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Babe goes to talk to JR. He slams the door in her face, reminding her that she has already used up her weekly visitation. She tells him that his father almost got their child killed yesterday.

Brooke goes to see Krystal in jail to inquire about her injuries. Krystal asks Brooke not to sound concerned, revealing she does not buy it. Brooke asks if she comes across as overly concerned. She tells Krystal that she is considering writing an article about what happened to her in prison.

David gives Di some hair color to pass herself off as Dixie.

Meanwhile, Tad hears a news report that Dixie may have been found. Right at that moment, surprisingly, Maria enters and asks Tad if he still loves his ex- wife, Brooke.

Greenlee is dozing off in the hospital. At that moment, Ethan approaches her. He sounds like he has something important to discuss with her. He mentions the “woman he loves”. She reminds him that Kendall has dumped him and she supports her decision.

Zach enters Kendall’s home. She asks what he wants. He tells her he wants her to marry him.

At the Chandler’s, Babe tells JR that his father had some sort of attack and she’s concerned about having their son in his care. JR asks her what he’s supposed to do about it. She tells him that he needs to get his father to a doctor or else she will report them to social services. At that moment, Adam enters and tells Babe she is a spiteful little witch to be making up these stories about his health.

Brooke tells Krystal that she would like to write an article about prison reform. Krystal asks her why she’d be interested in this topic. Brooke informs Krystal that Tad came to her with concern about helping Krystal serve out her sentence without losing her teeth. Krystal still inquires why Brooke would even consider it, knowing she hates both Krystal and her daughter. Brooke tells Krystal she has interest in helping her, in exchange for Krystal getting out of Tad’s life for good.

Maria tells Tad that she has a real problem with Brooke taking over and being involved in every corner of family business and her life. Tad tells Maria that with due respect, he can’t help her. She should not vent her anger upon Brooke. Brooke did not choose for this to happen. She should be angry with Edmund. He reminds her that Edmund did some really hateful things to her before he died. Hearing that, Maria inquires how she could let her life get to be so bad that that would happen.

Ethan tells Greenlee that he realizes that Kendall is presently angry with him. Greenlee tells him that Kendall has good reason to never forgive him. He lied to her about something very serious and swore on his love for her. She tells him that she and Ryan never lied to each other and although they may be having problems, it’s not quite like the problem he has created with Kendall by falsely accusing his own father of murder and involving her in this.

Kendall asks Zach if he is on drugs to be asking her something like this. He tells her he is serious. She tells him he is certifiable. She tells him she does not like him. He tells her that’s ok because if she marries him, she will do it for love.

Greenlee asks Ethan what Kendall could possibly see in a nouveau riche selfish guy who wants to let his daddy issues dominate his life and lie to Kendall. She tells him that many people whose fathers have done a lot worse to them have gotten on with their lives and become productive members of society. He tells her he knows about her problems with her family. She says she knows she is not perfect. He asks her if she is for or against Kendall. She says they have previous issues, but she believes Kendall is better off without him and she will not help him get Kendall back.

Zach tells Kendall that if they get married it will be for love, not for him, but for her sister. He tells her he is offering for her to give Bianca and Miranda half of everything if they get married. So he asks her again if she will do him the pleasure of becoming Mrs. Zach Slater.

Hearing what Babe has just told JR about Adam’s health, Adam suggests that she might be more malicious than they’ve previously thought, by making up something like this. She tells Adam that she knew what she saw and he can deny it all he wants. But she’s concerned about her child. At that moment, the nanhy entrs with the baby. Babe tells her that she does not believe she is giving her child proper care. She ays althohgh she does not pay the nanny’s salary, that is her child. The annny says she’shad many years in the field and knows that kinds of things Babe has done. Surprisingly, Adam and JR both tell the nanny that she is fired.

Krtystal tells Brooke that she really needs to know what she would get out of it from having Kystal staying away from Tad. Brooke replies that she and Tad have a son together and what Tad does affects him. Krystal reminds Brooke that their son is about to marry into her family. Brooke says not yet. She says she notices how Tad is very concerned about her. And Brooke is concerned that Tad might drive himself insane worrying about Krystal while she serves out her sentence. So she asks Krystal again what her decision will be.

Tad tells Maria that he thinks very highly of her and believes with or without Brooke, she can have a fabulous life. He tells her that somebody gave him similar advice, to stop looking over one’s shoulder and keep worrying about another person and a situation you have no control over. But Maria tells Tad that she’s concerned about her children vilifying her. And she tells him that the way she’s feeling is very much like “Maureen” lost in the desert. He tells her that maybe she should look at that.

Zach asks Kendall how she felt when Ryan “snatched” Cambias from her and gave it to Greenlee. She tells him she is over that. But he questions whether that is really true and how it must have hurt her. So he tells her he will give her a chance to win again and reclaim what was taken from her.

Greenlee tells Ethan that because she believed him, her husband is in the hospital. She tells him that he has a lot in common with Kendall. They are both lying and manipulating and scheming people. But the difference is that Kendall at least had the courtesy to include him in her schemes. She asks him what will happen the next time he wants to shoot daddy. How will Kendall fit into that picture?

Zach tells Kendall that this is her golden opportunity to get back at the man who hurt her.

JR tells the nanny he never wants to see her face around here ever again. She leaves and Babe tells him that maybe there is hope for him after all. He tells her she should not thank him because they are not on the same side. Adam asks why then, did he fire the nanny. He tells them that he realizes that he has had a real problem with the nanny undermining him on the baby’s care. Babe points out that if JR would fire the nanny, then perhaps he will fire his father also. But JR does not want to hear that. She leaves but tells JR that although he may not want to think about this, she is not wrong. He needs to worry about his father’s health and how it could affect their son.

Tad asks Maria if she’s ever tried to think there might be a little bit of Maureen left in her. And what would be wrong with that? She admits to him that she does not know so much about what has happened and why she’s done the things she’s done throughout the last year. She also admits that knowing that since much of her life has involved Zach, she’s worried about walking across her husband’s dead body and alienating her children even more to be with him. He tells her that the last year of his life has made him wonder why he did what he did. He tells her he still wonders about Dixie, not unlike she wonders about Zach.

Kendall tells Zach that she will not have sex for money. She only does it because she likes it. He tells her that he’s never paid for sex in his life and does not plan to start now. He tells her he thinks she is a very attractive woman and could see her as a “call girl”. She asks just what she could do to help him. He tells her that since his son has shut down his casinos, she can help them get re-established as his wife. He tells her that he believes she has a natural knack for sales and could very possibly help him in business and in personal matters. She looks at him and admits that he may really be serious about wanting her to be his wife.

Ethan tells Greenlee that although she does not trust him or want to help him, he believes that there will come a time when she will need help. And she will consult with him. She tells him that he would be the last person she’d ask for anything. He reminds her she does not have many friends. And she might want to look at what it would mean to rely on somebody as powerful as him.

While doing community service, David asks Babe what is on her mind. She informs her father that Adam is suffering from some sort of sickness. And she tried to get through to JR that their son might be in danger in Adam’s care. She admits that JR listened to her concerns and made some efforts in that area. But she’s still a little worried. Realizing that his daughter still does not trust him, David tells her he will go away and do something he needs to do.

Brooke tells Krystal that this is not a joke. She can make things a lot easier for Krystal in jail if Krystal stays away from Tad. Krystal tells Brooke she is not interested in her bribe. Brooke asks Krystal if she believes that hanging onto Tad would be in his best interest. Krystal admits that she agrees that it is not good for Tad to hang on and wait for her under these circumstances so that is why she told him it’s over between them. Hearing that, Brooke sounds surprised to know that Krystal made that choice. Krystal also reminds Brooke that Brooke hates her guts for undermining peoples’ lives. Brooke confirms that that is true. Krystal asks Brooke if she is not now doing the very same thing herself? Brooke does not answer and walks out.

Tad tells Maria that he does not trust Zach Slater and he believes she’d be better off alone than with him. He tells her that as cold as this sounds, it’s possible to have a great life without a great romance. She asks his secret. He tells her that you take the energy and put it into your family. She asks how that works. He tells her he will let her know and he hugs her.

Kendall asks Zach what will happen when Maria finds out he’s married her. He does not answer and asks her not to discuss Maria. She tells him any future Mrs. Zach Slater needs to watch her back especially around the good doctor. He tells her that he is offering her a lot of money. He also tells her that her mother would be very proud of her if she said yes. He tells her that she should not answer now. Just think about it. And don’t take too long. But right when he goes out the door, she gets up to leave and go out the door, on a mission of her own.

Alone, JR observes his father having a head ache and looking like he might not be feeling well. He asks Adam if he is ok. Adam asks if JR really cares. JR tells his father he cares and knows that he is not ok.

Di gets her hair to be blond with the hair color David gave her. Noticing her, David is really happy and tells her they are ready to put their plan into motion. And he calls her Dixie.

While with Maria, Tad gets a call from the “doctor” in Switzerland. He informs Tad that a “Jane Doe” was brought to his hospital six days after his wife’s accident.

Kendall goes to the hospital and overhears Ethan and Greenlee’s conversation where Ethan sounds to be threatening Greenlee and her refusal to help him betray Kendall. She steps in and tells him if he does not behave, she will accept his daddy’s proposal and be his stepmother.

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