle and has no interest in snagging another one.

After hearing that Kendall just had sex with her ex-husband, Babe tells Kendall that by sleeping with JR, she is just as crazy as Ryan says she is. She tells Kendall that whoever sleeps with JR is signing their death warrant. She tells them that although she intends to mind her own business, she believes it is her duty to warn anybody to stay away from JR. Kendall tells Babe she has a warning for her to get out of town.

Erica asks Jack why he’s brought in a shrink to come between Ryan and Greenlee. He explains to her that this doctor has extensive experience with domestic violence. But she tells him that there is no domestic violence between Ryan and Greenlee. At that point, the wedding planner gets up, gives up and leaves.

Lily asks her father and future stepmother if she may go to her safe place. They tell her fine. Reggie remarks to them that they are making everybody want to go to their safe place. Erica approaches the shrink and tells her she realizes she is probably very competent and qualified in her field. But she can assure her that Ryan Lavery is not capable of hurting Jack’s daughter and Jack is being overprotective of her. She leaves and Reggie tells them they need to stop arguing and distrusting each other’s every move.

While Sam and Maddie are ready to leave, Zach asks the travel desk clerk to pull up their names on file and find out how they booked their flight without their mother’s permission when they are minors. He then finds out that Sam forged his mother’s signature. He calls out to him before they are ready to board their flight and urges them not to go through with this. At that point, the clerk yanks them off the plane and explains that she must verify from their mother that they have her permission to go on this flight. Sam tells her that she needs to do a background check on Zach instead of on them. They try to make a run for it.

But Zach offers to take them home. Maddie tells him he’d better not touch her and she hates him and he’d better get away from her.

Ryan is sleeping on his couch. He awakens when Greenlee enters. She apologizes for leaving and tells him she did not mean to make him crazy by disappearing. He tells her he knows she did and he deserved it. He says he knows she wanted to let him know how it feels to be the one left behind. He tells her he knows she doesn’t take anything from anybody. Neither does he. And that is the reason he married her. She suggests taking the day off and surprising each other. He holds her.

While Kendall is sitting alone at the bar, Babe tells her she can hate her all she wants but Kendall must watch out for JR. He can hurt her.

Kendall asks Babe if she means like the way she hurt him. She tells Babe that she will never forget or forgive her for what she did to Bianca and Miranda and she does not buy her nice act. Hearing that, Babe tells her that if she is with JR, in another year they will find out who is really sorry.

Reggie tells Jack and Erica that they need to stop arguing over silly things. Erica protests to Reggie that she has had more experience with wedding than Jack has. He then tells her that she needs to get it right. He realizes that they will never completely agree on what to do with Kendall or with Greenlee. He tells them that they’ve driven Lily away by yelling at each other and they cannot use their own kids in their disputes. He tells them that doves and wedding details do not matter. What matters is that they are right for each other. Hearing that, Jack and Erica smile. And Erica remarks to Reggie that he would make a good therapist for somebody.

Tad gets a call about Sam and Maddie. He announces to Maria that they’ve found them and he goes out the door with Maria to find her kids.

Erica returns to Jack and Reggie and reports on the latest plans from the catering manager. They seem happy. But right then, she imagines a small wedding cake and sees her fear about ending another marriage. At that moment, Kendall enters and notices her mother is not happy. She asks what is going on. Erica asks her daughter if she may share something very personal, which she’s never told anybody before. Kendall asks what it is. Erica admits to her daughter that she’s not sure she can go through with this wedding.

Sam runs off to the woods without Maddie. And strangely enough Lily is hiding in the very same tree where she was the last time they spoke. It looks like they will find each other again.

Maria rushes to the airport and finds Maddie. Maddie tells her mother that Zach got in her way and prevented her from leaving.

Adam tells Brooke he is very happy and she has saved his life. She looks at him not seeming to know what he’s talking about.

Greenlee gives Ryan some motorcycle glasses. He tries them on. He tells her that his surprise for her is not something he can just wrap up. He tells her that his surprise is that they get a divorce.

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