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By Jenn
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Tad, Aiden and Derek are at Jack’s. Tad informs Jack that Jonathan is the culprit and not Braden. It was confirmed on the security video they obtained from the casino. Aiden tells him that both Lily and Greenlee are missing and nobody can find Jonathan. Jack concludes that it means that both of his daughters are in danger. Hearing that, Reggie is worried along with his father.

Jonathan, Ryan, Kendall, Greenlee and Lily discover a corpse. It looks like dead Braden. But there is no clue what really happened.

David finds Di, the woman sprung from Krystal’s cellblock. She tells him, frantically, that somebody is trying to kill her. Not understanding what is wrong with her, he tells her he is a cardiologist and not a shrink and he cannot help her.

Maria admits to Zach that she was so wrong with what she assumed about him and about Edmund.

Jonathan keeps telling Ryan that Braden has ordered him to do all the dirty deeds. But Ryan tells his brother that it is over and Braden can no longer make him do anything he does not want to do. But at that moment, Jonathan pulls the trigger on the gun and a shot is fired. Nobody is hurt or shot but Lily freaks from the loud noise. Jonathan demands that they all listen to him. But Ryan keeps telling Jonathan that their brother is dead. He can no longer do anything or make anybody do anything. But Jonathan keeps telling his brother that Braden controls him. Ryan demands that Jonathan stops. And he tells Jonathan that he knows he is not like Braden. He was once a sweet kid whom he and Braden attempted to protect but failed. And he asks Jonathan to let the three women go so that they can be together and talk. But right then, Jonathan hears Braden telling him that Ryan has just called him a crybaby. He hears Braden telling him that their dad was right. He’s a total waste and total disappointment. Jonathan screams that he is not a total disappointment. He seems to hear and see Braden.

Jack makes a phone call to the director of the school where Lily and Greenlee were supposed to be staying. And he discovers, for the first time, that they never arrived. Derek gets on the phone and puts an APB on two missing females. But Jack does not understand how they could be missing when Greenlee called him shortly after they departed and said they got there and everything was ok. Reggie gets the door and sees Sam Gray. Sam says he wants to see Lily.

Maria apologizes to Zach for falsely accusing him of killing her husband. He informs Maria that her son went to the casino and confronted him. She asks how he got to the casino, being only 15 and too young to drive.

David takes Di to his home. She tells him that he helped with the Montgomery baby snatching and escaped prison while Krystal had to go to prison. David protests that he did not ask Krystal to take the fall for him. Di tells him that she’d watch her back if she were him. He tells her that although she does not know him, he has a lot of enemies that have nothing to do with her. She asks him to pick a number from one to seven. She tells him he has to play to win. She says she knows all about gambling.

Ryan tells Jonathan that Braden protected them from their father and he must still want his two younger brothers safe. And that’s why they must all get out of here. He admits to Jonathan that he and Braden neglected him and only took care of themselves in their younger days and he wishes he could take it all back. Jonathan keeps saying that he deserved it. But Ryan tells his brother, no, he did not deserve it. He tells him it is all over. Braden is dead. Jonathan says he misses Braden and that he killed him. He says he can tell them all so many things. Greenlee asks Jonathan if he drugged her. He doesn’t answer but tells his brother that Greenlee watched over him when he worked at Fusion, checked out his MBA and did not trust him. She protests that she only wanted to know that he was real. Jonathan then admits that he was locked up and committed somewhere. Ryan admits he never knew that. Jonathan tells Ryan that he came to him after Ryan abandoned him. Ryan was the king of Cambias. Ryan gave him many handouts but no respect. He says Ryan only loved Greenlee. But Ryan tells his brother that he loved him also. He says he can get Jonathan some help. Jonathan says he knows all about help in the way of medication, sedation, being restrained and incarcerated. And none of that would have happened if Ryan had been there for him. He informs Ryan that right when he was institutionalized and everything seemed hopeless, Braden came and visited him and did not call him a baby or a loser and helped him get out. He also tells Ryan that Braden came to the casino and threatened to put him back in the hospital. And he had to fight back because he could not be left behind again. He tells Ryan that he was never there to help him so he has to die. But Greenlee protests to Jonathan that he must know that his brother loves him and that he loves Ryan. Jonathan tells them they have a choice. It’s either Ryan or Greenlee that gets to die.

David and Di go outside his cabin and she talks about how he has it made with this nice place. But he tells her that his life is restricted to cleaning toilets and having his daughter’s mother in prison. She talks a little bit about her background and about how somebody tried to mow her down in their car right after she got sprung from prison. She talks about how she was on a grand jury trial and got set up by her boyfriend. He tells her that she reminds him of a woman he once knew. She asks that he tell her more about this woman.

Right when Maria goes to talk to Zach, Maddie is watching and probably assuming that her mother is sleeping with Zach. He takes her in his car to find Sam.

Reggie tells Sam that nobody can find Lily and if he’s so concerned about her he should help them look for her. Aiden asks Jack what he knows about Lily. Jack replies that he only talked to Greenlee on the phone and she told him that Lily could not come to the phone when they spoke.

Ryan pulls a gun on Jonathan, after noticing that Jonathan will not put his gun down. Lily asks Ryan not to cause any red blood by firing the trigger. Kendall encourages Ryan to make lots of red blood, to not be afraid to murder psycho boy and be rid of him once and for all. Greenlee urges her husband not to shoot Jonathan. Ryan, however, tells the three women that they must all go and he will watch their backs and protect them from Jonathan. But Jonathan tells them that if any of them run, he won’t hesitate to shoot them. He also pulls out a little device with a green light that looks like it could activate a bomb. Ryan reminds him that if he uses it, he won’t only kill them, but himself as well. Jonathan talks about how Ryan abandoned him, Greenlee distrusted and belittled him and Kendall slept with him just to use him. But Greenlee pleads with him that none of them intended to hurt him. Revealing that he doesn’t buy any of Greenlee’s promises, he tells her he wishes he had a chance to dose her again. He says as for the sweet little moron, Lily, she got into his business and caused him to lose Maggie. Ryan protests that he lost Maggie all by himself by hitting her. But he says that all these women have hurt him.

David admits to Di that the woman whom she reminds him of was named Dixie Martin. He admits that he loved her. Di asks if she looks like Dixie. He admits that she does not have the same cheeks or nose, but something about her remind him of Dixie. He informs Di that Dixie was killed in a car accident. He also tells her that everybody loved Dixie. She was so smart and strong and funny and loving. She opened her heart, not because she was foolish, but because she was brave and trusting. And he admits that he will never forget Dixie.

At that moment, JR enters David’s home and calls out to him. He notices David is gone, but the house is still in tact. He enters and discovers the broken vials on the floor that Erica smashed. He notices the truth serum and says the truth will set you free.

Zach drives Maria in his car to attempt to find Sam. She confides in him that Edmund’s physical therapist informed her that Edmund was able to walk. But she realizes that would not be any surprise to Zach.

Aiden asks Jack what he remembers about his phone conversation with Greenlee where she told him that Lily could not come to the phone. Jack says she just told him that Lily was busy with teachers and classes. But he also remembers Greenlee talking about some sort of psychic connection she had to Ryan. Hearing that, Aiden says he wants to know all about that.

Maria admits to Zach that he was right. Edmund was not the man she married. He lied to her and betrayed her. Zach seems to argue with her about that. At that point, she asks him to let her out of the car. He asks her if that is what she really wants. She says yes, this is how they met, right where he found her, walking in the middle of the night. And this is how they come full circle and end their relationship once and for all.

Ryan tells Jonathan that their future is whatever they want it to be. Jonathan tells Ryan that he loves him and wishes Ryan could understand what he is feeling right now and that he cannot let this go. Ryan tells his brother that he wishes so much that he could help him. He pleads with Jonathan to let him save him and promises to never leave him again. But Jonathan tells Ryan that he’s tried so hard throughout his life but knows that this is the only way out for him. Ryan tells Jonathan he cannot let him go. But Jonathan tells Ryan that it’s ok because he’s going to come with him. Ryan tells his brother that it’s not the only way they can be together and urges Jonathan just to trust him one more time. Jonathan tells Ryan he wants to trust him so much. But he just cannot. He tells Ryan he loves him. He then activates the little bomb-gadget. And Ryan fires a shot.

After Maria is out of his car, Zach hears her telling him that he should let her out. That is right where he found her, alone on the road in the middle of the night. And that way they can come full circle and end it. And he relives the day when he first picked her up and met her.

David arranges for Di to stay at his home. Outside the door, they can tell that somebody is there. They enter and discover JR messing with the broken vials. David tells JR he better put them down because he cannot afford the deductible.

Aiden calls Derek and asks him to find Lily.

After Ryan shoots Jonathan and he falls to the ground, Lily freaks at the sight of the red blood. Ryan carries Lily away from the place where Jonathan is, while Greenlee and Kendall follow him. He runs back to Jonathan and sees him with his eyes wide open holding the bomb-activating gadget.

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