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Babe and Jamie are in their apartment. A shirtless Jamie is under the sink fixing something. Babe is in thought about David's plan to reveal Liza and Colby's whereabouts to Adam when Jamie hits his head. She comforts him and tells him she's been thinking about her dad. Jamie says he'll tell her about his dad's obsession that ruined his family. Jamie tells Babe that David has a unique way of getting what he wants. He says he plowed through his entire family and drugged a boatload of people. Babe says she wants to be close to her dad and with her mom locked away things just aren't the same. Jamie tells her she can't trust David. Babe says she doesn't want to set an example for Little Adam of not trusting her father. She tells Jamie she regrets that he can't be a part of Little Adam's life. Jamie says they'll find a way.

At the jail, Di asked David why she should tell him who she is. She doesn't know him. David introduces himself and tells her she reminds him of someone he used to know. Di says Krystal told her about him. She asks if he's Krystal's boyfriend. David says they have a daughter together but they're just friends. David realizes that Di has helped Krystal in jail. Di says Krystal will soon be on her own as her release date is near. Di doesn't like the way David looks at her and tells her it's creeping her out. David asks if he seems familiar to her. David asks her if Tad Martin means anything to her. She says as a matter of fact it does.

Ethan goes to JR for help, telling him his relationship with Kendall is on the line. Ethan says people are trying to break him and Kendall up and he wants to stay a couple steps ahead of them. He thinks JR can help since this is his area of expertise. JR acknowledges that when it comes to getting what they want, the Chandlers set the bar, but he wants to know exactly what Ethan is asking. Ethan says his father will try anything to get out of what he's done and he wants to see justice done. JR says his own father has become a liability to him and can't be trusted. It's only a matter of time before he sells him out completely. He says he's still the same man who tried to destroy his mother.

Di says she doesn't know Tad personally but knows he is a friend of Krystal. David says Tad nearly ruined Krystal, but Di says her understanding is that Krystal is sweet on Tad. David asks Di about a scar on her neck and she says she got it in a car accident. David asks what happened but she says she doesn't like to talk about it. She nearly died. David asks her if she has any children. Di gets mad and orders him to tell her why he's asking such personal questions. David says he just stopped by to tell her thank you. He says looking at her is like seeing a ghost. Di says she's 100 percent alive and certain that she doesn't know him. As she walks away, David says "Nice meeting you, Dixie." Di peers at him and says "The name's Di."

Jonathan demands Kendall's phone as he holds her at gunpoint outside the cave. Kendall tells him it doesn't work here anyway and suggests that maybe they can work this out. Jonathan angrily tells her she's ruining the entire plan and threatens to shoot her. Kendall says she called the police and they know everything. Jonathan checks her phone for her most recent calls and says she didn't call anyone. Kendall says she really did call and the phone is just not showing it. He calls her the biggest liar he knows. He says he has to figure out something to do with her. Kendall says Ryan may be over her but she doubts he would ... she doesn't finish the sentence. Jonathan says Ryan might not, but Braden would.

Inside the cave, Lily tells Greenlee that she's taking notes about the case. Greenlee tells Lily that they have to figure a way out. Greenlee starts banging a rock on the cell doors but the noise disturbs Lily, who puts her hands over her ears and yells stop. Greenlee stops then sees Kendall arriving. She's initially relieved to see Kendall but her hopes are dashed when she notices Jonathan is following behind her with a gun. Jonathan puts Kendall in the call and Greenlee sarcastically tells Kendall that she saved the day. Greenlee, in an attempt to play along with Jonathan, tells Kendall that Jonathan is doing this to save Ryan. Greenlee tells Jonathan that she's in on his plan. Jonathan says this is how Braden wants it. Lily announces that they have a plan to. They have to open the gate and escape. She tells Jonathan to give them the combination to the lock so they can get out. Jonathan tells Lily to shut up and says she blew Greenlee's cover. Greenlee attempts to explain Lily is repeating what she read in mystery books. She asks Jonathan if he believes she would really stop him from helping Ryan. Greenlee tells Kendall that Jonathan has Ryan's best interests at heart. He has to follow Braden's rules but once he does that, he'll turn the tables on Braden. She tells Jonathan that Ryan would be proud of the way he's handling this. Jonathan says he hopes so because he's tired of disappointing everyone, Ryan especially. Greenlee suggests he call Ryan to let him know what he's doing. Jonathan says the only person he needs to call is Braden. Greenlee says Ryan is worried about him and he should be the one he calls first. Jonathan leaves and Kendall asks Greenlee what she's doing. Greenlee says she's trying to keep them alive.

Ryan and Tad are at the abandoned building looking for Braden when they see someone coming to the door. They draw their guns and get on each side of the door when they hear "Don't shoot. It's only me." It's Zach at the door. He tells them that he's heard they're going in circles looking for Braden and he thought he could help. Tad asks him what he wants and Zach tells him he wants Braden Lavery. Tad is surprised Zach wants to suddenly save Pine Valley from Braden. Zach says when he heard Braden was a suspect he started searching. He wants to find him so he doesn't hurt anyone else. Ryan tells Zach to find off his men and call them off while Tad tells Zach to leave. Tad asks Zach if he's trying to impress Maria. If he is it won't work because he's lost her. Zach says he knows exactly what Edmund and Maria had. Tad says his desert fling with Maria couldn't hold a candle to what she had with Edmund. Ryan tells Zach he wants him gone. Zach tells Ryan that he hopes Braden gets to him. Zach says if he finds Braden first Ryan will never sed him again.

JR tells Ethan that if he wants to tip things in his favor he needs a jailhouse snitch. There should be a parade of prisoners looking for some quick cash and willing to testify that Zach bragged about the murder in jail. Ethan likes the idea, but wonders how he can hide a large cash withdrawal since Zach's lawyers are going through the Cambias accounts closely to try to take the company. JR says they can make it look like the money was given as a bonus to JR as a valued employee. JR says, though, that he doesn't think he can help him with Kendall. JR says Zach is doing a number on his girlfriend. He tells Ethan he tried to defend him but he thinks Zach is making headway. Kendall is already beginning to doubt Ethan. Ethan insists he's going to marry her and wants to make sure no one screws it up. JR says if they nail Slater they'll have proof and he can smell a happily-ever-after for Ethan. Ethan shakes JR's hand and leaves.

JR calls Kendall and leaves a message on her answering machine. He says he's sorry she's going through a rough time and just wants to be her friend. He asks her to give him a call.

Kendall and Greenlee bicker about their predicament. Greenlee asks Kendall what she's doing there in the first place. Then she realizes that Kendall thinks Ethan is a big fat liar. Kendall tells Greenlee to stop with the Ethan bashing. She says what Lily saw was wrong. Lily insists she saw it right. Greenlee looks at Lily's notes and tells her she's right that Jonathan is bad. But she says Braden is worse.

Ryan opens an envelope with another clue. It says: "One brother safe and blind. One brother left behind. One brother on the run. Three brothers equal none." Ryan can't figure out what it means. Tad leaves to see if Slater is gone. Ryan reads the note again when his phone rings. It is Jonathan.

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