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At Chandler mansion, Tad tells Adam that he set him up. Adam says he's done no such thing and tells Tad he wants him out of here. JR is at the door talking with Di. He asks her why she's the answer to his prayers. Di asks him to invite her in and she'll tell him.

Lily is at her school locker and sees a sign in it that says "autistic terminator." Other kids are laughing at her. Autumn approaches her and taunts her about the incident with Jonathan. She calls her a loser and tells her she blew it. Lily says she solved the case. Autumn tells her to try not to kill anybody else.

Maria tells Ethan she's not interested in what he has to say about Zach. Ethan tells her Zach asked Kendall to marry him. Maria doesn't believe Ethan but Ethan says it's another of Zach's stunts. He's now roped in Kendall. Maria tells him this is between him and his dad.

In Ryan's hospital room, Kendall urges Greenlee to find the missing Ryan. Zach walks in and asks if he could help. Greenlee verbally attacks Zach, claiming he knew all along who was responsible for shooting Ryan and drugging her but said nothing. Zach says he thought it was Braden. Greenlee tells him he's using Kendall to stick it to his son. While Greenlee calls for help in locating Ryan, Kendall takes Zach into the hallway and chastises him for adding to Greenlee's problems. Zach presents Kendall with a gigantic ring. Kendall says Ethan's ring was better and hands it back to him. Greenlee approaches and accuses Zach of trying to blind Kendall with a rock the size of Rhode Island. She tells him he's screwed up everyone else's life and she won't let him screw up Kendall's. Zach walks away and Kendall tells Greenlee they need to find Ryan. Greenlee says she knows where Ryan is.

Ryan is at the cave looking in. A worker tells him that they have done everything they could to find the bodies of Jonathan and Braden but they could not reach them as it's too unstable. Ryan turns around and suddenly sees the worker as Jonathan, who asks if Ryan is happy now that he and Braden have bit the dust. Jonathan then says he knows Ryan isn't happy because they're dead. He tells Ryan that Braden loved him but he hated him. Jonathan says he wanted to slam the life out of him. He left him to choke on poison sandwiches. He asks Ryan how it feels to be the last of the Laverys. Ryan pulls away and sees Sam standing there. Sam says he had to see the place where his father's murderer died. He thanks Ryan for taking out the guy who killed his dad. Sam asks Ryan if he loved his brother. Ryan says he hated what he did. Sam asks why he did it. Ryan says Jonathan was sick and he couldn't see it until it was too late. Sam tells Ryan he knows it wasn't his fault. Sam leaves and Ryan sees Jonathan again. Jonathan says it's awesome that Sam doesn't blame Ryan.

Greenlee says Ryan took off and he doesn't want to be pushed. She says Ryan either blows up or shuts down. Kendall says she understands Ryan. They come from similar backgrounds and she can talk Ryan down. If Greenlee wants a baby, she may be her only shot. Greenlee tells her if she wants to fix her life go ahead, but next she gets a shot at her's.

Di walks into Chandler mansion and says it's not the same. Adam asks her what's not the same. Di says it's not what she was expecting. Tad tells Di she changed her hair and explains he met her after the explosion at the cave. Adam asks her who she is and why is she there. Di says she's here to join their family. Adam asks what she means. Di introduces herself as Diana Cole and she's there about the nanny position. She says she was at the agency when a woman stormed in griping about her former employer, JR Chandler. Di says she's heard stories that he's a pain to work for, but she heard his son is sweet and that's why she's here. JR offers her an interview. Adam tells JR that this woman could be anyone. JR says he doesn't care what he thinks and takes her into the next room. Tad tells Adam he's going to nail him to the wall for using Dixie like that. Adam says he would never do that to his son.

Sam finds Lily at school. She's staring at the sign in her locker and tells Sam that she lets people die. Sam says she didn't do anything wrong. Autumn returns and gets in Lily's face. Lily tells her she's too close, but Autumn touches her and tells her she'll never be hot. Lily slaps Autumn's finger and the two girls tussle. Lily gets away and starts counting while Autumn cries that her new nose is bleeding. A woman arrives and Autumn tells her Lily attacked her. Sam says Autumn was in Lily's face and put up a nasty note. The woman asks to see the note but Sam can't find it and figures someone took it. The woman tells Autumn to go to the nurse's office and wants to see Lily and Sam in her office.

Ethan tells Maria that Zach ropes people in and manipulates them. He made Maria feel responsible for what happened. Maria says she destroyed her own marriage. She tells him his claim is not true. Zach walks in and tells Maria it is true. Maria glares at Zach and asks Ethan to leave. Maria asks Zach if he's proposed to a woman his son was engaged to. Zach says the engagement is off. Maria tells him this is payback. He just wants to hurt Ethan and her. Zach says this has nothing to do with her. Maria says she understands why he hates her. She blew it. Zach says they both made mistakes and it's time to move on. Maria asks if what they had means nothing to him. Doesn't he love her anymore? Zach says they need to accept it's over. Maria tells him not to worry. She hopes he's happy. He says happiness is not an option for him. He walks away and Maria bursts into tears.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he left him when he needed him. He killed him. Ryan tells him to shut up. Jonathan tells him he got his way. Ryan puts his hands over his ears and yells shut up. Greenlee and Kendall arrive. Greenlee tells Ryan she was worried about him and asks what's going on. Ryan says he needed some fresh air. He's fine and he didn't need to be at the hospital. Greenlee says he doesn't need to be here either. Ryan says he had to come here to say goodbye. Ryan tells Kendall he's sorry about what Jonathan did. Kendall says she's sorry Braden and Jonathan are gone, but it's over now and he's free to have the life he's dreamed about with Greenlee. She says she hopes to be godmother. Ryan looks at Greenlee and asks if she put her up to that.

JR looks at Di's references and says the only thing missing is a halo and a magic wand. Di says she's had only one nanny job for 15 years. She talks glowingly about the children she cared for. She tells a story about a child who was afraid of being eaten by a wild animal in his bed and how she once took a hamburger. JR stops her and finishes the story. He says his mother once took a ham sandwich and put it outside his window, saying the tiger would eat it instead of him. JR calls a Mr. Wellington, who can't say enough good things about Di. JR says there's one more test. Winefred brings in Little Adam and Di takes him and coos over him.

Lily tells Sam she hasn't hit anyone for a long time, but Autumn touched her and her mind went red. She talks about how Aidan used to protect her. Sam says he'll protect her, if she'll let him. Lily smiles.

Tad acknowledges that he believes Adam. But if Adam didn't plant information about Dixie, who did? Tad says it could mean that Dixie is alive somewhere. JR and Di overhear the comment.

Kendall tells Ryan Greenlee didn't put her up to anything, but Greenlee admits to Ryan that she did. Ryan tells Greenlee to let it go. He's not bringing another Lavery into the world. It's over. Ryan walks away and is again confronted by Jonathan, who tells him it's far from over.

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