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Aiden goes to see how Maria is doing. He tells her that he is working on the Braden Lavery case, but asks her if there’s anything he can do for her. She replies yes. She says he can give her the truth about her husband.

Erica tells Myrtle that she knows that Zach did not murder Edmund. She tells Myrtle that Kendall is so smart and she just cannot understand how her daughter cannot see the truth about Ethan. Myrtle replies that the girl is in love. Erica expresses that she wishes she could ground Kendall until she wakes up about how foolish she is to love and trust Ethan. Myrtle tells Erica she recalls Erica’s mother saying the very same thing about her, in her younger days when she fell hard for the wrong man. At that moment, Ethan barges into Erica’s home and demands to know where Kendall is.

Meanwhile, Kendall is trapped in the abandoned mine where Jonathan is keeping Greenlee and Lily. Jonathan calls Ryan telling him about a plan he has involving Greenlee, although he does not tell his brother exactly what he’s just done. Hearing Greenlee’s name, Ryan asks his brother what his plan is about and what it has to do with Greenlee. Knowing he’s tripped over his words, Jonathan is not certain what to tell Ryan. He then tells him that he is fooling Braden into thinking that he is on his side and helping Braden with what he wants. Hearing that, Ryan tells his brother that he knows he wants to help, but warns him against messing with Braden. Jonathan inquires if Ryan believes he is the helpless little brother who doesn’t know what he’s doing and protests that he is not a coward. He is not going to go to the police or stay back with the women and children. He tells Ryan he knows how to handle this.

From inside the “holding cell” Kendall attempts to pick the lock. She tells Greenlee that they should not believe that Jonathan has any intent to help them. She says even if Jonathan intends to help them, he cannot because he has no spine. Hearing about Jonathan having no spine, Lily takes it literally and remarks to Kendall that Jonathan looks like he has a spine. Kendall explains to Lily that what she means is that Jonathan is a coward with no courage. Lily talks to them about Aiden not being her boyfriend any more and asks them how she can get a new boyfriend. Kendall suggests that Lily does what Greenlee has done when she has no boyfriend; she steals someone else’s boyfriend. Kendall privately tells Greenlee that Jack and Erica have brainwashed Lily into lying about seeing someone other than Zach murder Aiden. But Greenlee protests that she knows that Lily is not lying. Lily knows what she saw. And Kendall needs to know that it is Ethan that is lying to be falsely accusing his father of murdering Edmund.

At Erica’s, Ethan hears Erica talk to Myrtle about her company and her ambition and how she will not be intimidated by any takeovers. But Ethan demands that Erica tells him where Kendall is, assuming that Erica knows and is not telling him.

Zach is having flashbacks of his past romance with Maria.

Aiden tells Maria that he believes that Edmund was obsessed over one thing and one thing only; taking down Zach. And he says he realized that if Edmund had not been in a wheelchair, it might have played out differently. Maria protests that she did not care if Edmund could walk. She inquires to Aiden how it was that she missed out on knowing how angry Edmund was at her. She asks Aiden what else he knows, sensing that he’s hiding something. He tells her that Edmund had a secret with Bobbie that he did not reveal to anybody and Bobbie knew who shot Ryan. He tells her that Braden shot Ryan, probably drugged Greenlee and probably murdered Edmund.

When the three entrapped young women talk about insects, Lily asks Greenlee and Kendall if they knew that the total weight of all the ants in the world exceeds the total weight of all the people in the world. Greenlee panics and Kendall tries to calm her down. Lily is trying to break the code to unlock the door. Kendall asks Greenlee to close her eyes and makes her think of visions of living in a beautiful house and being with Ryan and having a baby. Hearing that, Greenlee is very surprised to hear Kendall speak of a baby, knowing the thought of Greenlee and Ryan having a baby once horrified her. Kendall assures Greenlee that she is now over that. And she talks about Greenlee’s beautiful baby girl.

Jonathan mentions to Ryan that he needs to use Greenlee and “that autistic” girl to help him fool Braden. But Ryan tells his brother that he must leave Greenlee and Lily out of his plan and not put them in danger. Ryan, then reads Braden’s last clue about only one of them surviving. Jonathan tells Ryan that that cannot be. It was always the three of them together. Ryan tells Jonathan that the two of them must stick together and not help or trust Braden. He asks Jonathan to tell him exactly where he is. Hearing that, Jonathan hesitates. He protests to his brother that if he goes to find him, he will be walking into Braden’s trap and put himself in danger. Ryan asks Jonathan to let him decide for himself whether or not he is in danger. Jonathan asks if Ryan thinks he is stupid and cannot protect him. Does he think Jonathan cannot make decisions because he doesn’t have an MBA? Ryan says no. He does not think that. He just doesn’t want to be prevented from finishing this when they are so close to putting this to an end. At that moment, a voice demands that Jonathan hangs up the phone. Jonathan says nothing and Ryan asks if he is still there and what is going on.

Greenlee admits to Kendall that she does not mean to judge her or her relationship with Ethan, but Kendall is wrong to believe that Greenlee does not want her to be happy. At that moment, Lily announces to them that she found a way out

Maria asks Aiden why Ethan would lie about something so huge as accusing his father of murder. And she asks if he believes that Edmund hated Zach more than he loved her and if he was really determined to divorce her. Aiden doesn’t know exactly how to answer that. But he admits that Zach was always around. Edmund did not want to lose her to Zach. Aiden asks Maria to remember when the two of them were dating and how obsessed Edmund was in getting her back. She says that was totally different because she did not even remember him then. But he tells her that Edmund was bound and determined to stop at nothing in order to get her back then and recently. Maria admits that she is not totally ok with what she is hearing and she runs off.

Having no clue what’s happened to Kendall but knowing the Ethan cannot find her, Erica gloats to Ethan that Kendall must have left without telling him where she went. Erica then picks up the phone and talks to Jack. When Ethan is alone with Myrtle, she tells her that she must know that he loves Kendall with all his heart. Myrtle tells Ethan that throughout the time when Bianca thought she lost Miranda and then when Bianca was in the hospital, she could see how supportive he was to Kendall and she so wanted to believe that he was the right man for her. But she tells him that this lie he’s hanging onto about his father committing murder will blow up in his face and ruin his trust with Kendall and with everybody else.

After Zach has been standing outside of the crime scène and Wildwood, Maria comes out. He tells her that he came there to remember the first place where they met. He admits that he wants Maureen back. But he realizes that Maureen is just a memory now.

Erica returns to her living room to discover that Ethan is still there and asks him why. He tells her that Braden Lavery may be very sick but he did not murder Edmund. Erica tells Ethan she does not believe a word he says. He tells her that Kendall believes him and loves him and that is all he cares about. She tells him that the two of them are together for all the wrong reasons; too many bad fathers and too many lonely nights. She tells him that might push some passion buttons but that is not love. He tells her that he and Kendall have been through a lot of things and have beat the odds. She tells him that when he lie is exposed about his father, he must not expect Kendall to bail him out. But she admits he sounds so convincing that if she did not know better, she might be fooled just like Kendall is.

While Aiden is at Maria’s waiting for her, Sam appears. Aiden tells Sam that he heard that he slammed his mom at his dad’s funeral. Sam admits that he did and changes the subject by asking about Lily Montgomery. He tells Aiden that he got Lily’s number and has tried to call her but hasn’t been able to reach her. He asks Aiden what the deal is with Lily. How is she different from other girls, due to her autism? Aiden says that Sam doesn’t understand many things and maybe needs to let go of his interest in Lily. But Sam tells Aiden that he will not take orders from him.

Lily, Greenlee and Kendall are almost ready to escape from the cell where Jonathan put them. But at that moment, Ryan has lost his phone connection with Jonathan. He then reads Braden’s note: “one brother safe and blind”. He then hears Jonathan telling him he is safe and he got out. He then reads: “one brother left behind” and hears Jonathan telling him he does not understand; Ryan left Jonathan alone with their dad. He reads: “One brother on the run” and hears Braden telling him he does not understand; he cannot go to jail and has gotta run. Then he reads; “two brothers equal none” and assumes that Braden wants to murder both him and Jonathan.

At that moment, Braden catches Jonathan and seems to know that Jonathan has double-crossed him and he will have to get rid of Jonathan too.

Ryan falls asleep and remembers himself as a teenager teaching little Jonathan some tricks with a yo-yo. Then their father confronts Ryan and tells him what a stupid moron and cry-baby he is, while little Ryan watched their altercation. Ryan yells at daddy to stop hurting the children. He smashes dishes and demands teenage Ryan cleans it up, then rubs little Jonathan’s nose in rat poisoning. He then calls their mother into the room. She is pregnant and looks just like Greenlee.

Braden berates Jonathan in the same way their father did to the three of him. Jonathan protests to Braden that he has it all wrong. He did it just the way Braden wanted it. He got Lily Montgomery. But he did better. He also got Greenlee and Kendall; three for the price of one. He knows how to apologize and grovel to Braden the same way the three of them did to their father. But he encourages Braden to realize he has full control. All Braden now needs to do is tell Ryan he has Greenlee.

Hearing that Maria is still committed to Edmund and believes Ethan that Zach murdered her husband, Zach tells her that he can see that she’s made her decision. And he tells her he has made his.

When Ethan goes out Erica’s door, she tells him that he may think he knows Kendall. But she tells him when Kendall finds out he’s played her for a fool, it will be all over. She tells him he might buy Kendall many material things. But her love cannot be bought. She tells him that Kendall is her mother’s daughter. She knows how to hold a grudge. If he loses her over betrayal, he will never get her back.

Ryan has a vision their pregnant mother, looking like Greenlee noticing the smashed dish. Their father tells her it was the fault of her brats. She says at least she can be proud of Ryan. But he tells her that Ryan is a loser just like the other two. She talks about her new baby, believing it’s a girl and asks if he likes the name Erin. Their father tells her that as long as the baby is not Braden, Ryan or Jonathan it cannot be that bad. He then serves her some vitamin C, with booze. The present Ryan screams at her not to take the poison. He then sees teenage Ryan urging her not to drink the booze. Then somebody puts a plastic bag over Ryan’s head and tries to suffocate him. He, then wakes up and knows that he has had a nightmare.

Jonathan returns to the three women knowing they are almost ready to escape. Greenlee asks Jonathan if he’s been in touch with Ryan. He does not answer. But he informs them that Braden says he has to kill them.

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