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After setting David up to look like he has possession of prescriptions drugs while no longer on staff, JR demands that Dr. Joe Martin calls the cops. Babe protests that he cannot do that because her father did not do anything wrong and JR set him up. JR informs them that David had possession of keys as well, since he planted them in David’s pocket along with the drugs. But Dr. Joe tells JR that he is not on the hospital board yet and can’t get so far up on his high horse. JR tells Dr. Joe that he is just doing his civic duty. Babe and David protest that JR set David up. A security guard appears and JR tells him here is his thief and he must arrest him. He tells David that he may look on the bright side; at least in prison he and Krystal will be able to blow kisses from their cell bars.

Erica goes to see Krystal in her cellblock. She appears friendly talking about the color schemes and remarks that jail seems to be more “family friendly” than it was the last time she was a guest there. And she tells Krystal that, speaking of family, Krystal’s daughter Babe seems to know where Adam’s daughter, Colby is. Adam needs the address. And she says before she leaves, Krystal will give her that address because, she says, today is all about family.

Maria tells her kids that she is not going anywhere and neither are they. Maddie says that their dad’s will left the house to her and Sam and they can kick her out any time they want. Maddie tells Livia that as Maria’s lawyer, she needs to tell Maria to pack her junk and leave. Brooke speaks up and tells the kids nobody is kicking Maria out of her house. Maria tells Brooke she does not need her to handle her kids for her. But Brooke tells her that she does.

Ethan goes to Fusion in search of Kendall and asks Simone if she’s seen her. Simone says she did not know it was her turn to watch Kendall. He informs her that Kendall never came home the previous night. She asks if the two of them got into a fight or anything. He tells her not even close. He can sense that Simone knows a secret about Kendall that he does not know. She evades him about needing to work, remembering that he is technically her employer and that personal matters should be kept at home. But he tells her that he needs to know what she might know about Kendall that he might not

Lily reveals to Greenlee and Kendall that she saw Jonathan kill Edmund with the shovel. Greenlee tells her that she must have seen the other brother, Braden, and not Jonathan. But Lily says she knows she saw Jonathan. Greenlee again tries to clarify that it was Braden, hinting to Lily that she must sound as though she does not believe Jonathan did it even if he did. She tells her that she needs to be careful with what she said or Jonathan will get them all killed. Greenlee tells Lily she must believe that it was Braden who killed Edmund. Kendall says she means Zach. But Lily remembers all the details of Jonathan wearing black gloves, putting the space heater on the bail of hay and starting the fire. Then Jonathan picked up a shovel. Then she saw the man in the wheelchair get up and walk toward the space heater. And that was when Jonathan came out and hit him on the head with a shovel, knocked him out and there was red blood. Greenlee keeps telling Lily that it must have been Braden. She keeps trying to make Jonathan trust them and not believe that they’d suspect him of murder. Greenlee tries to convince Lily that Jonathan is their friend. The other brother is making him do these bad things and Jonathan is Ryan’s good brother. But Jonathan admits to them that Lily knows what she saw and he did, indeed, murder Edmund.

Ethan asks Simone what she might know about Kendall. She keeps evading the question, not wanting to admit to him that she suggested that Kendall gives him David Hayward’s truth serum, the same stuff they gave to Jonathan to get the truth out of him about drugging Greenlee.. Hearing that, he assumes that Jack and Erica and all of Kendall’s associates found a way to wear her down. Simone asks Ethan if he really did see his father kill Edmund Gray.

Brooke tells Sam and Maddie that Maria is their mother and their legal guardian. She is in charge of them and they must respect and understand that. Sam protests to her that his dad put her in charge instead of his mother. She says maybe as a legal executive, but not to replace their mother. Outside, Maria tells Livia there must be some way to get the Will thrown out. But Livia tells her she must just go in and see if she can help Brooke with the kids. Brooke tells both of them that she realizes they are upset. But if they let their rage and resentment take control of them, it will not be beneficial. So they need to bury the hatchets and stop holding a grudge against their mother.

Dr. Joe tells David, Babe and JR that he’s no fan of Hayward but he knows he’s been set up. JR protests that the proof is right there. Joe tells JR that David has done some bad things in the past. But all of them have been meticulously planned. This was not. David would never be so clumsy and careless if he were going to steal drugs. Anita, then, comes out and realizes that JR stole the key to the drug cabinet from her. Hearing that, Babe and David asks who is busted now.

Krystal tells Erica that she knows that Adam was going to help Babe and David see more of the baby in exchange for them selling out Liza and Colby. She says she believes it’s wrong and knows her daughter did not go along with it. Erica tells Krystal that David kept her daughter’s baby away from her. Liza is keeping Adam’s daughter away from him. She tells Krytal that David blew off his chance for salvation by refusing to help Adam reunite with his daughter. But she tells Krystal it’s not too late for her. She tells her that she might be very influential to her parole board. She confides in Krystal that she was once in this very prison herself and became a roll model prisoner. And one word from Erica Kane, and Krystal might have a great opportunity to get out soon and have many benefits. She says that is if Krysrtal wants to be saved and she asks her if she cares to join her “religion”. Krystal sounds very interested at first.

Anita informs JR that he came on so sweet and friendly to her when he stole the key. She should have seen through his falseness. She remembers leaving her keys on the table right when he was hugging her and appearing all friendly. And when she went to unlock the medicine cabinet, she remembered she did not have they keys. When she returned to find them, they were gone. Dr. Joe takes JR aside for a private talk. JR tells Dr. Joe that he is not a little boy who needs to be scolded. And if Joe wants to discipline a boy, why not try it with his own grandson, Jamie? Dr Joe tells JR that he is not behaving like a man; only like a machine. JR makes some sarcastic comments. Joe tells JR that he could have him arrested on a class A felony for theft of a controlled substance. He tells JR that he still loves him as his own grandson but he’s worried about him. He asks JR if he wants Little Adam to only remember his father getting in trouble because of his obsession for revenge.

Lily tells Greenlee, Kendall and Jonathan that she is a very good witness with an excellent memory. Jonathan admits that he did kill Edmund. Braden ordered him to kill Edmund because Edmund was the only witness who would really know who shot Ryan and could implicate him. Kendall urgently protests to Jonathan that even he cannot be that sick. He must know that it was Zach Slater, just like Ethan said. But Greenlee urges Kendall to stop and realize that she is losing it with her obsession about believing Ethan and refusing to see the real evidence.

Hearing Erica’s offer, Krystal admits that this is one hell of a pickle she’s put her in. And she informs Erica that she’s found a new religion where she does not hurt other people in order to save her own skin. And that’s what she’d be doing to Liza and Colby. Erica tells her that is really too bad that she did not start her religion sooner when she kept her daughter from her baby. Erica tells Krystal that she knows that Babe is the light of her life and she can really help Babe have more time with her son and other benefits in exchange for finding Colby for Adam. Krystal asks why Erica would help trash like Adam. Erica says that Adam is her friend. Krystal tells Erica that Liza has been a friend who’s done a ton of favors for her baby doll and she will not double-cross her. She also tells Erica that she read all of her books and knows that she was not exactly a saint in her early years. Erica tells Krystal that she must realize that Babe’s life will be much, much worse without her help. And it will not be exactly a picnic for Krystal in this place and Krystal may think about that after lights out. At that moment, Krystal’s mysterious cellblock “friend” is there to hear their conversation. She appears to be dressed is street clothes. Erica leaves and Krystal’s friend informs her that she will be getting sprung today

Babe approaches Anita and admits that although they are not friends, she offers thanks for clearing her dad to Dr. Joe. Anita admits that she does not think well of Babe or her family for what they did to Bianca, but she knows that the truth is the truth. She tells her, however, that she would really like to see David get what he deserves. When she leaves, David tells his daughter there’s nothing like the sanctimoniousness of a Santos. He also tells her that from what she just witnessed, he hopes that she understands that his plan to cut a deal with Adam was due to knowing how obsessed JR is for revenge. But she tells her father that his and Adam’s plan to go behind JR’s back has made him meaner and madder than ever. After JR has gotten done talking to Dr. Joe, Babe asks to talk to JR. He rubs her nose in the fact that he has no time for her because he will spend time with his son. She tells him that the “deal” that both of their fathers had to betray Liza and Colby is totally wrong, even if she benefits from it. She reminds him of his “blackmail” to her when he followed her into the lady’s room and asked her to choose between her son and Jamie and how equally “cooperative” she was to him with that.

Brooke tells Maddie and Sam that there are three adults who all want the same thing for them which is also what Edmund would want; and that is for them to be happy. She says that their lives have not stopped with Edmund’s passing. She says it was a terrible tragedy but the way they will all get through it is as a family. She admits to Maria that she knows she is just in the way right now. So she will leave and call later. She asks the kids to be good to their mom. They don’t seem to listen. After Brooke is gone, Maria tells Livia that she knows that Brooke planned this whole thing to double-cross her and take Edmund and her kids from her. Livia tells Maria that Brooke had no doing in this. Edmund made his own choice to go through with the divorce petition and Brooke was telling the truth. Livia apologizes for being so blunt but she says she does not see any point in keeping this lie alive. Alone, Maria says that she knows her husband did not lie to her and she can prove it. She goes to find the phone and make a call.

Simone tells Ethan that if he did not see Zach murder Edmund, then he needs to own that to Kendall. Because if she finds out he lied, then their relationship is ruined. He seems to take her point. But he tells her that he needs Kendall right now, knowing she is the only person who gets him. But Simone urges him to realize that he doesn’t get Kendall if he would lie about something so crucial. Swearing on his love for her to a lie is a major heart-breaker that Kendall will never get over or forgive him for. She tells him that it makes perfect sense that Braden murdered Edmund, and if Ethan really loves Kendall, he will come clean. Ethan confirms that he does love Kendall. Simone tells him that in that case, he needs to do the right thing.

Kendall taunts Jonathan, telling him he is a loser and a coward who has to beat up on women. Hearing that, he asks her if she does not think that he has the stones to take a life. Is that what they all think? He grabs her by the hair and scares her while Greenlee and Lily watch silently. Lily keeps telling him that she did see him murder Edmund. Greenlee then tries to butter up Jonathan for doing whatever is necessary to saving her husband. Kendall finally admits that Ethan swore on his love for her and he lied.

Simone tells Ethan that if Kendall finds out he played her for a sucker, he doesn’t want to see what will happen. He asks her if she knows this from personal experience. She names one compelling example about Kendall’s failure to see his sicko rapist uncle Michael Cambias for what he really was. She remembers that that was a very bad time for Kendall. She lived in denial about what Michael really was. And when the reality finally hit her, she went completely off the wall. She tells Ethan that none of Kendall’s friends want to see that happen to her again. She cannot be betrayed by another man. She tells him it is not too late. He can fix it by being the man Kendall wants and needs him to be. He can expose the lie and bury it.

Maria gets on her computer, investigates something. She then discovers something startling and says to herself; “this can’t be right.” She then calls Edmund’s “private” physical therapist to come to Wildwood and talk to her.

At the hospital, JR tells Babe that he will back off as soon as she signs over all rights to his son and relocates to hell. She tells JR that she wishes his mom were still alive. He asks why she is bringing his mom into this. She says she knows that Dixie would never hate her the way he and his father do. Dixie would have to understand why she did what she did, because Dixie was scared very similarly in regard to Adam as she was in regard to him. David is close by listening. Babe tells JR that Dixie would reach out to her and understand. He does not argue with that. She tells him he might be a better man today if Dixie were still alive. He tells her to close her eyes, hold her breath and make a wish because his mother is dead.

Krystal approaches her mysterious “friend” in the cellblock and asks if she can deliver some letters for her on her way out. But the woman tells her she is traveling fast and light and this is going to be a fresh start. Krystal admits that she does not know anything about her or her story.

Erica goes to the spa and asks her personal trainer if he can schedule a last-minute appointment for her. But it looks like Brooke has the scheduled appointment in that time slot.

Greenlee urges Kendall to see the reality, which Jonathan admitted himself, that he killed Edmund. She tells Kendall and Lily that they now know what Jonathan is capable of. Lily remarks that she notices Jonathan gets really upset when they make fun of him. Greenlee says that that is her plan. She says when Jonathan feels intimidated by woman, he flies into a psychotic rage. So she suggests they all bade him. Kendall says he might go after them and kill them if they do that. But Greenlee says that he will have to open the gates, and the three of them can get out. Kendall says he might just shoot through it and kill all three of them. Greenlee says they must just find the right way to goad Jonathan. Lily asks if that means that there will be a lot of loud noises and yelling. Greenlee replies yes. And warns her that she must cover her ears and trust her to know what she’s doing. She then calls out to Jonathan, calls him a loser boy. Says she’s tired of being nice to a nobody. He’s only Braden’s little stooge. She says without the gun he’d be a big dumb nothing. He yells that she shuts up. She asks if she hurt little Jonny boy’s feelings. She tells him that women laugh at him behind his back. She and Kendall then laugh and laugh and laugh. He hears both of them laughing at him and freaks.

Noticing Brooke at the spa, Erica tells her she needs to reschedule. Brooke says she is very busy and Erica needs to reschedule instead. Erica snipes at Brooke about how she’s taken all her lovers then notices Brooke is crying and wonders why. She assumes the tears are for Edmund. Brooke informs her that Edmund cut Maria out of his will and put her, instead, in charge of his children. Erica informs Brooke that he did the right thing. Brooke is surprised to hear Erica says that. Erica explains that with what Maria did to Edmund, he had good reason to not let her have any rights.

Edmund’s physical therapist comes to the house to talk to Maria. They both find it odd that she never really met him and that Edmund never involved her in his therapy. She tells the PT that it was because Edmund did not want to be anything less than a winner nor have her see him as anything less that he did his physical therapy privately. He asks Maria if there is anything specific she wants to know. She asks him if he can tell her anything about Edmund’s progress toward the end.

Right when Krystal’s friend is ready to leave the jail, David comes and demands to know whom she is. She tells him he must get out of her way

Erica admits to Brooke that regardless of whether they get along, she believes that Edmund made the best possible choice to give her authority after his death. She admits to Brooke that she knows that she can be trusted.

The Physical Therapist admits to Maria, assuming she already knows, that Edmund started walking again. Maria is shocked to hear him say that.

Leaving the Fusion office, after his talk with Simone, Ethan leaves a message on Kendall’s phone, telling her they need to talk and it’s about them.

Greenlee and Kendall get into a brawl with Jonathan and Lily sits and rocks and covers her ears. Greenlee and Kendall run out of the locked cell and tackle Jonathan.

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