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Maria is at the tribute ceremony for Edmund drinking champagne before anyone else gets there. She looks at the large picture of Edmund and remembers the statements Zach and Ethan made about Edmund right after he died. Maria runs into Brooke, who admits that while she may already hate her, she's going to hate her even more now. Brooke says Palmer, as head of the Pine Valley Commerce Club, asked her to present Edmund's humanitarian award. She says she can ask someone else to do it if she wants, but Maria sarcastically tells her she's free to stand up and tell the world what a wonderful human being Edmund was.

Livia arrives at Zach's office. He wants to know if he can take Cambias away from his son. Livia says his petition to claim Cambias can proceed in court. She says it probably will get ugly, but she'll let him know when there's a firm court date. Before she leaves, Livia starts talking about life and how people wish they could do things over.

Simone runs into Ethan at the tribute ceremony and says she's sorry their scheme to get him back with Kendall didn't work. They realize they are both there solo and sit down together. Kendall walks in and sees them but then walks past and goes into the ladies room.

Erica and Jack are at the ceremony and Jack asks if they can put their differences aside for the evening. Erica says she doesn't have any differences. He's the one who refuses to help her with Kendall.

Erica goes into the ladies room and sees Kendall. She locks the door so they can talk. Kendall asks if that's the way she plans to keep her from marrying Zach Slater. Erica says if it doesn't work, she has plenty of other ways. Kendall tells Erica she doesn't have to lock her in to get her attention. She admits that Erica was right about Ethan, so go ahead and say she told her so. They can have a good laugh over it. Erica says it's not funny that Kendall is getting involved with Ethan's father. Kendall says she hasn't told Zach yes or no. Erica tells her he's using her. She has to know what kind of a man he is. Kendall says Zach has been more open and honest than any man she's ever met.

Maria has just walked in holding her champagne. The three women snipe at each other, with Kendall telling Maria that she found something with Zach that she missed. There will be no trust issues between them because they don't trust each other to begin with. Kendall leaves and Erica asks to have a word with Maria.

Ethan asks Simone if she'll try to get through to Kendall for her. Simone doesn't think it will work, but she agrees to try. Ethan next walks over to Jack and asks him if he'll help him beat his father in court.

Jack agrees but tells him he'll be on him like a second skin. He suggests they meet tomorrow to discuss strategy. Mary arrives at the ceremony and chastises Jack for not telling her about Greenlee's recent ordeal. She had to read about it in the paper.

Simone approaches Kendall and apologizes for setting her up to see Ethan on the roof. Kendall tells her she would do it again in a heartbeat. She tells Simone that things are finally going her way so she's giving her Ethan. He's all Simone's, she says.

Kendall is now talking to Palmer, who tells her he's heard about the new man in her life. He advises her to steer clear of Zach Slater. She just laughs it off and asks how she could listen to someone who's now involved with Mary Smythe.

At Chandler mansion, Adam asks Di if someone is trying to kill her. Babe says she plans to take her son out of here but JR tells her not so fast. Di says she's not on anyone's hit list. Babe brings up the fact that someone tried to run her down. Di says it was some punk kid who was joy riding and jumped the curb. Babe says it was an older guy whose eyes were locked with Di's eyes and he was aiming right for her. Di insists she's not a target for homicide. She decides to go check on Little Adam but Babe declares she's not going anywhere near her son. Babe says she wants her out of here.

Adam tells JR that it's worth checking into Babe's story. JR calls Babe's story a stunt to get the custody overturned. He tells Babe to get out of here until her next visitation. Babe tells him to go to hell and leaves.

Tad is at the investigator's office with Jamie when the phone rings. It is someone telling him about the Jane Doe in Europe.

Adam is now at the ceremony and approaches Palmer. He says he understands Mary Smythe has now landed in his bed. He says she's better Palmer's than his.

Erica takes note of Maria's drinking of champagne, and says she realizes she's using it to take the edge off. She says it will make life softer but make her hard. Maria doesn't seem to want to listen. Erica tells her she'll be available to talk if she wants and leaves.

Zach is alone in his office thinking about what Livia said about reliving life and starting over. His mind then shifts to Maria telling him that he murdered her husband.

Now off the phone, Tad tells Jamie that the Jane Doe went to Germany for rehabilitation. Aidan's friend could not determine if she was pregnant.

JR finds Kendall at the ceremony and admits that he helped Ethan lie. He says he works for Ethan and he leaned on him to help. He says he tried to get him to tell the truth. JR tells Kendall that he had warned her that Ethan lied. Kendall says that was the time he planted a kiss on her. JR says there's more where that came from. Kendall tells him that Zach proposed and she's considering it. JR asks her how many huge mistakes she has to make before she wakes up. That angers Kendall, who walks away and calls Zach. She asks him to come over and save her from this boredom. JR walks over to her and apologizes. She tells him that Zach is going to be his new boss.

Jack tells Erica that he's going to help Ethan and from now on he's on Ethan's side. Erica walks away angry. Opal finds Erica and asks to talk. Opal says she's sorry she blabbed to the reporter. Erica says she misses her friend. Opal says she hasn't slept a wink since their squabble. They embrace and Erica suggests they go to lunch tomorrow.

Erica runs into Maria again and suggests that if she's not up to it Jack can accept the award. A tipsy Maria makes a crack about "St. Maria in a pushup bra" and walks away.

Babe arrives at Tad's office and tells him and Jamie about the new nanny and says she's trouble. Tad says he's met Di and he got good feelings from her. He wonders if anyone would meet with her approval. Babe says she would feel the same way if this woman were Mary Poppins. Tad asks her questions about the car that tried to run over Di and tells her to try to remember everything she can.

Stuart walks onto the patio at Chandler mansion and greets Di. She quickly sees that this isn't Adam. He says he's his twin. He asks if Babe is gone and Di says she is. Stuart says JR doesn't like Babe around the baby because he's still angry. Stuart says Babe isn't a bad person and she's learned her lesson. He thinks it's wrong to come between a mother and child. Stuart asks Di if she's been to Pigeon Hollow. Di says she doesn't think so. Stuart says there's something familiar about her voice. He asks if she's sure they haven't met before. Di says maybe in some other life. Stuart says maybe she was sent here to take care of Little Adam.

Babe remembers at least a partial plate number and Tad says he'll call his friend at the DMV to get information.

Simone tells Ethan that Kendall has crossed him off her list but said she could have him. Ethan says that's sweet, but he's not the one for her. Ethan finds Maria and tells him he's on her side.

Livia tells Brooke she's gotten paged and has to leave. Brooke is disappointed, calling Livia her moral support and the only one who knows the real story.

Erica tells Palmer that Mary Smythe is a joke and a gold digger. Palmer says it's his gold. Palmer goes to the front of the room to begin the ceremony. He introduces Brooke to present the award. Brooke gives a speech about the goodness of Edmund then asks Maria to accept the award. Maria goes forward and Zach arrives. Brooke tries to hand Maria a large trophy but Maria tells Brooke to keep it. Maria tells her Brooke is the woman Edmund loved enough to tell the truth to and put her in charge of her kid's trust.

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