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Maria walks into the Cambias office, notices Zach and is startled. She tells Zach that he cannot be out of jail and asks why he is. She tells him that they could not have dropped the charges. He tells her not yet but they will because he did not kill her husband.

After hearing JR telling her that Ethan has lied to her, Kendall inquires why JR has previously behaved as though he is Ethan’s friend if he really distrusts him and wants to hurt him. JR tells her that he wants what is best for her and he asks if she believes that. He kisses her.

Krystal tells David that she knows he’s not used to cleaning toilets but she still does not understand how that could affect his brain enough to do something as foolish as cutting a deal with Adam Chandler. She asks David if he has heard her, noticing he’s said nothing and is lost in thought. He is staring at the mysterious woman in the cellblock who is nice to Krystal and who seems to know Tad.

Ryan tells Braden, on the phone, that he is not playing any more games. Braden tells him this has just begun. But Ryan lays down the law to him; no more games or clues. If Braden wants him, he must come and get him tonight. He tells him it ends tonight.

At Jack’s, he tells Greenlee that she must know what kind of a piece of filth Braden Lavery is and not put herself in danger or take any chances. Erica urges Greenlee to tell her what is going on. Greenlee says she is worried for her husband being out there alone. But she tells them she agrees to go with Lily to her old school. Erica approaches Aiden and tells him that she’s worried about Ryan being out there alone. Aiden assures her that Ryan is not completely by himself. He and Tad are helping him. Lily comes out wearing a black hat and is ready to go. Erica sits down by Greenlee and tells her that she is really sorry for what she and Ryan are going through. But Greenlee does not buy her nice act. Hearing that, Erica tells her she need not worry about it because this whole thing will be over soon and they can return to hating each other. And she calls her a spoiled brat. But they both reveal that they are worried for Ryan and haven’t a clue what to do about Braden.

Ryan tells Braden he is behaving like a pathetic little kid who cannot take it out on daddy, so instead he takes it out on his brothers. He tells Braden that their father is right that he is a loser. He needs to hurt women to feel like a big man. What is he going to do next? Beat up on little kids in a park, because he’s too much of a coward to deal with his issues? He tells Braden that he’s too weak to face him. He tells him he’s a whiney pathetic loser and he understands why their father wanted to take it out on Braden because he’d do the same thing if he were nearby. Braden says nothing. Witnessing what Ryan just said to his brother, Tad admits he cannot believe what he heard. Ryan reveals that he is reliving what happened to him as a child.

David asks Krystal who that mysterious woman in her cell block is and what she’s in there for. Krystal reminds David that this is prison; he must know that it’s “don’t ask, don’t tell”. She asks David if he knows the woman or something. He admits that when he saw her, she looked like somebody he used to know.

After JR kisses Kendall, she pulls away and asks him what is wrong with him. He asks her if she wanted to slap him. He tells her that she’s lied herself and might have some difficulty pegging a liar when she sees one. He tells her that Ethan is good and she is falling for his lies. She asks JR if he wants her and she tells him if he does, the answer is no. He asks her if she is having “wedding jitters” with Mr. Cambias. Because if she is, he says, she can always reconsider. If she goes through with marrying him, she’ll find out she’s fallen for another man she cannot trust. And JR tells her he will have her then. She tells him to go to hell.

Zach tells Maria that he learned some things when he was in jail. First, he learned who his real friends are. And second, he learned that the truth does not matter. She tells him she still believes that he murdered her husband. She asks him where Ethan is. He asks her why. She tells him she needs to see Ethan’s mysterious CD. At that moment, Ethan enters and Zach announces to her that here he is; the man who can put all her fears and suspicions to rest.

When Lily is ready to leave her father’s home and go away, Aiden tells her he really cares about her, asks her to take care of herself and tells her he’s really been glad to have gotten to know her, be her PI partner and be her friend. When he gets on the phone, Erica asks Lily if it upset her to see Aiden again after finding out he could not be her boyfriend. Lily tells Erica that she feels weird with all the butterflies. But Erica assures her that what she is feelings is very normal and she just needs some time. Greenlee tells her father that she will be fine, and sensing that Jack blames Ryan, she asks him not to blame her husband. But Jack tells her that were it not for Ryan’s sick family, so much evil would not have happened. But Greenlee assures her father that Ryan is nothing like either of his two sick brothers.

After hearing Tad confront him about his behavior in confronting Braden on the phone, Ryan loses control and physically attacks Tad, believing he is his father or Braden. But Tad calms him down and tells him that he is fine. He’s just having a moment. But Ryan tells Tad that he is his father. Tad assures him that he will never be Patrick Lavery. Ryan gets another call. He answers. Braden tells him he’s coming. Ryan says nothing and only looks at the pictures on the wall and the red paint that Braden has put there.

Noticing Ethan is not surprised to see his father out of jail, Zach asks him why. Maria asks Ethan if he can show her the CD of Edmund. He tells her that he destroyed it as she asked him. She asks if he copied it. He tells her he did not. Zach makes a comment about a dead man walking. Hearing that, Maria tells Zach he is way out of line to be mocking her husband; he could not walk and is now dead. But unknown to her, both men know differently about Edmund.

Kendall informs Simone about her conversation with JR Chandler. Simone makes light of it. But Kendall tells Simone that JR is urging her to believe that Ethan is a liar. Simone tells Kendall that it should not matter to her what JR says or thinks of she trusts Ethan. And she inquires why Kendall would be so upset. Is it because she’s having doubt about Ethan and considering that he is lying? Simone, then suggests that maybe if Kendall is having doubts about Ethan’s good faith and honesty, perhaps they could administer “Dr. Haywires truth potion” to him.

David reminds Krystal that she will not be in jail forever and when she gets out, he will be waiting for her with a bottle of champagne, their daughter and their grandson. But she asks him if it does not turn his stomach a little to be putting Colby in danger. He tells her that Colby is Liza’s responsibility and his first concern is their daughter and grandson. The guard tells them the time is up. And right when Krystal demands to know what David’s secret is, he leaves and tells her he cannot break the rules.

Tad tells Ryan that he is not going to be the one to tell Greenlee that her husband is dead. He tells Ryan that he will be close by and if Braden shows up, he will be there. Ryan tells him that the Lavery brothers used to be really tight with sharing bunk bed and trading baseball cards. Now it’s clues and bullets. But Tad tells him this is not about the past. It’s about his future with Greenlee and Ryan must remember that.

Greenlee packs her suitcase and gets ready to leave. But she stares at hers’ and Ryan’s wedding photo and packs it in her suitcase.

Jack, Erica and Aiden see Lily off. Greenlee asks Aiden to call her as soon as he hears from Ryan. He tells her he will and that very soon this will all be over. He tells her he will find the prescription for the drugs he found that Braden had in his possession. Erica tells Lily she will miss her and encourages Lily to call her whenever she wants to talk. Lily tells Erica that she still feels the butterflies. Erica assures her that very soon they will all disappear. But Lily tells Erica that she doesn’t really want them to go away. Lily assures her father and Erica that she will take care of herself and Greenlee. They two young women depart. Erica tells Jack that she knows Lily will really want her room in order when she gets back. Aiden assures Jack that he will make sure Braden is put away. And he gives him the pills that he’s very certain that Braden gave to Greenlee. He says it’s pretty certain Braden will get nailed for attempted murder; for the drugs, for stabbing Jonathan and for shooting Ryan. But Jack reveals to Aiden that he does not trust Ryan to find his brother. Erica tells Jack that he must have faith in Ryan. But Jack tells them both that he’s not going to rest until Braden gets what he deserves.

In the cab, Lily is talking all about the disguises she and Greenlee should have. But Greenlee reveals she is distraught, tells Lily to shut up and that she does not need any disguise; she is Ryan’s wife and she’s not going to forget that. Lily counts backward from 100.

Simone inquires to Kendall why she would not want to give Ethan the truth drug, if she is so certain he has nothing to hide. Kendall reveals that she is afraid to find out the truth about Ethan and lashes out at Simone telling her that she is a fine one to be giving anybody advice about relationships. Simone tells Kendall that she doesn’t want to be in this confrontation so she needs to walk away. Alone, Kendall says that she knows that Ethan is telling the truth.

Ethan tells Maria that Zach lied to Maria about Edmund not loving her. He tells Maria that he heard, first-hand from Edmund that he loved her the night before he died. And Ethan urges Maria not to throw that all away and believe the lies that Zach is trying to sell to her. Zach asks Maria how many times she’s demanded the truth and then not believed the honest answer when she’s heard it. He tells her that there is no truth for her unless she likes what she hears. He tells her that she decides what the truth is about Edmund and many other things.

Kyrstal asks her mysterious cell mate to play cards with her. The woman tells her that it’s amazing that the women on the inside hate her but so many men on the outside love her. She tells Krystal that “this one” (David) was really sexy and had a smile on his face when he left. Krystal informs the woman that “that one” is her daughter’s father. The woman tells Krystal something about some people ending up in prison because of mistaken identity. She also informs Krystal that she should not get too used to her because she will be getting out of there very soon. Krystal inquires if the woman has “somebody waiting on her” when she gets out. She indirectly answers many. Krystal asks her where she’s headed. The woman says anywhere that does not have cinder blocks or bars, she will take it as it comes.

David goes see his grandson and tells JR that he must not believe anything that his daddy tells him. JR tells David that nothing in the visitation agreement allows David to see his son. But David asks the baby if he knows that grandpa was going to trade his daddy’s custody of him for Colby and says; “naughty grandpa”.

Right when Lily and Greenlee are in their vehicle, it looks like a gunshot has run the vehicle off the road. They both scream.

When Ethan and Maria are alone, he urges her to lot lose her faith in her husband and let Zach win. Although she’s having her doubts, she tells him she is grateful to him for his support.

Zach goes to Jack’s and asks if Lily is ok. Jack and Erica are surprised that he is out of prison although they know and approve of the reason why. Erica tells Zach he may do whatever he wants to Ethan, but he must leave her daughter alone. She says he better not dare hurt Kendall.

Kendall goes to give David a surprise visit.

The cab that has transported Lily and Greenlee blows a tire. The chauffeur assures them that he will soon get it up and running. Calmer than before, Greenlee apologizes to Lily for yelling at her. Lily tells Greenlee she can sense that she has been upset. They have a friendly conversation. But right at that moment, they hear that somebody has been hurt. It looks like somebody has knocked out their chauffeur

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