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By Lori
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A drunken Maria stands before the crowd gathered at the Valley Inn for Edmund's posthumous receipt of a humanitarian award. She keeps telling Brooke to take the award since Edmund was more humane to Brooke than herself. Maria says she herself has gotten what she deserved. Palmer stands up and asks Maria to accept the award with his condolences and best wishes for her and her children. Maria scoffs that her children are now in the hands of Brooke as well. She holds the trophy above her head and calls out to the crowd, asking who thinks this should go to Brooke. She's distressed when no one responds. She asks "what's wrong with you people?" Ryan enters the room and Maria yells out to him. She says Ryan knew about her and Edmund and if his brother hadn't killed Edmund, she wouldn't be standing here. She asks him to come to the front of the room and clear the air. Ryan softly asks to help her but she rebuffs him. She declares that Edmund knew what was in her heart. She drops the trophy and stumbles trying to pick it up. She says she can't accept this trophy because she's not honest and good. Jack asks her to go outside with him to get some air but she says she doesn't need to do that. Erica suggests Maria sleep on this and tell everyone what she has to say tomorrow because she will regret this in the morning. Maria says this won't make the bottom of her regret list. Her husband was murdered and she is dead to her kids. Looking at Zach, Ethan and Brooke, she says they knew Edmund hated her. She asks Zach to explain to the crowd why she should not get this award. Zach tells her not to do this. Maria only gets louder, urging him to tell the truth and she's just saying out loud what everyone thinks of her. Jack takes the trophy out of Maria's hand and gives it to Palmer. He asks if she'll let him take her home. Maria says Erica won't let him take her home, not Pine Valley's most notorious slut. Brooke tells Maria to stop this but Maria tells Brooke to stop because she's talking. She says she has something to say. She tells the group that not one of them knows her. She doesn't even know herself anymore. Growing more quiet, she says she used to have a nice life. Pointing to Zach, she says there was a man who loved her but she told him no because she loved Edmund and was committed to her marriage. She says she led Zach on until he decided she wasn't worthy. Now Zach is marrying Kendall. Ethan approaches Maria and tells her these people care about her. She starts crying and agrees to leave with Ethan. She stumbles and he helps steady her as he takes her to a room in the Valley Inn. As they exit, Zach urges Ethan not to use Maria as a weapon in their war. Ethan retorts, asking him where he stands with Kendall. He walks out with Maria.

Jack confronts Ryan, saying that just as the night can't get any worse, he shows up and it does. An angry Jack asks why Greenlee isn't with Ryan. Ryan says he doesn't know where Greenlee is. That's why he came here tonight. Jack accuses Ryan of destroying his family one woman at a time. Jack asks how many hits does his family have to take because of him and his brothers.

Mary goes into the ladies room, where Brooke has gone to calm herself. As Mary makes a snappy remark about the debacle that has just taken place, Brooke says it will blow over as long as people don't rub Maria's nose in it. Mary comments about fate, saying that Brooke wanted Edmund and now no one has Edmund. Brooke says she doesn't need Mary to remind her of that. Mary tells Brooke she's assuming she'll want to fill the void and would hate to see her fill it with the wrong man. Mary tells her if she knows what's good for her she'll keep her hands off Adam. Just then Adam pounds on the door asking about Brooke. Mary tells Brooke to leave Adam to him. Brooke says she doesn't run Adam's romantic life.

Zach asks Kendall why she didn't tell him this was a dinner to honor Edmund. Doesn't she think he would have wanted to know that? Kendall says she thought he came here to get the answer to his proposal. Zach says it doesn't matter anymore and walks out. He goes into the Valley Inn lounge, where Erica follows and sits down at his table.

Ethan assists a wobbly Maria into a room. Maria quickly sees the champagne in the room and tells Ethan he's going to get lucky tonight. Ethan suggests she drink water or coffee instead, but Maria rips at the bottle to open it. She tells him she's not as drunk as he thinks she is. She pours champagne in a glass and drinks. Ethan says he'd prefer she not drink. Maria tells him if he's going to use her as a weapon, weapons are better fully loaded. Maria suggests a toast but can't think of anything to toast to. She sulks into a seat and appears to drop the glass. Ethan tells her if she wants to use him as a weapon against his father, go right ahead.

Mary lets Adam into the ladies room and Brooke tells him she's fine. Adam tells Mary to marry Palmer fast before he catches onto her.

JR approaches Kendall but Kendall tells him she's not in the moot. JR tells her she looks like she needs a friend. Kendall tells him if he finds one bring him over. She asks him if he's trying to come to the rescue since she's been ditched by Ethan and Zach? JR tells her he wants to get her out of this circus and take her some place private. She leaves with him.

Erica tells Zach that she's trying to help Maria. Zach tells her she convicted Maria of adultery without a shred of proof. A huge part of this mess has Erica's perfume all over it. Erica says she's sorry for everything she's caused Maria. Zach says she can't be sorry because she would need a heart for that. Zach tells her she has hated Maria for years. Erica says Maria never cared for her either, but any bad blood between them is over. She says she does have a heart and it goes out to anyone suffering like Maria is. Erica says Maria is upstairs in a suite with his son. It's obvious Maria is trying to get back at him. She urges Zach to go upstairs and save her before she does serious harm to herself. Zach asks if Kendall knows she's here. Erica admits she'd rather see Kendall with anyone but him. Erica says she knows Zach still has feelings for Maria and Maria just made a fool of herself to get him to save her.

JR takes Kendall to his home, where they eat grapes on the patio. He tells her he's been into her since high school. He says they're wasting time. Kendall asks him what he thinks about her possible engagement to Zach. Doesn't that phase him? JR says he supports it 100 percent. He tells her whether she marries Zach or not, she'll be on top. He says whatever she needs, consider it done. Kendall asks him what the payoff is. JR tells her he gets her. He gets the love affair he's always wanted. She can be in a loveless marriage with Zach but she'll need the kind of affair he can give her. He asks her when was the last time she just had fun. He can have fun with him. He kisses her.

Adam and Brooke go to the boathouse. Brooke tells him she can handle this by herself and wants to be alone. Adam says he knows she can handle anything that comes her way, but she doesn't have to do it alone. He tells her to shut up and let him take care of her. Brooke says she knows it was over with Edmund and she stayed away from him to be supportive of his relationship with Maria. Now she's the villain. Edmund used her to get back at Maria. Adam says Maria had no right to accuse her of anything. Brooke says Maria should have told Zach to go to hell. Instead she led him on. Adam says Edmund was a fool to give up what he had with Brooke. Brooke asks Adam if he's moving in on her. He tells her he is. She says this is bizarre because their two sons hate each other. Adam says they're adults now and they'll get over it. He tells her to stick to the two of them. Brooke asks how is she supposed to fall into his arms after such an embarrassing evening. Adam says if she does, he'll promise he'll catch her. He says they could work out. Brooke says maybe in his wildest dreams. Adam says they could be happy if they let go of the past. He suggests they make tonight about the two of them. Suddenly he has another of his attacks. Brooke asks him what's wrong.

Ryan places a call to Greenlee but just leaves a message telling her to call him and that he loves her. Mary is right there and asks him if he has any idea where Greenlee is. He says he does not and Mary blasts him and his family. Jack is right there to join in. Ryan tells them not to confuse him with his brothers. Jack tells him he put his misplaced loyalty to his brothers ahead of everyone else. Ryan says he shot his brother in the chest. Isn't that enough for him? Does he want him to put a bullet in his own head as well? Jack asks him what about Greenlee and their babies. Ryan gets ready to punch Jack but is grabbed from behind by others around him. Jack tells Ryan it's not too late for him to fix himself and get some help so he doesn't go down the same path his brother did. Ryan asks them if they think he'll pollute their blood line. There's no chance of that as they'll never get any grandchildren from him. Mary asks Ryan to explain why there will be no children. Ryan just says there will be none, ever. Mary says thank God.

Maria tells Ethan she wishes she were Maureen Gorman again. She says Zach was always there. Edmund lied to her and hated her, and Zach tried to tell her the truth. She says he was the only one who was completely honest and loyal and she trashed it. Maria gets on the bed as Ethan tells her that Zach used her. He tells her not to grieve for Zach as she's wrong about him. Ethan says Zach denied him, rejected him and lied to him. He's as fake as his name. Maria quietly tells him that maybe he's right. She lies on the bed and closes her eyes, then looks up at Ethan and sees Zach. "Make love to me," she says. She sits up and kisses him. Ethan kisses her back and they fall onto the bed.

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