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By Lori
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Babe is at her apartment and discovers a small toy which makes her think about her son. She then hears a baby cry, goes to the door and finds Adam holding Little Adam. Adam asks Little Adam if he's going to say hi to his mommy.

At the jail, Di rebuffs David and tells him she's off to meet her future. David tells her he has money. She asks him who the hell he thinks she is.

Tad and Aidan go to Zach's office in search of information. Zach tells them to get out as he doesn't have any information about Braden. Tad tells Zach he's the man who called off the search for Zach and he put innocent people in danger to one up his son.

JR goes to Ethan's office and proudly tells him he found a jailhouse snitch who will say what they want for next to nothing. Ethan appears uninterested, prompting JR to ask why he's not getting any praise for his find. Ethan says he's not sure this is a victory anymore. JR asks him if he's given up ruining his father. Ethan says he wants to see his father suffer but he won't lose Kendall to do it.

Kendall and Greenlee are struggling with Jonathan in the cave. Jonathan manages to push the women off of him and stands up to see Lily holding the gun on him. Jonathan urges her to give up the gun, saying it will make a loud noise and she will see red. Kendall and Greenlee tell Lily to keep the gun because Jonathan can make red too. Jonathan continues working on Lily, whose hands shake as she points the gun at Jonathan. He tells her she'll see oceans of red.

Tad tells Zach they want to see security videos from the night of the murder game so they can see what was going on in other parts of the casino that night. Zach tells him he's better off playing follow the leader with Ryan. Tad says they can't do that because Ryan went out on his own. Tad urges Zach to make a quick trip to the vault to get the DVDs then he can go back to tormenting his son.

JR asks if Kendall learned the truth. Ethan says she hasn't, but if she does she'll think he doesn't love her. JR tells him he can have it both ways. With his snitch backing Ethan's story, Zach will hang and Kendall will believe him. Ethan decides he wants to tell Kendall the truth and thinks she'll understand since she hated her mother like he hates his father. JR reminds him that Kendall defended him to everyone and it will kill her if she learns they were right and she was wrong. JR urges Ethan to stick to his original story.

Babe is thrilled to see her son but asks Adam what he's up to. Adam looks at the baby and says "mommy's suspicious." Babe asks Adam if he's trying to get her to break the visitation arrangement. Adam says she wouldn't be doing that since he brought the baby to her. He says JR doesn't even know he's here. Babe takes her son and removes his coat, which reveals Little Adam wearing a t-shirt that says "Daddy Rules." Adam tells her JR dressed him. Babe says he's taking a gamble by bringing him here. Adam says he's made fortunes taking risks. Babe says she knows he's there because he wants her help getting Colby back. Adam admits to Babe that this is a taste of what she can gain by helping him. He says he misses his daughter like she misses her son.

Di accuses David of hitting on her because she reminds him of an old flame. David says she has the wrong idea. He's only offering her money to help her get back on her feet. She questions why he would offer cash to a virtual stranger without something in return. He says when that stranger is her, he's willing to give her money. She asks him how crazy is he.

Kendall asks Lily to hand her the gun but Lily appears frozen in fear. Jonathan tells Lily he knows she can't lie, but can she steal? She insists she doesn't steal. He tells her she took his gun without asking, so that's stealing. She says again she doesn't steal and starts to hand Jonathan the gun. Kendall grabs for it and a struggle ensues. A shot is heard.

Tad tells Zach he knows he hated Ryan, but he didn't think he wanted him dead. He says he and Aidan are trying to save Ryan's life and he needs a lot of help. Zach asks how the surveillance video will help. Tad says they have a theory and those discs could back it up.

Jonathan emerges with the gun and he orders the women back behind the bars. Lily, however, can't move as she sits on the ground and rocks back and forth. Jonathan says Braden will be there any minute and he has to think.

As Babe holds her son, she talks about the memories she has with him. Adam shows Babe a picture of Colby when she was Little Adam's age. He says he has memories too, but unlike Babe he has no recent memories. He says at least Babe has three hours a week with her son. He may never see Colby again. Babe tells him that maybe if he weren't such a control freak things would be different. Adam says he doesn't want to take Colby from Liza, he just wants an understanding with her. Babe says she can't help him. And even if she did, JR would not agree to give her more visitation. Nothing he can say will make her turn her back on Liza and Colby. Adam asks if gaining her mother's freedom would change her mind.

David tells Di that there is something familiar about her, but what's wrong with helping someone get on their feet. Di tells him this is their final conversation. David gives her his phone number in case she changes her mind. Krystal is hiding around the corner and listening to the conversation. After Di leaves, Krystal reveals herself and asks David if he's hitting on inmates now. David tells Krystal he only hits on her. She tells him that he does know Di.

Zach, Tad and Aidan go through discs on the computer looking for clues. Tad notices a man at the bar and says that it is Braden Lavery in the flesh. They also see Jonathan and watch as the two brothers have a confrontation. Tad notes that Jonathan did say he tried to stop Braden from shooting Ryan. Aidan says it looks like that may be true. Jamie walks into the office looking for Tad. Taking him aside, he tells him that Adam is on the trail of Colby and Liza. Tad gets on the phone to Liza and tells her what's going on. While Tad is occupied, Aidan asks Zach if there's another way to trace Braden at the casino. Zach says there is, but he'll have to tell him their theory. Then he can fill in the blanks.

Jonathan tells Kendall and Greenlee that they're screwing everything up. He spouts off angry generalizations about women and the bad things they do to men. "I hate every one of you," he says. He says he can't disappoint Braden and points the gun at them. Greenlee tells him to wait as she sees he is upset. She says they are just trying to protect themselves and him. She says not all women are the same and she's not like his mother. She begins to praise him and says Ryan is lucky to have a brother like him. Jonathan tells Greenlee not to be nice to him. Greenlee tells him they can all be a family. Jonathan scratches his head and tells himself he doesn't know if he can do this.

JR tells Ethan that deep down he knows he's right. He says with his snitch, Kendall's faith in him can be restored. Ethan asks how reliable this guy is. JR says he's guaranteed to come through. Ethan leaves, telling JR he needs to take care of something. JR tells him not to blow it.

Krystal asks David when he and Di got so chummy. David says they're not chummy. He just wanted to thank her for watching Krystal's backside. Krystal tells him he's hiding something. He asks her why she's so suspicious. Krystal says she thinks he's a stone's throw away from going back to the dark side. She asks what he's up to. He tells her not to be so quick to doubt him. Krystal says she realizes the lengths he would go through to protect his family and he acknowledges that is true. He urges her to help him give Babe what she wants – time with her son. Krystal tells him not to give Adam Chandler what he wants. David leaves and the two part with tension between them. Krystal stands and finds herself surrounded by five other inmates. One of them comments that her guardian angel got sprung, and that's bad news for her. One of them is holding up a blanket.

Adam tells Babe he can arrange for Krystal's early release. Then she'll be able to watch her grandson grow up. He says he just needs one phone number and reminds Babe that bad things can happen in prison. Babe appears to be softening and asks Little Adam what he thinks she should do. The baby is silent and Babe says she feels the same way. She tells Adam that her son thinks he's full of it and she agrees. She tells Adam to get out. Adam tells her she's an idiot and is throwing away her last chance at happiness. Babe says she won't ever again destroy someone else for her own happiness.

JR sits alone at Ethan's office staring at the wall. He daydreams seeing Kendall entering the office crying. Kendall hugs him and tells him he was right about Ethan. Their whole relationship was a lie. She tells JR he's always ben there for him and kisses him. JR puts his feet on the desk, leans back in the chair and slyly smiles.

Greenlee tells Kendall not to worry as she's not giving up their quest to get out of their situation. Kendall tells Greenlee that no matter what happens, it's been a hell of a ride between the two of them. They both apologize to each other at the same time. When they ask the other what they said, they both say never mind. Kendall confesses it's getting too sappy anyway.

Babe walks glumly down a sidewalk and sits at a bus stop. Di is also sitting there and asks her if she knows if this bus goes downtown. Babe says she doesn't know. Di tells Babe she recognizes her as the woman who stole the baby. Babe admits that yes, she's every mother's nightmare. Di asks her how she lives with herself. Babe says she's heard all the attacks before and walks away. Di, now alone, freaks out as lights glare in her face.

Jonathan orders Lily to get up but she continues rocking on the ground. Kendall suggests one of them take Lily into town. Jonathan says no because Braden will be here soon. A man's voice is heard saying "I'm here."

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