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It is the morning and at David's house, Di gets up and is greeted by her host. He asks if she has thought about his proposition. Di says it's crazy. How can she get a new life, especially one that's been used by Dixie? She says she can't just step into someone else's skin. She likes who she is. There is a bang on the door and Tad's voice is heard saying "Hayward, open the door." David tells Di to hide in the next room and she does, but keeps the door open enough to hear what's going on. David opens the door and Tad shoves him. He accuses David of selling out Liza and Colby.

Zach sees Kendall at the hospital and asks if she's all right. A sullen Kendall asks why she wouldn't be all right. Zach says he knows that she realizes Ethan lied to her. Ethan, who has just entered the scene, tells Zach to get away from her. He tells Zach he won't let him use Ryan's tragedy to weasel out of his situation. Ethan tells Kendall he wants to take her home.

Greenlee is at the hospital telling Derek the events of what led up to the explosion. She tells him that Ryan fired at Jonathan to save the rest of them. Derek thanks her and says he'll wait to talk to Ryan. Greenlee turns to Jack and tells him that Ryan has barely said a word.

In his hospital room, Ryan opens his eyes and sees a figure standing in his room. It is Jonathan, complete with a bullet hole in his stomach. "I'm dead, how are you?" Jonathan asks. Ryan lies there in stunned silence. Jonathan tells him he was crushed under a pile of rocks and in a week Ryan won't have a care in the world. He tells him he's one lucky guy. Jonathan then tells Ryan he feels cold.

Maria and Anita are at Wildwind trying to find Sam. Maria says if something happens to him she'll never forgive herself. Sam suddenly walks in and Maria demands to know where he was. He replies, "what's it to you?" He says he decided to check out her old lover, Zach. Maria says she knows he wasn't with Zach all night. Anita leaves so Maria can talk to Sam alone. Sam stops Anita and asks her about Tad and Aidan and whether they're trustworthy. Anita tells him he can believe whatever they say. Sam says they told him Zach didn't kill his father. Maria acknowledges that is true and that Jonathan killed Edmund, which Anita did not know. Sam asks why Zach put on an act as if he killed his father. Maria says she doesn't know. Sam tells her she should know because she slept with him. Maria suggests they rest. Sam wonders why she wants to sleep when her lover has just been cleared. Sam says Zach may get out of a trial but he still considers him guilty.

David tells Tad that JR is the one making up the story that he gave Liza's information to Adam. Tad doesn't buy David's claim and says he doesn't believe he's sadistic enough to hand a sweet little girl to Adam Chandler. Babe arrives and tells David and Tad her concerns that her mother is in trouble in prison. She says she went to see her but was refused because she's in the infirmary. She wonders if Adam had someone in the prison hurt her mother. Tad says he doesn't think so, but says Adam is on the trail of Liza and Colby thanks to David. Babe tells David she knows that he turned over Liza and Colby to Adam. Someone else now bangs on David's door. It is JR, who has a copy of a tabloid newspaper with a screaming headline suggesting that he pushed Bianca over the railing months ago. David tells him that's old news. JR says he doesn't want his son seeing this and tells David he knows he is behind these lies. Babe says maybe they're not lies. Maybe he did push Bianca. Someone else is now knocking at the door.

Kendall asks Ethan about another witness to Edmund's murder. Ethan says it's not an eyewitness. He tells her about someone in jail who heard Zach's confession to Edmund's murder. He says Zach told him things that only the murderer would know. Ethan says the important thing is Zach's not going to get away with it. Ethan tells Kendall he can't imagine his life without her. He hugs her, but Kendall remains aloof. Ethan admits that Erica told him Kendall was thinking about leaving him. Kendall looks at Ethan and asks if he loves her. He says he does very much. She asks him how could she even think of walking away. Kendall tells him she'll go home with him but leaves him momentarily.

Jack sees Zach at the hospital and tells him that Jonathan confessed to Edmund's murder. So Zach is off the hook as the charges will probably be dropped. But Jack tells him he won't get away with hurting his girls. Jack says if he ever comes near his family he'll make a hit on the head with a shovel seem like a little tap.

Kendall runs into Greenlee at the hospital and asks if it's OK if she leaves for awhile. She tells her she's going home with Ethan. When Greenlee expresses reservations, Kendall says Ethan loves her and wants to take care of her. They hug and Greenlee goes into see Ryan.

In Ryan's room, Greenlee sees Ryan is distressed and asks him what's wrong. She says she knows it's Jonathan but things will get better. Ryan is silent and tears run down his face. Greenlee tells Ryan that he's safe and Jonathan pushed him into doing what he did. She tells him she's grateful that he had the courage to save them. Ryan looks behind Greenlee and sees Jonathan standing there. Greenlee asks Ryan to let her inside so she can help him. She's there for him. She kisses his cheek and puts her head on his chest. Jonathan is now gone from Ryan's view.

Ethan takes Kendall home and dotes over her, offering to draw her a bath or fix her something to eat. She agrees to let him fix her something. He tells her he wants to show her how special she is. He makes her eggs Benedict and tells her he began falling for her the day they met. He tells her he would give anything to spare her what she just went through, but she says she doesn't think she'll ever forget.

Adam is now at David's and tells him he went to Portland but Liza and Colby were not there. David insists he did not tell Adam anything. Rather JR broke in and stole the information. Babe asks him how many lies can he tell. Adam tells David this will cost him big. Tad says the address was right but he got to Liza before Adam did. They're now in a brand new place. JR tells Adam this is what he gets for using his son as a bargaining chip. Babe asks Adam who he paid to hurt her mother. Adam says he doesn't know anything about it and doesn't care. Adam tells Tad that this isn't over. He's going to find them. Adam tells Babe she and Jamie can kiss all their dreams of happiness goodbye. Tad offers to drive Babe to the prison to see her mother. David says he'll follow but Babe tells him she doesn't want to see or hear from him again. After everyone leaves, Di returns to the room and tells David he sure knows how to throw a party. David tells her if she leaves he'll understand. Sometimes he wishes he could walk away from his life. Di asks him how he intends to make this imposter plan work.

Maria still wants to know where Sam was and he tells her about the explosion. He says Jonathan was crushed like a bug, so they'll never know why he killed his father. Maria says that's all the more reason why they have to stick together. Sam asks if she's kidding and suggests she run off with her lover Zach.

Later at the hospital, Maria runs into Zach near an elevator.

Kendall doesn't eat much of the eggs Benedict and tells Ethan she's not really hungry. Ethan says maybe her having an empty stomach is good considering what he wants to say to her. She says he can tell her anything. Ethan tells her she brought sunshine into his life and is everything to him. He shows her a diamond ring and asks her to marry him. Kendall tells him it's beautiful and he slips it on her finger. She tells him he's the kind of man she only dreamed about. He says this isn't a dream. They can have a perfect life together. Kendall tells him she doesn't want him, calling him a "lying son of a bitch."

Greenlee tells Ryan they can start to heal now. They can go into their future and have that baby they want. Ryan looks at her and tells her a firm "no."

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