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Babe knocks on Adam’s door. He asks her what she wants. She tells him she is there to see her son. He asks where her court-appointed chaperone is. When she admits she is alone and expects “favors” from him in seeing her son, he slams the door in her face.

David tells Di that he is very confident that she can pass herself off as Dixie Martin.

Tad is on the phone investigating the very mysterious phone call he just got about Dixie possibly being alive. He tells his contact it makes absolutely no sense. At that moment, Brooke appears and asks who was on the phone. He tells her it’s a mistake. She asks what is a mistake. He tells her there’s a possibility that Dixie is still alive.

At the station while Derek is questioning Ethan, ready to clear Zach of false charges and still clueless as to what to do with Ethan, Kendall appears and tells Derek that she knows that Ethan knowingly, intentionally and willfully lied about witnessing his father murder Edmund. Derek admits with evidence about that, he could arrest Ethan for obstruction of justice and other things. Kendall encourages Derek to put Ethan away and reveals she would like that to happen very much.

Maria enters her home, hears loud music, sees teenage girls dancing and looking out-of- control and demands to know what is going on. She then sees Maddie, looking like she’s ready to mess around with a teenage boy whom she’s probably never introduced to her mother. Maria demands to know what Maddie thinks she’s doing. Maddie replies nothing different than what her mother has done with her own boyfriend.

Ethan protests to Kendall that very possibly Jonathan admitted to a crime he did not commit. Kendall tells him nice try.

After being shut out of Adam’s house, Babe knocks on the door again and tells Adam that she had an agreement with him where she would be able to see her son. She tells him that if he has a problem, he can watch over her while she visits with her son.. He tells her that he believes he owes her nothing because Hayward lied to him. She tells him that her father did not lie to him about Liza’s and Colby’s whereabouts. It was Tad who tipped them off and enabled them to relocate before Adam could find them. Adam taunts her about how she and her parents will be kept away from her son for long enough so that he will not even know them.

Tad tells Brooke that he discovered that there was no body found or evidence that Dixie is really dead. So he questions whether she really is dead. But he realizes that most likely he would have heard something by now. She tells him that she remembers his contacting every hospital and every source after her death and finding out nothing. Tad admits to his ex-wife that he sometimes misses Dixie so much that he finds himself talking to her like she is still there. He informs Brooke that the other night, after the explosion, he really thought that he saw her.

Di tells David he is one confident guy. She tells him all about the complications involved in their plan. He tells her she must not sweat the small stuff. She asks how she can sell herself to JR. He tells her that Tad will do that for her because she will get Tad to fall in love with her.

Tad informs Brooke that he ran into a woman whom he thought was Dixie for a moment who came out to find out about the explosion. And for a moment, he thought he got his Dixie back. Brooke tells him that if he gets himself caught up in an illusion like that, it will make him crazy. He tells Brooke that the reason he called her is so that she can help him with Krystal.

Di asks David just how she can make Tad interested in her. David tells her the more she makes Tad think she is not interested in him, and plays “hard to get”, the more he will want her and be determined to win her over. He tells her that Tad Martin’s ego is as big as…. And after David does not know how to finish that sentence, she asks David if Tad’s ego is as big as his own. He tells her that everything will fall into place with the questions of how she escaped the accident. He tells her that Tad will figure it all out for her. He also tells her about how Dixie was pregnant and also lost her baby in the crash. She asks if she wants to tell Tad that she did the same thing to him that was done to Dixie’s son.

After JR has asked to talk to the “snitch” that he paid to lie for Ethan, they let the guy out of jail promising him full immunity for admitting whatever he admits to. He doesn’t “come through” for JR, however. He informs them that he never saw Zach Slater before in his life. He says Ethan did not ask him for anything. He was paid off by that guy over there to lie. And he points to JR.

Adam asks Babe if she thinks she can hide who she is. He tells her that that little boy is going to be teased and tormented on the playground because of whom she is. She tells Adam that she knows she’s made mistakes in the past but she’s talked to Stuart about how to get her life back on track. He tells her that he doesn’t see his brother as any great role model for anybody. She tells him that Stuart is an honorable and decent person. He makes fun of Stuart, characterizing him as simple and foolish and living in a dream world. She tells him she does not want to listen to his hostility. He tells her he doesn’t want her in his home and doesn’t have to let her in without the woman from family services. Right at that moment, it looks like Adam has suffered some sort of attack.

Maria sends the teenage girls out of her home. Maddie is ready to go off with them. But Maria tells her she is not going anywhere. Maddie tells Maria that she is celebrating with her friends because she is an heiress. Maria tells her she is a minor and cannot do whatever she wants. And she asks how old is the boy whom Maddie was with. Maddie admits she likes older men, noticing her mother does also. She also reminds her mother that this is hers’ and Sam’s house and Maria has no authority. Maria asks if Maddie knows that Zach did not kill her father after all. Maddie says she knows but does not care if Mommy can clear her lover of murder and sleep with him only weeks after her husband’s death.

After finding out that JR paid off a guy to lie, Kendall confronts him. She tells him he has no business judging Ethan’s integrity when he, himself has done something worse.

Brooke reveals to Tad that she is not about to make any effort to help Krystal or her pal, David Hayward.

Di asks just what her passing herself off, as Dixie would mean to all the people involved. She tells him it might very well really break Tad’s heart when she leaves and he loses her all over again. David tells her that Tad will simply have closure after she’s gone. She tells him he’s even sleazier than her ex-boyfriend and she goes out the door. He asks her if she will still do it. He follows her outside and tells her she should not be wasting her pity on Tad Martin. He tells her that Tad was far more cruel and heartless to Dixie than he is to anybody. He asks her what is so cruel and horrible about giving Tad hope that Dixie is alive. She tells him that it is also very cruel to JR. He tells her when Dixie died, she left a hole in JR’s heart. Whatever positive qualities there ever were in JR evaporated with Dixie’s death. And he is now just like his father. Di protests that Babe kidnapped a baby and let JR believe his son was dead. But he tells her that JR drugged and tried to kill Babe and also almost murdered his brother Jamie and tried to frame them both for murder.

Hearing that the witness implicates only JR, Ethan assumes that Kendall will forgive him and that they should go home. But she tells him that nobody has confirmed that Zach killed Edmund. Kendall tells Ethan that she still does not trust him, throws the ring to him and tells him he must leave her alone and get out of her life.

Maddie tells her mother that she does not listen to her anymore. She only listens to Brooke.

Tad asks Brooke if she wants Krystal to be beaten and harmed. Brooke says of course not, but she does not believe that she owes Tad’s girlfriend any special favors. He tells her she must hate Krystal. She admits she will not forgive Krystal for what she has done.

After Adam has had his attack, Babe takes her son and asks if she should call his doctor.

Maria tells Maddie that Brooke is not her mother. She also tells her daughter that she realizes she hates her. But she tells Maddie there are many things she does not know about what went on between herself and her father. Maddie then asks her mother to spill. Maria cannot quite get it out to her daughter about what her deceased father did. Hearing nothing, Maddie gets up and walks away and admits that she hates her mother.

Babe gets Adam some water and tells him he does not look so good so she believes she should call Dr. Martin. He tells her he will be fine. She tells him that she’d feel better if he let her take him to the hospital. He says he does not care what would make her feel better. He also tells her that she probably wants him to be sick so she can prove that he is unfit to be around the baby. At that moment, the doorbell rings. They assume it’s the woman from social services. Adam tells Babe that if she breathes a word about what happened, to her, then she will be one sorry little mother.

Brooke tells Tad that she will not forgive Babe or Krystal or David. She says were it not for them, their son, Jamie would not have gotten in trouble. She admits to her ex-husband that she was very relieved when Krystal was sentenced and sent to prison. She thought it would wake him up to the reality about her and motivate him to stop living in this fantasy he seems to have. And when Brooke is ready to go out the door, she tells Tad that she is really concerned about the delusions he has about Dixie, because it is not healthy.

David tells Di that he has good and noble intentions for having Tad and his family believing she is Dixie. So he asks her again if she will help.

Ethan tells JR that he is trash to pay this guy off to lie. JR tells Ethan that he can hardly point fingers at him, when he himself, knowingly, willfully lied about his own father committing murder. Ethan did that all on his own, he reminds him. And Kendall will never forgive or trust him again. Ethan asks JR if he thinks he will be able to “have” Kendall. JR admits maybe not right away, but in time.

The social services woman admits to Adam and to Babe that she had a car accident and was held up. She takes Little Adam away so that Adam can talk privately to Babe. He tells her she’d better not whisper a word about what happened to him. Babe promises that she will realize it is none of her business. But she urges Adam to at least tell JR and care about his own health. He tells her he does not buy her “phony” concern. And he demands she gets out of his home. Hearing that, she tells him he is right. She does not care what happens to him. She leaves. Alone, Adam notices his hand shaking terribly.

Tad calls the mysterious doctor from Switzerland. He asks if he can have all the hospitals check their records to find out if any unidentified woman could have been brought into any area hospital within a month after Dixie’s accident. The doctor says he can do that. But right after talking to Tad, the “doctor” gets on the phone to David and informs him that Mr. Martin has “taken the bate”. David then informs Di that she may now assume the role of Dixie. He tells her it’s time. He asks her if she’s in or if she’s out. She tells him she must be crazy. But she tells him she is in.

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