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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is with Lily in a wilderness area where their car blew a tire. They are nervous after seeing their chauffeur gone with the car keys. Greenlee tries to assure Lily that there is nothing to be afraid of. Lily wonders if this is an ambush.

Kendall is at David's place telling him she's in a life or death situation. She goes to his desk full of viles and knocks some over, upsetting David. She takes a test tube and tells him she needs some of his truth juice to prove Ethan is not lying to her.

Zach is in his office when Ethan comes in. Zach wonders how Ethan finds time to go after him while he's running Cambias Industries. He asks Ethan if revenge is as sweet as he had hoped. Ethan says it's sweeter.

Adam goes home and sees JR. JR tells him his guys in the field have found the exact location of Liza and Colby. Adam perks up, excitedly wondering where they are. JR asks him how much is he willing to pay for this information. He says since he was willing to trade time with Little Adam to Babe he must be willing to offer something to his son.

Ryan is alone in the abandoned building looking at the shrine to him. He hears the words "give it up Ryan" and quickly turns around and points his gun.

Greenlee tells Lily to stay close to her and be ready to run. Steve, their driver, is no where to be seen. A worried Lily starts counting backward from 100. Greenlee says there has to be a logical explanation. Lily sees grooves in the mud and Greenlee says it looks like some dead weight was dragged. She says they should run the other way of the tracks.

Ryan reverts to the past and imagines seeing his father, Patrick. Patrick tells him he's alive in his head and kicking butt. Ryan tells him he will destroy him. Patrick tells him he will never kill him and he doesn't have the stones to kill his brother. He tells Ryan that he has him running around in his brain and in his blood. He's his final destination and he has no where to hide.

JR asks Adam when will he learn that it doesn't pay to go behind his back. He's this close to losing him and Little Adam. He says if he thinks Colby is well hidden, he dare not try to find him. Adam tells him if he were in his shoes he would be doing the same thing. He says if he wants to be his father's equal he has to act like it.

Ethan tells Zach that he's still going to prison for murder. Zach asks him how he's going to convince people that's true when everyone in Pine Valley believes it's Braden Lavery who killed Edmund. Zach tells him in the end he's going to lose Kendall as she's going to see him for the liar he is.

David tells Kendall that the vile she has in her hand isn't the truth serum and if he gives Ethan what she has it will turn him into a soprano. She asks him to give him the right one, but David refuses. He asks Kendall why she cares if people think Ethan's lying. She says she doesn't care, but wants to prove them wrong. David says anything that keeps Zach in jail is OK with him. Kendall argues that Ethan's opponents are using Lily and brainwashing her. David reluctantly agrees to give her the vile of truth serum.

Ryan tells Patrick he has one son who's a murderer and one who beats women. He says he's proud of who he is. Patrick tells him he's one setback away from punching those he loves. Patrick brings up Ryan's sister Erin and says she's the only bright spot in his life. He talks about his hard life and his drinking and tells Ryan he won't escape it. Ryan says on his worst day he could never turn into him. Patrick asks Ryan if he has a bottle of booze because he's thirsty and there's no booze in hell. Ryan suddenly has a bottle in his hand but throws it against the wall toward Patrick. Patrick disappears but reappears behind Ryan with the bottle in his hand. Patrick taunts Ryan about leaving Jonathan behind when he left home. Suddenly Ryan is back in reality and he's wondering about Greenlee.

Jack is at home when his phone rings. Greenlee's voice is heard, but she is not seen. She tells Jack that she and Lily are at Lily's school. They had a flat tire but otherwise things are fine. He asks to talk to Lily, but Greenlee says she's with a counselor and won't be able to call him for awhile. Jack is reassured as they hang up. We then see Greenlee and Lily in the woods with Jonathan, who's pointing a gun at them.

Kendall is ready to leave David's house but stops at the doorway and says she can't do this to Ethan. She tells him to keep the truth serum as she won't make the same mistake and lose Ethan because she didn't trust him. David says he doesn't care as his life doesn't change either way.

Ethan tells Zach that Kendall believes him. Zach says Kendall isn't stupid and she will begin to see through him. It's already started but Ethan can't see it, Zach says. Zach suggests that the son is destroying the father and the father is destroying the son.

Adam tells JR that he planned to blow off David as soon as he leads him to Colby. JR asks him why he didn't tell him of the plan. Adam admits that he hasn't trusted JR ever since he became a loose cannon. JR says Babe and her family deserve everything that's coming to them. Adam says he agrees but he doesn't have to let it control him. He has to choose his battles. Adam tells him he's wasting his anger on him. JR's voice raises in anger as he tells his father that he's walking around with a hole where his heart used to be and he's looking at the man who put it there.

Tad finds Ryan and Ryan tells him he can do this. Tad tells him he can survive anything. Tad says he should know as he survived his father. He says if there's a hell Ray Gardener is there with Ryan's old man.

Jonathan tells Greenlee and Lily that he's sorry for this. Lily asks where their body guard is. Jonathan says he's OK, he just had to stage this so it looks real. It says it's all Braden's idea. Greenlee says she doesn't see Braden so he should drop the gun and they'll call the cops. Jonathan angrily tells her that he's doing this to save Ryan and if he doesn't follow Braden's instructions Ryan will die. Lily starts walking away and Jonathan demands to know where she's going. Lily says that since he has a gun and guns are against the law, she's supposed to call the police. Jonathan tells Greenlee to stop Lily or he'll sh oot her. Greenlee tells Lily she can't call the police., Lily says the police know best when there's a gun. Greenlee calmly tells her that Jonathan will shoot them if they call police. Then Lily will see red and they may die. She says they'll do what Jonathan says and no one will get hurt. Greenlee tells Jonathan that he gots them where Braden wants them. They're his prisoners. Jonathan takes them to a cave. Kendall is in the background watching.

Zach tells Ethan that the Cambias curse is living and breathing because he's making it that way. He says he filed the lawsuit to get Cambias Insustries and Ethan accuses him of murder. Zach says in their family fathers and sons feed on each other. If they continue to fight they'll loose a lot. He tells Ethan he'll lose his soul and Kendall, and he doesn't want that. Ethan asks him if he's declaring defeat. Zach says he wants to start over. If they stop fighting each other they'll be free.

Adam asks JR if he's saying this because he went after Dixie. Isn't what he did the same thing JR is doing now with Babe? JR says it's not any different as he became just like him after he tried ripping his mother out of his life. Adam tells him he got his son back. Isn't that enough? Now he's trying to get Kendall and is making another bad choice. Then if that doesn't fill a void he blames him. Adam asks when will this end. JR says Little Adam will thank him in the future for always putting him first.

David goes to the jail and tells a worker he is there to see Miss. Kirby because she's his patient. He says he needs to see her or she could arrest.

Tad tells Ryan that he had nightmares and cold sweats and thought he was going to turn into his father. But he escaped and Ryan can too. Tad says it looks like Braden is a no show. Ryan calls Jack to ask about Greenlee. Jack tells him that Greenlee is fine and all is well. Ryan is glad and says his ESP must be on the fritz. He tells Jack he'll call him when something happens. There is a knock on the door.

Jonathan leads Lily and Greenlee into a cave and they go behind a makeshift cell door and are locked in. Kendall makes a noise outside the cave and Jonathan hears it. Lily suggests it's probably an animal. Jonathan tells them if they make trouble they might get hurt. Kendall tries to make a call but she gets no signal on her cell phone.

Ethan tells Zach that he almost had him convinced. Then he remembered Zach is a Cambias. He says he'll look forward to the next fast one. Zach tells him if war is what he wants, that's what he'll get.

JR tells Adam his mom would want to be here for his son. Instead he and Hayward drove her away. Adam tells him Dixie ran out on him and it's time he let her go.

David sees Di in the jail. She asks him who he is and what he wants. David asks her who the hell is she.

Ryan opens the door to find a man with an envelope. The man says it's from Braden.

Kendall is still trying to work with her cell phone. She turns around and sees Jonathan pointing a gun at her.

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