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At the hospital, Jack tells Erica he does not understand how she can defend Ryan when she can find fault in so many others, in regard to what happened to Greenlee, Lily and Kendall. Erica defends Ryan and says she knows that Greenlee loves him. Jack tells her that Ryan’s “superman” attitude is what almost got several people killed. At that moment, Erica goes to see Ryan. Maria seems to want to talk to Ryan alone and they get into a conflict. Erica appears very protective of Ryan and wants to guard him from anybody who might upset him.

Babe and Tad go to visit Krystal in jail after hearing she’s been assaulted. She tells them they must not worry and asks her daughter how her grandson is. Babe shows her mother a photo of her son. Tad doesn’t speak a word while the two women talk and seems to be lost in thought. Krystal encourages her daughter not to stay there and instead go and be with her little boy. Assuming that Tad is leaving with Babe, Krystal says goodbye to him. He informs her he’s not going anywhere. He tells her that he and Babe went in separate cars. When Babe leaves. Krystal tells Tad there is really no reason for him to be sticking around. He tells her there is and she’s going to tell him what has happened.

David informs Di that because of the Chandlers and their spiteful behaviors, his daughter gets to have only 3 hours a week with her child, supervised by some bureaucrats. Di protests that Babe did kidnap a baby. David tells her that Babe got accused of kidnapping her own baby. He tells her that Dixie would be able to help Babe and get to JR. Di asks how Dixie would defend Babe for keeping JR’s child from him. He tells her that regardless of Dixie’s son’s problems with Babe, he knows that she would understand and want to help Babe because Dixie went through a similar situation herself when Adam kept JR away from her when JR was a baby.

At Kendall’s, JR tells Kendall that perhaps she is being a little too hard on Ethan. But she protests that Ethan lied to her. He tells her that he believes that Ethan loves her. But he indicates that he does not believe that she and Ethan are really serious. And he admits to her that he would not have made that pass at her if he really thought she had a future with Ethan. He tells her he is not that much of a sleezeball. He asks her which came first. Did Ethan pull the ring out before or after she admitted that she caught him in a lie?

At the station, Derek asks Ethan why he lied about witnessing Zach murder Edmund, informing him that there was another witness that confirmed it did not happen. Ethan tells Derek that the witness, Jonathan is a lunatic and dead now. Livia comes out and asks why her client, Zach, has not been cleared of all charges when Jonathan Lavery admitted to murdering Edmund. Ethan’s lawyer says that his witness, who is also his client, has better credibility because he is very much alive.

Maria goes and talks to Ryan, although Erica tells her she needs to leave him alone, afraid that she will blame Ryan for his brother murdering her husband. Maria does not seem angry at Ryan, however, Outside, Greenlee tells Erica that she must be with her husband and protect him from people who might want to upset him, assuming that Erica will fight her with that. Erica, however, surprises Greenlee by informing her that she is on her side.

JR informs Kendall that Ethan’s lie was about to blow up in his face. So what did he do? He proposed. He also informs her that revenge upon his daddy took precedence over his love for her. She tells him that all she wants from Ethan was honesty. She does not care about the money or the romantic getaways. She just wanted honesty. And was that too much to ask? He suggests to her that if she is really angry with Ethan, she could always go to the police. She asks JR if he really thinks she should go through with that. He tells her it all depends upon how much she wants to see Ethan suffer for what he did to her.

David tells Di that he knows that his plan will work. But she tells him it’s really crazy and they will need some serious plans to make her look like Dixie. He asks her if she was in a car accident. She admits she was. He tells her that so was Dixie. Only Dixie did not walk away. He informs her that Dixie went off a cliff in Switzerland and survived but needed plastic surgery. She still thinks he’s lost his mind. She asks how she can impersonate a local saint. He asks her to look at the flipside. If she refuses to do it, she will be broke and have an ex-boyfriend trying to kill her. But she tells him that if she plays Dixie, then Adam and JR and Tad will ask her many questions. And how is she supposed to answer?

Maria tells Ryan he must not blame himself for what Jonathan did. He tells her that he should have seen what was happening to his brother and he believes he is responsible for Edmund’s death.

Greenlee tells Erica she does not buy that Erica believes she is the right person for Ryan. Erica admits that when they first got married, she was very much against it. But she tells Greenlee she knows that Greenlee loves Ryan, she will be there for him and be the wife he deserves.

Krystal asks Tad not to tell Babe what happened. She admits that Di was nice to her and helped her prevent confrontations with the others. But now that Di is gone, she knows the others do not take kindly to baby snatchers. She keeps telling Tad that he cannot worry about her. She gets up from her seat and looks to be in pain from her injuries. At that moment, the guards come in and inform Tad that visiting hours were over a long time ago. He leaves but tells the guard that he knows that she knows what happened. And if she does not prevent it from happening again, he will do everything he can to make damn sure that she regrets it.

Di tells David that anybody who would believe that she is Dixie Cooney Martin would have to be crazy. He tells her that she does not know the people of Pine Valley. He tells her he knows she could make JR believe that she is his mommy. She tells him that she thought she heard that JR is smart. David says he may be but he also misses Mommy terribly. He tells her all about the plans that Dixie would have to get back to Tad and her family, and how she decides to come back after all these years.

The guard at Krystal’s jail tells Tad she does not respond to threats. He tells her he does not like making threats. But if she does not heed his warning, he will have her exposed in the tabloids. He informs her that his ex-wife, Brooke, could write a very damaging story about her. And if Krystal so much as falls or trips down the stairs, she will be sorry.

Zach asks Ethan what all the so-called friends and fans, such as Kendall and Bianca, think of him, knowing that he’s lied. At that moment, Livia comes out and informs Zach that he may smile because they have dropped the charges against him. Hearing that, Zach informs his son that he has won.

David asks Di what she has to lose. She has cash upfront. She can see it as a bonus. She has a weekly stipend to be Dixie. And she is safe from her big shot executive felon who wants her dead. She asks David what will happen when his daughter gets shared custody of her child. He tells her he will give her all the money she needs and she can go off or do whatever she wants. He also informs her that he’s taken the first step.

At that moment, Tad gets a call from a man from Switzerland informing him that his ex-wife Dixie’s car was found and she might still be alive.

Ryan tells Maria that his brother caused so much damage but he did not want Jonathan to die. She tells him that maybe instead of focusing on all the negativity about his two brothers, he can grieve the best parts of them. He then remembers the comic books and bad jokes among the brothers Lavery. She puts her arms around him and tells him it’s ok to grieve the loss of both of his brothers.

Greenlee asks Erica what her advice is on what she should say and do with her husband. Erica tells her that Ryan has been through so much in the way of guilt and shame and betrayal. And Greenlee needs to never abandon her husband.

After finding out that Zach has been cleared of charges, Ethan still cannot let it go. Derek and Ethan’s lawyer admit that they may never know the truth. Right at that moment, Kendall walks in with JR and says she knows, points her finger at Ethan and announces that he is the liar.

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