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Tad is on the phone investigating his lead about the mysterious Jane Doe who was discovered to have survived the crash and whom he believes could be Dixie. Ryan enters. He informs Tad that he had a stressful night where his father-in-law confronted him about his marriage. And he asks Tad if he’s found his sister.

Adam has an attack and cannot get his words out when he’s talking to Brooke and asking her to have a relationship with him. Noticing what’s happened to him, she asks what is wrong. He does not want to tell her or admit that he is sick.

Erica tells Zach that he needs to be there for Maria. And he’s going to regret not going to help her, just because of his pride.

Meanwhile, Maria is in her room, with Ethan, seducing him and taking off her clothes. She apparently believes he is Zach.

JR is kissing Kendall. He tells her he wants her even if she marries Zach because he knows she will not sleep with him.

Maria tells “Zach” she wants him. But she is really talking to Ethan. He has no clue that she believes he is his father. But he hears her calling him Zach and realizes she may not know what she’s doing.

When Zach is leaving the ceremony, Jack confronts him and tells him he does not like the way that Zach picks on women and children.

Kendall pulls away from JR and tells him that it’s nice but she’s “been there”. He tells her she’s never been there with him. She tells him that she’s been stupid and gullible to love and trust Ethan and hooking up with JR is no different. She asks if he is really ok with her marrying Zach. He tells her he is as long as he can sleep with her. She tells him that she knows there is something not right and very irrational about wanting to marry Ethan’s father and sleep with JR. She asks him if she will ever be like other people. He tells her he hopes not.

Jack asks Zach how his casinos are doing and assumes that money might be tight for him. He sounds like he’s going to confront him outside. But Erica comes out and interrupts them and informs Jack that Zach has somewhere he has to be. Jack says he hopes that Zach goes back to Vegas and even offers to pay for him to leave and stay there. Erica informs Jack that Ethan has taken Maria up to her room and Zach must stop it. But Jack does not seem to be concerned about that. He just wants Zach Slater out of everybody’s life.

While Maria is seducing Ethan and calling him Zach, he seems to realize that she does not know what she’s doing and has had too much alcohol and he cannot go through with what she says she wants. He pulls away from her and tells her she needs to get some rest.

Brooke calls to get some help for Adam. He asks her what she is doing. She tells him that only a few minutes ago he had an attack and didn’t seem to know where he was or what he was doing. But right now, he seems ok. He tells her that she has a misconception if she thinks something has happened to him. But she asks him if this is the first “attack” he’s had. He does not answer. She tells him that he must let her help him and she believes he may have had a minor stroke.

Tad tells Ryan that he’s found some information about Ryan’s sister Erin. But he seems to talk about her in past tense. Ryan asks why. Tad tells her that he found out that a few months ago Erin went on a trip to Wilmington but never came back.

Hearing that, Ryan assumes that maybe Jonathan got to her if it was a few months ago. But Tad tells him it’s entirely possible that Erin just went into hiding. Maybe a business deal went bad. Maybe she escaped from the wrong guy. He should not assume she is dead just because nobody’s seen or heard from her in a while. Tad reveals that he doesn’t want to hear anybody assuming that somebody they are looking for is dead. He reminds Ryan that missing does not mean dead and promises Ryan he will find his sister for him.

Hearing that Jack will pay him to leave, Zach tells Jack that he needs to stay out of his business. He leaves and Jack tells Erica he does not like that man. He asks Erica why she would encourage Zach to find Maria. Does she really believe that Maria needs to have that man anywhere near her? Erica replies that if Zach is with Maria, he will leave Kendall alone and it will make much better sense if he is with Maria.

Kendall asks JR if he really doesn’t care about having limitation with her. He tells her she is amazing and extraordinary. And he asks her why she’d want to be ordinary. She replies that it might be easier that way. He tells her that if she wants to be ordinary, then maybe she should go back and marry Ethan.

Maria who is still intoxicated asks “Zach” why he does not want her. Ethan replies he is not Zach. She asks where Zach is, in that case. At that moment, Zach enters the room to notice his former lover ready to sleep with his son and announces that he is there. He asks Ethan if he touched Maria. Ethan replies that he is English and in his culture, they do not talk about things like that. Zach tells Ethan he needs to leave Maria alone.

Ethan asks his father why he would care when he is ready to marry Kendall. He asks why Zach would care if his son takes Maria from him. He tells Zach that he would never hurt or take advantage of Maria, which is more than Zach can promise to anybody. At that point, Zach physically removes Ethan from the room.

Erica admits to Jack that her primary concern is Kendall. She asks Jack if he cares about his future stepdaughter. Jack tells Erica he certainly cares about Kendall. But he is also concerned about Maria. She is his friend. So was Edmund. She tells him that there would be nothing wrong with Maria and Zach hooking up. She tells Jack that when he threatened Zach, it would have probably motivated Zach to tell Kendall and persuade her to marry him. She asks him why he cares so much about Maria. She is not family to him like Lily or Greenlee or her family. She tells Jack that she can see his anger is not about Maria or her situation. It’s about Greenlee and Ryan.

Ryan tells Tad that he’s concerned about his sister and God knows what might have happened to her. Tad asks if their father hurt her too. He replies no. Their father tried to poison Jonathan. He took all the abuse. But Erin could do no wrong. And he tells him he knows Jonathan. When somebody else is favored and he takes the abuse, people die.

Brooke asks Adam if he knows his blood pressure, when he’s last seen a doctor and if he’s taken his medication. Adam has no answers to her questions but tells her that he found her in order to help her and she cannot make this night about him in order to avoid her own issues. She tells him he cannot keep evading her questions and neglecting his health. She insists that he lets her take him to the ER. But he tells her she is no longer his wife. She tells him she already lost one man she loved and is not about to lose another. He asks her if she is implying that she loves him. She tells him that if he does not cooperate and go to the ER, she will knock him silly. He jokes and tells her she has one hell of a bedside manner. She asks him if he’s going to go. He finally agrees.

Kendall tells JR that she needs to leave and that having sex is not the thing to do right now. He tells her he’s ok with just hanging out with her. But she tells him that with the wine and candles and music, he has much more on his mind than just hanging out. He admits that he does and tells her he wants her to take all her clothes off.

Noticing Zach is really there, Maria apologizes for how horrible she was to him over and over again. He tells her that is behind them now. She asks whether it really is because she’s had so many dreams about him. She asks him if they are really going to start over again. He doesn’t answer. She asks if they are going to make love. He tells her no. She asks if he does not want her anymore. He says nothing and she asks him if he will loves her and tells him she knows he does. But he says nothing.

Ethan returns to the ceremony room and finds Simone. He asks her if she’s seen Kendall. Simone sounds like she does not know where Kendall is but tells him that she hopes Kendall realizes how lucky she is to have a man like him. Noticing that Simone might know where Kendall is and whom she is with, Ethan demands that she tells him. She doesn’t know how to answer that.

JR tells Kendall that he’d like to be with her but promises to behave himself. She tells him she is questioning whether she can trust him. He tells her scout’s honor. He tells her that one thing he likes about her is that she knows him so well. So he will do whatever she wants as long as she stays with him. She doesn’t say no.

Jack tells Erica that he realizes how she feels about Ryan but she must realize that Ryan was completely out of control tonight. She tells him that Ryan and Greenlee’s marriage is none of their business and asks how he would feel if somebody judged his relationship with her the way he confronted Ryan about his relationship with Greenlee.

At that moment, Mary Smythe enters with Palmer. Erica does not want to talk to Mary. But Mary tells Jack that she really appreciated the courage he had to confront Ryan and that she wants to help him to persuade their daughter to divorce Ryan. When she leaves, Erica asks Jack if he is really on the same side as Mary Smythe. Jack protests that his daughter cannot see Ryan for what he really is and just the fact that she is gone and Ryan does not know where she is says something. But Erica tells Jack that he cannot take out his anger toward Braden and Jonathan upon Ryan. He tells her he is not doing that. She tells him he is. Since they are dead, Ryan is the only Lavery left to punish for what happened to his sister and his daughters.

While Tad is talking to Ryan, Tad gets a call. He hears notification that somebody has been found. He then turns to Ryan to tell him he needs to go. But he notices Ryan has already left.

Zach tells Maria that any man would have to be a fool not to want her. But he wants to let her get some rest because he knows what she’s been through. She gets into bed but asks him if she is really Maureen. He replies no. She is Maria.

Simone tells Ethan that if he needs a place to crash, her room is open policy. He tells her that is sweet but he just wants to know where Kendall is. She asks why he’d want to find her. She tells him that he will not be happy to find out where Kendall is.

Outside, it looks like Kendall and JR have gone swimming or skinny-dipping together. They are both wearing robes when they are done. She tells him she needs to go home. He gives her her clothes and offers to take her home. But she reveals she might not really want that. He picks her up and carries her off somewhere.

When Brooke is in the hospital with Adam, Jamie goes to find his mother. He tells her he’s been trying to reach her. She asks her son what’s up. He tells her it’s his aunt Phoebe. He informs her that he and Phoebe were playing cards and then suddenly, Phoebe had an episode and got taken to intensive care. He tells his mother that the doctors do not know if she’s going to make it.

In her room, Maria awakens with Zach sitting by the window watching her. She asks him to join her in bed, telling him she could sleep better if she can curl up on his chest. He tells her she is very beautiful. But he also tells her that she will not remember any of what they do. She says she will. She got her memory back. But he stays there on the couch. He tells her he knows she got her memory back and admits that he is sorry.

Ethan goes to the Chandler house and runs into his maid. Ethan asks to see JR. But she tells him that Mr. Chandler asked not to be disturbed. He’s gone to bed. Knowing that Kendall is with JR, Ethan does not seem to accept that.

Jack tells Erica he is ready to go home and needs to take her home. But she tells him that she knows he has some anger issues that he needs to deal with and she is ready to leave. He tells her he cannot leave her alone in a bar. She tells him she’s already faced her nightmares. And maybe it’s time for him to confront his own. She goes off alone.

Ryan goes off somewhere and enters a strange place. A strange woman opens the door and tells him it’s about time he gets there.

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