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Knowing about the scam that Dixie is alive, JR suspects his father is behind the scam. He tells him that he knows his mother is dead and if he is using Dixie’s memory to give him false hopes, he will never forgive him. Adam tells his son and tells Tad that as much as he would not care if Tad were sent on a wild goose chase to believe Dixie was alive, he would never hurt his own son with that. Tad tells him he knows that somebody is behind this scam. And if it is not Adam, it’s got to be somebody else. Di hides herself and listens to their conversation.

David goes to see Krystal in her cell. He sounds concerned about what happened to his daughter’s mother and wants to help. She tells him she has a plan. They can pretend that they are in love.

Greenlee and Kendall argue outside the Fusion office, distrusting each other once again.

Ryan goes to Aiden’s but discovers that Aiden is no longer his friend. Aiden tells Ryan that he was supposed to be working with Tad and himself. Ryan tells Aiden that he did not ask anybody to follow him to Des Moines. Aiden tells Ryan he is lucky that he and Tad helped him there and quite possibly saved his life. Aiden tells Ryan that their agreement was that he would work with Aiden and Tad as a team. Ryan protests that he had to find Greenlee and protect her. But Aiden tells Ryan that his “private” plan let Jonathan off the hook and endangered Greenlee, Kendall and Lily.

Greenlee and Kendall return to Fusion. Simone hugs them and is relieved that they are ok. Danielle tells them she’s glad that Simone was not left to run the place without them. But they both seem to be not ready to talk and in a big argument with each other. Kendall tells Simone that Greenlee thinks she can solve all of Ryan’s problems. Greenlee tells Kendall maybe she needs to get on the air and tell everybody about the private details of Greenlee’s marriage. Kendall tells Greenlee she is not exactly handling her marriage so well without help.

Krystal reveals her plan to David. She says they should pretend that they have fallen in love. Hearing that, he discovers that she must have taken Brooke up on her offer. He asks her what a phony love affair would have to do with Brooke’s plan. She explains that Brooke told her that her conditions for writing the article about prison reform is that Krystal breaks up with Tad. He tells her that Tad will probably abandon her on his own since he has no loyalty. She explains to David that if Brooke and Tad and others believe that she has a romantic affair with him, then Tad will give up on her and nobody will accuse her of hanging onto Tad.

Tad informs JR that a Swiss doctor claims that somebody found Dixie’s car at the bottom of a mountain but found no body in it. He says that apparently somebody found an unidentified woman who escaped from an accident at a similar time and she had injuries. Tad tells JR and Adam that he is going to investigate the lead about this alleged “Jane Doe” possibly matching Dixie. JR tells him this must be a million to one long shot. Tad admits that he knows it is and tells JR he does not want him getting his hopes up.

Ryan admits to Aiden that maybe he’s right. Maybe he did want to save and protect both Jonathan and Braden. But he protests to Aiden that the reason he wanted to go alone was to prevent anybody else from getting hurt. Aiden tells Ryan that Lily is traumatized over what happened and still not over it. Hopefully she will recover. But Steve, bodyguard for both Lily and Greenlee cannot recover because he is dead. He tells Ryan that Steve now has a 24 year old widow. And Ryan was just too concerned about covering for his little brother. Ryan admits that maybe he overlooked both of his brothers’ problems. But he never knowingly covered up anything about them. Aiden admits that maybe he just wants to blame somebody. He admits that he really misses his friend, Steve.

Greenlee tells Kendall that Kendall does not know anything about her marriage to her husband. Kendall reminds Greenlee that Ryan almost became her own husband. Greenlee says that Kendall will always use that against her. Simone and Danielle seem to want to get involved but don’t know what to tell them. Simone reminds Kendall that she left a book up on the roof and is afraid to go and get it in the dark. Kendall grudgingly agrees to go up the roof and find it for her. When she’s gone, Simone reveals that her “plan” worked. Kendall goes up on the roof and finds the book. And right at that moment, Ethan is there.

JR concludes that Tad probably planned the scam that Dixie is alive, due to revenge. Tad protests to his former stepson that he must believe he’d never do that. He tells JR that he must see that Dixie’s death has devastated him as much as it has JR. JR leaves and Tad privately tells Adam that he is going to find out who this mysterious Jane Doe really is.

Krystal tells David that although she doesn’t want to be overly worried about being beaten up by those women, she knows that they have a hunger for blood, until the next time a baby-snatcher moves in. He tells her he will get her protection. He will get Livia Fry to protect her legal rights. She tells him she just discovered what a wimp she is. He tells her she is one of the bravest and strongest women he knows. He asks if there is not one person whom she can trust. She says not since Di left. He tells her that he will always be her friend and help her in any way he can.

Simone reveals to Danielle that she lured Kendall to the rooftop in order to meet with Ethan. Greenlee then comes out and asks Simone where Kendall is, knowing she must know. Simone bluffs that Greenlee may check the lady’s room, the storage room, possibly anywhere, except the roof. Hearing that, Greenlee seems to know that the roof is where she will find Kendall.

Ethan admits to Kendall that he did not tell her the truth about Zach and Edmund because he did not completely trust her. He tells her he’s never met anybody like her and doesn’t feel as though he deserves her. She tells him he does not. He admits he was wrong but tells her she was also, when she went to the police station and tried to help get him locked up. He asks if she really hates him. Does she really want to marry his father? He tells her he still loves her and wants to have a future together. But it’s up to her to say the word to either be there for him or push him away. Right then, Greenlee enters and tells Kendall she may say the word and she will help push him over the edge. Kendall tells Greenlee that will not be necessary. Greenlee replies that Kendall is a fine one to be giving advice about another’s’ relationship and if Kendall has any sense she will ditch both Ethan and his daddy. She leaves and Ethan tells Kendall that he knows he’s hurt her. She confirms that he did. He tells her that he knows she is angry enough to be tempted to marry Zach. She admits that is true. He tells her he knows he cannot make her forgive him right away and it may just take time. But he tells her that maybe what they should do is just forget about payback and revenge and instead think about loving each other.

Ryan tells Aiden that he’s been trying to find his sister Erin but she has not responded to her messages. Aiden tells Ryan it’s possible she is dead and Jonathan killed her. At that point, Ryan physically attacks Aiden. Tad then comes and pulls them apart.

David assures Krystal that he will make sure that she and their daughter will have everything they want.

When JR is alone with Di, he apologizes for having her see the confrontation with his father and Tad. She tells him it’s quite all right. She tells him she notices he loved his mother so much and admits that although she barely knows him, she wishes Dixie could be with his son. He tells her that he’s thought many times about how great his mother and his son would be together. He also confides in her that he’s fired so many nannies and his father to him that he didn’t want to have anybody near his son who did not remind him of his mother. Di then reveals that she is a little uncomfortable, knowing something she is not telling JR, and says maybe she should not be in his house. Immediately, hearing that, JR tries to urge her not to go. He asks her if there’s anything he can change. He will offer more money and benefits and he promises she will never have to witness anything like that again. She asks him what about her reminded him of his mother. He answers that they look alike and there is also something else. He tells her he remembers her asking if his mom was her own person. And he tells her he knows she was and she is also. He asks her again if she will be his child’s nanny. She agrees.

At the Fusion office, noticing Greenlee burying herself in work, Simone suggests Greenlee goes home and has a bubble bath and thinks about having quality time with her man. Hearing that, Greenlee is very encouraged and goes off.

Kendall shows Ethan the ring that Zach gave her. He notices how big the ring is and tells her that it’s all about a contract and not about love. He tells her that if she marries Zach she will hurt them both. She admits it might be worth it to hurt him. But he tells her that Zach will hurt her. He tells her he’s just giving her a warning because he cares about her. He tells her all he cares about is having her in his life and he kisses her.

When Di leaves, Adam expresses his suspicion about her to his son. He asks JR to look at her references and tells his son that something about that woman worries him. JR tells Adam it must be because she could not be intimidated by him. He tells Adam that Di is there to be his son’s nanny, not to please him. He makes it clear that she’s going to be there whether Adam likes it or not. But he apologizes to his father for accusing him of scamming about Dixie and admits that he knows Adam would never do that.

When Di is alone with David, she admits that she is a little worried about hurting JR and his family. He tells her that she is not hurting anybody. She is helping his daughter see her son and he is not worried about JR or Adam or Tad.

Tad tells Aiden that he needs his help in investigating the mysterious Jane Doe who might be Dixie. He needs to know where she may have gone and where she is right now. Aiden agrees to get right on it. Alone, Tad says something about together forever.

Greenlee goes home, lights candles and puts on soft music. Ryan appears and she says welcome home. But he still looks like he’s a little out of it.

Ethan asks Kendall to marry him and make him happy. She says she will marry him under one condition. He tells her she may name it. She says he must sign over Cambias to his father.

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