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JR goes to his room, noticing somebody in his bed. He assumes it’s Kendall changing her mind. But he sees a strange young woman in his bed. Immediately he assumes that Babe paid her off to set him up. He looks for cameras in the window. She tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He asks her what the price is for underage sluts.

Babe goes to work at SOS. She goes up and notices Ryan Laery who has been there all night.

Tad goes to the Chandler house and sees Di. He asks her where he’s seen her before. She suggests it might be a past life or something different.

Kendall tells Zach that they can do any type of wedding he wants. She tells him she will accept his proposal. Unknown to her, Maria and Ethan are standing behind her hearing her accepting Zach’s marriage proposal. Kendall turns around, notices them and talks to Maria and Ethan as though they are hooking up. She notices, not far away that Greenlee is motioning for her to come and talk to her. Greenlee asks Kendall what she is about to do. Kendall tells Greenlee she is getting married. Greenlee pulls Kendall to go with her and hear about her big crises they must attend to. She informs Kendall that Ryan is gone. This has been two nights in a row where he’s been missing. She pulls Kendall toward the mirror and tells her she’s going to help her get Ryan back.

Maria tells Zach and Ethan that she knows that she did not do anything with Ethan although she knows he used her to make his father mad. But she thanks both of them for helping her. She tells them she can see that they are both good guys so she does not understand why whenever they are in the same room, they are ready to combust. Neither of them reply. She then tells them she is done with this conversation.

Kendall and Greenlee both acknowledge that Kendall might know Ryan better than Greenlee does. Kendall tells Greenlee she will help find him as soon as she becomes Mrs. Zach Slater. But Greenlee tells her this cannot wait. Kendall asks Greenlee if she really, honestly regrets tricking Ryan into fatherhood or if she just regrets getting caught.

Babe tells Ryan that she can see that he does not look well. She tries not to be nosey but asks him what’s up. She admits that perhaps the last person he’d want to talk to is her. He tells her he is in no position to judge anybody. She then tells him that in that case she will ask him a personal question. She asks how the “baby” is, revealing that she’s heard that he and Greenlee are going to have one. Hearing that, he angrily tells her he never wants to hear about a baby again.

The strange girl stands in JR’s room in her underwear. He asks if she is 16 or 17. She tells him she is legal. He demands she gets dressed and tells her he will call the cops and have her arrested as an adult.

Tad asks Di what she thinks about Adam’s behaviors. She tells him she can see that Mr. Chandler is harmless and his bark is worse than his bite. She asks him how he fits in with the Chandlers. He informs her that he was married to JR’s mother, Dixie, until she died. She remarks that she can tell he must have thought they were together forever. After hearing that, she can tell that she upset Tad and apologizes. She reveals to him that JR has told her a lot about his mom; how she left his father, then found someone else and thought they could be together forever. She says she’s sorry. He tells her she need not be; everybody has some baggage in their closet. Hearing that, she concludes that he must be there to find out something about her, knowing that Babe is worried about her son’s safety with her as his nanny. He admits that that is true. At that moment, JR comes out and immediately assumes that Tad paid off the teenage girl. When she appears, Tad announces to JR that this is Haley’s cousin, Amanda Dillon.

Hearing Ryan’s anger about his and Greenlee’s “baby”, Babe assumes that his “issue” is how she kept Miranda from Bianca. She tells him she knows he may never forgive her but asks him if he’s heard from them and what he might know about Miranda. He calmly tells her about Miranda in Paris with Bianca. She tells him that she was hoping that Miranda and her son could be friends since they are the exact same age. She tells him she doesn’t have a lot of experience bartending but she can listen to him. She understands what it’s like to have a strange situation. He tells her that he knows he has her beat with strange situations. But when she talks more about babies, he interrupts her and tells her he just wants another beer.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she wishes Ryan would just see what an amazing father he would be. Kendall asks if they have gotten professional help. Greenlee tells her that Ryan refuses to see a shrink. Kendall tells Greenlee maybe she should not give up on her marriage. Greenlee remembers that Jonathan could not break them up. But she does not know if Ryan is angry with her or with his family and if he still loves her.

Maria tells Zach and Ethan that they are both so caught up in hate and revenge. She says she knows it’s about more than just money and power. She tells them that they need to call a truce or use better common sense or do whatever they need to do in order to get on with their lives. And she leaves them alone.

Greenlee and Kendall assume that perhaps Ryan is on his motorcycle. They also consider having Tad find him. Right at that moment, Greenlee gets a call from Babe. Greenlee is ready to hang up. But Babe informs Greenlee that her husband is at SOS, after drinking all night and into the morning. She tells Greenlee that Ryan is in a bad way. Hearing that, Greenlee is ready to leave immediately and go find Ryan. But Kendall urges her not to just run out there when perhaps Ryan does not want to see her. She tells Greenlee that since she asked for her advice, she needs to hear her out. She tells her she can either rush out there and drive Ryan away or she can listen to Kendall’s plan.

Amanda explains to Tad and JR that she came by the previous night exhausted and unannounced. And Winifred pointed her to the nearest room and she fell asleep in JR’s bed. Tad tells JR that this is his cue to welcome her into their home. Di takes her inside and they leave JR and Tad alone. JR asks if Jamie gave him the message. Tad asks if he means the message he gave Jamie after pinning him underneath a motorcycle. JR says doing that is not as sick as what Tad is doing by having him believe that Dixie is alive. Tad tells JR that if he wants to take that out on somebody, he can take it out on him. But he needs to leave Jamie out of it. Jamie has nothing to do with this. Tad tells JR he may e angry at him and not his son.

After Maria has lectured them on ending their obsessive need for revenge, Ethan and Zach agree with her that maybe they need to call a truce and discuss what has happened.

Right when Ryan is talking to Babe at SOS, Kendall unexpectedly walks in and tells him long time no see. She sits down with Ryan and asks for whatever he is having. She offers to buy Ryan a drink. Babe tells Kendall that Ryan does not want to be bothered. Hearing that, Kendall tells her to go and shake up some cocktails. Babe tells her she is just looking out for her customers. Greenlee is hiding herself and watching them.

JR asks Tad why he’s questioning his nanny. He asks what kind of misinformation Babe might have told him, and how you cannot believe a word Babe says. But Tad tells JR that he thoroughly checked out Diana Cole and found out she has no soil on her record or any cause for suspicion. However, he tells JR that perhaps he needs to find another nanny.

Amanda tells Di that she has a cosmic connection with the Chandler house. She might have been conceived there. It’s a perfect fit; like home.

Maria returns home hesitating to go through the door. She goes into the living room and sits on the steps hearing Ethan, Brooke, Zach and Erica all commenting on what she did to herself at the award ceremony. And she remembers telling them that this will not even make the bottom of her regret list. At that moment, Myrtle enters and tells her she’s come because she thought Maria could use a friend.

Ethan tells Zach that what they are doing is like a game of chess. Each one of them moves and the other takes another one of his “men”. Zach acknowledges that his taking Kendall from Ethan and Ethan’s taking Maria from him is like taking one’s opponents queens. But Ethan tells his father that he knows that Maria still loves him and perhaps he can help him.

Myrtle tells Maria some stories about being drunk, herself. Maria laughs and feels less embarrassed and more comfortable after hearing that. She asks Myrtle what she thinks of Zach Slater. She tells her she can tell that she likes Zach Slater. Myrtle confirms that she does like Zach. Maria asks her why.

Zach asks Ethan if what he really wants is to take the queens or to take the entire kingdom in their chess game. Ethan tells him that his grandfather willed everything to him. But he tells his father he does not intend to be greedy, plans to share the family fortune with him and believes they can both do very well.

Kendall asks Ryan some questions. He tells her he doesn’t need a babysitter and knows that Greenlee sent her down there. He also tells her that she is making a big mistake if she’s considering marrying Zach. She asks him why. He tells her she’s been hurt enough by Ethan, by Zach and by himself. She must realize that Zach is not her soul mate because he does not have a soul. All he lives for his corporate greed. Kendall asks Ryan if he’s slept at all last night. He admits he has not. She asks if he is having trouble at home and all of his little interactions with Greenlee have gone sour. She tells him that if his marriage is in trouble, Greenlee will take it out on all of them at Fusion. So he must tell her what is going on.

JR goes out to confront Tad and Di. He tells Tad he must get off his property. Hearing that, Tad tells Di that she has just seen how the “thin ice” she is standing on is ready to break.

Ethan asks Zach if they are going to call a truce. Zach tells him they will if Ethan signs over all of Cambias to his father. Ethan says no way will he surrender everything. Zach tells him that is the only way. Either that or duke it out in court. He knows Kendall will back him. He says check and mate.

Myrtle tells Maria that she believes Maria should trust and love Zach. But she shows her the tabloid about what happened to her the previous night and reminds her that the kids will see it. Maria then gets a call that the kids are not in school. She then sees a note that informs her that they ran away.

JR tells Amanda that she can stay and everything is ok. She apologizes for not asking Hayley to let them know she’s been invited. He tells her that he was on edge and she is completely welcome to stay there.

After JR has demanded that Tad gets off his property, Tad tells Di that she needs to realize she is in for one rude awakening. Working for JR and getting to know him is going to be something she will not look forward to. She asks if he can predict the future. He tells her he cannot but he knows JR.

At SOS, Ryan tells Kendall that he will not talk about his wife behind her back. He settles his tab, gives Babe a tip and is ready to live. Kendall reminds him that they used to have a really good thing together. She tells him that she is done with Ethan and if he is done with Greenlee, then maybe they should try things out again.

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