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Babe approaches Di at the bus stop after Di encounters what appears to be a drunken driver. Babe suggests calling the police because the man had glassy eyes. Di says no – they can't report someone with spooky eyes. Babe offers to take Di to see her doctor father, but Di refuses and leaves.

Erica goes to David's cabin and tells him his entire future depends on what he does in the next hour. She tells him that they can never be friends again but can help each other from time to time. She reminds him that his entire life has been trashed. Adam Chandler offered him a deal but David says the deal is expired. Erica says she brought the deal to life. She tells him if he plays ball with Adam he can turn his life around.

Zach shows Aidan and Tad a security disc which they say reveals who purchased the drugs used to drug Greenlee. Zach asks why they want to see the disc if they know Braden is the one who did it. Tad and Aidan say they found a prescription in the name of Bill Smith for the anti-psychotic drug and they know Bill Smith is the alias for the Lavery brother who bought the drugs.

Ryan arrives at the cell where Jonathan is holding Greenlee and Kendall. The women are relieved to see Ryan but Jonathan points his gun at his brother. Ryan goes to the cell door and tells Jonathan they need to get them out. Jonathan tells Ryan that he can save him but can't save them. Ryan asks Jonathan why he has a gun. Jonathan says it's the only way to keep them in there. They won't listen so Braden told him to use the gun. Jonathan says he wants to protect Ryan from Braden. Ryan says he'll leave before Braden gets there but he wants to take his wife and friends with him. Jonathan tells him no. He has to choose between them and him.

Brooke is in the park looking over the legal documents that make her trustee of Edmund's will. Some of the papers blow away in the wind and when she goes to retrieve them she encounters Adam. She tells him this is none of his business. Adam can see she's distressed and hugs her. Adam tells her that she should take some comfort in knowing that Edmund trusted her. Brooke tells Adam she didn't want this. Adam tells Brooke that Edmund loved her. Brooke says not like she loved him. Referring to the paperwork, she says she doesn't want this. She wants Edmund alive and with her. But he's gone and he'll never pick her. She says that dream is dead. Adam says he sees she's in pain and doesn't know what to say. Brooke asks him to say that the last three years didn't happen and her husband is safe.

Jonathan tells Ryan that Braden will come and kill them but they're in the clear. He says Braden wanted him to kill Greenlee but he couldn't do it. Ryan tells Jonathan that he stood up to Braden. Ryan suggests they send the women home and work this out. Jonathan says they already tried that when they went to the shrink, but Ryan walked out on him then too. Ryan says he'll never walk out on him again. Kendall shouts to Jonathan to give Ryan the gun and shut up. Jonathan tells her she doesn't give orders, Braden does. Ryan tells Jonathan he can't kill them. Jonathan says he could do it to keep Ryan safe. Greenlee tells Ryan that Jonathan killed Edmund, so he can kill. Ryan is stunned by the revelation and Jonathan confirms it, saying he had to kill Edmund because Edmund was after Braden.

Babe is at home when Jamie arrives. She asks him to take all the phones away from her and not let her use them. She tells Jamie that Adam was here with the baby and promised to pull strings to get her mother released from prison. She says she wants to do the right thing but can't trust herself not to give Adam what he wants. She tells Jamie he's the only one who can stop her. Jamie says sorry, but she's on her own. Babe says maybe this is a time when Adam would keep his word, but how could she turn over Liza and Colby. Jamie tells her she'll have to make the decision.

Erica tells David that she has a writ reversing the decision to destroy his cabin. She congratulates him as he now lives in a Pine Valley landmark. David says Babe already nixed the idea of turning over Liza and Colby and he gave her his word. She's all he has and he can't risk it. Erica says he can look Babe in the eye and swear he didn't tell a soul where Liza and Colby is. All he has to do is write it down where someone can find it. David walks to his desk and writes a note. Erica leaves without a word, but a rock is thrown through a window. "Oh dear, you had a break-in," Erica says as she walks back in. She goes to his notebook and takes the paper where David wrote. David says this is ridiculous. Who's going to buy it? Erica says he'll have to convince them and smashes a vase. She tells him that as of this minute she's his best friend in the world.

Sam walks into Zach's office demanding to know why the killer of his father is out of jail. Tad tells Sam that Zach didn't kill Edmund and the trail leads to someone else. Sam has trouble believing this but Zach tells Sam that he didn't kill his father. Sam asks then who did kill his father. Zach tells him his father died because he was smart and knew who shot Ryan. Sam asks Tad if he'll find the guy and let him look him in the face for his dad. Sam leaves and Zach follows. Tad and Aidan take the disc and get on the computer. They say whoever they see on this disc is Edmund's killer.

Jonathan tells Ryan not to look at him like he's sick. All of this is for Ryan. Ryan says they're a team and Jonathan's caught in the middle. He says he can help him. Jonathan says Braden told him that Ryan doesn't care about him. He only cares about Greenlee. Jonathan says Braden hates Greenlee so she must die first. Ryan says it's not Braden, it's Jonathan. He tells Jonathan it's been him all along. Ryan tells Jonathan that he shot him and planted the rifle in Ethan's locker. He drugged Greenlee and almost killed her. Ryan says it's just like when they were kids and Jonathan would try to pin blame on him and Braden. Ryan says the riddle about three brothers doesn't make sense coming from Braden but makes perfect sense coming from Jonathan. Jonathan insists that he took a knife and betrayed Braden. Why would he do that if he hates Ryan. Ryan says their father broke him and he would kill their father if he could to make him OK. Ryan says it's over now and approaches Jonathan. Jonathan runs toward Greenlee and points the gun at her. Ryan tells him he can help him get healthy. Jonathan points the gun at Ryan and tells him he's the crazy one. Jonathan tells Ryan he's not better than him or Braden. Braden wants him to know he's not better than them. Greenlee asks Ryan that if Jonathan did everything, how did Braden's fingerprints show up. Lily says there's a book that tells how to plant fake fingerprints. Jonathan tells Lily that she saw him talking to Braden, but Lily says she only saw Jonathan talking. There was no one else there.

Di arrives at David's cabin out of breath. She seems surprised about what she says and tells him "they already know." She says she can't hide here if they already know.

Babe tells Jamie that she is making no deals with Adam. He simply says "cool." Babe wonders why he has such a low-key reaction until she realizes that he knew what she was going to decide. He just made her work for it. He says he knew she would make the right choice but just had to do it on her own.

Erica finds Adam in the park and gives him the paper with Liza and Colby's whereabouts. Adam seems surprised she got the information so quickly. He says he supposes Erica expects now for him to make her a television star. She says she'll make herself a star but wants a big television budget from him. Adam, thrilled, picks Erica up and kisses her.

Tad and Aidan see Jonathan on the disc and declare that it's been Jonathan all along.

Back at the cave, one of the women screams and Jonathan says that Braden has arrived. Jonathan and Ryan rush into the cell and stare at something on the ground. Oh my God, Ryan says, it's Braden. An unconscious man is lying on the floor.

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