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Jack is at home with Lily, Sam and Maria. Jack explains to Sam that with Lily’s disability, she has special needs and he needs to know that Lily’s behavior of striking out at Autumn is not the way to deal with her problems. Jack goes to ask his daughter what happened. She tells him that she is the Autistic terminator just as Autumn said. Jonathan almost killed her, Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan and she believes it’s her fault that they got put in danger. She went to investigate Jonathan and that is what put them all in danger.

Erica tells her wedding planner that she wants this to be special. He tells her that in the short planning time he has, it might be difficult to do everything she wants. But she protests that since this will be her very last wedding, it must be special. The guy makes some comment about how surprising it will be if Jack actually says, “I do” to Erica. Hearing that, she concludes to him that perhaps she should take her wedding plans elsewhere. At that moment, Zach appears and says he wants to help.

Hearing Kendall say that her condition for marrying him is that he signs over all his wealth to his father, Ethan surprisingly tells Kendall that all he wants is to have her in his life. He does tell her that she is asking him to sign away who he is. She admits that she hasn’t been really happy with who he is lately. He asks her if it’s so bad to have wealth. She tells him that she was hoping he’d “chill” with this whole King Cambias routine. He tells her he knows she’s wanted to be a princess. So why doesn’t she let him make her his queen? She asks him how he is coming along on the construction of the non-profit Miranda Center. He tells her he’s explained that to her. She says yes, and he lied to the cops, and falsely accused his father of a murder he did not commit and lied about that on his love for her. Hearing that, he assures her that the Miranda Center will be completed soon. She tells him that she is beginning to have suspicions about the Cambias curse when the man whom she believed she loved swore on his love for her to a lie. She talks about his obsessive hate toward his father and how it’s going to ruin them unless he lets go of it.

Jack tells Lily that he misunderstood what she was trying to tell him. He tells her that he does not blame her for anything and she makes him very proud. Lily tells her father that he makes her very proud also. Jack gives Sam and Lily some money for ice cream. They go off together. When Jack and Maria are alone, she remarks how good he is with his daughter and admits she is lost on how to parent her son. He tells her that he cannot live with knowing that his daughter blames herself for what Jonathan did. He tells her that Aiden lost his friend, Sam lost his father, Greenlee almost lost her mind. And he lost his sister. All because of Jonathan and Braden Lavery. And he tells her he’s not about to make the same mistake by trusting Ryan, who spent much of his life covering for his two sick brothers.

Greenlee plans a vacation with Ryan. It looks like their marriage is getting back on track.

Ethan reminds Kendall that there was a time when he wanted nothing to do with Cambias and she kept trying to persuade him to take what is rightfully his and make Cambias great. She admits that that was a mistake. But he protests to her that he owes Bianca and Miranda the profits from Cambias. He tells her that she can have full partnership at Cambias. And she can build several Miranda Centers. But she tells him that the man she loves would just want to live his life and forget about the hate and his attitude about Zach Slater. He tells her he wants that also and that’s why he wants to put Zach away for good. He admits that he totally blew that. But what he does not want is a life without her. He tells her it is torture being around her without being able to touch her. He tells her that he can get a jet and they can leave before sunrise. He tells her that they can have a whole new life together. She tells him that will happen only until he finds a new way to trash his father. She tells him that if he really wants to win and get beyond the Cambias curse, he needs to no longer need to take money from Zach or be concerned about him. He needs to make that sacrifice in order to have what he wants and needs in his life. And in order to win her he has to give this up.

Zach offers Erica to have her wedding in his casino. She reminds him that the casino has been shut down because he’s a liar and a fraud. She tells him she’d rather get married in sing-sing. He informs her that her daughter, Kendall dumped his son. Hearing that, she admits that she is happy. He explains to her that because of that, he now has ownership of his casino. And he also informs her that he has just proposed to Kendall. And when Kendall says yes, Erica might qualify for family discount. Hearing that new bit of information, Erica is not happy.

After hearing that Zach has proposed to Kendall, Erica tells Zach that he cannot be serious. She says she believes that although her daughter has tragicly bad taste in men, not even she would be interested in someone like him. She asks if he’s just doing that to stick it to his son and says how dare he drag her daughter into his filth. He tells her that very soon Cambias will be his. And has his wife, Kendall will be able to protect Bianca’s and Miranda’s financial interests with him much better than she could if she marries Ethan. She informs him that she got acquitted after stabbing one of her husbands and was declared not guilty by reason of insanity. And she warns him that she could pull it off again if he pushes her any farther. She tells him if he marries Kendall there will be blood all over the alter; All his and he must think about that. She gets up to leave. Hearing that he sighs and says: “mothers in laws”

Ethan tells Kendall that ever since Zach blew up his car years ago and had everybody believing he was dead, he’s been a con artist and master manipulator. He tells her that just the fact that his father proposed to her and she did not tell him go to hell is proof of his ability to manipulate and work both of them. She admits that Zach may have persuaded her to consider his offer. So in that case, she tells him, why doesn’t he just save her from the Cambias curse and from Zach? Why not just get over the war with his father and stooping to his level? He asks her why it was that when he wanted no part of Zach’s world; she encouraged him to go for it. And now she wants him to go back to the way he was. He tells her that now Zach is going to sue him for Cambias wealth and she is offering him an ultimatum. But she says she doesn’t want to use a word as ugly as ultimatum. He tells her that Zach wants to destroy their love and is using her to do it.

Anita appears and talks to Zach after Erica has left. She apologizes to him for Bobbie’s problems and for falsely accusing him of murdering Edmund. She tells him however, that she’s a little confused at why he’d propose to Kendall when he is in love with Maria.

Jack tells Maria that he’s very worried about Greenlee staying with Ryan and Ryan’s attitude that he is above the law. But she tells him that telling his daughter she cannot be with the man she loves is just going to make her want him more. She tells him it’s not unlike her desire to be with Zach when everybody, including Edmund told her he’s wrong for her. She also tells him she observes the same thing with her daughter Maddie being with boys she disapproves of and how she’s made her own children hate her. She looks like she’s ready to break down and cry and Jack puts his arms around her. At that moment, Erica bursts through the door to talk to her fiancé and is shocked to see what she sees. She says she blames Maria for what happened to both of their families.

Greenlee tells Ryan she wants him, she wants them and she misses him. They have a dinner together and are able to laugh again. He tells her that he wants nothing more than to make love with her and fall asleep in her arms. But he admits to reservations about having a baby. At that moment, he notices that she wrote, in her appointment book, a schedule about her ovulation very recently.

Anita tells Zach that if he wants to blame somebody for what went wrong, he may blame her. She admits that she jumped all over Maria to stay with Edmund. She got into Maria’s face and insisted that she go against her heart. And now she notices that Maria and Zach are both alone and unhappy. And she believes it’s all her fault. He assures her it’s not.

When Erica runs into Maria with Jack, she informs Jack that she’s very concerned about Zach proposing to Kendall. Maria confirms to her that she already knows. Maria tells Erica that Zach and Kendall are both adults and there’s nothing she can do about it. But Erica tells Jack that Zach is done with Maria and now working in on her family. She tells Jack that she needs to talk her daughter out of this crazy idea to marry Zach and she needs his help. Maria leaves.

Kendall tells Ethan that Zach cannot hurt them if he stops his war with him. She tells him that he needs to move on and get over his shock of finding his father so recently. He asks her when she first found Erica, did she just move on and get over it? She admits that she and her mother used to have terrible problems. But they’ve resolved this and are now close and she loves her mother. He asks if she thinks he should love Zach. She says she does not care if he loves Zach. All she cares about is that he loves her. And she tells him that she wants the old Ethan back. The one that refused to take Bianca’s shirt to prove he was a Cambias. He tells her that was Ethan Ramsay, a guy he hoped he’d never see again.

Sam tells Lily that her dad is pretty cool. She tells him that her father has studied her disorder and understands it really well. She says she is good at math and mysteries but she is not always good with people. She says she studies their faces, tones, body languages and expressions. She says if your eyebrows are up, you might be asking questions. If your mouth is turned down, you might be sad. She admits that she doesn’t understand many people and they don’t understand her. He tells her so many people don’t get him nor he them and it’s fine by him. He tells her he has real problems communicating with his mom. He tells her that he does not believe he’s that different from her. She asks him if he tells the truth no matter what. He tells her he is not afraid of the truth and wants to hear whatever is on her mind. He says to her how about a “dip in the truth pool”? He tells her he wants to ask her a question. He asks her why she freaked when Autumn touched her. She replies that she has autism spectrum disorder and it makes her uncomfortable when people touch her. She says that’s what she tells people when they want to shake her hand. She says sometimes she hears too much or sees too much or feels too much. And sometimes she forgets not to hit. She says it’s ok if her dad or Bianca or her boyfriend touch her, however. She admits that she once saw Aiden as her boyfriend but now knows that he’s Anita’s boyfriend. She says that Greenlee and Kendall have a lot of experience and hopefully can help her get over Aiden.

Kendall tells Ethan that he’s already filled in his family tree. She tells him he is whole, although he tells her that he does not want to go back to the way he was before he knew about his heritage. And she just wants the man she loves back. He tells her that she left her adoptive family, the Hart’s, for a reason. And then she found Erica. She tells him that it was not until she got over her habit of blaming Erica for everything, that she was able to live; not unlike what she’s observed about him in relation to his father. He tells her that in that case, she must understand how he feels about his father. She asks him how he can throw “them” away just to spite his father.

Anita seems to encourage Zach to get back with Maria. Zach tells Anita that his romance with Maria started a long time ago and far away. When he first met her sister, he knew how extraordinary she would be. But he now knows this is where it ends.

Erica tells Jack that she knows that Kendall may get her stubbornness from her mother. But she is hoping that he can help her persuade Kendall to get over Zach, without causing her to believe she is being judged. Jack tells Erica he will make her a deal. He will help her with Kendall if she helps him with Greenlee. He tells her that his daughter needs to get rid of Ryan. And maybe by knowing that Erica is fond of Ryan, Greenlee might listen to Erica and not believe Erica is judging her husband. But Erica tells Jack that she does not agree that Greenlee should not be with Ryan. She asks if he really thinks that Kendall should become Mrs. Zach Slater. He says no but Kendall is simply stubborn no different than Greenlee. She tells him that her daughter simply needs to get over something that will not be good for her. But Jack’s daughter is making the right decision to stand by her man.

Greenlee reminds Ryan that after Christmas, they had a promise to have a child together. He wanted it as much as she did until he found out he was a full Lavery and what his two brothers were all about. She asks if he ever told Bianca not to have Miranda. Did he ever assume she’d be just like Michael Cambias? She tells him he’d be an amazing father. Their baby would be so lucky. They would be so lucky. She says they’ve wanted this for months. And she can wait. But he tells her regardless; he does not want to have a child. Not ever. She tells him she remembers when he did not love her. He didn’t even like her. But things change. He tells her not this. He does not want any child of his coming into this world. And he needs her not to ever bring this up again. She protests again that she wants to change his mind. Hearing that, he says to her that was a deal breaker. Hearing that, she asks if he just said he wants to end their marriage.

Anita tells Zach that Maria still loves him. And if he does not take a risk, he will never know about his future with her.

Erica tells Jack that she knows that Greenlee loves Ryan. But Kendall is completely bent on revenge with her interest in marrying Zach. Jack tells Erica that she either helps him with Greenlee or else she is on her own with Kendall.

Ethan keeps telling Kendall that he loves her but cannot do what she wants.

Erica goes out the door of Jack’s after he stands firm on his conditions.

Ryan goes out the door and says nothing to Greenlee after she’s asked him whether he wants to end their marriage because she brought up having a baby again.

Ethan leaves Kendall and she cries.

Zach sits by himself drinking. Maria goes outside and observes her son with Lily. They seem to be happy, at least.

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