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Tad is out in the fog after the explosion. Di is out there. He sees her and he notices that she is Dixie.

Ethan comes to the scene after the explosion, runs into JR and asks where Kendall is. JR informs him that Ryan Lavey’s brother held Kendall, Greenlee and Lily hostage.

Reggie and Lily go to Erica’s. Lily is hysterical after what has happened. Reggie informs Erica that he does not know what to do. He says he knows that she has some special “magic” with Lily and Jack asked him to contact her. But he tells Erica that Lily is in bad shape after what she went through.

After the rescue crew digs through the wreckage and finds somebody, Greenlee asks what has happened to Ryan. Aiden informs her that Ryan is alive. But they don’t know any more. Aiden asks one of the rescue men about Ryan. He says he does not know. Derek asks about Jonathan. They don’t know about him either.

Ethan finds Kendall and is happy that she is al right. But she does not look happy to see him, realizing now that he’s lied to her. Ethan asks JR what he knows about Kendall. JR tells him that he believes that she is just a little shaken from what has happened and maybe he should just give her time.

Tad moves closer to Di and grabs her believing she is Dixie. But when he looks at her closer, he is able to see that she is not Dixie. He then apologizes and tells her he usually doesn’t go and touch strange women. She tells him that she will let him off with a warning. She asks about the big “kaboom” that she heard, not far away from the explosion. He tells her that there was an explosion and maybe she should not be out there. He leaves and asks her to be careful. Right then, David Hayward appears and says to her that he can see that she knows Tad Martin.

At Erica’s, after finding out for the first time what happened to Lily, Greenlee and Kendall, Erica tells Reggie that she’s glad that everybody is al right although they can see that Lily is traumatized. Erica suggests maybe getting some warm milk. Reggie goes to get it. Lily is on the couch saying over and over again: “solve the case” and rocks back and forth. Erica tells her that she did, in fact solve the case. She tells her she should be very proud. And now she is safe and it’s all over. She tells Lily that she needs never be scared because she’s safe and nobody will hurt her but she realizes that sometimes it is scary to remember something, even after you are safe. She talks to Lily about how she is able to relax and feel less scared and stressed when she takes a warm bubble bath. She suggests drawing a bubble bath for Lily and playing relaxing music. And all the bad and scary feelings will go away and there will be nothing left except feeling safe and warm and happy. When she leaves, Lily hears the sound of the explosion again.

The rescue team puts Ryan on a stretcher. Greenlee leans over her husband and asks him to talk to her. He tells her that Jonathan is dead. Anita tells Greenlee that they need to examine Ryan. Greenlee says she wants to be there. Anita checks his pulse and asks him if he knows what happened in the cave. He says nothing but remembers Jonathan telling him all the terrible things Braden wants for him.. Anita informs everybody that Ryan’s vitals are stable but he is in shock. And they will know more when they take him to the hospital. They take him away. Anita informs Aiden that she discovered that Steve, the guy who was assigned to keep Lily safe, has been stabbed to death. He tells her he hopes Jonathan burns in hell for all that he has done. Ethan asks Kendall when she has last eaten. She doesn’t look at him and tells him, coldly, that she is fine. He asks her to let him take her home. She says she will go to her car and drive home. He tells her she’s in no condition to drive. But she walks away and ignores him.

JR asks Tad when he got his PI license back. Tad says he is doing this because he cares about helping people who have been hurt. He tells JR that he misses his son and he misses Dixie. David asks Di what the deal was with her and Tad. She doesn’t answer the way he wants. She tells him that it freaks her out to have two different guys staring at her and telling her that she reminds them of somebody they know. She tells him that she has enough to deal with. Her ex boyfriend wants her dead. She tells David she went to prison for him. She did her time. She says she thinks she deserves a second chance and she wants a life. David stares and says nothing. She yells at him to stop staring. He tells her if she wants a chance for a new life, he will give it to her.

JR tells Tad that he can’t keep using Dixie in every conversation he has with him. This has nothing to do with her he says. But Tad tells JR that he cannot stop thinking about Dixie. He tells him that after something like this has happened it brings back memories. It can make one feel empty and hollow. He tells JR that they cannot get past their problems and differences with what has already happened. But they can move forward if they want. He tells JR that nobody loved Dixie as much as himself and JR.

Hearing David telling her that she can have a new life, Di tells him she will not sleep with him. He tells her what he can do for her is to be someone else and live their life. She asks whom she could be. He tells her she is a smart woman and can figure it out for herself. She replies he must mean Dixie.

After Lily has taken her bath, Erica tells her she knows why she is not talking and believes she knows how she is feeling. She tells her that she knows the world is scary and sometimes makes no sense. She shares with Lily that when she was about Lily’s age, something terrible happened to her. So she pulled away from the world and thought she could feel safe by forgetting all about it. But she later realized that she wanted again to feel the positive and beautiful things she was able to feel before the terrible thing happened to her. So she learned that she had to go back and face the negative feelings. Lily tells Erica that she is cold.

When Ryan is taken into the hospital, he does not speak and hears all the confrontations he’s had with Jonathan. Dr. Joe and Anita take him to his hospital room. Anita finds Aiden. Aiden tells her that he wants to go to the morgue to see Steve. She says when she is done with Ryan she will go with him. He tells her that Steve was a good friend and a good man.

Ethan tells Kendall she needs to realize that she has been hurt. She has bruises and she’s in shock. But she insists she is fine and indicates she wants him to leave her alone.

Ethan tells Kendall that she could have died. He tells her that he wishes he could lock her up somewhere and never let her out of his sight. He tells her he loves her and his life is meaningless without her. He tells her he wishes she’d let him take care of her. She tells him Anita already examined her and she’s fine. He tells her he will go down to the cafeteria and get them some food. When he leaves, Anita asks Kendall how she is feeling. Kendall replies that she is totally and certifiably confused.

Greenlee goes to see Ryan in his hospital room. She tells him that he was there for her when she was in the psyche ward. And now she will be there to take care of him. But all he can hear is the rantings of Jonathan. Jack enters in an attempt to question Ryan. But Greenlee will not leave her husband’s side. Jack asks his daughter if there’s anything he can do for her. She tells him he should go home and be with Lily while she is with her husband. Outside Ryan’s room, Derek asks Jack if he’s found out anything about Ryan. Jack angrily tells Derek that he’d like to wring Ryan’s neck. He tells him he wants his daughter to get rid of that man and it’s his fault what happened.

Erica tells Lily that she’s just called her dad and Jack will be there soon .Lily tells Erica that she remembers all the loud noises. Erica tells her that it’s finally over and she’s so proud of her for being able to solve the case and being so brave. She tells Lily she is a remarkable young woman. She tells her she’s so blessed and sees her as family. And they will be family as soon as she marries Jack. She tells Lily she’d like her to be her daughter. Hearing that, Lily tells Erica she needs a towel to dry her hair and that she remembers her real mother drying her hair with a towel. Erica then dries Lily’s hair with the towel.

JR asks Tad if he thinks that they will go back to the way things are. He makes sarcastic comments about the corny father-and-son bond Tad might have in mind that is totally false. And he asks Tad that he won’t forget the “memories” he had he had of Tad keeping his son away from him. Tad asks JR if he will hold that against him forever. JR says that’s right. He’ll never forgive him. He also tells Tad that Adam will soon find Colby and they will never forgive him either. And before he goes away, he tells Tad he forgot one last thing. He tells him to not use his mother in any more conversations with him again.

David tells Di that he can make her Dixie and give her a new life. She tells him he sounds serious. He tells her that she can lose her criminal boyfriend’s problems and she can have David’s money. She asks David just what he will get out of this. He tells her that if she is Dixie, she will be an angel. He tells her that Dixie was the most admired and respected woman in Pine Valley.

Greenlee tells Ryan that it’s beyond amazing that he is alive and well and in one piece. She asks him to talk to her. But he cannot. He just hears himself urging Jonathan not to push the button to activate the bomb right before Jonathan did. He tells her there’s nothing to say. It’s over.

Alone in the wilderness, Tad talks to Dixie, telling her how much he still misses her. He tells her he’d give anything just to see her one last time.

At David’s, Di tells David his idea is crazy. He says he can just put her into Dixie’s life. She tells him he’s crazy. She says she is crazy to stay at his home. He tells her that her room is all ready and she won’t think it’s crazy in the morning. When she goes to her room, David smiles and says that he knows that “this” will work.

Jack and Erica go to her home and notice Reggie and Lily planning their parents’ wedding. Reggie makes a comment about golden oldies playing. Jack asks him what he considers to be oldies. He says 80s, 70s, possibly 60s music. Lily shows them the list she’s written. Jack and Erica look at it and are so impressed. Jack and Erica also reflect how much they love each other.

At the hospital, Kendall asks Greenlee how Ryan is. Greenlee does not know how to answer that. In his room, Ryan keeps hearing and reliving Jonathan telling him he loves him and feeling as though he killed his brother. And he cries.

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