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Aidan arrives home and looks at the newspaper, which has a blaring front-page headline about Jonathan's crimes. There is a knock on the door. It is Reggie with Lily, who says she thought she solved the case but can't close it until she knows what happened to her bodyguard Steve. She asks Aidan to tell her what happened to him. Reggie sees the newspaper story and hides it from Lily. Aidan tells Lily it isn't easy to talk about what happened. Reggie tells Lily to call her dad, and she goes into the next room to do so. While she's gone, Reggie tells Aidan that Steve was Lily's last hope. He can't tell her what happened as it could push her off the edge. Aidan asks Reggie if he wants him to lie to Lily. Lily returns and Aidan decides not to lie. He tells her that he made a mistake once when he lied about being her boyfriend and doesn't want to lie again. He tells her that his friend Steve was buried today after being killed by Jonathan Lavery.

Maria and Zach are at the hospital when Erica arrives. She promptly makes snappy comments about seeing them together again and suggests they take their personal gig somewhere else before making the patients sicker. Erica's taunts continue with her suggesting Maria plan a black and white wedding with Zach – black to represent the mourning for Edmund. Zach grabs Erica and shuffles her away from Maria. Jack is there and approaches Maria. He tells her he just learned about Edmund's will. Maria says she's not concerned about the money, but she is concerned about her kids. They hate her. She says she can't lose them and has to make them understand.

Kendall calls Ethan a liar and says his claim that he loves her also is a lie. She takes off the ring he just gave her, puts it back in his hand and tells him to get out. He says he's not leaving her, not now or ever. She opens the door and tells him to get out but he promptly shuts it and says they need to talk. "You're a liar. There, we talked," she said. Ethan says he won't let this come between us. Kendall tells him to admit that he lied. He asks her if all the time they've shared together feels like a lie. She demands he say it. He admits that she's right. He lied to her. Kendall says she's a fool again. She fought everyone who doubted him. He says he loved her for that and he's the same man who's always been in love with her. She says this was her one chance to get things right but she screwed up again. She tells him he picked her to use her just like his uncle did. He says he's nothing like his uncle Michael. He tells her he lied because he loves her and he would not let his hate for his father come between them. She says lies don't protect love, they tear it apart. He says he met the greatest love of his life and his greatest enemy at the same time. He could not ask Kendall to lie for him so he lied to her. He says what they have is precious and he would do anything to protect it.

Greenlee talks about having babies with Ryan in his room and tells him she knows he wants a daughter. Ryan says there will be no talking. He's done. Greenlee says he may be done but she's not even close to being done. Greenlee tells him she knows he's in pain. He lost two brothers in one day. Ryan says he didn't lose Jonathan, he killed him. Greenlee says Jonathan pushed the button to the bomb and killed himself. She tells Ryan he tried to save him. She says his father and brothers hurt him and he deserves better. She says she can give him that, a home and a family. Ryan says it's a very nice dream. Greenlee says she's not giving up on it. Ryan says the Lavery line ends right here and she's never to bring it up to him again. Greenlee tells him he's nothing like the Laverys. They would have beautiful children.

Zach takes Erica into a separate room in the hospital and accuses her of vicious, endless attacks against Maria. He asks her why she doesn't leave Maria alone, but thinks she likes to hurt people. Erica turns the tables, accusing him of being vicious by causing Maria's marital problems. Erica tells him he's making Edmund's death all about him. She asks why he's going after Maria. Is it because she makes it so easy. He tells her there's no point in talking to her. Erica leaves and Maria walks in and tells Zach they need to talk. She says she was wrong and she's sorry. Zach interrupts her to tell her that it's over. She asks him if it feels over to him.

Lily is playing pinball at Aidan's home while Aidan and Reggie watch. Reggie goes into the hallway to take a phone call. Lily asks Aidan if she's sad about Steve. Aidan pretends not to be sad but she tells him his mouth is turned down so she knows he's sad. Aidan admits that he's sad. He says sometimes people lie about their feelings, but he thanks her for helping him. She puts her hands on her tummy and admits that she's feeling butterflies. She says it's from the feelings she had for him that he didn't have for her. She says they won't be here much longer as Kendall and Greenlee told her they go away. Reggie returns and says the call was from Dani, who wondered how Lily was. He and Lily leave.

Erica runs into Jack at the hospital and tells him he can't blame Ryan for what happened in the cave. It's not Ryan's fault.

Ryan tells Greenlee there will be no kids. She says he can't make a huge life decision for both of them. He tells her to get out of his room. Jack and Erica walk into the room and Ryan tells them to get Greenlee out of there. Greenlee tells him she's going, but she'll be back and always will be. Jack asks Erica to leave but she wants to speak to Ryan alone. Jack goes out to talk to Greenlee. She tells him that Ryan needs her because he's hurt. Jack points to Ryan's rage. She says he's freaking out because he pulled the trigger on his brother. She says he thinks he's another screwed up Lavery. Jack says maybe he's right.

Inside the room, Erica tells Ryan that she's grateful he survived that nightmare. Finally there's something she and Greenlee agree on. She says he has no idea how much he's loved. She says she fell into a dark hole in Las Vegas and may have slipped away. But he came and fought for her and gave her back her life. How can she thank him for that? She tells Ryan that he rescued her and she owes him for that. She tells him she loves him and she will always be there for him.

Greenlee tells Jack that Ryan saved both his daughters. Jack says Ryan was the reason their lives were in danger in the first place. He says he doesn't want her going anywhere near Ryan. She asks if he wants her to leave her husband. He says yes. She should say goodbye now. Greenlee says if he thinks she would walk out on Ryan he doesn't know her very well. Jack tells her he chose his psychotic brother over her. Greenlee walks toward Ryan's room and looks in at him from the window, but he looks away from her.

Maria tells Zach that he told her he would never lie and always was honest. But she didn't trust him and he didn't deserve that. She says she was trying to save a marriage not knowing that it had already died. She admits to being afraid of what she felt for him. She says when she first met him she had no past and it was like being in love for the first time. But then David called and she had to run, then she found her family and her life with him was over. Then he came back and she realized it wasn't over. She says she loved him and never stopped loving him. She just convinced him he wasn't the man she met in the desert.

Kendall tells Ethan that they are so much alike. She thinks she was meant to find him and love him. She says he was perfect. He didn't want to fix her or change her. Now she knows why he didn't want to fix her because he was broken to. She says the bigger they love the less they trust. She tells him he lied because he didn't trust her. He lied to protect the hatred for his father. There is a knock on the door. It is Derek, who wants to ask Ethan again about his statement to police about Edmund's murder. Ethan tells him he stands by everything he said in the statement. He asks Kendall to tell Derek that it is the truth.

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