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By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is leaving a message for Kendall on her answering machine while preparing for her wedding to Jack, sounding happy and encouraging to her daughter and having no clue why she is gone. She tells her that it’s totally ok if she is gone because it will give her time to come to the realization that she needs to break up with Ethan. At that moment, Adam Chandler enters. Noticing Erica holding a bouquet, he asks her if she plans to marry him again because the third time might not be a charm. Hearing that, she replies no it would not. It would probably be hell. He tells her he is there to talk to her about “pay-back time”.

Palmer meets with JR at the hospital and reveals that unknown to Adam he has arranged for JR to be an official board member in Adam’s place without his father knowing. He tells JR that his father is out and he is in. JR informs Palmer that his father cut a deal with David Hayward by promising David and Babe more time with the baby if David helped him find Liza and Colby. Hearing that, Palmer says there is just no loyalty, even among father and son. JR says that his father is going to pay. Overhearing the conversation, David tells JR that he is biting the hand that feeds. JR makes a comment about David needing to go and scrub more floors and empty out more trash. But they are all surprised to notice Babe is there and angry with her father for his intent to work with Adam. Palmer and JR go on about how funny it is to watch Hayward as a janitor.

Brooke is at Maria’s home. Maria asks her what she is doing there. She tells Brooke that she doesn’t want to hear any more lectures on how she did not deserve Edmund. Brooke tells Maria that she is there because Edmund’s attorney asked her to read Edmund’s will. This is all news to Maria.

Ryan is alone in the abandoned place where Braden told him he would meet him and is trying to decipher Braden’s clue. He says again: “one brother safe and blind, one brother left behind. Then he hears Braden say: “one brother on the run. Three brothers equal none.” And he again has the memory of himself as a teenager watching his mother, who looks like Greenlee, ready to drink booze while pregnant and his screaming that she cannot drink it. At that moment, Tad enters and asks Ryan what is going on with him. He tells Ryan he’s figured out the clue about what Braden wants them to do

While Jonathan has imprisoned Greenlee, Lily and Kendall and informs them that Braden has asked him to kill the three of them, Greenlee urges him to know that if he does that, he will break Ryan’s heart and he will not be able to take it back. So she tells him he cannot do it.

When Tad goes to see Ryan after Ryan has been trying to solve Braden’s riddles about what will happen to each brother, he wants to find out what is going on. But Ryan tells Tad that he needs to be alone. Tad tells Ryan that he understands very well the memory Ryan must have about the three of them having to stick together and protect each other in order to survive. But he tells Ryan that things are different now. Braden has completely lost it and is ready to kill him and kill Greenlee and is obviously pulling Jonathan’s strings. He tells Ryan he cannot trust Braden any more and must stop living in the past. And even if Ryan cannot save his two brothers, he must save himself.

Jonathan tells Greenlee that he has to do what Braden wants. He assures the three of them that he will do this in order to save Ryan. He says that killing Greenlee will make Ryan want to die so he understands he cannot do that. Lily comes out and asks Jonathan where Braden is. He refuses to answer. She tells him that Braden should not make him do these things for him unless he wants to. Jonathan demands she shuts up and he scares her by banging on the bars to the cell. He tells them he will make it work with both of his brothers. But hearing that, Kendall tells him that since this is solely between him and Braden and Ryan and Greenlee, he needs to let her go and keep her out of this.

Adam informs Erica that he struck a deal with David where he would help Babe get more time with her child in exchange for David finding out from Babe where Liza and Colby are. And everything was going to work until Babe turned on the emotional blackmail. Erica seems distracted with the flowers and not caring. She asks if David really knows where Liza and Colby are in the first place. Adam says he knows that David can find out from Babe because she and Jamie stayed with Liza while on the run. He tells her that David and Babe are keeping Colby from him the same way they kept Miranda from Bianca. He also reminds her that she might have never gotten the DNA in order to give Miranda back to Bianca if it were not for him. She tells him she refuses to grovel to Babe Carey. But he tells her that she is very persuasive with David. She tells Adam that it’s unlikely that David will listen to her even if she does agree to help him.

Babe runs into her father and informs him that she is very disappointed in his plan to work with Adam and help him find Liza and Colby and use her to help him with that. He promises he will not go through with that if she does not want him to

Meanwhile, JR is watching as Dr. Joe Martin gives Anita three keys and tells her she must make sure that only certain medical staff has access to the keys. Noticing this is her first day back on the job, Joe tells her that it’s ok of she takes more time off. But she tells him she’s fine. JR approaches Anita, sweet talking her, apologizing for any wrongdoing he’s done to her and tells her he offers his condolences about Edmund. She is totally distracted and sets the keys on the counter. He gives her a hug and grabs the keys behind her back.

Maria inquires to Brooke if the reading of the will is this morning. Realizing that nobody told her what would be going on, she discovers that Edmund planned many things behind her back. At that moment, Livia enters. She informs Maria that Jackson was going to be there but is in the middle of a family crisis and asked her to go in his place. Livia introduces Maria to Edmund’s divorce attorney. Maria is surprised that he is there and assumes that since she and Edmund both dropped their divorce petitions, then Edmund’s old Will must still stand. But the attorney informs Maria for the first time that although Edmund told her he wanted to cancel the divorce, he spoke with Edmund the day before he died and Edmund made it clear to him and to Livia and to many others that he still wanted the divorce although he never had the courtesy to tell his wife.

Ryan admits to Tad that he cannot figure out why Braden would suddenly want him dead and why he would drag Jonathan into this. It’s not like he has anything to gain from it. But Tad tells him that Braden is irrational and psychotic, it is not supposed to make any sense, and there is no point in trying to rationalize it. Tad concludes that all Ryan needs to know is that he cannot mess with Braden and must let the cops handle it. But he says he also realizes the scary part was that they discovered at Edmund’s funeral that Braden is not afraid to take out many people at the same time.

Greenlee and Kendall try to convince Jonathan not to kill each of them and instead see that he has better incentive to kill the other. Kendall tells him that Ryan would be very happy if she died. Braden probably knows that Jonathan is not exactly helping him by doing what Ryan wants by killing her. And Braden doesn’t even know Lily. But since it will hurt Ryan if he kills Greenlee, doing that would be a better way to prove to Braden that he wants to help him hurt Ryan. So she urges Jonathan to kill Greenlee and let herself and Lily be spared.

Adam tells Erica that he really needs her on board with him. He tells her that David has proven that he is susceptible to her. She tells him that she is not sure that she has any power of persuasion with David. But he tells her that David once had feelings for her and no man who’s ever fallen for her has ever fallen out. He reminds her that once a while back she and David teamed up to nail Michael Cambias. But she reminds him that that was a long time ago and she will never forgive David for what he did to Bianca. He suggests that maybe she pretends to be his friend and gain his trust and then double-cross him. She also tells him that she doesn’t want to help Babe or Krystal. And she tells him that now is the time for her to reach out to America with her new television show.

David tells Babe that she must trust him and know that he would never do anything to compromise his relationship with her and nothing means more to him than she does. He tells her that he promises not to help Adam find Liza and Colby. But he’s also not going to stand by and let Adam and JR use her son to hurt her. He says he will find a way to get her little boy back with her. JR eavesdrops upon their conversation, taunting David for being a janitor and Babe about how she will totally miss out on being with her son for the next 18 years. David is very tempted to physically attack JR. But Babe urges her father not to do that. It will land him in prison and give JR just what he wants. And it won’t be worth it. He tells her he is just so sick of JR’s smug attitude. JR notices that Anita is still unaware that he took her keys.

Edmund’s Attorney is ready to start reading Edmund’s Will. But Maria expresses that she is not ready to hear it. Livia informs Maria, for the first time, that Edmund left all his money and property to Maddie and to Sam. Maria asks if there is anything he wrote about her. Livia replies yes. And she reads that Edmund wishes his ex-wife well and says may she be granted conjugal visits with her convicted lover, Zach Slater. She also reveals that he made Brooke the executor of his will, the power of attorney of all copyrights and publishing of his writing and Brooke is also the trustee of the children’s estate.

Jonathan tells Kendall that he does not believe her promise to cooperate with him. He tells her that if he sets her free she will go to the police. He tells her she lies and she hates Ryan and will hurt him and ruin his plan to save Ryan. Greenlee speaks up and tells Kendall that she deserves to die by encouraging Jonathan to kill her but wanting to save herself. Kendall protests that she only asked that he killed Greenlee but wanted to save Lily along with herself. Greenlee tells Kendall that that was only to not have to face Jack and Erica. They get into a big argument about all the devious things they have both done, in regard to all of their men. Lily freaks and covers her ears. Kendall and Greenlee get into physical combat while yelling and Jonathan demands they shut up.

Not far away, Ryan and Tad hear the screaming. Jonathan unlocks the cell and pulls Kendall and Greenlee apart. They both go after him and knock him out.

Ryan keeps having the vision of Greenlee in the image of his mother; ready to drink the booze his father gave her while pregnant. He tells Tad that he needs to find Greenlee and can sense that she is in danger. Tad tells him that he need not worry about Greenlee. She already called Jack and confirmed that she’s with Lily at her old school and all’s well. But Ryan knows there’s something wrong and calls Greenlee and gets her recorded message.

Noticing Jonathan lying on the ground still and unconscious, Kendall and Greenlee are pretty proud of themselves. But they notice Lily crying, covering her ears and looking very scared. They encourage her to count backwards from 500.

Noticing all the sudden surprises, Maria expresses to Brooke that she resents the fact that Edmund put everything about their children’s future in her hands. She accuses Brooke of planning this, doing everything she can to ruin her marriage and says she does not trust Brooke. She also notices that Edmund named her as his ex-wife when they were still legally married when it was written. So the document must be invalid and illegal. Noticing that, Livia says that she might have some leverage in Maria’s favor, in view of the fact that Maria and Edmund were still legally married at the time of his death. But right at that moment, Maddie and Sam enter and gloat that their mother has no more authority over them. She doesn’t even own the house anymore. Everything is theirs’. She must obey their rules now since she is in their house.

Right when Greenlee, Lily and Kendall are confident that they have subdued Jonathan and walk out of the cell, he comes to and holds the gun on them. Greenlee protests that Braden is only using him to do his dirty work for him because he is expendable. But Jonathan protests that she is wrong. She taunts him about what an idiot he is until he smacks her and knocks her down.

Ryan leaves the “meeting house”. Aiden returns to Tad. They are both frustrated with the fact that Braden still has not shown up and Ryan is acting very squirrelly and had to leave. He informs Tad that he found out something that is bad enough so that Tad might want to sit down.

Erica tells Adam that she is starting a television show and plans to offer the women of America hope and encouragement. He makes a comment about them all gluing tiny plastic Erica’s to their television screen. She tells him that he must not be so cynical because all people at some time in their lives are in need of support. He tells her that he feels that way in regard to his finding Colby. She then tells him that he does understand. She tells him that New Beginnings will be a show about many life experiences. She’ll occasionally throw in a panel of experts when the audience needs guidance and admits that she has first-hand knowledge about many things herself, such as marriage. He agrees that she is highly qualified to know about that. She remembers that he got control of the local network when Liza went on the lamb implies that she might help him get Colby back if he can get her started on the air. But her main goal is to prevent the baby-knappers from having their way and to launch her new television show.

After talking to his daughter, David gets up to leave. JR is watching him and asks if the job is too much for him. He taunts him again. Babe urges JR to leave her father alone. But he tells her that having an ex surgeon around is bad for morale. Right at that moment, some drugs fall out of David’s pocket. Dr. Joe Martin catches the drugs and tells David he has some explaining to do. He notices that David has a prescription pain reliever and reminds him he is no longer on the medical staff. David reminds Joe that since that is the case, he would not have keys. He tells Joe that in order for him to get to any drugs, the doctors must be very careless to leave the cabinets unlocked. Dr. Joe also notices keys with the drugs. David says he knows that JR has set him up.

Adam keeps trying to work on Erica about her “encounter” with David. She becomes somewhat evasive but tells him she has her own plan for getting what she wants. She then throws her bouquet back to him and he catches it. She tells him good catch and that would mean that he would be next to get married. She asks him if he’s chosen his next “matrimonial victim” yet.

Maddie approaches Brooke and says that she and her brother heard that she is their “legal guardian” now. Maria protests that they heard wrong. But they say they know they have not; that’s what their father wanted. And they ask Brooke to tell their mother to leave their house.

Jonathan holds the gun on Greenlee, Lily and Kendall, telling them they didn’t want him to have his job, they didn’t want him to have Maggie, they didn’t want him to have a relationship with his brother. So he says he’s going to kill them. But at that moment, Lily makes a startling comment. She tells him he cannot kill them. He asks her what she is talking about. She says he does not have the shovel. Nobody knows why she mentioned a shovel. She tells Jonathan that he does not have the shovel that he used to murder the man who got out of the wheelchair.

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