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By Jenn
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David and Di catch JR in David’s home, snooping around and looking at his broken vials on the floor. David tells JR that he must get out and he will pretend he did not see him. JR taunts David about his house being ready for demolition. David informs JR that he must disappoint him in letting him know that his house will not be torn down. It is on landmark property. But JR talks about David’s that his daughter will never able to see her son, Krystal is stuck in prison and David is nothing more than a janitor. And he shows one of the test tube vials and says it’s evidence that David is breaking the law and can get into trouble.

Jack, Reggie, Aiden, Tad and Derek go out looking for Lily, Greenlee and Kendall. They are not far away but haven’t found them yet. They assume that they may have fallen into a mineshaft beneath a rock. And they lift the rock.

Lily, Greenlee and Kendall are away from Ryan and Jonathan. Lily is counting backwards. All three of them are in shock. Ryan notices his brother shot but not dead. He tells Jonathan he must let him help him. He can’t let Jonathan die. But Jonathan tells his brother he is already dead with what has happened to him throughout his life.

Greenlee is ready to run off and help Ryan. Kendall pulls her away and urges her to not put herself in danger. She assures Greenlee that they are safe and so is Ryan. Kendall tells Lily that very soon she will be back with her dad and Reggie. Right at that moment, the search party yells down the mine shaft but knows they are not there. Reggie offers to go and look for them on his own. But Tad tells him he cannot play beat the clock with a killer.

At David’s home, David tells JR that whatever he believes about the potions, he is trespassing. JR says that Chief Fry will have a field day investigating his scientific concoctions. David tells JR there is nothing illegal about having a hobby. But JR tells David he has a witness that can testify that David has drugged them. At that moment, Babe enters. JR tells her she is just in time for the party. They have vials and test tubes and meds, oh my, he says. She asks what is going on. JR tells her that Daddy has been making some “moonshine” again. David tells JR he dares him to call the cops and they will see whom get arrested first.

Maria goes outside and runs into Ethan. She tells him how dare he lie about his father. He protests that Zach admitted himself that he attempted to kill Ryan and Greenlee and succeeded in killing Edmund. She tells him that he lied about Zach murdering Edmund and it does not matter to him how many lives he ruins as long as he get back at Daddy. But Ethan assures her there will be justice and Edmund’s killer will pay.

After being shot, Jonathan tells Ryan that he’s promised to protect him yet has abandoned him again. Ryan tells Jonathan he loves him and wants to take him out of there. Jonathan tells Ryan he loves him so much but Ryan killed him and asks his brother if he is happy. Right at that moment, a bomb goes off. Kendall and Greenlee fall to the ground. At that moment, the search party can hear the explosion. Sam follows them and joins them. Aiden tells him he must go home.

After falling, Kendall gets up. She checks to see if Greenlee is ok. She also gets up. They are both coughing. Greenlee’s first thought is to find Ryan and help him. Kendall tells her she must listen. At that moment, the search party finds them. Jack asks Greenlee where Lily is. At that moment, she comes running out, not hurt but traumatized from the loud noise. But nobody has spotted her. Derek reports that he has found two of them. Assuming that Ryan and Jonathan have gotten buried under the rubble from the explosion, Greenlee tells them she must find her husband and save him. Jack asks her about Braden. She tells her father that Braden is dead and they found his dead body.

At David’s, he seems to know what to do in order to look innocent to his daughter, getting what he wants and pinning the rap on JR. He looks in his address book, discovers Liza’s address is missing and tells JR that he knows that he stole it to betray Liza and help his daddy. But Babe seems to know that her father could not help himself and it was he that sold them out by giving the address to Adam.

Maria admits to Ethan that she knows that Edmund had a secret therapist who revealed to her that he could walk. She mistakenly believed that her husband loved her when, in fact he hated her. She tells Ethan that he knowingly hid the CD from her that proved that Edmund could walk and lied to everybody about it. She tells Ethan that he lied to her about Edmund not wanting to divorce her She tells him that so much has gone on behind her back that she had the right to know but did not until it was too late. And it’s his fault to have kept from her what he knew. He protests that she, herself, blamed Zach for Edmund’s death and named Edmund as the man she loved. But she reveals to him that Zach, not Edmund, is the man she loved.

A helicopter comes to rescue Kendall, and Greenlee and looks for Lily. Kendall is happy that they are ok and is making jokes But Greenlee is sullen and worried about Ryan still unfound. Sam goes to find Lily. She is covering her ears and rocking back and forth sitting in a hole in a tree. He tells her that he will make sure she is ok. She says: “don’t talk to strangers, don’t steal, don’t yell, don’t lie”. He tells her that those are good rules. But she tells him that those rules don’t work. It did not protect Kendall or Greenlee or Ryan.

Greenlee cries and says she tried to be a good wife to Ryan by letting him go. Kendall tries to comfort her. But she says that now she is not a wife any more and Ryan is dead.

Ethan tells Maria that he will not apologize for what he did. She can blame him and curse him and he does not care. He says he did her a favor by keeping her away from Zach. She tells him that this has ruined her children and asks if he has seen what it has done to them and how he can say something like that.

Lily tells Sam that she cannot get out of the hole in the tree where she is staying and does not fit in the real world. He tells her that he feels as though he does not fit either. She asks if he has a disorder. He tells her no. He’s just different in his own way and suggests to her, if it is cool with her, then maybe they can be “not normal” together some time.

While Kendall and Greenlee are waiting, Greenlee tells Kendall she needs to admit that she is also scared. But Kendall tells Greenlee that her husband is too must of an egomaniac to go quietly. He’s probably moving rocks and defying the grim reaper. Nothing is going to stop the all mighty oh-so-sure-of-himself Ryan from coming out of this winning. But Greenlee reveals that she is so afraid of being a widow for the second time.

David urges Babe to see that he gave her his word that he would not give anybody Liza’s address. But she tells him that she knows he did. JR tells them both that whatever his father, or “Dr. Death” here promised her, it’s off. There is no deal. He leaves and Babe demands that her father listens to her. She informs him that Adam came to visit her, “dangled” her child in front of her and promised to let her have more time with him and get Krystal out of prison in exchange for Liza’s number. And she admits that she thought long and hard about it and was so tempted to sell out. But her conscience and sense of integrity told her she cannot do it. She tells her father that she knows that he sold them out. David tells his daughter that one of them has to be dishonorable and he will do it so that she does not have to. She tells him that she wants very much to see him as her family. But if he gave Adam Liza’s number then it won’t happen. He protests that they are surrounded by people with no scruples and they must fight dirty if necessary. She tells him that if he gave Adam that number, he loses her. She asks him if he has not lost enough people already.

Noticing Greenlee’s fear that Ryan has been killed, Tad has a flashback of haering someone tell him that Dixie died in a car crash. He relives what it meant to him to lose the woman he loved. At that moment, JR appears and asks what is going on. Tad informs him there was an explosion in the mine and Ryan is trapped under it. Tad reminds JR that this must bring back memories for him and hopefully will wake him up. He asks Tad not to bring that up again. And he tells him even if his mom were alive, do you think he’d care about what has just happened? He goes and finds Kendall and she puts her arms around him.

Aiden finds Lily with Sam. He asks Sam to talk alone. He tells Sam he thought he told him to stay away from Lily. Sam tells Aiden that he thought he told him to stuff it. Aiden tells Sam that he needs to realize Lily’s special needs. Sam tells Adien if anybody needs to stay away from Lily, it’s him. And Sam tells Aiden that Lily is a person, not a project. When Lily returns to her family, Jack asks Reggie to take Lily home and let Erica know they are both ok. They go. Jack asks Sam if he’d like him to call his mom and let her know he is ok. Sam says it doesn’t matter.

Maria asks Ethan just now long he thought he’d be able to keep this lie going. She asks what he’s going to tell Kendall. She tells him he needs to get out of her face and leave her alone.

Alone, David hears Babe asking him if he has not lost enough people all ready. He then goes looking for Di but discovers she’s gone.

At the crash site, the rescue team goes through the rocks and announces that they have found one. Kendall and Greenlee watch but hear no information about whom they have found.

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