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At home, David asks Di if she's ready to wow Dixie's biggest fans. Di asks if he means now, because she's not ready without weeks of rehearsal. David says Dixie's family is desperate and need her now more than ever.

Tad, on the phone with the fake Swiss doctor, asks if the Jane Doe treated in Switzerland after Dixie's accident was pregnant.

At Chandler mansion, JR asks Adam to tell him what's wrong because he does care. Adam tells him that he hates him. If he dropped dead JR would leap over him to get everything he owns. Adam asks how JR can believe, that after everything he's done for him he could sell Little Adam out for Colby. He says he was playing Hayward and would never sacrifice his grandson. Adam holds his hand to his head, seemingly in pain. JR says he's calling 911, but Adam knocks the phone out of his hand. JR says OK, then, he doesn't care if he dies. He just wants to know one thing – how is he going to divide up his estate. Is he worth more to him dead or alive?

Greenlee asks Kendall in the hospital break room if she's crazy for considering marrying Zach. Ethan tells Kendall not to demean herself. Kendall asks Ethan if he thinks she's making this up. Zach enters the room and says she's not. He informs Greenlee and Ethan that he asked Kendall to marry him. He approaches Kendall, kisses her hand and gives her a pink rose. A defiant Kendall announces that pink roses are now her favorite flower. She sweetly asks Zach not to pressure her for an answer because she wants to make sure she's making the right step. Greenlee refers to her step as a suicide leap. Zach gives Kendall a present. She opens it and sees it is a prenuptial agreement. Zach says the agreement will spell out the details of their business arrangement. He tells Ethan and Greenlee that they agreed that love screws things up. Zach tells Kendall that she'll get business and gaming licenses for his casinos and he'll transfer half of all Cambias holdings to her once he gets them back in court. Greenlee tells Kendall to drop this marriage farse. Kendall suggests to Greenlee that it was a farse when she married Ryan.

Tad is with Maria at Aidan's office. He has just emailed a photo of Dixie to the doctor and is waiting for him to call back to hear if the Jane Doe was pregnant. Maria asks Tad if it's possible Dixie is alive. Tad asks what are the odds that Jane Doe is Dixie. Maria reminds him he's talking to someone who survived a plane crash and made it back to her family. Tad says he'll wait till the doctor calls him back and Maria says she'll wait with him.

Di says she doesn't think she can pull it off. When Dixie's family hears her open her mouth they'll bust her and she'll get arrested. She says she's not going to prison so his daughter can have more time with her son. David, who's been working at his computer, says he has the whole thing worked out. He shows Di a piece of paper and says this will show her how. Di looks at the paper and tells David this is absolutely brilliant. David asks if she can do this now. She says it will be just like whistling Dixie. David asks her to stare at Dixie's family like she's looking through their soul. She stares at David and asks him if this is what he means. He tells her it's amazing. She's going to knock them dead.

Tad is still waiting for the phone to ring when Maria walks in with a couple of coffees. The phone rings and Tad jumps to get it, knocking over one of the coffees. It is the doctor calling, saying it is impossible for the nurse to identify Jane Doe from the photo he sent since the woman had severe facial injuries in the crash. She was transferred to another hospital for surgery and it is unknown if she was pregnant, the doctor says. Tad asks for the name of the other hospital or hospital records, but the doctor says the nurse didn't have the name and the hospital had a fire and there are no records remaining. He says he's sorry he can't be of more help. Tad hangs up and tells Maria that it's a dead end at every turn. Maria tells him that since he's an investigator, he should look into it. Tad says it's a waste of time as he smells a rat. He says this doctor filled his head with hope then leaves him hanging. He thinks this is a setup and someone wants him on his knees.

Kendall boasts that she's gotten two marriage proposals in one week. One was from a man who said he loved her but lied to her face and the other was from someone who says he doesn't love her but wants to keep it honest. Greenlee tells Zach that she doesn't approve of his marriage from hell. He throws in her face that her marriage to Ryan was for business reasons. Kendall tells Greenlee to back off and Greenlee pulls Kendall out of the room and tells her she's coming with her. Zach, now alone with Ethan, asks him if he'll be his best man. Ethan says he should have known he was going to target Kendall. Zach tells him that he's the target. Ethan tells Zach that if he hurts Kendall he'll strangle him. Zach tells him he'll succeed where he failed – he'll make Kendall happy. He says he's offering her a good deal and an obscene amount of cash. Ethan says Cambias Industries is still him. Zach says that's temporary. He tells Ethan he lost Kendall because of who he is. He needs to come to terms with who he's become.

Greenlee pulls Kendall into a supply closet and tells her this is an intervention. She says she knows Ethan hurt her, but she needs to move on and not marry his father. Kendall says Ethan used her even after she gave him more than one chance to come clean. She says Ethan still says he loves her. His lies won't stop so she'll stop them herself and Zach will help her. Greenlee says Zach will destroy her. Greenlee tells Kendall she'll do whatever it takes to help her. Kendall says seeing Ethan's face after she told him about Zach's proposal was incredibly satisfying. It's the best she's felt in days. She says the old Kendall is back in fighting form. She then softens, saying she thought she had found what she always wanted. She says she'll probably die wanting it. Greenlee hugs her. Kendall asks how Ryan is doing. Greenlee says he's OK physically but doesn't want to have children anymore. Kendall offers to talk to Ryan about it. When Greenlee questions her, Kendall says she just wants one of them to be happy. Greenlee asks what's the catch. Fine, Kendall says, she wants Greenlee to owe her.

Zach reminds Ethan that he offered him a truce. Now Kendall is the spoils of their war. He says he's willing to put the truce back on the table if he surrenders Cambias to him. Ethan says he wont surrender anything, not Cambias or Kendall. Zach tells him he already has and walks out.

JR gives Adam some pills. When Adam asks what they are, JR tells him sarcastically that they're cyanide. JR asks how long he's been having headaches. Adam says he's just had one headache and he's not going to die. Adam tells JR he would die for his children and sell his soul to secure his family and keep his children with me. He says without his children he's nothing. His daughters and son are everything to me. JR, touched by Adam's sentiment, tells him he loves him and doesn't want him to die. Adam says that is the tonic he needs to feel better. He tells JR he's proud of who he's become and they should drink to it. JR takes a glass of brandy from Adam's hand because of the medication he just took. He reminds Adam that he has a history of high blood pressure and stroke. Suddenly Tad walks in ranting away and shoves Adam. Adam asks him what he's ranting about. Tad says it's about Dixie. JR tells Tad not to use his mother to get to him. Tad says he's not the one using Dixie, Adam is. He tells Adam how dare he. Can't le let her rest in peace. He tells JR that Adam hired someone to impersonate a doctor and threw just enough at him to make him think Dixie is alive. Tad accuses him of doing this to get back at him over Colby. Adam tells JR not to believe such nonsense. He says he would not stoop to using JR's mother to get what he wants. JR reminds his father he just told him he would do anything for his kids.

Ethan is now alone in the break room when Maria walks in. She is not pleased to see Ethan. Ethan tells her he hates himself for lying to her about Zach and says he's worried about her. Maria acts coldly toward him. Ethan tells her Zach has struck again.

Kendall and Greenlee to Ryan's room. Before they go in Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan is quiet and shut down. Kendall tells her if she wants to hear the pitter patter of Lavery children's feet let her do her thing. Kendall just asks that the baby is named after her. Greenlee says she would not saddle a child with the name Kendall. Kendall says Greenlee for sure isn't on the top 10 list of baby names. They go into the room and Ryan is gone.

JR tells Adam that he used and abused his mother for years. He says if Tad's claims are true and if he's doing this to get Colby, he will wish he were dead. Adam again denies any involvement. JR prepares to leave the house and when he opens the door Di is there. He asks who the hell is she. Di tells him he doesn't know it yet, but she's the answer to his prayers.

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