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Greenlee is on the phone. It looks like she’s having a conversation she would not want Ryan to hear. At that moment, he enters. She tells him he’s been gone all night. He informs her that he’s been on his bike. She tells him she wishes he had called her. He sounds not to care about anything and tells her he’ll call next time. Hearing that, she angrily tells him there will not be a next time.

Maria is talking to Brooke about the difficulty she’s going to have speaking in front of a conference ceremony about what a heroic man her husband was.

Tad is visiting Krystal. Again, the guards tell him his time is up. But he has something to say to the guard in charge, knowing that he can expose some secrets on her.

Di is in the Chandler study. Adam enters and demands to know why she is there and asks her who she really is.

Jamie is working at the motorcycle shop. Rock music is playing. At that moment, an unseen person enters and knocks the motorcycle over and it falls on top of him. It’s JR. He stands on top of it ready to crush Jamie.

Adam tells Di that the study is a private part of the house and she is not to be there alone. She apologizes. He asks her if she’s been doing any snooping on her free time. She tells him that JR has been talking to her about his mother and she just wanted to look at some family photos. He tells her he does not trust her and when he entrusts somebody with something as important as his grandson, he’d like to know more about them than their name and the phony color of their hair. She tells him he may look at her resume. But he still does not trust her.

JR tells Jamie that he’d like to know why Tad is making up these stories about his mom. Jamie tells JR he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. At that moment, Babe enters holding a tire iron and tells JR he better get out of there or he will be sorry.

Tad tells the guard at Krystal’s jail that he knows some things about her dirty laundry and he has the means to expose her and cause a public scandal. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that he’s concerned about Krystal Carey. He then goes to see Krystal. She asks what he did or should she ask? He tells her that maybe it’s best that she does not know but he believes she will sleep better after what he’s done.

Maria tells Brooke that she is not ready to lie about her husband being so great. Brooke asks her if she now believes everything about Edmund. Maria admits she does and knows Brooke was not lying about it. At that moment, Maddie enters, runs up and hugs Brooke and acts friendly to her. She says nothing to her mother and informs Brooke that she really wishes her father were there. She asks Brooke if she can provide her with a new computer for her schoolwork. Brooke tells Maddie that she is the trustee of her father’s will. Maria is her mother. But she says she will look into it. Maddie graciously thanks Brooke and walks out. Noticing Maria does not look happy, Brooke informs Maria that all she said was she’d look into it. Maria informs Brooke that she already recently bought Maddie a new computer and they had an agreement that she would use this one and not ask for another one. Brooke apologizes and admits she did not know. At that point, Maria tells Brooke that she is tired of having her around, undermining her and getting into her family’s business. And she tells Brooke she wants her out of her house.

Ryan apologizes to Greenlee for not having the common courtesy to call. She apologizes for talking about having a baby and promises not to bring it up again. They seem happy and he appears nice until she suggests going back to the shrink whom he saw with Jonathan. Hearing that, he yells at her and tells her she must stop trying to fix him. She tells him that she remembers his telling her before that it helped to talk about his issues with a professional. But he tells her that what happened with Jonathan in the cave is over. He asks her if maybe she needs to get help and is just hiding behind her concern for him. She admits that maybe she does. But she tells him that he’s not going to turn this around and make this entirely her problem. She tells him that maybe they need to get professional help together.

After hearing that Tad is going to help her, Krystal hugs Tad and tells him he’s a dream come true. She tells him he loves to rescue the damsels in distress. And she says he must not feel obligated to her. He asks why she is pushing him out. Before she has a chance to explain, David enters and kisses her, making sure he is seen by Tad.

Adam tells Di that feeding, diapering and taking his grandson to the park falls into the category of nanny duties. Interfering in his business with his son falls into the category of how stupid can she be. She apologizes and protests that she wanted to learn more about Little Adam by knowing more about his family. She tells him that family photos tell a lot more than what someone looks like. They tell all about what a family and its people are all about. He tells her that is foolish. She protests that she sees being a nanny as having a real profound interest in the child, in who he is and everything about him. He tells her that his family is none of her business. He handles things with his family without any help from her. Hearing that, she makes a comment about how great a job he’s been doing at that.

JR is ready to crush Jamie by standing on top of the motorcycle that he’s lying under. Babe yells that he’d better get out. Jamie gets up underneath of the motorcycle and is ready to hit JR with a tire iron. Babe yells at Jamie not to hit JR because he can use it against him in court. JR tells Jamie that he has two seconds to tell him what Tad is trying to pull in regard to Dixie. JR leaves. Babe hugs Jamie, tells him she’s glad he’s all right and that JR is gone. And she asks what JR was talking about. He tells her he just has some issue about Dixie.

Noticing David hugging and kissing Krystal, Tad asks her what is going on. Krystal tells Tad that for some reason David has fallen for her. And with all his persistence, she fell for him also. He tells her nice try. He could tell that she was backing away from David and knows they were just putting on an act. But Krystal tells Tad that he knows there must be somebody else out there for him. And she doesn’t want him to miss out on meeting her and having a future with her because he’s carrying a torch for her. He tells her there is nobody in his life. But she tells him she would be thrilled if he met somebody and was able to move on. He gets up to leave and she thanks him for everything. David stays.

Adam tells Di that she knows nothing about him or his family from just walking in off the streets. He asks her if she is a reporter ready to dig up dirt on him. She informs him that she reads newspapers but does not write them. He asks if she reads the garbage in the tabloids. She tells him that she wants to help JR with his son. He tells her that he has a problem with the hired help being so argumentative. JR enters and asks his father what his problem is. He tells Adam that Ms. Cole was not hired to obey his orders. Adam asks his son if they may have a private conversation. JR tells his father there is nothing to discuss. He is very happy with Ms. Cole and if Adam has a problem with that, then that’s just too bad.

Brooke tells Maria that if she can accept the fact that Edmund turned on her and Zach Slater did not kill him, then she can also believe that Brooke did not in any way persuade Edmund to cut her out of the will or do anything to hurt her. Assuming Maria will not be comfortable or interested in going to the meeting, Brooke concludes she will go alone. But Maria says she will go and knows how to sound like the good widow. And she does not need to have the rest of the world knowing what a vengeful liar her husband was.

Again Ryan and Greenlee apologize to each other about their argument. He protests to her that when he just goes off and puts a few hundred miles on his motorcycle it feels a lot better than talking to a shrink. She tells him he cannot assume that Dr. Robbins cannot help him until he gives it a try. He tells her that he just wishes she’d be ok with his need to go off on his bike. But right at that moment, she notices a bruise on his forehead and asks where that came from. She also notices that something happened to his hands. He defensively tells her that a mine caved in on him and sounds like he doesn’t want to talk about it. He also tells her that he’s been riding against the wind. But she tells him that she knows that this had nothing to do with the mine accident or the wind. He tells her he needs some space and it won’t help to be questioning his every move and asking him to see some shrink.

Brooke tells Maddie that she will not get her a new computer after all because she realizes there was a family agreement that she uses the one she has. Instantly, Maddie assumes it was due to her mother asking Brooke not to do it and she blames her mother. After hearing that, Maria tells Brooke that from now on if she wants to conduct business, she should do it by fax or phone or email and not be in her house. But Brooke tells Maria that it can’t be done that way.

David tells Krystal that they need to look like they have a hot and heavy thing in front of Tad.

Tad goes to see Jamie. Jamie asks his father why he did not tell him about Dixie.

JR apologizes to Di for his dad. He tells her she must not let him intimidate her. He just likes to be in control. He tells her his father just doesn’t like anybody. JR is really friendly to her, showing her all of his childhood photos and sharing all his memories with her. She tells him that she can see a lot of his mother in him. He thanks her and tells her that is the nicest thing anybody could say to her.

Babe goes to see Stuart. She asks how her son is. He tells her that he was just there helping him in his garden. She tells him she’s really happy that her son can spend time with him. But she tells him she’s very worried about JR. Stuart sounds surprised, noticing JR’s happy demeanor since Di came to the house. But she informs Stuart that JR hurt Jamie and tried to crush him with a motorcycle. Stuart sounds concerned and wants to help. But as soon as he leaves, Adam enters and tells Babe that she is not to be in Stuart’s home talking to him about JR and he will call social services and have her visitation rights revoked immediately if she does not leave Stuart alone.

Tad tells Jamie that he’s sorry that JR had to take out his problem on him. Jamie tells his father that he can handle JR but he wonders what is up with this rumor that Dixie might be alive. Tad tells Jamie that JR blames him for this. He says he’s considered that Adam falsified this story but realizes that not even he would stoop so low.

David informs Krystal that he has good news. He tells her he found a former patient of his who has authority over this prison’s budget and he can pull some strings for her. But she tells him it’s al right. Tad has the means to help her. David makes a comment about Tad having magical powers.

Stuart protests to Adam that Babe just came to talk to him about her son. She was just concerned and Adam must not be mad at her. But Adam tells Stuart he knows he doesn’t want to be the reason for social services taking away Babe’s visitation. Stuart leaves Babe alone with Adam. She tells her former father-in-law that she believes that JR is a danger to their son. JR enters and asks what she is doing there. He tells her that their son is in perfect hands. He’s finally found the right person to care for him. Di appears and JR introduces her to his son’s pathetic, worthless excuse for a mother. Babe remembers Di with her dark hair when she left the prison and looks shocked to learn that she is her son’s new nanny. JR asks if they know each other.

Maria goes to the conference and hangs by herself, looking uncomfortable.

Greenlee asks Ryan if he wants some food. He snaps at her that he’s ok and wants to be left alone. She goes out the door.

Tad tells Jamie that he knows it’s really foolish for anybody to be jumping to conclusions about Dixie being alive. But Jamie reveals that he knows his father has been getting his hopes up whether he says so or not.

Di admits to JR that she met “Mrs. Chandler” once when she went to visit her mother in prison. JR tells her Babe is no longer Mrs. Chandler. Babe says she is so happy for that. And she asks Di if that is all she wants to tell JR. Babe admits that she happens to know that somebody is trying to kill Di and that she might want to tell that to JR if she is going to be caring for their child.

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