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Kendall wakes up in bed with JR but believes he is Ethan, declaring his love for her. They both realize that she is still not over Ethan.

Meanwhile, Ethan is hung over and in the SOS bar. He notices Ryan also there and without his woman and asks him to come here. Ryan says nothing. But Ethan tells Ryan he could benefit from someone with his “wisdom”.

Di tells David that she still has her reservations about coming into the Chandlers’ lives. She inquires what if she is a danger to that baby.

Jamie sees Adam at the hospital and asks him what he is doing there. Tad joins in and says nobody buys his “concern” for Brooke with what happened to Phoebe. Adam tells Tad he’s not going to explain himself to him again. Babe enters. Adam informs them that it’s Colby’s birthday today. And he can’t even call her and wish her a happy birthday. Tad says he knows and it’s ok with him. Adam tells Tad he doesn’t buy that he cares about Brooke either. Babe tells Adam that Jamie and Tad would do anything for Brooke and he knows it. Adam ask where, then, was Tad last night when Maria was ripping Brooke to shreds in front of half of Pine Valley?

Maria wakes up hung over with Zach in her room. She gets up and seems to remember what happened last night. She remembers she accepted Edmund’s award and said stupid things, then left with Ethan. She tells him she knows this is Ethan’s room. She admits to him that she wanted to hurt Brooke and hurt Kendall and she tells Zach she wanted to hurt him. He tells her that his son wanted to use her in order to get to him. She tells him she doesn’t understand how she could have done what she did last night, admitting she does not want Ethan; she wants his father.

Ethan accuses Ryan of doing everything he could to hurt Kendall and to poison her against him. But Ryan tells Ethan he now believes he should have given Kendall a different type of warning against getting involved with Ethan. Ryan says although he realizes Kendall has baggage the size of Texas, he says he believes she deserves better than somebody like Ethan.

JR wakes up with Kendall and again tells her that he is ok with her marrying Zach and suggests that they go down to breakfast together. She tells him that if she marries Zach, she will be second in charge and able to give JR what he really wants which is Chandler Enterprises. He tells her he can be the best man at her wedding.

In the hospital, when Jamie goes to find his mom and make sure she is ok. Babe tells Tad that she knows that her fiancé is devastated by what has happened to Phoebe. He informs her that Phoebe has adored his son and he her. He asks her about Little Adam and the new nanny. She admits she still has her concerns.

David assures Di that he knows she is not a danger to Little Adam. He tells her that if he thought for a second that his grandson was in any danger around her, he’d yank her out of that house so fast she wouldn’t have time to play Dixie Martin. He informs her that he found out that her ex-boyfriend will no longer be able to terrorize her. He’s fled the country. So she can go back to being the perfect nanny. But he can tell she has reservations. She says she’s worried that Babe does not want her there. He asks her if after the ton of money he is offering her, is she considering backing out? She says that after she tells him what she is about to tell him, he may be the one who is ready to end their deal.

While having breakfast on the Chandler’s patio, Kendall admits to JR that after what she noticed in the way of Zach’s manners, last night, the thought of marrying him does not sound very desirable to her anymore. But he tells her she need not worry about that and instead only be concerned about all the money and power she will have while married to him. And when it comes to sex and fun, that’s where he comes in. He tells her it’s a win-win. She tells him that she knows his primary goal is to get Chandler Enterprises back. He tells her that’s not all he wants. She says if she marries Zach, which is a big “if”, it will be on her terms. And she says no, he cannot be their best man. He says he does expect, however to take her on her honeymoon. She says he’s unbelievable. He says he knows he’s certifiable. At that moment, the maid informs them that Ethan came by the previous night knowing that Kendall was with JR.

Tad tells Babe that he’s done a thorough background check on “Diana Cole” and he’s found out she’s completely on the up and up and was a nanny for a family for 15 years. But she tells him she does not care how “perfect” the woman is. She tells him that knowing that somebody has a “grudge” against Di, it means that Little Adam isn’t safe. Strangely, hearing the conversation, Adam comes out and tells Babe that the only person who has a grudge against Di is Babe. She asks Adam why he is suddenly now on Di’s cheering squad. Adam informs her that he, too, spoke to a former employer of Di’s who gave her a glowing report. He tells her that she is worried that JR has now found the perfect nanny. And it might enable her son to forget about her. She tells Adam that unlike him, she does not get jealous when it comes to her child. She tells him all she cares about is her child’s safety and until she knows that Diana Cole is not hiding anything, she will not let up. Adam takes Tad aside and asks him why he’s taking this time to investigate Diana Cole who has a clean slate, when, instead he should be trying to find Dixie. Tad tells Adam that he does not remember what he failed to do to make Adam go away the first time. At that moment, Brooke and Jamie enter after staying with Phoebe and Brooke informs them that Phoebe is gone. Brooke tells Tad that Phoebe regained consciousness because she knew that she and Jamie were there. She told them she just wanted to say goodbye. Tad tells her: “leave it to Phoebe to have the last word.” Brooke chuckles and also tells him that Phoebe said that Langley was waiting for her and she loved them all. Then she closed her eyes. Babe offers her condolences to Brooke. Adam appears again Tad tells him he is not welcome there. Jamie asks Adam if he needs help finding his car. But Brooke tells them that she needs to talk to Adam alone. Babe and Jamie go off and Brooke asks Adam to come with her.

Hearing that Di has a “bomb” to drop, David asks her what it is. She reveals to him that she is beginning to have a soft spot with JR. He tells her that’s totally ok with him. She asks if he does not have a problem with her becoming friends with his enemy. He tells her that by gaining JR’s trust, she can work on him and get him to do what David wants. He tells her that now that she’s accomplished the first part of his plan, he will give her all the money she ever wants if she can manage to soften up JR enough so that he lets Babe have sole custody of Little Adam.

Kendall tells JR that she is aware that regardless of the fact that Ethan may have tried to find her at JR’s home last night, he did not exactly bust down the door to stop them. And he was at Maria’s suite, last night. He reminds her that he knows Ethan did not stay there. But she tells him she and Ethan are through. At that moment, JR gets a call about Ethan firing one of his “peons”.

Ethan informs Ryan that last night, Kendall spent the night with JR. Ryan seems surprised but tells Ethan that it serves him right for what he’s done to Kendall and for going off with Maria. Ethan tells Ryan that regardless of that, he and Kendall still love each other and it’s really sad that love is not enough. Ryan tells Ethan that if he wants his sympathy, he can just stop. He reminds Ethan that he is the guy who promised he would not turn into a full-blooded Cambias and that promise lasted about 10 seconds. And he tells Ethan he’s turned into a complete jackass.

Maria calls her home to make sure her kids are all right while Zach is still there with her. He tells her that he’s sure she will bounce back soon and he’s sure that Erica or Kendall or Ethan will do something stupid again.

She asks him why he still cares about her after all the mean things she’s done to him. She asks him why he’s coming to her rescue now. He tells her that Ethan “helped” her in order to get back at his father. She reminds him that he went after Kendall to get back at his son. He tells her that he did not propose to Kendall when she was intoxicated and he didn’t offer her his bed, he just offered her a business deal. He tells her that he believes that Kendall is probably considering the deal to marry him in order to rub Ethan’s nose in it. She tells him he’s making Kendall sound like a cat dangling a half-dead mouse. He tells her that Kendall and Ethan and himself are all cut form the same cloth and she is not. She admits to him that she does not know where she belongs anymore. He tells her he should go. But she asks him not to, admitting she does not feel good and regrets what she did last night and how pieces are coming back. She asks him what he remembers. He tells her that she said terrible things about herself as a wife and as a person. She blamed herself for what happened to Edmund, to her friends and to him. He tells her that he has made some bad choices just like she has and may have caused his son to turn into what he is now.

Ryan tells Ethan that he gets that Ethan hates his daddy. He says he understands that really well. But he inquires why Ethan did not just shoot him when he got a chance instead of falsely accusing him of killing a man. Ethan tells Ryan he’s no better than himself. Ryan tells Ethan that at least he’s gotten over his “hating daddy” issues. Even Kendall was able to get over knowing what her father was. But Ethan just can’t give it up, he says. He asks Ethan if he’s going to spend the rest of his life fighting with Zach Slater.

Kendall asks JR if he’s having second thoughts about their “little trist”. He tells her no. But he wants to get Chandler Enterprises back for his son since it’s his birthright and he needs her help in getting it back.

Jamie and Babe find Tad and ask where Brooke is. He informs them that she is with Adam. Jamie asks why his mother would spend one second with that man. Tad admits he does not know. Babe asks Jamie to sit with him. She tells him she knows how he felt about his Aunt Phoebe and how much he misses her. He reminisces everything he remembers about his aunt when he was a little boy. He tells her that they were really close but he remembers Phoebe inspecting his hands to see if he was biting his nails or if he had ratty cuticles. And Phoebe told him you could always tell a gentleman by his hands. Babe tells him that Phoebe sounded really old school and asks what she might have thought about her if they’d met. He admits that Phoebe judged a person by their bloodline. She was very into class, knowing that her descendents came from the Mayflower. Babe realizes that Phoebe might not see her as “worthy” because she has a cousin who worked at the Mayflower bar and grill. Hearing that, Jamie tells her that he has begun to realize that the class system is a lot of garbage.

Adam tells Brooke that she is overreacting about what happened to him and it’s just a false alarm. He admits to her that he did not see a doctor. She tells him he is crazy and if that is the way he wants to live his life, fine. But she will not be there for him if he calls her. She tells him that he should realize he probably had a TIA. And a normal person would realize that they might have had a stroke after what happened, and had the sense to get themselves checked out. He tells her he will if it happens again. But she tells him he’s really taking too many chances by waiting. And when she’s just recently lost two people she loves, she will not let him be the third one. He tells her all he really worries about now is Colby. He doesn’t even have her address and cannot send her a present. But she reminds him that in another year, he might be dead and never again have a chance to see his daughter again. He tells her it’s been a long day and he can see that she is upset. She admits that that is true. She admits that she did not have any time to prepare for the death of Edmund or of Phoebe. And she wishes she knew what she did to attract all this loss. She is so tired of watching people die. She is sick to death of death.

David finds Babe and tells her he will leave her alone when he finds out how his grandson is and how her last visit with him went. She informs him that JR hired a new nanny. And by doing that, it could cause major damage.

Diana comes to the Chandler house and meets Kendall. JR introduces them and informs Kendall that Di is the perfect match and his son adores her. She leaves and Kendall tells JR she seems nice. And he tells her that some added “icing on the cake” is that Babe does not like her. He asks her if she is going to help him get Chandler Enterprises back. She tells him she will work on that but she has to go right now.

Zach gets room service for Maria and tells her she may enjoy it because he will charge it all to Ethan’s room. She thanks him, telling him he’s been really kind to her and she does not believe she deserves it. He offers her a smoothie. She tells him she’d rather have coffee. She tells him she knows he’d have knowledge about room service amenities, from running a casino. He tells her she is special to him. He tells her that she is all set now with her food and her shake. But she asks him to wait, admitting that she had a tough time with her meltdown, last night. And she realizes now that he has been really good to her and it means something to her. And she thanks him.

Hearing she will wash her hands of him if he does not do something for his health, Adam tells Brooke she does not fight fair. She asks if death is fair. She tells him the only way she will care if he lives or dies is if he gets himself checked out. If he does not, then he is on his own.

Babe and Jamie inform David, for the first time that Phoebe passed away. David approaches Brooke and tells her he’s sorry about her aunt. She says thank you. He tells them he must get back to work and asks his daughter to keep him posted on the care of Little Adam. Brooke goes off with Babe and Jamie. Adam does not join them.

Tad goes to the Chandlers and spies upon Di. She does not see him. He then enters and asks her why he feels like he knows her. Upstairs, JR returns to his room and assumes Kendall is there. But he discovers a strange young woman in his bed. She screams when she sees him

Ryan tells Ethan that if he wants to get back with Kendall, then he needs to make Kendall feel as though she is more important to him than his money. He tells Ethan that Kendall wants the guy she fell in love with and if she doesn’t have that, she will get rid of him. He tells Ethan that Kendall has a lot more inner strength than Ethan has.

Maria showers and gets ready to leave Ethan’s room. But she reveals she still has feelings for Zach.

Kendall goes to find Zach and tells him he need not apologize for the nasty things he said to her last night. All is forgiven and she will marry him today.

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